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  1. The sounds were pulsating, enough so that Sean found himself leaning against the wall and shaking with the music, His lips pieced out the lyrics, and still his eyes remained shut. This was common for Sean's day often un-involved in anything else to do with the school, he enjoyed his solitude where he could just lose himself in his music.

    Sean looked up to see that his third class for the day had only just started; if he wanted he could easily take the tardy and attend, but Sean had other ideas. In truth Sean was incredibly smart, but when it came to school work and silly agendas given to him who knew nothing of his life, he couldn't be bothered in the least. It was for that reason that Sean had left a very sour taste in most of his class mates mouth's. None of them approaching but ever very rarely, they avoided him like the plague and he was alright with that, because it made them fear him and if they feared him then they would not test him.

    Of course... same as many cases, nothing is ever truly absolute.

    "Look who it is the android freak skipping class again!"

    Sean opened his eyes finally and looked up at the apish figure that had approached him. A sigh passed his lips. and he turned away from the guy starting to walk down the hall way just as the song changed to something just a bit more fitting for what was to come.

    The brutes name was Jacob, Sean had known of the little bitch for a long time, in fact he'd dealt with him a few times too. But some people never learn. Jacob proved that as he reached out and grabbed onto Sean's shoulder, only to find himself on his knees in the next second when Sean kicked in the punks knee cap and left him there. Down the hall he could still hear the bastard cursing up a storm, it actually brought a smile to his face.

    It was convenient though that his stroll had taken him close to the old library, and he could go and bother his favorite little book worm for a while.

    There weren't many Sean liked to deal with, Hell he avoided most but would talk when talked to. Most didn't like his cynical and idgaf attitude as they said. He didn't know if that was how Victoria felt but he also never asked.

    Passing through the hall, Sean finally crept his way into the library. And right where he expected there she was curled up near a table with a book in hand clinging to it like it might be her last breath. There was a level of admiration that Sean had for Victoria, but she'd never know that.

    Slowly he approached until; before she could respond Sean pulled down his head phones and then messed up her hair pushing it down obnoxiously into her eyes and he chimed out playfully.

    "Guess who?"
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  2. Rix Alvar > Aria D'Adreci, David
    @Aka~Kitsune @Qu'ess Baenre

    Throughout the hall the taps of heels against the tile floors echoed. Looking down at her clipboard the slim woman blindly strolled through the building wearing a white dress that stopped above her knees with a light brown scarf, thin brown stockings, and leather high heel boots. Her curly orange hair was pulled up in an updo with a few strands hanging down to frame her face. While her colleagues preferred to wear suits and more formal attire, Rix found that her style was friendlier. She gave the illusion as a friend rather than a doctor, which has worked very well for her. A separate set of footsteps sounded behind her.
    “We’re on our way to David now.” She reported as she looked over her shoulder at the brunette, then returned her gaze to the papers in her hands.

    She stopped outside of a door, flipped some pages, then walked in.
    “Good morning David.” She said as she strode to the leather recliner in front of the dark beige couch. The floors were dark hard wood covered with dark brown rugs. The walls were an off white, but the trimmings were decorated in dark wood to match the floor. One of the walls were covered in book shelves filled with books. The places to sit in the room were abundant, beside Rix was another recline, and in the corners and in front of the bookshelves there were cozy chairs. The lighting was slightly dim, but bright enough to see everything. The space was comfy, and to Rix it felt like home.

    “What have you been up to lately?”
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  3. @HellHoundWoof

    Looking around her new school, Eva couldn't help but sigh. How is she going to make this work? Being in a flower shop is good but most of the time she dwells on her past thoughts. What she could have done more of, things she could have worked harder at...does all of that have to do with her now? No, that was the last thing on her mind. Being alone was fine. No one needed her. She didn't need anyone.

    Only the flowers she cared for turned out pretty. Her aunt constantly told her "give it time, it will be better." Time, huh? If only it could go faster. She wanted to have friends, except her first day at school In 5 minutes to be exact. She daydreamed too much. That's what happens when you let your mind wander. Being the new kid.

    A wide look of alarm filled her face. Eva has to be in class with new people. Kids who have been around each other. How will she fit in? Only thing she could do was march in with a brave face and let people come to her. Whoever she meets, she hoped they will accept her. Stepping into her assigned class, she put on a courageous face and hoped for the best.
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  4. "Daddy, Daddy....."

    The small childish voice faded, seeming to slip away all at once to be replaced by the rapid fire of guns and shouting orders. He turned his head to look just to catch sight of his partner hitting the ground blood leaking from the back of his head and covering the ground. All around him his friends, his unit and those he had come to trust as his right hands fell to the ground. He raised his own gun up and began firing away shooting at the enemies that stood across from him, the sounds, the smells even the pain as a bullet landed in his side, it all felt so real, but he had made it home didn't he away from all of this. The sound of the creaking door was enough to jerk the man from his slumber and grab the nightstick from his side and raise it to defend himself from the enemy. Of course he stopped staring into the eyes of the woman he was here to see today Rix, the therapist that was good enough to listen and only do that.

    He sat back dwn laying the weapon of his job on the ground at his side and rubbing the little few minutes of sleep he had from his eyes. Finally though he raised his head to answer the question that had been pushed towards him. He only stared at the Doctor for a moment before turning to stare out the window his eyes focused on the potted flowers that stood outside the window before he began speaking. "Sorry about last week it was Aurora's birthday and I went to go see her before work." His lips curled slightly into a small smile his hands laying down in his lap and his eyes turned to her. "I got her this little teddy bear, it could speak and it told her how much I loved her. Then she told me she was taking the kids and moving away from here far I wouldn't get to see them again..." He looked down towards the floor counting each of the little lines that were there . "I guess its for the best, I mean I might hurt them one day."

    He stopped there giving the woman time to take in all he said knowing that she would have some words to tell him or some questions for him.
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    • Location: University Library
    • Interactioins: Sean ( @Wolfsin )

    It was rather quiet today, something that Tori really liked to experience when deep in one of the many worlds of her books. Literature was something she could appreciate, something she welcomed and revered. The small girl sat there, knees curled up onto the chair, and crystalline blue eyes scanning attentively over the words of an intense battle scene.

    "Felicity watched in awe as Rorick grasped his assailant by the throat, pushing the man's nearly limp body against the wall. The look in his eyes was venomous, and she could feel the toxicity radiated from him."

    Tori's skin chilled as she continued to read how Rorick clasped his fingers tighter on his opponent's windpipe. How Felicity could hear the sickening crunch of bone, and the unsettling gargling of one choking on their own bodily fluids. The girl;s skin gained goosebumps from the scene as it played in her mind and vaguely she wondered how she would react in such a situation.Surely she would have sobbed in terror and vomited out of shear disgust and fear. Surely, she wouldnt have sat there watching in awe like her most favourite heroine had. Her fingers clenched tighter to her book as she continued the scene.

    "When the last breath of life left the man's body, Rorick released his grasp letting the corpse fall to the floor. Wasting no time, he rushed to Felicity's side, scooping his muscular arms around her pulling her close. She couldnt seem to breath when she looked up into his intense brown eyes, his face inching closer----"

    Just then, a shroud of platinum hair covered her eyes followed by a familiar, playful tone,"Guess who?" She had wondered when he'd come to pester her. A small giggle slipped her lips as she closed her book, and then swatted Sean's hands away from her head. Giving him a half hearted glare, she turned in her seat promptly fixing her messed hair,"Sean." she stated in a form of greeting. The girl flashed him a soft smile,"I was beginning to wonder if you'd actually gone to class today." she teased, though she'd have loved it if he'd take his education a bit more seriously. She, however, had no room to talk. She spent her school time in the Library waiting for the school day to end so that she could attend her dance classes. A sigh came from her then as she stretched her arms up over her head, a yawn stretching her lips.​
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  5. "And miss a chance to spend time with the princess of stories Victoria? Pft?"

    Sean cast a sly glance in her direction before pushing with one arm to somewhat vault over the table and take a seat backwards in one of the seats across from her. "You seemed pretty caught up in that one Tori, whats it about?" Anything to get the attention away from classes and well his obviously stupid agenda.

    Sean was tall but not freakishly, if anything was freakish about him it was his albino platinum full white hair in context to deep honey-brown eyes. He wasn't without muscle, but to say he was anything close to athletic was a stretch, maybe in league of legends... ha. Still he was handsome for his rough exterior. Tori had only known that rough and tough side to him in the very beginning of their little... relationship.

    Noticing Victoria yawning a million and one thoughts hit at once to reciprocate the girls boredom, but in the end the one that won out. "WOAH you should be careful, opening that thing. Its big enough to suck in the whole world if left unchecked." A stern nod of his head made him look almost studious in his analysis but Tori would know better of a silly Sean. "Aha Anyway Tori, You are always here and I am always wandering, have you ever asked your parents if we were aliens? I mean... white hair, an inability to learn the plebeian trash, and well at least on my side.." Sean paused and flipped his hair. "Devilishly good looks" Turning to her with his hair slicked back and passing her a stare it quickly broke into a fit of laughter. But this was how he reacted with Victoria, and well only her.
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  6. Alexander Dudde woke up to the sound of his alarm and leaned forward in his bed. The small mattress barely supported his heavy frame as he stood from the bed. He walked to his dresser and grabbed a t-shirt with some jeans. Alexander walked to his bathroom and spun the knobs turning on the water, he didnt have much hot water so he quickly got in. After his shower ran cold he got out and got dressed, grabbing his bag he left his apartment and headed to the college. He went to his first class of the day and spotted his friend Eva, he had helped her at her shop a few times being the large man that he was. He walked up to her and put one of his massive hands on her shoulder.

    "You look scared," He said calmly, his voice resonating like a low drum, "It's just college."

  7. Aria D'Adreci
    @Sinopa @Qu'ess Baenre

    The brunette bore a wide smile upon her features, her eyes dancing as they fluttered against the scenery of the hall, though it was not that interesting of a trip, the excitement had Aria on her toes. The only sound was shuffling paper and the taps upon the floor, Aria having restricted herself to making no sound for now, despite the fact it opposed her usual talkative nature. She had dressed simply for today, a simply white shirt with a grey waist coat settled on top, buttons done up around her mid section up. A pair of black, more of a dark grey, jeans to match with the heeled combat style boots that were hidden carefully beneath. The only strange object of her attire was a white feather that faded to a pale pink towards its tips, woven into the front locks of her hair, a source of comfort strangely.

    Aria was simply musing about her recent internship with Rix before she was snapped out of it by the psychologist herself. Her expression became one of shock before it settled with a following nod. "Got it." She replied, her tone soft despite the undertone of excitement. Psychology had become a passion.

    Entering the room with a small wave to Rix's client, Aria went and settled on one of the nearby chairs, settling her books on her lap along with her bag at her side. Though she had no classes today, Aria enjoyed the occasional light reading of the material. Both for enjoyment and a recap. Aria studied David for a moment or two before she looked between the two with a reserved silence, still observing.
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  8. Rix Alvar > David, Aria D'Adreci
    @Qu'ess Baenre @Aka~Kitsune

    When her client took up arms as she walked in, she merely smiled at him and calmly took her seat. This was a common reaction she witnessed from those who suffered from PTSD. Her grandfather is the same way so she wasn’t surprised anymore.

    "Sorry about last week it was Aurora's birthday and I went to go see her before work." She heard him reply as she set the clipboard on the side table.
    “That is perfectly fine. Family is a wonderful thing and always comes first.” Afterwards she listened silently to his situation, noting his movements with each word and the pitches he said them in. She read him carefully, as she did with each session.

    “I don’t believe you’d hurt them at all. You’re jumpy, but you know restraint. When I walked in the room, what you did was a perfect example of this. While you did grab your weapon you did not strike when it would have been easy for you to do so. You showed control, and I’m only your doctor.” She let out a small chuckle as she situated herself more comfortably in her chair. “You should keep your thoughts and statements positive. Rather than saying ‘you’ll just hurt them anyway,’ try saying instead, ‘I will keep control of my actions,’ and ‘They will only receive kind actions from me.’ The power of suggestion is a very strong thing.” She paused for a moment to let him take in her words, she then leaned forward and slightly lowered her voice, “On a more personal note from me, I would suggestion fighting against her decision to move away with your child. Try taking it to court.”

    She leaned back and crossed her legs in front of her. “Have you felt any violent urges lately?”
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  9. The open road was flashing by in blurs of green, blue and grey, smears of colour dotting her vision before it was swept away by the roar of the engine and the rush of the wind. For Jez there was nothing better, nothing more freeing than the feel of the machine between her thighs and the concrete beneath her. She was no adrenaline junkie but as the bike crept up towards eighty she could feel all the tension from the night before draining from her body. Conversations with her mother always left her with the desire to hit the road, hard, there was no time to reflect when one was driving like this, when every bend or dip required your full attention one couldn't dwell on the past or ponder the future. Only the present mattered for any slip, any mistake would mean you would have no future.

    The black of the leather and kevlar suit flashed across the glass of familiar shops and buildings that lead her back towards the town she'd spent her life growing up. The Suzuki snarled as it took tight corners and slowed for the lights to a quiet purr. She drew the gaze of curious bystanders for no more than a moment, as the lights turned green she lifted from the break the bike roared into life and she was gone.

    Soon enough she was pulling to a stop outside her old school, the place where a good number of her friends spent their weekdays locked into submission, at least they had each other of course. With a sigh she bought the bike to the gates and pressed the buzzer. It was a short intercom conversation and she was allowed into campus, the bike parked and her helmet removed. With gloves stuffed into the empty cavity and tucked under her arm she touselled and revived her hair from its cramped quarters under the helmet.

    Making her way towards the school she reminisced fondly until she was greeted by the enthusiastic, if not slightly worn looking dance teacher she offered her brightest smile; the one she always used in awkward situations such as this, and greeted the woman with two kisses, on on each cheek. As they slipped into the halls fragranced by sweat and teenage adrenaline they made small talk, the woman was an uncloseted fan of her Mother's work and Jez had to channel her internal strength not to silence the woman.
    "It is so good of your school to let you come here and help with the dance class."
    It has nothing to do with them, Jez thought to herself, replying with soft sweetness, "Oh they understand, they even offered it to count towards my final grade. It is no trouble Madame Pomfreitt. I see the school still agrees with you."
    "Oh Jessie," Jez hid an external twitch at the most annoying of nicknames by brushing a lock of hair from her face, "you have no idea the struggles here, people don't appreciate the art of dance."
    "I'm sure you do a wonderful job here."
    "You are too kind, well if you'd like to get changed and warm up, the class isn't for another hour or so and I find myself in need of a coffee."
    "Thank you."

    With that the Madame left and Jez made her way to the dance studio, it was empty as it was predicted to be, one side of the class was mirrored with a beam across for the classical dancers and off in a corner, atop the piano was the iPhone dock. Jez made her way over and stuck her phone into the dock, cycled through songs until she found one she liked and as it's soft jazz filled the quiet room she peeled off the blackened outer layer. A faded grey t-shirt that hung several sizes too large on her and a pair of denim shorts were revealed as the body protection was cast into a corner with the helmet and gloves. Stretching her arms above her head she waited for her muscles to relax, releasing the deep breath she'd been holding and pulling her hair into a high ponytail at the same time.

    Kicking off the boots she removed the slip on dance shoes from her back pockets and put them on. You will do this for me Jezebelle, you will not embarrass me in front of the Principal! Echoed her Mother's voice from that morning's argument. They want us to see their progress but I am far too busy to do it myself so you will go for me. Jez could have screamed but her Mother seemed to have a self imposed hearing impairment where the word 'no' just disappeared altogether. There was no point in arguing with her, she always got her own way be it through emotional blackmail or simply arguing until the other side gave up.

    With a deep sigh she waited for the first thrum of the bass to hit in then up onto her toes she went and with an ease that came from daily practise she lifted one leg while on the toes of the other until her knee was by her cheek. One arm wrapped about her leg to pull it closer and stretch those muscles and as the beat became set she span into an easy pirouette. Dancing was easy, with eyes half closed her feet followed the music's tempo in ways her Mother would call 'blasphemous' merging ballet with swing. Dancing was supposed, from her point of view, to be an expression of the soul and yet her Mother preferred her out dated manners of dance.

    Though as she cycled from easy motions to the more complex and a light sheen of sweat began to appear on her forehead hse could feel the nausea in her rise. For her while dancing was in her heart and soul every time she was on pointe she felt she was but a hair's bredth from falling into a precipice of dark despair and misery.
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  10. David listened as the woman spoke each word echoing from her lips was like daggers to his own pride. He was a soldier, he was a policeman, he was to protect and serve and yet here he sat among a therapist and what seemed to be a student. He nodded towards the younger girl with a light smile before turning back to meet the gaze of his therapist. 'Have you felt any violent urges lately?' The question lingered on the air seeming to taunt him, he had felt urges plenty of them but isn't that what a police officer does he feels the urges but he learns to control them. A light sigh passed through parted lips and his head dropped to his hands, a sob slipping between the part in his fingers. Time ticked by each second echoing through the air before he spoke, "Yesterday for the first time since I returned from the war I wanted to kill somebody while on duty, I was so angry for what this person did."

    "The type of man this guy was I had seen often, but this story was different he abused his wife and three kids all girls. The man had done it time and time again hitting and beating those that were supposed to be his family, and yet we never received a call until yesterday." He stopped for a minute thinking back, the thought of the call causing his blood to boil even now here in the calming presence of Rix and her student. He took a deep breath and let his rage begin to sink before continuing the story, "Well we pack up three squad cars and head out to the home to answer the domestic disturbance call and the whole time me and my partner are silent on the way out there. Well when we get there the man is out on the front yard just beating on his wife as if he was stopping a home invader. His three girls nearby of them with a torn dress and missing any form of undergarments....this girl had to be only eleven and he was raping her. "

    Another deep sigh left his lips his hands balled into fists at this point, "It took everything that I had to not pummel the guy right there for hurting his children. Well while the other officers got the man in handcuffs I went to the kids who were all obviously scared of me. It took a few minutes before they warmed up to me and we took them away from that home, but the wife she really thought she did something wrong and that the man punished her for it. Bleeding, eyes bulged and teeth knocked out she told me how it was her fault, he hit her because she messed up. I wanted to kill him, I wanted to remove that pitiful scum from the world I helped defend. But when I finally got to see the man or even eye him. I knew him he was a soldier just like me......." Silence filled the air his eyes falling to the ground beneath him no more words to be spoken no more lines to spit forth. He knew this session would draw to a conclusion soon and she would leave him with words to ponder.

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  11. Location: Metal body shop

    Sparks flew as Red walked by his boss at the local metal shop, laying his hand gently on the shoulder of his boss to let him know he was taking off without disturbing the old mans work. Red continued to the door completely satisfied with his new weapon he had been working on. He leaned down and picked up his bag as he opened the door giving another glance back at the place he found as an escape to his confusing life. "Now (Red started thinking to himself) another day at school".

    Upon entering the school Red saw a familiar face leaning on a nearby wall doing what came naturally to him. "I wonder what song Sean was listening to at this moment" Red thought to himself as he observed the man. Never a dull moment around Sean, he always seemed to find trouble wherever he goes. Sure as shit when Red started thinking about it a man walked up to Sean and seemed to start to say something smart, and just as usual it wasn't long before Sean put him down on the ground after getting irritated by the man and walked away. But Red decided to follow him realizing it had already been past the time his class was about to start, "No reason to miss half a lecture, might as well entertain myself a different way". Red thought to himself as he watched Sean enter into the library...... Wait the LIBRARY? Standing there confused as all hell Red decided to observe a little bit longer as he watched Sean approach a familiar looking girl sitting in the corner. Reds heart skipped a beat out of confusion and another emotion that he could only think of as heart break, but snapping back to reality he shrugged it off as Red watched Sean smile while talking to the platinum haired girl. "I'm glad he has a friend that he can approach so easily".

    Red stood there and watched the two of them for just awhile longer...
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  12. ~Aria D'Areci~


    Aria was left smiling as she eagerly jotted done some notes, mostly attentive of the psychologist herself, she took quite notes on how she was with her patient and what questions she asked. Though she really was paying attention, she was occasionally lapsing and the top border of the school lined page was covered in scribbles and doodles primarily of clouds and feathers. Despite her inability to draw at a average level, the feathers that stood out most were surprisingly well done, detailed to an extent Aria would later question when she noticed.

    The session itself had left Aria to her own thoughts, ones that steeled her expression oddly enough. Teeth had dug into her lower lip as nails tapped against the light blue plastic pen rhythmically. How had she got into Psychology of all courses? She took to other subjects but psychology just dawned on her and crept its way into he mind from the first lesson. Aria quietly sighed. It was interesting to observe the behaviour of others and try to assess them for it. The mind was complex and it was that complexity that drew her in, the complexity that was hidden in everyone...

    Snapping out of her mental contemplation, grey eyes had shot over towards Rix and the patient, David. Wondering how much she had missed in her absence of attention, she dutifully tuned back in to hear David recall a recent case, a domestic abuse case. The very words left a sour taste in her mouth causing a small grimace to paint itself upon pink lips, her eyes narrowed. She remained visually impartial but inside she was writhing. This guy he was talking about was positively repulsive, not only destroying this woman's confidence and mind, he dared to touch a child in such a way?

    Keeping her jaw clenched, her grip upon her pen bringing a silent creak to its surface before she let it fall flat onto the paper. Personally she wanted to at least punch this criminal at least once...However, she turned her gaze to Rix, wanting to see what her concluding suggestions were for David.​
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  13. Jez pirouetted between her personal heaven and hell and as voices down the corridor flitted closer the girl was shook from her stupor. Lightly closed eyes were flung open and from elegant point she went to flattened feet. She slipped out of her slippers and threw on the boots, taking a seat at the edge of the hall and leaning her head back against the glass. With her head turned towards the door she saw the silhouette of the dance teacher and for a moment felt sorry for her, in every dance tutor there was a dreamer, a star who never shone, or perhaps did? Either way this teacher looked tired, no doubt the idea of a local celebrity was her attempt at spicing up her lesson and instead she was lumbered with the embarrassment of a daughter. It was almost laughable in some ways but Jez managed to contain herself as the door opened and the class began to filter in.

    It was awful to stereotype but as she picked herself up off the floor and turned off her music, removing her device from the docking station she found herself looking at the dance students and categorising them as they entered. She watched the boys that came just to see the teacher in tights and a leotard, sniggering quietly to themselves and pointing and joking about the girls. The girls who were here because they were told they had talent so now were set on becoming Odette, the girls who were plainer and wanted to prove something to themselves. The modern art dancers, dressed in all black and talking about obscure poetry and then the kids who honestly had nothing better to do and thought dance would make for an easier lesson than trigonometry.

    Had her mother come here she would likely have thrown up her hands in the air and laughed as if it were some kind of hideous joke that she had only just got the punch line for. So it was good perhaps that her mother wasn't here and she was instead. It was only an hour long class after all, no one here really -aside perhaps the 'primas'- expected to turn dancing into a carer. Rolling her shoulders she sighed lightly as the teacher shut the door and began to speak.

    "Bon classe Matin, Aujourd'hui, nous sommes très chanceux d'avoir avec nous la fille du cygne, Jessica Selway." The woman had a light french accent as she spoke but Jez couldn't help but think that perhaps she was showing off a bit, the confused look on her students faces somewhat said it all really. She cleared her throat though and continued regardless, "Today Jessica will sit in on our class and see our progress before the recital later this year. It will be her final decision that decides which part you will play in our rendition of the Nutcracker Suite." There was a nervous shuffle from the front row, Jez turned her gaze to see a girl, possibly a year or two younger than her, fidgeting with her face as red as a tomato and her eyes cast down. Oh god, another fan of my mother? Jez did her utmost not to roll her eyes and took a long deep breath before addressing the room.
    "Despite how your madame has made it sound I am not here to pass judgement, I'm just here to give tips, advice and recommendations. Commencer." Her own French was a little more gutteral having picked up all shek new from her mother and her teachers in her boarding school. It didn't matter, the class knew what to do and got into position while the madame strutted over to the piano and sat herself down with sheet music and began to play.

    Their movements were clearly hampered by their self-conscious and their footwork was loose and slacking but they didn't kick one another nor did they drop each other which was half the battle. The madame shouted for them to continue, switched partners and tried now combinations and all the while Jez walked amongst the students. At one point she tapped a guy on the shoulder, leaning close to his ear and whispering quietly, whatever it was the guy went white, then bright red, gathered his things and left making his apologies as he did so. Somewhat served him right really and Jez had no sympathy for him at all. As she moved back to the confused looking Madame she shrugged and settled close to the piano to watch the rest of rehearsal.
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  14. Rix Alvar > David, Aria D'Adreci
    @Qu'ess Baenre @Aka~Kitsune


    Once again Rix was silent as she listened to her patient. As he told the experience he went through recently, Rix’s blood began to boil. To imagine that one would abuse their children, or any child for that matter, it was not a thought Rix enjoyed. It pissed her off to no extent, she believed that people such as the one David spoke of deserved to die. It was as simple as that. The doctor wouldn’t mind being the one to end their lives either; the less scum that inhabit the world the safer her little Vidar will be.

    She, however, continued to hold that calm demeanor and friendly face of hers, despite the rage that flared behind it. She longed to just drop the act and tell him how she really thought he should have handled that situation, though as a psychologist she was not supposed to do that.

    “You certainly handled that very well.” She nearly let out the scoff that sounded in her mind at her own words. “When situations such as that come up, where you feel like resorting to unnecessary violence, imagine something that fills you with happiness, something precious to you. Picture that, and take deep breaths. After you have calmed down try to think logically, anger and rage can lead to irrational responses that should be avoided.” She mentally groaned, she was like a robot, it was the same thing every time with everyone. Not only that but she also made it seem as if controlling anger was as simple as that, she knew how hard it could be to calm down and every word that came out of her mouth seemed to irritate her more and more.

    “Try that on a regular basis, and let me know how it works next time you come in. It can be hard, but with practice it will become as simple as breathing. I am certain that you can do it.” She grabbed her clipboard and jotted something down really quick. “I believe that our time together is up. Do you have any questions for me?”
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  15. Eva was so wound up by her thoughts that she didn't realize the massive hand on her shoulder. Her body relaxed as she heard a familiar deep voice. It belonged to Alexander, the big guy who helped her out at the flower shop. He often was helping the black haired girl with various tasks. Moving bags of soil, helping with online orders and even sorting flowers.

    He helped her in more ways than she would let on. She stared at Alexander for a few seconds, and decided to give him a small smile. She pushed her negative thoughts out of her head as she made up her mind. No more spiraling thoughts. Her grandpa wouldn't want me to be scared. I can't be thinking this way. He's right...

    Eva looked around for an available seat. The room seemed to be small as there was a lot of people in this room. Where could she find a seat? She could sit by Alexander but she couldn't ask him for help. He had already done enough for her as it was. The big guy was a good friend to her and she appreciated it a lot. She looked perplexed as she bit her lip nervously. "Why did you choose to help me in the flower shop?"

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  16. Alexander watched Eva, she seemed deep in though. Most people responded pretty immediately. He watched as she stared then gave him a small relaxed smile. She was a weird one. He noticed a seat towards the back of the room and nodded towards it so that Eva knew he was gonna start heading that way. She questioned why he helped her and he gave an honest answer.

    "I figured you needed it, I have free time and its easy to work," Alexander said with a relaxed expression, "Besides we're friends now. If you need help I should help."

    Alexander saw some of the football guys walking. He wanted to try out but didnt have enough time on his hands. His hours often conflicted with the games. He saw them rough housing and felt a sense of longing, not many of the people he hung around with were near his size. But his work gave him an outlet for violence, some drunk gets too feisty and Alexander gets to throw him out. Still it would've been nice to play football.

    "Lets go grab a seat." Alexander said beginning to walk to the corner seats he'd seen earlier.
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  17. [​IMG]
    Tori cast Sean a small smile as he asked of her novel. Should she tell him of its contents? Perhaps she'd make it up, create a short story of her own. That idea sounded fun, but she couldnt be bothered to really think right now.

    "It's of werewolves, and a single human girl caught in a gory, bloody war between packs. Unrequited love, lies and betrayal....." she seemed as if she were off in her own little world when explaining her book, as she always had when she answered that question. She sighed, snapping out of her daydream when Sean slid over the tabletop, and into the chair across from her. His remark on her sudden yawn caused her to fall into a fit of laughter, and only after catching her breath could her crystalline eyes cast toward him the facade of a glare,"You better be careful then, Sean. You're in the direct line of fire. You'd be the first thing to enter the black hole." she teased. She sighed, and settled into her chair as Sean went on about how they might be aliens. Hnn...they could very well be. They didnt exactly have normal looks. Sean, with his hair, Tori with her equally hued tresses. Her bright blue eyes stared at Sean for a mere moment, her hand raising to brush back unnaturally long strands of hair,"We were meant for better things. Besides, I do the bare minimum here to get by so that I may focus on what really matters. My dance." she gave a curt nod of her head as if what she had said was the most important thing in the world. To was.

    Dance was the one thing she could find that took her mind off of the tragedy that had happened just last month. Dance, and Sean of course. How could your min not be distracted with the rambunctious boy around?
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  18. Tori finished and Sean continued to just watch her with a smile. "Sounds like a good read to be honest, I have always loved the romanticized version of the cursed werewolf, and romances concerning the forbidden nature." The thought actually pulled Sean into his own mind and he felt his body twitch a little when He thought of his own personal fantasized romance. The girl in his mind was beautiful, elegant much to the likliness of a swan, he'd watched her a long time and ironically enough the connection between Tori and her was

    "My Dance"

    The words pulled Sean out of his own head as he turned full attention back to Tori. Subconciously he'd heard everything she said, but he knew very well why that word above the rest stuck out for him. Tori, and Jez were both dancers, that was the connection.

    Sean chose to engage the conversation in another way.

    "Aliens, misfits, albino, whatever you want to call it, we are freakin awesome that is all I know." He laughed but quickly continued. "You go to the french lady down the street as I remember. I used to pop in every once in a while when I was a young stud and wink at the ladies to mess them up in the midst of their routine. You weren't one of those dolls now were you?" Sean cast her a sly grin and laughed to himself teasing her with his eyes. "In fact isn't their a lesson going on right now?" Sean knew their was only because he'd gotten good at knowing schedules of those around him, and the girl in his math class that he cheated off of always would text her friends the time for the dance class. it had just become habit to know things like that since then.

    "It isn't too late though to get there, if you want to leave now I have nothing better to do Ill walk you to the place, Of course if you want to get lost in your doggy style sex scenes and furry hentai, by all means."

    Another quick smirk to tease her and Sean was already rising from his seat, he turned as he pulled his head phones back to one of his ears and noticed a slight flash of what looked like red hair passing the doorway as he looked that way. Sean knew the color but didn't think any more of the matter. If this was also a chance to see Jez in action then he wasn't about to miss it, plus the more time he spent with Tori the more the day felt it had purpose.
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  19. David shakes his head when she asks if he had any questions and rose from his seat heading towards the door, his eyes falling on the long hallway before him. He turned on his heels and faced back into the door smiling lightly at the two within the room. "It was nice meeting you, and Rix, I will see you next week." With that he shut the door and was gone for the time being only to return next week maybe after an eventful week.

    (Sorry guys for the short post but hopefully work will slow down)
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