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  1. I've never really done an interest check before, but here i am! Anyway, i have in mind a large RP in which each person takes control of large/medium/small landmass, creates a leader (which will also be your main character) that will control that landmass (which involves a CS), describe your Empire/Kingdom/Democracy/Ect (Which involves another CS) in which you set up everything for your empire, including a little history for it, describe your race/s itself (another CS), describe what the landmass itself looks like, and finally, any special creatures that are native to your landmass(Another CS)/special features of it. In this RP Magic and the like do play a role, but unless you specify it in your Races/Characters/Special Creatures/Features CS than it will be unlikely that anyone will be using it, as those who can use magic are fairly rare. There are also ruins/dungeons/ect that your main Character themself or your people can find/explore which may hold things that could help/harm your people/race/empire/character, but you can't specify what those special items are, otherwise it'll harm a few things that i have in mind for this RP.

    Finally, the final goal is that either 1 Empire rules the other empires, All SURVIVING Empires are in an alliance, or just 1 empire survives at the end. If any of these are reached than the RP ends and the ruling empire/s win! It's mostly to be played like a game, but there are no limitations on what you can do/what can happen.

    Here's the Map of which we will be playing on, each person would select a color for the landmass that they rule over, though i don't expect each color to be filled with a player we would need at the least 6 players.


    Also, i will be updating the map regularly for any cities that are founded/capital cities/Docks/Discovered Ruins/Dungeons/A Country taking over another/Alliances/ect, to help keep things consistent.
  2. You have my interest.
  3. I'm interested as well.
  4. glad to see some people have some interest in this, as so far i tend to make my RP's fairly complicated, if at the least another 2 people show interest than i'll make the sign up, also keep in mind, people can make a CS for a character that isn't a leader if they still want to participate but don't want to be the leader of a landmass, but their characters will have to be based/living in a landmass that has a player leader.
  5. I'm making the sign up now, hope people join in, will post link to it once it's done ^^
Thread Status:
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