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  1. The History of Myth

    Eighty years ago, the world's governments officially recognized the existence of 'non-human' creatures. They were officially titled "Myths". At first, there was a gold rush of myth hunting. Several powerful species were killed off, others listed as endangered. But, after about ten years, myths began gaining the basic rights. They were segregated from humans, put into encampments. After about fifteen years of this, the myths, lead by the Dragon race, boycotted their segregation, eventually earning their freedom. It was a long road to travel, as some groups of hunters still practiced their ways. Dragons were dwindled down to small numbers, scattering across the world to assure the survival of their race. After the governments of the world realized that Dragons' numbers were scattered, they ordered an immediate abolishment of all myth-hunting clans. To this day, some clans still exist, hiding among the world and performing their kills in secret.

    To help protect the children of Myths, the U.S. government ordered that all schools follow a policy, protecting the identity of all students from anybody outside their staff. Because of this, it's hard to tell exactly how many Dragons still exist in the states. The year is now 2095, and myths are now completely integrated in society. It is no longer strange to walk around with tails, wings, claws, or other secondary body parts revealed. Though some buildings and areas have their own private policies about keeping such things hidden.

    Okay, so here's the deal. I'm going to put up my male dragon characters, and some female dragon characters that are up for adoption. I will also be adding an example or two of the governments way of combatting myths that commit criminal acts. Your job is to either ask to adopt one of the female characters, suggesting which of my male characters you'd like to pair them with. Or you can tell me what male dragons you'd like me to use, and you can make your own character to fit this world. Making your own character may or may not be more efficient, since you can outstep the boundaries of using a dragon character. I will also be putting the above 'backstory' into my blog, and will keep updating it the more I think new details. If I only use a single image for a CS, it means that both the human form and dragon form are present in the same image.

    P.S. Thanks to these two lovely ladies for the two dragon-based RPs that have brought this world to life.
    @LunaValentine "Twin Dragons"
    @Second Best "Dragon, Unleashed!"

    Male Dragon Characters
    Link to other characters :
    Omega Black (open)


    Name: Ω Black (Otherwise unknown)
    Eyes: Purple, glowing through helmet
    Hair: Blonde
    Age: About 30
    Race: Shooting Star Dragon
    Omega Black, the lone dragon. He fights hunters and hunter enthusiasts. His actual face is rarely seen, as he either fights inside his armor, or in his dragon form, both are equally destructive. Nobody knows where, but it is apparent that he undertook some serious training. He wears heavy armor, and wields a heavy blade, yet he is able to move incredibly fast. He rarely speaks, unless it is to either another dragon, or an allie. Though he never permanently teams up, he does have some allies that he has formed bonds with over a few occasions. Nobody knows the true identity of Omega Black.

    Name: Edward Black.
    Eyes: Golden
    Hair: Blonde
    Age: 23
    Race: Shooting Star Dragon
    Son of the original Omega Black. Edward took on his father's legacy after his death. Because his dragon form is exactly the same as his father's was, it wasn't noticeable when he donned the Omega Black armor. He carries on his father's mission, taking out the world's largest Dragon-Hunting conglomerates one-by-one. Edward was raised by his mother, who is also deceased. However, he knew his father well. His father would always visit him during the times he was able. In fact, it was on one of those visits, that Edward's father, Charles Black, died. He had suffered a deadly wound in battle, coming home only long enough to give his son his final words. Edward started his journey as Omega Black a week later, taking out a large law firm that was currently making its sole mission to land as many myths in prison as possible. At first, Edward was reluctant to kill for his cause. But over the last two years, he changed. He now knew what he had to do for his kind to flourish. He didn't just need to stop the hunters, he needed to destroy them.

    Dominic Blaire (open)

    renderedhighwizardroda5.png Titan_dragon.jpg
    Name: Dominic Blaire
    eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde
    Age: 22
    Race: Titan Dragon
    Despite the brute strength of his species, Dominic is a scholar, not a fighter. He is a Dragon Scholar, studying the Dragon race, hoping to recover the lost knowledge of his kind. He is currently attending Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. He is working towards a Myth Philosophy major, as well as taking some courses in Law, pertaining mostly around Dragons. He is a smart young man, but is naive around girls. He doesn't know the first thing about talking to women, and prefers to read romance novels to make up for his lack of knowledge.

    Kyle Lewis (open)

    Bs14.jpg 1345228424420.jpg
    Name: Kyle Lewis
    Eyes: Orange
    Hair: Red
    Age: 17
    Race: Vanguard Dragon
    Kyle is a dropout high school student. He also happens to be a Vanguard Dragon. Vanguard Dragons are Dragons whose Dragon state was completely manifested in the form of armor. In his 'outburst' stage, Kyle appears to be human, as well as wearing a large, golden piece of armor. This single piece of armor increases his speed, agility, and endurance. In his 'defender' stage, his armor manifests completely. He has altered his 'defender' stage so that whenever he activated it, he'd also gain a chainsaw-sword, using the same color scheme as his armor. because of this, Kyle calls his 'defender' state "Wicked Chainsaw". He is dimwitted and will act before thinking. But he is a kind hearted person, putting others, even humans, before himself.

    Craven Woods (open)

    3db326695f5b67a58135fb44485d42741320357757_full.jpg Boosted_Gear_Scale_Mail.png
    Name: Craven Woods
    Eyes: Orange
    Hair: Red
    Age: 24
    Race: Vanguard Dragon
    Like most Vanguards, Craven has red hair and orange eyes. Craven, due to a nearly fatal wound, no longer has a proper outburst stage. he now channels the 'outburst' energy through his tattoo, making his right arm superbly strong, as well as causing his movements to speed up. His 'defender' stage is known as Crimson Fist, as he channels a great deal of his power through his fists. Ever since the incident that caused him to lose his outburst stage, Craven tends to keep his dragon form, and even the fact that he's a dragon altogether, a secret. Though, like most vanguards, Craven can't help but protect somebody who's in danger.

    Female Dragon Characters (up for adoption)

    Zion No'Iz (open)

    Name: Zion No'iz
    Eyes: Heterochromia (Left is Blue, Right is Red)
    Hair: Black, with various highlights
    Age: 18
    Race: Chromian Berserker Dragon
    Zion is a rare breed. She is half Chromian Dragon, which allows one dragon to hold two dragon forms (one for each of his/her elements), and a Berserker Dragon, who have diamond hard scales covering the hand, creating clawed gauntlets on both arms. Her father was a Fire and Ice Chromian Dragon, and her mother was a Black-scaled Berserker Dragon. Abandoned as a child for her own safety, Zion grew up alone. Her clawed gauntlets, which she couldn't remove, were no sign that she was a Dragon, so she was safe from hunters. She got a job at a cafe when she turned 15, working to pay herself through high school, hoping to then save up for college. Because of her gauntlets, Zion can be clumsy with small objects. Despite the hardness of her sharp claws, and the punk-like way she dresses, Zion is a kind-hearted person.

    Hmm... It looks like I've ran out of images that I can upload for this one thread. Perhaps I'll add more adoptable characters in the comments, or even my blog.

    If you wish to see examples of the governments way of dealing with powerful myths who commit criminal acts, stroll on over to my blog post "MythBusters"
    Note: Corny jokes/references are made in subtle places in some of my CSs.

    I will be adding links below that lead to my blog posts that show more characters, as well as the mythbusters blog.

    Female Dragons:
    Error |
    Error |
    World Building Thread (Help me make this world more interesting):
    Different Species of Dragons (More to be added):
    Error |
    Group for this world:
    Error |
    CS Skeleton (open)

    At least a paragraph for a bio.
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  2. Image:
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    Name:Cassandra Roth
    Eyes: Purple
    Hair: Black
    Age: 17
    Race:Dark Dragon
    Bio: Cassandra was born a Dark Dragon. She didn't like the hunters who killed in secret she knew they existed only because that was how her mother died. Her father raised her but at times they wouldn't get along with her easily growing a temper. It takes her a while to cool off. She likes to often test her limits on what she can do and can be very curious at times which her father says will get her into trouble. She doesn't like to talk about her mother for that's a sensitive subject and if a hunter is mentioned she is easily upset and angered by it. She wants to make every last hunter clan pay.

    Kyle Lewis I guess I'd like you to play as if you wouldn't mind.
    And if I need to fix something please let me know.​
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  14. I have read the characters that you have provided for the females and am actually really interested in playing Zion. However, would there be any chance that this is a RP without romance? Sorry to ask that ;___; If not, tHen I am really sorry about taking your time :c
    I would like to do one surround a sibling sort or scenario, or even friends. It's just that I am in a relationship, and rather am suckish at romance based ones. Aaagh o.o
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