The World of Narif

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  1. |Layra Norrigan|
    Layra watched from her side of a large round table as her advisers bickered amongst themselves. They had recently discovered a new ruin near one of the tribes to the south and were currently discussing (read: Arguing) on what to do about it, as it could lead to a new, greater discovery. Layra honestly could care less, as this wouldn't really have an effect on her and she doubted it could affect her people. She watched on for a few more minutes before growing annoyed and shouting "ENOUGH! You have all been yelling and arguing about this for the past 2 hours! I've had enough! Just send a small scouting party to it! If it proves to show anything of promise send a small contingent of Berserkers and Mages inside to acquire whatever they can find! Now, onto real business. Someone send a message to the Odyrae nation by Borla rider telling them that i'd like to discuss a magic studies trade treaty with them. They know more about magic then we do and we need to understand what we're getting into by having a few of us study magic without proper knowledge. Do the same with our neighbors the Celestial Dominion, they should be able to help as well. Ma-errr, Dad, i want you to head over to the Emperica Empire to try and see if they have any resources we could set up a trade treaty with, maybe help them by offering our services by enlisting some of our forces to guard their naval ships so that they don't get eaten by those blaster Lochenesses of theirs. Now, if you'll excuse me, i have a lesson with my magical teacher, as i'm currently interested in the arts of Enchanting and Summoning like my mother was able to do. Dismissed!" She finished with a large wave of her hand and her advisors left the chambers. She took a few minutes to think about her current situation while heading to her magic lesson.

    After winning the war and becoming leader of her kin they insisted that she move into the large castle like structure in the middle of Margin, which had been the previous leaders, she thought the name with disgust and venom, had funneled most of her peoples funds into building and maintaining it, something she had to rectify immediately after coming to power. Next, most of her forces were in the capital spending time with their family and celebrating until a time they are called on, as she had small contingents roam her lands to report anything suspicious or malicious. She had also gained an interest in the other lands on the world they call Narif as she had learned about them from her father. Finally, she took on magical lessons so she could learn more about magic to understand it and become more like her mother. She had managed to find a dragonkin elder that knew much about magic and had convinced him to teach her. She was thrust out of her thoughts as she walked into her magical advisors office, which also happened to be her magical teacher, and studied it. It was a semi-large room with a large desk in the middle to the back that was littered with things he called 'magical items and artifacts' that he had either found or created. All around them were large bookcases that reached to the ceiling that were filled with books on magic, spells, enchantments, runes, glyphs, summoning, and everything else related to the subject to the point that there were small towers of books littering the floors as their wasn't enough room on said bookshelves.

    She quickly grabbed the chair opposite to his desk and studied the man sitting in the chair behind it. He was fairly tall, maybe about 6'5, and had grey hair and a wrinkled face, on his head to large draconic horns and a draconic tail behind him were seen, showing he had the highest in-tunement to his dragon side among their kin, higher than her even, though he had said that she would get more in tuned with it in time. The man was wearing large red robes that dragged on the ground slightly that had dark markings all across it that had a small glow, each one glowing a different color, that he had said were multiple runes, glyphs, and enchantments that he had put on it. "Ahhhh, nice to see you have shown up, lets begin, shall we? Now, magic, like the air around us, is everywhere, you can't feel or see it, but it is there. When using magic you utilize it's energy to cast spells, summon creatures from something we call 'Otherrealms', and install enchantments onto objects. Summoning works by sacrificing a catalyst, whether it be a sentient creature, an animal, or an object, just know that the more powerful the summon, the stronger the creature, person, or object, which we will classify as 'Catalysts' for now, must be. For enchanting it's much like using the magical energy all around us as ink. You must first obtain a, what we like to call, 'Enchanting Pen', which takes in the magical energy around it constantly and uses it to create your Enchantment. You must have adequate knowledge on magical 'words' or 'pictures', much like those of the Tenshi race use for their language. However, do not think about using the Tenchi races caricatures for your enchanting purposes, as theirs a much too advanced for us to understand or use and it can lead to dire consequences. Now, enough talking about it, lets start practicing." He finished by taking out a large sheet of paper and an enchantment pen and would proceed to guide her through the steps of enchanting something for a period of time until she had to leave to get the treaty reports from the Odyrae Nation, The Emperica Empire, and the Celestial Dominion, which shouldn't take very long, as Borla can travel up to speeds of 300 mph or more if they wanted to. She sighed in relief, the benefits of having tameable creatures that can travel in the sky at high speeds really helped speed things along, she snorted in amusement at her pun before returning to her lesson. ​
  2. 345 of the Second Chaos

    The sounds of metal clashing, shouts, and cheers vibrated throughout the courtyard of the Emperica capital building where laid not only the senate, but also the Emperor himself who stood on a balcony overlooking the courtyard. He was studying every move that the legendary Enforcers made, occasionally yelling a complaint. Receiving such an honor from Emperor Jack made every Enforcer tremble and redoubled their efforts in order to further please their lord. They also wondered why he wasn't his talkative self today. Normally Jack would be chatting up the troops.

    Today, however, Jack was grim. He thought about the trouble brewing overseas. About the rumors about the coming of war and people readying for it. He had also gotten a report about the Dragonkin finally overthrowing their monarch after a bloody rebellion.

    "Anarchy." Jack snorted in disgust."But yet again their leader was an idiot so that would have lead to anarchy. I only hope they managed to set up some form of government before the people get too settled."

    "Sire! Report from General Ra!"

    Jack turned to see a brown man kneeling with his head bowed. The man wore silver legionary armor with a brush that went side to side and with a wave of his hand the man rose. Jack then saw his scarred face clearly. A face that showed wisdom, experience, and old age. A face made Jack smile for out of all the men he relayed on, Xerxes was the man that was the must trustworthy.

    "Then give the report my friend." Jack smiled.

    "General Ra reports that the campaign in the South is going well. The natives are suffering heavy losses while our own suffer lightly and the savages also have gained little ground thanks to Ra's...measures." Jack shuddered knowing full well what Ra's measures were and he nodded for Xerxes to continue." He also reports that a legion has captured a major leader in the tribes sir. A Druid that was responsible for uniting them together."

    "That will be a hit to morale for them." Jack chuckled.

    "Yes sir. There's also bad news." Jack frowned at the words." Centurion Thuna was captured and executed in front of her own men. They want revenge sir and are awaiting orders."

    The Emperor sighed."Thuna was a remarkable woman. Often the one to do everything to save her legion. Have the Druid sent to them and have them raid a weak tribe. And make sure that the Druid suffers."

    "Of course sire!" Xerxes pounded his fist against his chest and left.

    Jack returned to survey the Enforcers when another man called for his attention. He groaned and turned to see a white man wearing plain, white robes. Combined with his snow white, he almost blended in with the marble pillars and flooring. Once again Jack made a smile, but only weakly. He didn't hate the man, just found him annoying for his 'coincidental' timings.

    "Yes Neptune?"

    "A representative from the Dragonkin of the Dragon Alliance is here. Something about a trade treaty."

    "A sav-" Jack caught himself before savage slipped from his mouth."Why would a Dragonkin come all this way just for a trade agreement? Let's go see what they want." Jack trotted towards the meeting hall.

    Upon entering the hall, Jack saw the familiar soft glow of Mahina that lie on a alter in the middle of the room. Around it were two Healers reabsorbing the versatile magical stone. The Emperor silently resented the two Healers as he was denied access to the stone for the Emperica could not use magic unless it was through that stone, but it also negates their magic resistance. Then Jack rotated his head around the circular room trying to find the Dragonkin. His eyes landed on the person and he strode towards him.

    "You must be from the Floating Isles! I am Emperor Jack Caser. And please be quick for I have important things to attend to." Jack put on a smile and held out his hand to the Dragonkin. ​
  3. |Dragonkin Negotiator|
    "Hello, my name is Mak Norrigan, father of the Dragonkin's current leader, and her trainer." Mak introduced himself while taking the mans hand in his own, shaking it firmly. Mak was a tall man, standing at 6'6", and was built with a toned body, showing that, if he had to, he could hold his own in combat. Mak had silvery white hair that fell down to his shoulders and small points coming out of the top of his head, showing that while he was old, he wasn't as in tune with his dragon side as his brethren usually are. Mak smiled at Jack, showing his sharp teeth, as he had heard of Jacks battle prowess and new that this man, no matter the circumstances, would fight to his last breathe, and that's something most of the dragonkin people respected. "Now, on to business shall we? Do you wish to do this here? Or in a more private matter?" Mak finished with a serious look, his daughter may not see the importance of politics, which is why he usually did anything political for her, but politics were just as important, if not more so, than combat, as politics could often end wars before they start. Even if something like a trade agreement, which was what he was here to discuss, was to be revealed to a potential enemy, than said enemy could make countermeasures and severely hurt the nations involved.​
  4. Jack nodded at the silver haired man as pulling away his hand."Yes indeed. Now, about the trade treaty, I assume it's about our Loch Noss problem. We have had other nations offer the same thing, but we turned them down. The reason being is that the beast is simply much too large for its own good and everytime we allow other nations to take on them, they get gabbled up. Besides, the Loch Noss may hinder our trade fleets, but they also prevent overseas armadas with ill intent from reaching our shores. I do know better, though, that your trade treaty might be something else entirely."
  5. "Yes, i understand how that could both be a boon and a hindrance. Being able to defend so greatly against enemies without having to use your troops certainly helps, but it also destroys your chances of setting up any trades or otherwise agreements with other nations if you wanted to. The Dragons Alliance want to offer a contingent of our Berserkers, Archers, and Mages to defend your ships from said creatures or to drive them away from your ships. I do not know if you know this, but of our race our Berserkers are our strongest units, and due to their already superhuman strength being increased, they also can use their Dragons Rage to the greatest degree, which allows them to double their already superhuman strength, gives them superhuman healing and regeneration, and allows them to utilize Dragons Breath, which allows them to blow fire out of their mouths so hot that they could melt solid rock." Of course the hotness of Dragons Breath was an exaggeration, as only 2 people in recorded Dragonkin history were able to do so, one of which was his daughters magic teacher, but he had to play up his troops, as everything else he had said about them was utterly true. "In return, we wish to set up a trade agreement, in which we both will send ships, or in our case Borla's, with varying amounts and types of resources to sell amongst eachothers nations. In doing so we allow our cultures and people to meet and interact, even offering a greater diversity to you and yours as some dragonkin may want to join your nation, and some of those dragonkin may want to join your army, and vice versa for us. You don't have to worry about us trying to steal your Maghina, or whatever you call it, or recruiting those who can use Maghina, as our ruler does not currently find them to be a use for her people. Besides, i highly doubt our people could use them anyway, as we are half dragon, and it most likely will not agree with our bodies if we did try to use them, and i rather not see some of our people explode into bloody party bombs trying to do so."
  6. Jack dismissed the fire part and only gave a mock smile."While your men would certainly be able to hold their own, what you do not understand is that the Loch Noss is a giant easily the size of a large island. With that they could eat up large, slow moving ships in one bite and our lighter ships are able to outrun them, but it would take many to bring a single one down. There is also the unfortunate problem with my people's views. Many of our people view you as savages due to rumors going around about your origins. I assure you these are nothing more than things to be dismissed and we are trying our best to take care of it. Now, there is little else to be talked of and there's an important meeting to be taken care of so please hurry and say what you must."
  7. "Alright then, i suppose i should just get to the gist of it all than. I actually came here for another purpose that i was hoping to address at a later time, a much later time in face, but it appears that that is not possible. I would like to set up an alliance between our nations. If you do not wish to accept this than that is fine, but i will tell you now, our people do not care what your people think of us, as we know that most think us savages, if you accept this alliance, than you could potentially squash that belief, and gain many dragonkin on your side, besides, lifting a lochness should not be a problem for a small contingent of our most experienced soldiers, as with dragons rage active a measly 2 of them would be able to throw a lochness away from your ships if need be. We will also offer a small heard of Borla, a semi-large creature than can fly at high speeds without having to rest. It would allow you and yours to travel to other nations without trouble. If you don't wish to accept this than i will leave now, and just hope that we do not meet on the battlefield." Mak finished with a sad smile, as he didn't wish for anyone to lose their loved ones or die, and war was a nasty and terrible thing, and did terrible things to others. Mak waited for the mans answer, hoping beyond hope to get an alliance between their people.
  8. Jack considered the options at his disposal. While it seemed they had good intentions there could have been ulterior motives. Something he was all too aware about. The Emperor the shook his head thinking it was simply too risky. The Dragonkin may be strong, but there were other creatures and them guarding the ships wouldn't be good at all. They had always been an isolationist nation absorbing land into their ever expanding Empire.

    "I'm sorry Mak, but my people are simply too stubborn. The Loch Noss is a undersea creature often attacking from the bottom just like how a whale would jump out of the water. There is also other creatures called the 'Deven' meaning Dark Dog. Fast creatures that strength alone cannot take on and then there are the dreaded Chryssalid. Now, I must leave for the Senate needs my guiding hand. Take care and let us hope we do not meet on the battlefield for if we do,"Jack patted his sword which rattled,"then only one can come out the victor."
  9. Mak gestured back with a sad nod while smiling sadly before speaking, "It is unfortunate we couldn't come to an agreement. I will be returning my daughter and my people now, i wish you great luck in the future, and may the great one and the creator shine luck upon you and your people." He finished with a bow before he walked out of the building and headed to his Borla to head home. He truly was saddened that they couldn't come to an agreement, but it seems that sometimes things just don't go the way you intended. He arrived to his Borla and jumped on before it lifted up into the air and almost immediately disappeared, from sight as it jetted off back home, becoming nothing but a quickly disappearing blur as he left.
  10. A light fog hung around the city of Shinkyoji, completely cutting off the watchtower's vision of the lower tiers. The city was laid out in a ring-like structure. In the center, and raised above the rest of the city, was the High District - a place for the powerful and the wealthy. The Palace of Light, Shakumi's castle, stood in the middle of it, surrounded by mansions and Guild Halls and the High Temple, and with vast areas of open space separating the buildings. The architecture here was very regal, with exaggerated curves and arches. The stone used was pale, like marble, and was quite expensive, at least in this landscape. The first 4 kilometers of the earth were completely volcanic rocks, and very tough ones at that, and the Tenshi miners had ended up contracting the Circle of Magi to disintigrate a mineshaft for them. This marble-like rock had been mined in huge blocks and teleported into the High District for construction. Given how difficult it was to mine, it was rarely used beyond being a decorative material, such as the hilt of ceremonial daggers.

    Below this was the Gilded District. No one really knew how the name came about though, since no gold could actually be found in the architecture. This district was home to the middle-class Tenshi, and was where the majority of non-manual businesses were set up. Almost all of the self-employed enchanters and magicians lived in the Gilded District, leading many of the lower classes to believe that there was some kind of prejudice against those who couldn't wield magic to great extent. The Gilded District contains so many mages that it acts as a sort of beacon for anyone who is sensitive to magic. The architecture is like a toned down version of the High District, on the outside. On the inside, mages tend to go wild designing and place any number of peculiar objects and conjurations.

    Below this is the third district, which has never been given a name. This is where 65% of the capital's population lives. This district plays home to blacksmiths, lumbermen and all other kinds of manual labourer, as well as all the other everyday peasants. The constructions here are very simple, and for good purpose. This district is only a few centimeters above the water level of the inland sea that forms the northern border of the city, so the entire district is designed to be as resistant to flooding as possible. Despite it's simplicity though, the lower district is the center of trade and commerce for the city, and due to it's huge cultural variety and business, censuses often find that overall, Lower District citizens report having a higher happiness than the other two districts combined.

    However, it was this third district where the fog always hit. It rolled in from the north, forming due to the contrast in temperature between the hydrothermal vents and the freezing water in the inland sea, and many early mornings would be smothered in a grey blanket. It was evident that the fog had some kind of peculiar reaction with the Tenshi's magic. The edge of the fog where it met the Gilded District bubbled and glowed faintly green, and many of the magi were currently studying it, trying to figure out why exactly this happened. Shakumi knew that any minute now, she would see a party of half-asleep scholars dressed in overly-furry coats marching down to the edge of the gilded district from the Archives that made up 20% of the High District. She herself had only just woken up, and was currently standing on her balcony, watching the happenings of the world. To the east, she could make out the silhouette of the ever present Floating Isle that was their neighboring nation. Shakumi could never help but feel envious when she thought about that place. She hated that such a primitive species could levitate a whole city while the Tenshi, the strongest magic wielders in the entire land, struggled levitating anything bigger than a mansion.

    She had however, failed to see the beast that was approaching her city. She knew the sky worms were fast, but she had never considered they'd be so fast they could avoid being seen even by magic enhanced vision. The first she knew of it's arrival was a carrier bird fluttering up to her balcony and dropping a note into her hand. It was a simple note, only explaining that the beast had appeared and that it's rider wanted to meet her. She sighed - she had hoped to not have to do anything until at least mid afternoon. She also knew that it was late in the morning already, and she would have been expected to be awake for several hours at this point. She quickly dressed into some pale silky garments decorated with pale gold metal, as was the current style among Tenshi, and headed to the Throne Room, which also served as the entrance hall.

    This was her first time meeting a dragonkin in person. Previously, she had only met them in battle, where she had observed their way of fighting and deemed them primitive for seeming to use hardly any magic at all. She knew they were strong, very strong. Strong enough to smash through solid stone. She also knew that so far a combination of the Phoenix's telepathic abilities and the Warlocks' phenomenal abilities had allowed them to obliterate the enemy forces while they were still dealing with the Golems. She did know that sooner or later they'd figure out a way to disable the golems instead of having to break through each one, which is why she had withdrawn from Dragonkin land long ago, to stall that discovery.

    When she reached the throne room, she noticed the sentinel golems she had created had awoken and were currently staring at the unnerved dragonkin. That was good. The sentinels had been a new installation only a week ago and she had been unable to test them. They had been designed to control who was in the palace, by awakening and using immobilizing magic on anyone who entered without wearing a certain charm. The charm contained an enchanted stone that told the sentinels that the bearer was allowed to be there. It wasn't an ideal system, but it would work for as long as people couldn't figure out how to obtain one of these charms. She cast a quick spell, disabling the sentinels and releasing the dragonkin from paralysis. "You wanted to see me?" She had a very innocent voice and appearance, which were incredibly out of place in the world of politics and which she sometimes found annoying, but it did mean that she could put tones of impatience and other things into her words without them being detected.
  11. |Generic Dragonkin Negotiator|
    The Dragonkin negotiator looked to be around 5'8 and was a female. She had long blond hair that went down to her waist and wore long red royal robes, showing she had a semi-high status in her peoples ranks and had 2 small draconic horns sprouting from her temples. It was as she arrived that she had been paralyzed by one of the Tenshi peoples golems. She had heard stories from long ago, before cities were formed and only tribes of dragonkin roamed, about how some tribes of her people had went to war with the Tenshi, and due to their lack in leadership and education overall they had a hard time fighting the Tenshi, as the only way to get through their golems were to smash through them. During that period one of the tribe leaders kept saying that he was close to discovering how to solve their golem problem until suddenly the Tenshi just disappeared back into their lands without coming back. Despite this fact none of the dragonkin hated the Tenshi, they in fact respected them, as they could understand subjects that were much too complicated for they themselves to understand. She looked up as she was released from the golem and turned her attention to the woman before her. She did feel slightly intimidated, this was the Tenshi's leader, a people who were so advanced in magic that others were left begging for just a part of their knowledge and had a city that could be seen from all around, almost no matter where they were. She steeled her nerves however, her draconic pride and confidence coming into play, it didn't matter for now, as they weren't at war currently, so she needn't need to worry about being captured as a POW or for sick pleasures. She curtsied in respect before speaking "Yes, hello, my name is Nayra Klorvat, and i am here to talk about a trade treaty of sorts with you. Would you like to discuss this privately or out in the open?" She finished with a small gentle smile with closed eyes, though you could tell she was calm and calculating. She was doing this for her leader, one that had freed her and her people from their previous oppression, it would not do to speak in nervous tones to another leader that was highly respected among her people.​
  12. Shakumi was taken a little by surprise. She hadn't expected the dragonkin to be as respectful as she was being, since previous experiences suggested that people tend to hate you if your predecessor massacred a good amount of their species. "Here is fine." She didn't try to address the messenger by her name. She knew she would have difficulty pronouncing it and she didn't want to make a fool of herself. "We're the only 2 people in the palace at the moment, besides servants, who have their memory wiped of political affairs every hour. The sentinels are just basic enchantments, they don't record information." She sat down on her throne, and gestured to the dragonkin to take a seat on the other side of a table that had just risen out of the floor. "Given that the Tenshi's most valuable resource is our Transcendent magicians and our Archive, I assume the Dragonkin want one or both of those things?" She hoped this wouldn't take long, so she skipped pleasantries and moves straight onto business.
  13. "Actually, we would like to set up a trade agreement with you. Trading resources between our nations would allow our cultures to mix, and doing so you could gain some of our special Obsidian, as unlike regular obsidian, this obsidian is malleable and stronger. We would also like to trade to you our knowledge of our floating isles, as, if you accept this, we will send some of our more knowledgeable people to study the isles, inside and out, to see what makes them float and give you the knowledge. In return, we want you to trade a piece of knowledge on any type of magic that you believe our court mage, which currently has an intermediate knowledge on it but still cannot understand the higher levels of magic, can understand, each time your people come to our lands." Nayra sat in the chair and proceeded to tell the leader her conditions, Nayra and her leader knew that the Tenshi leader wished to know what made their isles float, which lead to her leader wondering as well. The Dragonkin were going to start expeditions to smaller floating isles that weren't inhabited to study them and even mine and dig them to the very last speck of soil and rock to see just what made them float, so why not offer the knowledge to the Tenshi in the hopes of starting the long trail to eventually forming an alliance and becoming closer to piece without bloodshed.
  14. "Your proposals are interesting, however I'm afraid I cannot let anything detailing magic outside of the Archive walls. Inside the Archive things are restricted to prevent theft. No matter how much I wanted to move one of the tomes out of the Archive, enchantments are in place that will not let me take that tome out. If your court magician wants Tenshi knowledge, he will have to come to the Archive in person. So, while I cannot offer the convenience of having new knowledge delivered to you, I can grant a few members of your race permission to enter the Archive." She knew this was going against her better judgement - she had no idea what the dragonkin might try to do inside the Archives, but the offer of being able to study the Floating Isles was too tempting. She had wanted to study them for a long time but she didn't trust the dragonkin to not kill anyone she sent. However, with a trade agreement in place they would be unable to kill any Tenshi that arrived there. If they did they would be dishonouring the contract, and it'd be near impossible for them to make any new ones, with any race.
  15. "I understand, that sounds like something we can do. If need be, we will even allow you to place enchantments on them that prevent them from being able to use dragons breath and dragons rage in general, so that they don't harm your tomes in any way shape or form, and if helps soothe any more worries, we will allow you to place a glyph that takes away their superhuman strength if need be. Now, i believe we have an agreement, we will need the names of those you intend to send over to our lands so you may study the isles alongside us so that we do not accidentally capture them under the impression that they are a spy or worse. I know that your people wouldn't do this, but precautionary measures must be placed just in case." With that said Nayra brought out the agreement papers, took out a pen, made the necessary edits, stamped it with her leaders stamp that declared that her leader approved and agreed to the terms, before sliding it over to the Tenshi leader and waited patiently. She was glad that they had come to an agreement, and that they had found a leader that agreed with them. This was just one step to the long trail of an eventual alliance that would lead to no bloodshed between their people.
  16. "Don't worry. The enchantments on the Archives are built in such a way that neutralises any abilities activated inside it's walls. This applies to everyone, even Tenshi, to prevent damage to the data banks. There are chambers inside though in which this restriction is not active to allow people to practice without risking damage to anything. As for who I shall be sending... I intend to go in person, but I do not know who I would bring with me yet. For now can we simply say that any Tenshi that is near to me is one of the scholars? I wouldn't bring many and I have way of ensuring they don't... wander off."
  17. "That sounds perfectly acceptable, if you can vouch for them then they are welcome. And it is wonderful to hear that about your archives. It would be wonderful if you could meet our leader, Layla, as well, i'm sure she would be glad to meet you and yours. I thank you for this chance as well, after all, knowledge is power, and you and your people have the largest amount of magical knowledge that we know of."
  18. "Fantastic. I have some things to sort out here first, so We'll be arriving in about a week's time, I expect." She held out her hand and cast a spell. There was a crackling green light and a small column of smoke rose from just above her palm and dissipated into the atmosphere, before a small object dropped lightly into her hand. It was pyrimidal in nature, about 4 centimeters long on each edge. It was constructed of a single piece of gunbolt grey metal, with simple patterns etched into each surface. She handed it to the messenger. "Take this to your leader as a token of good will. It is an ancient relic belonging to my predecessor, and it is incredibly valuable. Please make sure you don't lose it or let it fall into the wrong hands. It's very small so as you can imagine it would be nightmarishly difficult to find it again. Tell her to leave it in a large, open space. It becomes unstable if enclosed in a small environment for a long period of time. A balcony or pavillion would be ideal."
  19. 345 of the Second Chaos
    The Senate Hall
    Jack looked around the rectangular room supported by white pillars and which's flooring was covered in rugs so detailed it was as if they were alive. Those who spent days on end got use to such a thing, but people who came in were astonished. Jack remembered a funny time when a man from another nation thought he about to fell into a pit when a Senator snapped for his attention. The Emperor growled in annoyance at the wrinkly, old turd who was blabbering off about the war in the south and how they should begin pulling troops out for it yielded no benefit. This pleased half of the Senate while pissing off the other half for they had spent too long in the war.

    "And finally there's the incident with Centurion Thuna! A beloved Centurion who gave everything for the Empire! We cannot risk to lose such people again!"

    With that, half of the Senate stopped roared in approval, but a flick of the hand from the bored Emperor forced them to sit down. He then arose in white robes that stopped just at his ankles and brought his face to the Senator. An expression of boredom and eyes telling the Senator it was a stupid idea made him quake in fear.

    "Senate, brothers!" Jack turned to them suddenly turning cheery."Have you forgotten the sacrifices our men have paid? Yes, Centurion Thuna was beloved not only by her Legion, but also by the entire Empire itself! And now it is bloodthirsty and you know what happens when the beast is thirsty!"

    Murmurs of agreement echoed throughout the Hall.

    "And I say we quench the beast that is the Empire and give them blood!"

    Those who disapproved now stomped their feet and roared in approval making it appear as if there were more of those who disagreed than agreed.

    "For too long the rebels have been hiding in their little forest. It is time to draw them out and force them onto equal plains! What I propose, in my humbleness, is that we offer an exchange of sorts. Allow them to think that they've won and we are starting to pull out. Then send them a message asking for them to meet with the Emperor to talk about a surrender. But it will not be our! It will be their!"

    "And what if they refuse!" Someone asked which was followed by a storm of questions.

    Jack tried calming down the Senate until anger set in and he pulled out his sword holding it high in the air. The Senate, in response, silenced themselves in fear of the blade that now began dripping a color of blood. Ghostly moans seemed to be coming from everywhere. Some Senators also shivered feeling as if the temperature had dropped a hundred degrees. The Senate knew the cause of this and their eyes were locked onto Jack's sword, fearful of what could happen.

    "Now that's taken care of." Jack said as he sheathed the blade and everything returned to normal."If they refuse then we watch and laugh as they watch their friends suffer horribly. You all know what the troops do to prisoners. Those sick psychopaths. And a Druid was captured recently. Among the ones that sparked the rebellion so if all else fails we can always use the Druid."

    Jack was jumping with happiness as the Senate showered him with cheers of approval. Some, he could tell, did so only half-heartily. The Emperor would deal with them later, but right now he was enjoying the Seante's easy persuasion.
  20. "I'll be sure to do so, it must be valuable if it's being praised by you. Now, if you excuse me i have other matters to tend to for my leader." She finished with a gentle smile before grabbing the object and the papers and heading out. She arrived to her Borla and took off, becoming little to nothing but a blur in the sky as she headed back to her lands. She was grateful that she could come to a deal with the Tenshi's leader, they were powerful, and considering that they had allowed permission to use their archives for their resident magic counselor, was a great opportunity, as they had not let anyone into their archives except other Tenshi for years. She couldn't wait to give the wonderful news to her leader, and the artifact that Tenshi's leader had given her to give to her leader was something that showed their trust in each other, and she knew that she nor her people or her leader would betray that trust in whatever way.
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