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  1. IC:

    It is the year 345, 345 years since a being called 'The Creator' created the many features, races, animals, magicks, and the very world itself. 'The Creator' is lorded as the 'God of all Gods' to the point that every religion starts with 'The Creator' as their gods creator. The landscape has not changed in since those times but now is a time of change. Ruins, Dungeons, and even a place lorded as 'The Creators Death Bed' have started showing up and tensions are starting to run high. Nations and their leaders have started discussing alliances, treaties, and war pacts, all so that they can rules these lands. There are those who wish for peace, but know that it cannot be achieved without war, and are attempting to create one large alliance of willing nations, while there are others that believe only 1 should rule the others and are attempting to destroy and assimilate all naysayers...

    ---The Map---

    ---Spots 10/11---
    Pink Landmass: The Icy Fire of Reverque
    Dark Blue Landmass: The Emperica Empire (Sub-Nation)
    Brown Landmass: Armed Republic of Rogess
    Olive Landmasses: (Reserved)
    Light Purple Landmass: The Ember/Ashen/Crimson Forest/Wilds/Wastes
    Dark Purple Landmass: The Celestial Dominion
    Red Landmass: The Dragons Alliance
    Light Cyan Landmass:
    Tan Landmasses: Odyrae Nation
    Dark Green Landmass/es: Ragaan Nation
    Orangish Yellow Landmass/es: Assimilare Nation

    ---Character Sheets---

    • Landmass: (Which landmass do they rule over?)






      Family: (List them.(Your character can be related to another persons character, so long as you have that persons permission.))

      Skills:(Max of 4 (Basic Skills like Cooking, Sewing, Forging, ect.))

      Special Skills: (Max of 3 (Skills like Magick, Spear usage, Sword usage, Summoning, Enchanting, Alchemy, ect)

      Weapon/s: (Think Medieval weapons like Long swords, Katana's, Spears, ect. They can have magical aspects as well. (What weapons does your character use when in a combat situation (IE During a large battle between your forces and anothers forces and your character decides to join in an attempt to even the battlefield.)))

      Good Traits: (Maximum of 4 (Things like Good with Children, Melodic/Powerful Voice, Strong, Tactical Mind, ect.))

      Bad Traits:(Minimum of 2 (Things like Fragile, Slow, Low Intelligence, not good with Tactics, ect))

      Personality: (How does your character act?)

      Past: (doesn't have to be a lot, at the least 1, 6 sentence paragraph(This will be common knowledge to others, so be careful what you put.)

      How they came to power: (How did your character become the leader of this nation?(This will be common knowledge to others, so be careful what you put.))

      Ambition: (What do they wish to achieve as a leader/superpower?)

      Keep in mind, your leader is supposed to be very strong, but not godlike.

    • This is for the Race of your landmass/nation


      General Appearance: (The basic appearance of your race.)

      Strengths: (Max of 3(Things like cold blooded, good with weapons, good with magick, ect.))

      Weaknesses: (Min of 2 (Thing like bad with weapons, bad with magick, low intelligence, ect.)

      Religion: (Do the follow a religion? If yes then describe said religion, but it must have some connection to 'The Creator'.

      Description: (A basic description of your people/race. Doesn't have to be a lot.)

      History: (A small bit of history on your people/race and how they came to be. Doesn't have to be a lot. This will be common knowledge among everybody, so be careful on what you put.)

    • Name: (What your Lands are called)

      Landscape: (What your lands look like, you can put a picture if you wish, otherwise describe it.)

      Special features: (What are the special things of your land, IE floating islands, large ravines, a special resource, ect.)

      Special Creatures: (See Special Creatures Character Sheet.(What special creatures are native to your land))

    • Name: (What is your Nations name?)

      Coat of Arms: (What Coat of Arms are put on your flags, front of your shields, ect.)

      Population: (What types of races occupy your lands?)

      Capital City Name: (What's the name of your capital city?)

      Capital City Location: (Where is your Capital City located? I'll be putting this on the map.)

      Capital City Description: (What does your Capital City look like and is there anything special about it?)

      Minor Cities: (List them and where they are located.)

      Military Units: (List them and give them a description.)

      History: (A Small history on how your nation was created. This will be common knowledge that other nations will know, so be careful on what you put.)

    • Appearance:

      Name: (Put both singular and plural versions of the name please.)

      Domesticated: (Do your people tame these creatures regularly? Put just a yes or no.)

      Strengths/Skills: (Max of 5(What can this creature do that makes it special?))

      Weaknesses: (Min of 2)


    • This is for those who wish to participate but don't want to be a leader. They must be in a nation that has a Player Leader.



      Nickname: (Only if your character has one.)



      Race: (It has to be one of the races another character created.)

      Family: (List them.(Your character can be related to another persons character, so long as you have that persons permission.))

      Location: (Where is your character located? Must be in a location with a Player controlled Leader.)

      Occupation: (what does your character do for a living? (IE Military general for their nation, Court Magick Counselor, Alchemist, Baker, Witch/Warlock that lives in the forest, ect.)

      Skills:(Max of 4 (Basic Skills like Cooking, Sewing, Forging, ect.))

      Special Skills: (Max of 3 (Skills like Magick, Spear usage, Sword usage, Summoning, Enchanting, Alchemy, ect)

      Weapon/s:(Does your character use any weapons, and if so, which? (Think Medieval weapons like Long swords, Katana's, Spears, ect. They can have magical aspects as well.(They can have magical aspects)))

      Good Traits: (Maximum of 4 (Things like Good with Children, Melodic/Powerful Voice, Strong, Tactical Mind, ect.))

      Bad Traits:(Minimum of 2 (Things like Fragile, Slow, Low Intelligence, not good with Tactics, ect))

      Personality: (How does your character act?)

      Past: (doesn't have to be a lot, at the least 1, 6 sentence paragraph(This will be common knowledge to others, so be careful what you put.)

      Ambition: (What do they wish to accomplish in life?)

    ---Other Character Spots 6/6---
    Use the 'Non-Leader Character sheet' for this. This is for people who want to participate but don't want to be a leader.
    The Abyssal Eye
    Maski Norga
    General Ra
    Ava the Half-Angel and Nevy the Corrupted Fairy
    1. Standard Iwaku and Roleplaying rules in general apply.​
    2. Couples/Marriage/ect are permitted, but anything 18+ goes to libertine forums or PM.​
    3. Leaders are stronger than regular characters, keep that in mind.​
    4. Things like marriage contracts can happen for alliances to be formed.​
    5. Unless specified in any of your character sheet/s, magic is very rare for someone to be able to use.​
    6. If you do not post for 1 week 2 days-2 weeks than their is a possibility that your character will be killed/taken over.​
    7. When exploring Ruins/Dungeons/ect, don't post what you discover in them, i have things in mind for this and it will harm RP if you do so.​
    8. In the case of a leader, if you send your units/people to explore dungeons/ruins/anything in general, than i will tell you what they discovered.​
    9. If you send your leader/character into a dungeon/ruin/ect than you have to rp the exploration, as their will be creatures and monsters inside.​
    10. Rules subject to change.​

    I will be updating the map as things change ^^.

    I also fully don't expect all spots to fill, so we will need at the least 6 spots filled in order to start, though others can still take over open spots once it begins ^^.
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  2. This looks pretty awesome! I might swoop in and steal a spot at a better hour when my creative mind is at its greatest!
  3. Thats wonderful, can't wait to see it, working on my own CS right now ^^
  4. I have a question for you, friend. Mind if I PM it to you?
  5. By all means, go ahead ^^​

    • Landmass: The Red Landmass


      Name: Layra Norrigan

      Nickname: The Tiny Dragon

      Gender: Female

      Age: 16


      -Nagra Norrigan~Mother~39 years old~Died during childbirth

      -Mak Norrigan~Father~42 years old~Alive and still training his daughter

      -Crane Norrigan~Brother~21~Died when she was 7 in battle

      Skills: Layra knows how to Sew, Cook, and Parkour.

      Special Skills: Katana usage, and Dragons Rage (Like the rest of her race)

      Weapon/s: A Katana (shown in picture) that was originally used and enchanted by her mother, it's blade is made out of obsidian making it exetremely hard to break and the blade itself becomes coated in flames when the enchantment is active.

      Good Traits: Tactical Mind, Good with kids, and an Angelic voice that turns demonic and powerful when Dragons Rage is active.

      Bad Traits: Naive to how some things work in the world, easy to anger if her brother, mother, or her precious people in general are degraded, though this is bad to do if she has Dragon's Rage active.

      Personality: Around her family and the civilian populous she is a girl with a bright smile and wonderful attitude, playing with small kids and helping others that need it. To her soldiers her personality takes a 180 degree turn, becoming a powerful leader that has earned their respect in every aspect, they would follow her to their graves, as she has shown that she would do the same for them. In a political situation however, her father will often speak for her, as she does not know how to deal with politics.

      Past: Layra was born during a period of civil war, a tyrannical leader was ruling her people with an iron fist and hard grip, and she was born on the rebellions side. Her brother participated in the war and when he died she vowed to gain vengeance and started training with her father at the young age of 7. After learning her mother was a powerful warrior she threw herself into her training even more. She eventually joined the battlefield at the age of 14 and quickly rose through the ranks with her tactical mind and battlefield prowess. It was during the final battle when she was 15 in which she earned her title of the Tiny Dragon and became leader of her nation, as her forces had lost their leader during the battle and she took over. Her forces were a measly 40,000 to their enemies 160,000 troops, but using her tactical mind she managed to cut down their forces to 90,000 before joining in herself. The enemy leader had noticed and joined as well, and took to degrading her family. She responded by activating her peoples Dragons Rage and swiftly defeated the man by burning his body with her dragons breath and cut off his head as he screamed. She then proceeded to cut down their forces with reckless abandon lowering their forces by 30,000 just by herself, as by the end all the enemy could see were a small girl covered from head to toe in blood, flames poking out of what looked like a jagged Cheshire grinning mouth and red eyes, and swiftly surrendered. She then took the reigns of her nation and over the course of a year had managed to fix her country and improve it.

      How they came to power: By killing the previous leader during a Civil War.

      Ambition: To unite others in an alliance so that they don't lose their loved ones like she did.

    • This is for the Race of your landmass/nation

      Name: Dragonkin

      General Appearance: Dragonkin are human in appearance but the more they are in tune with their dragon-like self the more prominent their draconic features.

      Strengths: Dragons Rage, Inhuman Strength, Night/Heat-vision

      Weaknesses: Simple Minded, Most can't understand advanced concepts (Like Magick, or advanced weapons like Cannons)

      Religion: The Dragonkin race follows the 'Dragons Way', in which they pray to 'The Creator' and 'Akrah the Dragon God' to gain their favor.

      Description: The Dragonkin have a special ability called Dragons Rage, in which they turn extremely aggressive and violent to anyone they classify as an enemy, increases their already inhuman strength, gain an inhuman regenerative/healing rate, and if they are more in-tune with their dragon side, can utilize 'Dragons Breath', in which allows them to blow flames from their mouth that are stronger the more in-tune they are. The follow who ever they classify as their leader with utter loyalty, but if questioned or oppressed they will be quick to turn on them. Dragonkin are born just like humans are but each year a Dragonkin will be thrown into their 'Mating Cycle' once they turn 18, in which they try to find a favorable mate to become married to and have children with. Dragonkin are also more loyal to their family than their leader.

      History: Dragonkin are said to have started when 'Akrah the Dragon God' fell in love with a human, underwent many trials, and eventually had a child with her. Dragonkin are considered abominations by other standard races due to this but the Dragonkin could care less. During the early years Dragonkin also found the 'Bones of the Great One', aka the large bones of 'Akrah the Dragon God' and split them up between early tribes, so that each could pray to their lord Akrah and to 'The Creator'. Now Dragonkin live in large cities and don't think lesser of other races, but if threatened they would fight to their last breath to defend their loved ones.

    • Name: the Floating Isles of Isla

      Landscape: The Landscape of Isla consists of large platforms of rock and soil floating in the air, alongside a rocky ground below said floating isles. Small towns and cities reside on these Isles as well.

      Special features: Floating masses of land and a special, rare type of obsidian that can molded into weapons and is weightless.

      Special Creatures:

      Blora (open)

      Appearance: [​IMG]
      Despite the picture, Blora are not that big, and are generally the size of a regular school bus.

      Name: Blora/Bloras

      Domesticated: Yes

      Strengths/Skills: Can Fly, Long Tails, Easy to tame, Fast Speeds.

      Weaknesses: Short lifespand and it's scales are easily pierceable meaning that anything sharp can kill it.

      Description: Blora are generally used as transportation to get from floating isle to floating isle or to just get down to the ground. Blora use their long tails as their weapons and use them akin to whips, while those which are tamed are rarely turned into military units, if one is turned into a military unit it can kill up to 10-30 units in one swipe depending on it's riders skill and it's tail length.

    • Name: The Dragons Alliance

      Coat of Arms: [​IMG]

      Population: Only Dragon Kin.

      Capital City Name: The Capital of Margin (Mar-Gen)

      Capital City Location: In the center of the red landmass on the large floating isle high up in the sky.

      Capital City Description: Margin is a large sprawling city located atop the largest floating isle found and despite it's massive size it doesn't encompass the entire floating isle. [​IMG]

      Minor Cities:

      -Norga~A small dock city located not on a floating isle and at the edge of one of the outcroppings near the orangish yellow landmass

      There are also smaller towns and villages/tribes dotting the country that have not been named, but support their nation anyway.

      Military Units:

      -Swordsman~Normal regular Dragonkin swordsman, their strength and Dragons Rage make them formidable opponents.[​IMG]

      -Archers~ Normal archers with bows and arrows, but are hard to come by, as Dragonkin like to get up close and personal.[​IMG]

      -Berserkers~Dragonkin's main units, these units utilize Dragons Rage to the highest degree and use whatever weapon is most suited to them, leading them to be a deadly force to be reckoned with.[​IMG]

      -Mages~One of the Dragonkin's rarest units that hardly come onto the battlefield other than support, as each mage only knows fire and healing magick. [​IMG]
      Just take away the sword.

      -Borla Riders~Riders and tamers of the Borla, though a small unit, are also one of their strongest, though not as strong as the berserkers.

      History: The Dragons Alliance was created when multiple tribes banded together to increase their chances of survival. Eventually other tribes started to do the same, then the tribes started allying with each other until eventually every tribe and village were together, thus creating The Dragons Alliance.

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  6. Thats a wonderful CS,can't wait to see who The Wisp Keeper is ^^
  7. Thanks XD

    I had to take a break and eat, etc...I'm going back to working on it now. I'll be finished in an hour or so. *hopes*
  8. Heh, well can't wait to see it ^^
  9. Question.... What bout that light green area XD
  10. That's the Olive landmasses, I just couldn't find the appropriate color on Iwaku
  11. Oh okay then, I call dibs then XD I don't have my laptop for doing a nation cs and a phone is just plain annoying to use
  12. Yes I understand, can't wait to see what you come up with ^^
  13. For future reference, if you created it in PS, you can use the eyedropper tool to grab the color code, bring it to Iwaku, and paste it in the custom colors. Which color code are the tan areas supposed to be? I'm just taking that tiny island, but still gotta know...I have my char pictures (with more to come as I level the char up in Tera), so I can finally get his char sheet up and filled out. XD
  14. Actually, if you take the tan area then you take both the island and the large landmass.

    Also, I'm on my phone currently so I'll check it out when im on the computer^^
  15. Hey is it okay if I out some changes in the land like... Major changes XD

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  16. Depends on what those changes are ^^
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  18. Yea, that's plausible ^^
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