The world of Kuro

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  1. The world of Kuro, seperated into 4 kingdoms because of the 4 who believe that they should rule. Kuro use to be ruled by Kain, the Great King. However he died of old age. Zianthin, Zigmar, Arch and Rosealinda believe that they should rule. However, they don't realize that they are waging a war that hurts the people the most. In the small city of Naku, a group of people will rise to defend their home. The question is how far can they go and which path will take?

    Name- Vivi Rose
    Age- 19
    Gender- Male

    Race- Erochian
    Job- Cook
    Talent in fighting- Magic user, mostly darkness and light, added in with wind.
    Weapon or weapons- 3 ring blades, each a different element.
    Feelings toward the war- Scared
    Reason for fighting- He doesn't want to see another victim of war.
    Pandora power- Extreme magic.

    Any characters made must start out fighting for the town. After that, we decide as a group of what action to take next. Races can be anything, Erochians, are insect like humannoids. They wear a shell over their fragile skin. They have 4 mouth pieces and have 6 eyes. They do not have pincers. But atnennas are on both sides of their head. Pandora is for later on in the story, but it does something to you to make you much more stronger than any normal person. There is no limit to characters. Just no god like things, to where it takes the fun out of having a fantasy world thats made for muliple people.
  2. Name: Duran Nataru


    Gender: Male

    Race: Human/were-tiger

    Job: Assassin

    Talent in fighting: Meele fighting with magic abilites of manpuliating shadows in varouis ways plus basic elemental magice

    Weapons: One and a half hand sword black blade and hilt with red symbols on the blade as wells as a large shappire in the hilt. a five inch dagger simlar to sword execpt has a ruby in the hilt.
    Throwing knifes and use of poisons

    Feelings toward war: indiffent

    Reason for fighting: Mercenary

    Pandora Power: Beasker Rage
  3. Dude. You need at least to describe the kingdoms. Not only that they exist, but what's it like, the important figures of the war. And what the other Core beliefs. Why should they rule over. You need more description than some 5 minute planning.
  4. Sorry then. I do have the lands and people all in, I just wanted to start a story of a world I have made. It is my first world I made, and I guess I just got too excited to really include details.
  5. Lol. Think of it like this. I can't imagine your world, because you never said a word of what it is like. The only Description I see is a invented race called Erochans, which seems like giant insects. I don't know why there are 4 kingdoms. And how are they hurting people, if they're already segregated into 4 parts, each ruled by a respective kingdom? Why would anyone start at Naku, to be a meat shield for the city?, when people can start a city away? What is the Magic System? Is it only magic that people can use aside physical? Does People play Street fighter and Use Ki, too? Are there people with powers completely unlrelated to Magic? Explain Pandora more. Is it just an excuse as an "Ultimate form?", And Describe what would "Extreme Magic" be. Since as vague as it is. "Gods" does extreme magic too.

    Also, Why would 9000 Races would be permitted, when in a small country, there might not be more than 4-8 different races?
  6. I really do thank you for this. I guess I really do need rethink this more. I will rethink on everything on this. Thanks.