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    • Welcome one and all, to a lovely little science-fantasy adventure among gods and magic, aliens and mystical beings. Welcome to Ramloch!

      The premise for the stories I shall tell of to partake in goes like this. In a galaxy struggling in the crossfire of its three major powers, the seclusive Imontoi, the warring Bound Reaches and the travelling Maltuxian Union. A part of space unassuming but for its present worth as a strategic supply-node has surprised the surroundings by showing a formerly hidden system. A system that thwarts plentifull usage of higher technology, and is filled to the brim with exotic races and possibilities, the most intriguing one, Magic...

      As the Alien factions stepped down unto the native soil they were met with a far more primitive way of life, but nevertheless varied races with cultures of their own, whose goals and aspirations match their own. Between the likeminded races of Ramloch and the factions there has thus formed alliances, the possibility of progressive collaborations. And as they continue to learn more about eachother, more of Ramlochs secrets are also uncovered. And the more messy the state of the system becomes, the more annoyed the Gods of Ramloch, so far silently watching, but soon ready to step down and put things back in their proper place.

    • I bid thee once more welcome, to this little tale of mine. "And who are you then?" I hear you asking, and thus I answer:

      I am Windstormugly, spinner of tales and plotter of stories, a worldbuilder before I am an RPer I thus tend to sometimes talk away and further about my worlds and their individual lore. Because of this I am surrounded by my co-GMs @Silvir and occasionally @The Jest trying to interpret what gibberish I spew into something that resemble real words and meaning.
      If you can't find me, one of them most likely knows where I am, and they are also just as qualified to answer your questions.

      For this RP-project to work out fine I also have a bunch of rules (both major and minor) that we shall all abide by:

      1. Sitewide rules and regulations apply.
      2. The GM and thus the co-GMs words are law, do discuss and defend your point, but don't argue with us.
      3. There will be one GM-post every two weeks, at which occurence any slackers will be moved along or forgotten, do tell if you are going to disappear due to IRL-issues and what you would like done with your character.
      4. Every post is expected to be at the least a paragraph in length, with no more than the occasional writing-error. There will be no Walls of Text. This for the best possibility of the other participants reading and managing a response.
      5. Abide by the setting, the story is set in a SF-universe with a fantasy world in its midst.
      6. No character hijacking or godmodding, this is not the opportunity for anyone to play out their egoistical OP-moments of awesome. Such things if to be allowed must be worked into the plot and be run by the GMs beforehand.
      7. No fandom characters, there will also be no acceptance of anime-physics or excessive drama.
      8. If there is an OOC-question or mention IC, you get a warning, and will be asked to EDIT. The mishap of a double-post also earns you a warning, and a need to EDIT it into something useful. Do not delete a post, anywhere.
      9. DSGS, "Do Shit, Get Shit", as in your character is affected by their own behavior, and will DIE if they do something stupid enough. But hopefully their actions will only have slight results on their wellbeing, talking about characters for that matter, to make sure you have read these rules, your Interview must contain the mention of the Manyeyed.
      10. Involve yourself in the story, try to come up with ideas (NPCs, places, items) and subplots you think would make it better, synergy ftw!

      Now then, as this is a fantasy as much as it is a SF-story, there will be some measure of regulations and guidelines regarding what your character is capable of:
      Magic/Science (open)

      All of the universe is fundamentaly built up of the same existencial pressure, neither energy nor matter.
      When Powers beyond the gods shape the universe, this pressure takes the form of various energies and matter, both physical and astral in form. And the most basic, or rather most existencially receptive of these, is generally known as "magic" or mana.

      As a being capable of using magic what you actually do is cause the mana to affect the natural energies and matter of the world. (And not as those using psychic/mental powers and cause the energies and matter of the world to affect itself.)
      Many misinterpret the astral energies and matter as magical, but they are as natural (formed in a certain shape and form) as the physical energies and matter. This of course applies to any and all parallell/alternate or disjoint versions and possible universa and their interconnected realms/dimensions.

      Now the reason that most beings (mortals in particular) are not capable of using magic, is because of their "existencial ancestry" (or rather lack thereof). As in what created/gave birth to them.
      In most the cause for their existence was a natural chance and propability resulting in the right chemical lineups, and thus without any actual existencial ancestry.
      For some however, they were created by gods or other higher beings, and as such bear a connection to this existencial ancestry. Their connection is a powercord that goes both ways, and for the mortals it likely gives them the respite of an afterlife or nirvana (depending on how bothersome their creator made the process for themselves). But because of them being a part of a greater existencial force, they are also sometimes able to inherit/borrow some of it, and cause the mana to do their bidding and thus affect the world around them.

      As for the gods of Ramloch, they have granted their creations both an afterlife and multiple worlds (the solar-system) filled to the brim with magic. Imbued in the celestial bodies and coursing between them, as well as through the border of the physical and astral world.


      And I guess you'd like to know how you may practiacally utilize this wondrous "mana". To answer that I'll say a couple of things:
      While you don't neccesarily take something from yourself when using magic (though you might depending on if you belong to a race that have a high amount of mana tied to your souls), it is still a tasking work to cause it perform the effect on the world you envision, and thus your mental fortitude will drain accordingly. So will also your physical as the minds work is drawn from the body.
      Of course you might not be able to do much if the amount of mana you "command" is small, but that is where finesse and experience come into play, using the same amount of force to manage a heavier load as your proficiency in any field grows.
      Lastly, there are many ways to use magic, and most are such your characters have not yet thought of (even if they hail from Ramloch), but be sure that there are no big risk of finding something that is impossible rather than unmanageable by your mortal being ;)

      Regarding those that come from outside Ramloch, they are most likely without suffiient ancestry to wield magic, but as someone once said, "sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". There are thus a wide array of possibilities for the aliens to race alongside the magic-using Ramlochians.

    • (Will be finished when Im less drowsy and writing on simple stubborness.)
      The history of Ramloch begins in the far past, in a time where the universe was still forming:

    • (Will be finished when Im less drowsy and writing on simple stubborness.)
      There are a wide variety of races native to Ramloch just as there is diversity among the alien outsiders. As such they also abide by different cultural customs and traditions, as well as function contrary to eachother fundamentally. But there are also similarities and the occasional kinship, be it theological or profit-earned.

      Among the Races inhabiting Ramloch are the following:

      Among the Aliens trying to make a place for themselves the following factions stand out:
      The Imontoi:

      The Bound Reaches:

      The Maltuxian Union:

      And lastly a small mention of the Alliances between the Alien factions and the native Races:
      The Balance:

      The Expand:

      The Freedom:

    • (Will be finished when Im less drowsy and writing on simple stubborness.)
      There is more than one important place within the confines of the system, and some of the places are more elusive than others.
      Map of the System (open)


    • For those seeking to be tasked with missions financed by the three alliances in the politically smoldering world of Ramloch, interviews are conducted on behalf of the involved parties in Visitor City. The Interview mostly goes as follows:
      (Where are you interviewed, who are interviewing you, what is their initial opinion?)
      Opinions regarding the opposing factions/races as well as the current situation considering the outsiders/natives?
      Reason for applying as one of the team/Preffered task?
      Religious belief?
      Personal gain?
      To make sure you are accepted for the job, do try not to insult the interviewer, nor withold any information about yourself that could prove vital, the interviewers are sworn to secrecy, no matter that they can probably be bought as so much else.

      • These characters posess some flaw that need to be dealt with before they can be brought into the story:

      • These characters are accepted and ready for partaking in the story:

    • Ramloch is a place encompassing more than a single story, and as such there will also be more to partake of. However to be manageable one must begin at a small scale to build the groundwork for more.
      The first story we shall explore begin as a group of individuals meet before moving out to track and rescue a group of scientists with ties to all three alliances. Because they have somehow disappeared while researching one of the big forests of Ramloch, a forest that just so happens to be, magical...
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  2. How intriguing finally we are in the OOC stage of things.

    <)Irnan Thernin Ywomir the third(>

    The man sat down in the large couch guided by maids who then silently bowed before leaving him there to go fetch the master of the house. Before him a table was brimming with small snacks and sandwiches and drinks to pick from of his choosing and while hesitant at first, he soon dared a bite that soon invited more. It was simply delicious first class food hard to resist.

    “Enjoying the food I see” Irnan said as he entered the room. Dressed in sleek clothes that focused on style but with a bit of stretch to allow for some functionality, it was clear from his clothes that he enjoyed flamboyance yet also practicality. And judging from his movements he was a physically fit young man in his early twenties.
    “I’m glad, the staff is new but I see promise in their work and progress and with the routes in the river getting increased traffic one can enjoy some exotic foods much more frequently now.”

    The young lord babbled on about the food and some other related stuff in polite small talk as he approached the interviewer who had stopped eating and now politely responded back.
    “indeed it is quite an experience this food, I can see why you like your staff so much.” Catching himself though the man stood up “But where are my manners the name is Derek Howl I’m the Interviewer for your...Application” He said with some pause on the last bit.

    “Ah yes of course, splendid shall we get started right away then or would you perhaps like to rest and enjoy the food a little longer?” Irnan sat down after the introductions and took a piece himself. “oh and don’t mind me I have plenty of time today”

    “Ah no it would for the best if we started as soon as possible” Derek said taking up the small bag he had brought with him and procured some papers and a pencil. “Well then if I may?” he asked and looked at the young man who nodded.
    “First question is your racial background so to speak”

    Irnan leaned back thoughtful at the question, dismissing the interviewers concern that it might have offended him. “Now this is a tricky question I would say mostly human really, my parent’s lineages are a bit mixed to get some extra advantages trough breeding though it’s not very visible in my generation luckily” He chuckled to himself “which might be because we have had some pureblood thinkers that have tried to purge the family tree a bit from time to time”
    “I see” Derek stated with a raised eyebrow at the information and made some notes before bringing up the second the question about allegiance.
    “Oh” Irnan responded and quickly smiled “that’s easy no one but myself to be honest but I do have a family honour and the crowns to uphold as well so I guess it’s a bit of a mixed mess, Politics you know”
    Having that said Irnan glanced at the papers as Derek wrote “and the next question is?” he asked with open curiosity.

    “What is your position and rank” The man replied without looking up this time.

    Irnan grabbed some whine from the table “Rich, Lord, information broker. I got the contacts and the power. A sublime persona of our worlds corruption and glory~. If I may say so myself” Irnan sipped from the whine quite pleased with his own answer.

    “And what do you think about the opposing factions/races as well as the current situation considering the outsiders”
    At this question the interviewer stopped and observed Irnans reaction.

    “Ah yes, you mean the spacies right?” Taking another sip from his whine he answered with enthusiasm “Well they have some fine women here and there I have noticed. But I don’t know can I have one as a pet?” His eyes glanced towards the window “It would be really fascinating to have one around to study”
    Clearing his throat, the interviewer gave the young man a concerned look. It was easy to forget the culture of this land and how the people here valued things. “Well then for the next question where do you see yourself as a part of the group if you would join?”
    “A guide and stress relief the resourceful party able to draw out the potential of his surroundings I am after all a local with a wide network of contacts.” Spreading his arms out along the back of the couch Irnan showed a self-confident grin towards the man before continuing. “Although I prefer to only work with females when it comes to stress relief and humanoids only but if the situation demands I can share. After all a wide taste is good for building new relations”
    Bored from sitting down the young lord then stood up bringing the glass of wine with him as he began to wander the room. “I guess what is left now is question about why I applied and so on?”.

    Derek nodded at the question “yes”

    “Good well my reason for applying is quite easy I like being manyeyed” he paused at the last strange word he had just said before chuckling and continuing. “This little venture is a good excuse for me to leave the grounds I’m controlling and allows for good business opportunities. That and I have interest in those we are about to look for it is in my best interest that this goes well”

    Nodding the interviewer noted this down it was for once a good answer, a powerful person with a personal interest in the success of this expedition was a good thing even if he did not get approved for the team itself. It turned out true of course. “well then now about your skills and abilities and what you can bring to the group”

    A bitter laugh from Irnan at the question. “well luckily I’m a lord so I got the best training available as a child a hard regime from sunrise to sunset. I didn’t endure a mentally and emotionally unstable childhood for nothing mind you. And as for equipment I have the resources to procure almost anything I need on short notice. Just tell me and I shall buy.”
    “now then” he said and clasped his hands. “I guess this sums it up feel free to look around in my lands they are not big but have much to offer“

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  3. Well... nice to finally get down to business! Copy/Pasted my "interview" from the Interest Check. Enjoy:

    Early morning, cool, sun, with a few clouds, little cabin in the woods set with all the "modern" conveniences. Yes, given this world's state, a mobile shelter, towed through a portal gateway. Self-contained. Tidy.


    The Maltuxian Union rep, in no way all that remarkable in species or gender, but able to physically knock on a door. Well, they knocked. Waited... waited... waited. Door opened, sqeak and wide eyes from the rep, sight of adult female Kah'Saun, all teeth and claws and - heh, "Hello" - wearing a bright green, loose-fit t-shirt with the word "Heads", and below that, the word "Tails". "Heads", with an arrow pointing up. "Tails", with an arrow pointing down. She wore nothing else but her honey-tanned fur, a bit disheveled all over. And she didn't seem to mind either condition, fur or otherwise. Simply called...

    ... "Hey Sev! Lover boy! Interviewer is here!"

    Sound of running water cut off, sound of claws a-clack on tile. A moment later, damp male Kah'Saun, wearing nothing but bare golden-yellowed hide, and a white towel over shoulders, paced into the room...

    ... "Caught me in the shower." Sub-arms folded against chest, he held out his right, clawed prime-hand in a very human greeting gesture, all three of his dark orange eyes alert and focused on the Interviewer, then...

    ... "Sev Ornil." He turned to his mate, mane-quills erect, though his mane-fur remained too damp to get a rise.

    "Aurro Kirsit. Hope you like coffee." She gave Sev a lick to his cheek, then turned back to the kitchen. Sev watched her all the way, silly grin on face, tongue stuck a bit out as nostrils flared. A knuckle-rub to muzzle, just behind nostrils...

    ... "I'm so lucky." A sigh, towel in hands, glance to Interviewer while he got busy drying himself enough to sit down. "Sorry, still on our honeymoon... a bit... ahhh... busy last night. Hope you don't mind us not being dressed for this occasion."

    As a guest, what could the Interviewer say? Either to the coffee-offer or to the minding? Just get through this interview, then get out and go for a drink, perhaps purchase some dark glasses and some brain-bleach.......

    Aurro returned with coffee. Very dark roast, with a side of cream and honey, but without those dinky little cups. Nice, big mugs for all, hand-made from what looked like titanium, neatly machined in some parts, hammered into shape in oth - oh, yes, coffee, served.

    Then the questions, as Aurro cuddled against her mate, her own mane quite dry enough to get a rise. The first...

    ... "Allegiance?" Aurro gave Sev another lick. "We prefer thinking it more a partnership. Mutual benefit."

    Sev draped his damp towel over her shoulders, with a return lick, then...

    ... "Yes, we're just... simple country folk. We like being independent, but we understand business needs. Times when working with others is necessary to get things done." Sev dipped his tongue into his mug, then took a swallow.

    The second.......

    At this question, Aurro stopped blowing steam off her own mug. Exchanged a glance with Sev, her amber eyes bright...

    ... "Honestly, we really don't care what position or rank. We just like where you're going. Where you've been."

    Sev grinned after Aurro spoke...

    ... "So long as you wipe your feet on the mat before you enter into anything with us, we'll take whatever choices you give us. I'm sure... we're sure... you'll find someplace where we'll fit."

    Third question.......

    Sev shifted in his seat, leaned forwards a bit, sub-arms held out and down. The Interviewer had no idea what that gesture meant, but...

    ... "I run a delivery service..."

    Aurro took a sip of her coffee, seemed to contemplate the Interviewer for a moment, tail waved slowly side to side over the floor...

    ... "I'm a mechanic. You break it, I fix it. Guaranteed."

    Sev made an untranslatable noise as he gave the Interviewer a toothy grin...

    ... "She's very good at twisting screws..."

    Aurro nearly spewed her coffee...

    ... "Sev! Manners!" She rolled her eyes... "Males... can't stop thinking about......."

    The Interviewer quickly moved on.......

    Sev dropped the "guilty-as-charged" look, then...

    ... "Well... as long as they stay out of the way. Hard enough to get along with new neighbors if the natives are restless."

    Aurro gave Sev a shoulder-bump.

    "Everyone has reasons. New can be frightening. Different than normal. Some things break easier than others."

    Another question.......

    ... "We want experience. Challenge. Use our skills where needed." She smoothed Sev's still erect quills, then gave him a hug.


    "Huh! I'm with her..."

    The Interviewer moved on, not sure if he/she/it was ready for the answers.......

    "I run a successful business."

    "I un-break things."


    "Let's see... I have transport." A look towards the female beside him, a slight, pleasant, warm shiver... "She has the tools."

    Aurro dipped her head, her eyes, all three, meeting the Interviewer's. Who decided personality was obvious, background would just lead to more -. ummm, heh - and it was patently obvious this Kah'Saun couple were both young, so specific ages wouldn't matter. And they'd already given their names, so...

    "My father is Rapse’tet’s chief Seer, if that counts for anything here. Take’s care of any unsettled Spirits who need closure." Sev pondered. "Though he’s only a ‘preacher’ in what you’d call a loose fashion. I’d consider myself open."

    Aurro dipped a finger into her coffee, caught the drop on her tongue as it dripped off the end of her finger’s claw. "Not religious, myself. All of our people can see the dead. Not much need for religion if you can see where you’re going. But yes, as Lover Boy says. Open."

    She gave the Interviewer her best smile. And the Interviewer, relieved not to be eaten at that moment, asked one last question…….

    "Gain." Aurro’s ears turned back, her mane fluffed. "We already mentioned our interest in gaining new experience. Anything else is just extra."

    Sev stood up and stretched. Dropped to fours and stretched again, not at all shy at showing off what nature had given him…

    "It’s not like we’re desperate. We’re just adventurous."

    Aurro, more relaxed now, though she seemed to be breathing faster, watched her mate with unhidden affection in her eyes…

    "Male, female. Get together, start a family, go where we haven’t been before. Very adventurous!"

    Sev made his move, caught Aurro’s face in his prime-hands, touched his sub-hands to her sub-hands, then licked her from nostrils almost to her third eye.

    "Wouldn’t change a thing."

    The interviewer turned away quickly, coffee cold even given all the warmth now in the room. Give them some privacy. Mustn’t run away, not yet! Even though no more questions came to mind…….


    Heh... sorry, wrote my interview before the notice to include "the Manyeyed" into it. But then, the Kah'Saun are, themselves, manyeyed. Not excessively so, but still, three eyes are three eyes.

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  4. Before I post, allow me to give a disclaimer...two, actually.

    1. Due to my own personal speed problems, some things I'm in need of doing in addition to this, and by Windpipe's permission. I'm going to skip this interview format, and stick with the old-fashioned CS fill-out fashion. ...I will, however, be filling these out in first-person In-Character perspective. So at least you'll have that. I'd like to apologize to everyone, as I understand that I am taking the less fun route. (Both to do, and to read.)

    2. I am actually intending on entering 4 characters. However, This one character's the only one that I successfully managed to create to completion. So I'm only giving one for now, and may add more later on. Worse Case Scenario: Tai shall be the only character I use for this.

    Tai Sabath (open)

    Name: Tai Sabath

    Age: I'm not exactly...At liberty to discuss my age. But, if you insist...I know I look 15, but...can you guys mark me as 18? I swear, I'm older than I look. ...Scout's honor.

    Race/Species: Errm...Human.

    Allegiance: Umm...I'm on this mission as a Free Agent. I don't have any direct association with any of the outsiders.

    Position/Rank: Well...Tactician, or Navigator? But I guess I'm also in a Reserve unit.

    Reason for applying as one of the team/Prefered position: Well, I joined this mission as a Volunteer. I have no real reason other than just wanting to help out people in need. As for my position...I wouldn't exactly be good in a battle. Well, that is to say, I'm GOOD in battle, but I'm a bit...pacifistic...EXTREMELY pacifistic. I'd rather not get directly involve myself if there's a possibility of conflict. But I feel I'm good at guiding people, so I prefer to be watching from a bird's eye perspective on the situation. Of course, I can't nor won't sit by under an emergency. So, I'm a reserve.

    Work/Assignments: I basically would like to be the guy upstairs guiding them towards their mission objective on the world. Should the situation of battle arrive, I would strategize a course of action that would either lead to victory or a safe retreat. Should an emergency arrive, my job is to go down and help out the rescue unit. My Pacifism still stands, of course, but I can at least try and help move them out of harm's way, and, should the situation arrive, apply self-defense.

    Personal Gain: What do I gain? ...Well, what I EXPECT to gain is simply the knowledge that innocent people are safe and sound, and a few thank yous. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Skills/Abilities: I like to think I have plenty of...skills. But only one that can help you guys right now. Like I said, I'm older than I look. I'm experienced, and I know this world like the back of my hand. Not to...Brag, But I'm also good at predicting people and scenarios. I'm not perfect, mind you, I can't predict everything like some soothsayer, seer, whatever. I can, however, read up a situation and find a way to go around it, like any good strategist should. Also, While I AM indeed Pacifistic, my ...brothers, have taught me how to fight before, and...well...I have other skills, but...they're not important to the mission.

    Equipment: ...Oh, this? This is my sword. It's just a decoration sword, really. Sapphire blue hilt, with a golden star and ivory-painted wing shapes on the arm guard. The Blade's ,.,just a decoration, but still kind of sharp, so I wrapped it in a bandage so it doesn't hurt anyone here. For the record, because you can't see it, there's a blue central line, ...again, no real reason for it, just looks good, and the blade's a pure color. I'm...not exactly sure myself, what its suppose to be made of.

    Religious Belief: I believe in the same religion that everyone in Ramloch does. ...Well, I should say the same religion everyone in Ramloch USED to. I suppose the only difference between me and them is that I like to think I'm a little more..."Faithful" than some might believe themselves to be.

    Opinions regarding the opposing factions/races as well as the current situation considering the outsiders/natives: Like I said, I'm a Free Agent volunteer from Ramloch, so I don't have a very detailed opinion on the factions warring with each other in particular. As for the Outsiders coming to Ramloch as a whole? ...I don't necessarily mind them by themselves, I'm sure each one's justified for their reasons against one another, and I do, honestly, hope they may get along without all this...political madness being a middle man. ...Now, what they're doing to Ramloch, the way they're splitting my world into these factions for them and being against one another, the way they are just as fragile as these outsiders? That's a different story, THAT, I can't exactly turn away from. ...But, I can't really do anything about it, ...and I can't let that get to me or let it effect my effort to rescue these people. Wouldn't forgive myself if that happened.

    Personality: Umm...Honestly, there's no way to outright explain one's own personality without sounding self-glorifying and boastful. I can SAY that I'm just about every positive attribute you can think of, but it doesn't mean much until I'm actually showing you myself. In other words: Just wait and see.

    Biography: ...Ohhh boy, Where do I begin? ...I'm a Ramlochian...Ramian...Ramlian...Ramlocian-I'm from Ramloch, Born and raised. My childhood was, ...well, I didn't really have one. I was born with four siblings and they raised me very strictly. The five of us founded a family business, and we worked on it for most of our lives. ...What did we do? ...Management. I'd prefer not going anymore detail than that; it's not important. Anyways, so I've lived a very strict and isolated life with my brothers, but my job managing things have let me see the world and its people outside of that life. So I...left the house to experience my curiosity. I'm making a big risk by doing so, but I've promised them that I wouldn't hurt anyone...well, kill anyone at least. So they're ok with it. So I've been experiencing the world for a good few years now...until you guys showed up. I didn't want to get involved in this warring nonsense, so I didn't, I simply waited until thing blew over, watching as everyone divides into separate sides in order to do stuff. But I heard about this situation regarding lost scientists, I couldn't just leave it be if innocent people are involved, so...Here I am.
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  5. May not be in "format", but nice... I like her already. Heh... can't help thinking Sev and Aurro might just "adopt" her. Will have to see how things go, given we presently have two humans/humanoids and two dragonoid aliens in this. I see fun ahead.

    Edit: Never been drunk in my life... but I did RP on a site quite some years ago where my characters did, indeed, "adopt" another person's character. Another one of my couples (I have a few), acutally. So, yes, it could happen here. Other things could also happen. Heh... Irnan seems like a decent guy, but from his "I'll buy whatever's needed" claim (paraphrased), he could come off as just a rich... well, words escape me. I know, I know... it happens. The whole point is, even with what few we have profiles on, so far, I see fun interrelationship potentials here. And the story hasn't even started yet.

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