The world of mystics

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  1. 300 years ago during the witch trials an event that changed te world happened. 250 years after the witch trials an event was confirmed. Mystics are real. Nekos, kitsunes, demons, fallen and full angels, mouse people, shadow walkers, and many more are all real. They started blending with humans in school, life and work. Come choose what you want and see how it plays out.
  2. Rules.

    Sexual content make a house thread or other thread besides the main one.

    Houses and different places can be made

    No bashing or bullying

    Any body modifications allowed in rp

    You can be anything

    No powerhousing.

    Must have at least a few fears and or weaknesses
  3. Character sheet


    Body modifications
    Eye color
    Hair color
    Favorite things
  4. Sounds like this could be really interesting, my only issue is that I don't know what I'm getting in to, what genre is it, where is the story going? If you read the intros to any other rp even in the jump in section they will be at least four or five lines long, giving any potential players a brief glance at what may be ahead should they join.

    On another note rather than making numerous posts simply edit your first one and add what you need there.

    I don't mean to sound like a nit picking dick, just lending a hand and looking for a good roleplay.
  5. In this world you have to learn how to live with the humans. There will be a school for the characters that are young enough. There will be a high council to make sure nobody gets in that much trouble. If the rp gets enough people then families or clans can be started. There will be basic threads then you can make your own for your needs of the rp. If you need a thread with 18+ make it I don't need people getting in trouble

    Back to story

    In this rp you can fall in love, start fights, use magic. The choices are infinity. If you make a wrong choice will it play out in your favor... Or will you crumble down to the council. This world is starting to accept the mystics, but at the same time is slightly in ruin from the wild ones war. The war was against humans and mystics. It ended a good 30 years ago but some people can't let go.

    The humans that want the mystics gone go for the fertiles. They are way weaker then the doms ( I needed a word.) the doms are stronger and quick to the gun. Whole the fertiles are usually weaker they are faster and usually not quick to the gun. If you don't know by now if relationships start then a fertile goes with a Dom and likewise. The doms are usually guys unless there is a lesbian in the mix but the fertiles can be both genders. Enough of that back to the story

    Will you survive in this world or will the stress of it all make you want to go insane....
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