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  1. Picture signings, interviews, rehearsals, and concerts that was all the life Logan had ever had come to know since the age of fourteen when he made his major debut into the idol industry. There was weeks or even months at a time he never had a break from all this. His manager and boss was surprised how he managed to keep up with it all without cracking under the pressure from the stress of the industry. Being in the line of work he was in for the past three years he always claimed the key to him not losing it from stress was because he often found his work to be fun. Being someone others looked up too or wanted to be like was the biggest dream he had ever had since he was a child and now that he was living out this dream of his he had back then.

    It was a Sunday afternoon as Logan sat in the back of the car while his manager over went the details of the percentages he was getting from his current record deal. But Logan was spacing out not even paying attention therefore his manager tapped his shoulder saying, "Logan are you listening to me I figured you want to know how much your next pay will be." "Oh sorry about that Glen you know I really don't care about that stuff. Just give one half to the local charity and deposit the rest into my bank account. Hey driver can you stop here please there's something I want to check out." Logan said holding up his hand.

    "You need to be careful going out in public here at least put these on so you don't stand out so much." Glen said handing him some glasses. "Thanks I'll be a bit so if you want to just come back in an hour or longer that'd be great." Logan said getting out. "Very well I'll do as you said but you need to start listening more." Glen said. "I can try but no promises see ya." Logan said with a grin getting out in front of the mall. His ride then pulled away and thanks to the glasses he did not stand out as much as he would normally. He wandered through the mall for a bit before finding himself in a CD retail shop. Getting a wild idea he decided to see how his current release had turned out and he wandered inside and looked among the song catalog before finding his current release putting the head phones on he listened and was amazed at how well it had come out.
  2. Rayna Jones (open)

    She loved learning. Every day, certain scientific facts which were thought to be true were proven false. It was fascinating to learn about history, and entertain the different thoughts, theories, and ideas of different places. However, the social aspect of one-on-one lessons were dull. And it was quite impossible to escape into a fantasy land of imagination. As soon as she tried, she was pulled back to her lessons and the endless drawl of her teacher. Unfortantely,her lessons were followed by "quality family time", which were often times she had to regurtigate what she had just learned. Not only that but her parents would take some time to instill the business mindset into her. As an only child, it was her duty to work in the family company and taken over.

    There were no dreams of something more - or exploring a world that had not been carved by her birthright. Which is why she found that music was a refuge. No matter what her heritage was, she had music to comfort her. It provided her with the ability to explore distant worlds. It could spark happiness with its upbeat typo, or it could express the anger she felt. Music was spectacular.

    Which was why, after one long particularly draining day, she had managed to break away from the typical daily routine. Instead of hitting up the high end shops, or being a social light, Rayna had wandered into the CD store. While her family was rich and her father's name held prestige, she herself was relatively unknown. Her fingers skimmed over the various artist names as she considered whether or not the CD was worth sampling. The ring of the bell over the door, caused her to move just enough to notice one of the CDs set out on display which displayed the title "New Releases". Setting down the CD she was considering she wandered over to the selection. Picking up the cover, she examined the art work before looking at the back display. "Interesting. I didn't know this was out," the words slipped from her mouth - a thought she had meant to keep to herself.
  3. Logan on the other hand was finding a little inspiration for a new song and was listening to various titles while writing down some quick lyrics. Being part of the job didn't always require him to sing the songs other composers wrote from him and time he'd release his own written works. Humming silently to himself he turned only to not see her there, and bumped right into her accidentally not only stumbling slightly losing his glasses, but his note pad with his half written lyrics and he caught the CD case before it broke right between his index and middle finger. "Ha nice save sorry about that I believe you were looking at this miss." He said with a smile holding it back out to her not realizing it was one of his released albums.
  4. "No problem," Rayna answered as she accepted the CD. "I was. A bit intetested to see if the music is the same as the last or even better. It's always difficult to tell nowadays."

    She let her gaze wander, wondering if she had ever met the man before. Deciding it was nothing she brushed it off. Glancing at his notebook, she smiled at him. "Doing some research?"
  5. Logan picked up his note pad and smiled saying, "You can say that and you're right it's really hard to tell. Most artists these days are tripping out their music far too much no one sings like they should or takes vocal coaching as they rely on computers to make up for what they lack in. It's sad really a lot of music doesn't move the heart like it should." He then picked up his busted glasses and said, "Getting out of the mall should be fun without these."
  6. She blinked once then twice, her gaze slowly shifting from the CD cover to the man who stood in front of her. Lifting her hand she covered her mouth, which gaped over slightly. “Sorry!” she blurted as finally the dots all connected together. In front of her was the artist that she had commented on just a second before. “You are Logan. Oh, obviously I’m an idiot. Then again, if more people in the mall are like me, they won’t recognize you, right?”

    Rayna tapped her chin as she began to think. “I’ve never had to deal with sneaking out of a place before so I’m not sure what we could do. If you give me a moment I could probably go buy you some sunglasses.” Glancing around the store, she took note of where people were. It wasn’t that busy but… “Then again you might end up being swarmed if you just stay here.”

    “I’m Rayna by the way, it seems rather unfair that I now know your name, but you don’t know mine.”
  7. Though a startled cry was heard from a girl who spotted him and Logan laughed nervously saying, "Crap I been spotted... Rayna you'll have to forgive me for involving you but come on quickly!" Grabbing her hand Logan was fast to sprint out as a bunch of squeals were heard as another girl cried, "It is him wait don't run!" But Logan was already sprinting as fast as he could while holding onto Rayna's hand. They had barely made it to the ground level when they were finally caught on none other then the damn local news cameras. Logan was pulling out his cell phone while running as he dialed with one finger before placing it to his ear he said, "Glen you're outside right! Pull around to the front and make it fast!" He then glanced back at Rayna and said, "Try and keep up don't want to tug your arm off I'll drop you off at home to avoid you being cornered. I swear I never get any privacy it's kinda annoying but at the same time the excitement is thrilling." The two made it outside and spotting Glen waving him down Logan was relieved they made it out unscathed though now he felt bad that he got her involved. Making it to the car Logan said, "Let her in with me I'll explain later." He helped Rayna in the car before climbing in fast himself. Glen got in and the door shut and Logan was trying to catch his breath as he looked at Rayna and said, "I am so sorry I got you involved with me you're gonna have to lay low for a while till I fix the rumors that will surely be started about you."
  8. Rayna had not expected for him to grad her hand. In fact, the most logical thing probably would have been to take off alone. Of course, maybe he had tried to think ahead. There was a small chance the girls would have swarmed her to ask she knew of him. Then again, there is a high chance that he hadn't really thought at all.

    Once in the car, she let out a long sigh while looking out the window at the all the flashing lights. She twisted a strand of hair around her finger as she considered what she needed to do. "It's a bit unfortunate that the media doesn't give you a bit more privacy."

    Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her phone. Searching through her contacts, until she found her father's number. Typing out a quick text that she may have been caught up with the media. Looking up, she smiled as he offered to stop fix things.

    "Rumors are rumors - even if you try to fix them, they still try to stick around. But I'll try to lay low as much as possible. Hopefully being caught with me won't cause you too many problems."
  9. Logan laughed and said, "It's fine really I know it's not your fault after all I was the one who bumped into you. You know you're the first person or even girl in general to not go fan crazy over me. I like that fact about you already I mean I've come across a lot of people and they act so freaked out excited it kind of makes me nervous." Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a card and held it out to her saying, "Here I normally don't give these out just to anyone. After we take you home tonight if you wanna hang out or do something normal later on once things calm down that would be great. I rarely get to feel normal now what's your address so we can take you there."
  10. "I'm sorry that I'm the first person you've met who hasn't gone crazy. That must be rather lonely to not have someone who treats you as a regular person. Does it ever make you regret your decision to be a public figure?" Rayna wondered, however if he chose not to answer her question, she wouldn't mind. She accepted the card that he held out, looking over the information. "I'll make sure that no one else gets this." Sliding the card into her pocket, she thought about the future. For once, she'd have a reasonable escape from her daily life. She then gave her address - wondering if he knew what sort of neighborhood he was about to be driving in to. "But you don't have to take me all the way there. With the media gone, it may be best to just drop me off and make your escape."
  11. "In a way I do because I never have a private life but then again I don't. The majority of my earnings I actually donate to charities for those in need it. If I just upped and quit who would those people have to look up to you know. And it's okay we can take you directly to your front door it's no big deal to do that much." Logan said smiling.
  12. Rayna watched him as he spoke. Finding herself returning the smile he had. Who would sacrifice their privacy for charity? It seemed a bit strange yet heart felt.

    "I remember someone covering that about you. It's very noble."
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