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  1. Welcome to the world of Crimson Soul.

    Crimson Soul is a story from the Iwaku Mythos, and takes place in a genre-blending urban fantasy realm where Iwaku City and its denizens are under attack from extradimensional beings known as the Crimson Cadre. It is also the story of the shift in power dynamics between male and female on the forum, and so it is heavily influenced by themes from classic magical girl stories.

    What is a "magical girl story"?

    Magical girl stories revolve around central female characters with great power that is given to them for some special purpose. These girls (or women) typically embody hope, justice, mercy, and other virtues, while still retaining the humanity, flaws, and non-magical aspects of their life that make them relatable. One major theme of a magical girl story is that being female- and being feminine- is not a weakness, but a strength.

    Some examples of magical girl stories include:
    • Joan of Arc is the archetypal magical girl, and just about any work based on her story can be described via this genre.
    • The classic witchy show Bewitched, or Charmed for a more modern example.
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    • Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar trilogy.
    • Sailor Moon, Magic Knights Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, and other classical shoujo anime. For contemporary examples, Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

    What is the Mythos?

    The Mythos is simple: It is the collaborative legends and stories that are woven from the past and present of Iwaku. It started as a mass, site-wide roleplay where members of the forum could play a character that encapsulated their own identity. Mythos characters and events are fictionalized, metaphorical renditions of the real people and changes on the website. A new administrator comes in to bring the forum back from the brink of dissolution, and so the Goddess descends on Iwaku; an archive filled with old roleplay threads becomes a vast universe full of dead worlds to be conquered; a disagreement between friends is hashed out in a tale of betrayal and war. The Mythos has been written into many genres, plot lines, and settings over the years, and continues to this day.

    Some consider these stories of the Mythos to be parallel universes; some consider them to be a single universe that perpetually retells the same story in new ways. One of the joys of the Mythos is this room for interpretation and experimentation.

    The other is that it is the heart and soul of several hundred people, built on over half a decade of shared experiences and shared storytelling.

    This particular Mythos story is a spiritual successor to Mythos stories that have come before it, but is intended to stand alone and to introduce a new generation of Iwaku members into the story. If you have never played in a Mythos game before, don't worry! Everything you need to know about the setting will be outlined for you. If you're a returning Mythos player, make sure to read everything anyway, because things might not work quite the way that you're used to.

    It has been a decade since the Witch Wars. Ten years have passed since the day that the First Soulmate, Sakura, took up the Sword of Iwaku and became the city's Hero by striking down the Dark Witch Wendu and bringing an end to the struggle for the throne. Iwaku has flourished...
    Until now.
    We should have seen it coming. It was at the end of the War that Queen Diana of Luna Ashe and her people, the Moonwings, descended from the heavens in search of refuge. Their satellite kingdom had been ravaged by an insidious force, one which drove them to flee in their last ship to Iwaku. It was an infection of sorts, a creeping red energy that spread unchecked and invoked a madness in those it touched... all under the direction of an otherworldly army, a Crimson Cadre. And at the head of it all, their Mad King.
    And now, the legions of Insanity have come to us.
    And so, the Cycle calls us.
    Young women gifted with the power of goddesses by the Cycle. Women with phenomenal power, capable of harnessing the very essence of their souls to perform extraordinary feats. And with them, their protectors, the Knights of Iwaku. Each Soulmate has her Knight, and each Knight their Soulmate, inextricably linked. They alone are immune to the infection of Insanity... as long as their emotions are kept in check. As long as their hearts and minds remain strong.
    The First Soulmate is missing, and with her, the Sword. No one knows what happened to Sakura after the War, after Rory was crowned King at Gabriel's deathbed. King Rory has retreated within the confines of his castle, unseen since the War; some whisper that he has succumbed to Insanity himself. Administrative power over the city has been granted to the defunct Queen Diana, who struggles to care for the people of her second home as it faces the foe that destroyed her first. The Staff of Iwaku- the mystical artifact purported to grant its bearer authority over any creature- has been left in the care of the Knights. Now, in the face of the Insane Invasion, as a new wave of Soulmates and Knights are called, the Captain of the Knights grants the Staff to a promising new Soulmate named Iliana.
    She and those who stand with her- her sisters and brothers by the Cycle's gift- are the last bastion of Iwaku. We are Soulmates and Knights. We protect and guard our home. And, too, we search for the lost Sword...
    As does a mysterious winged man...

    A Brief History of Iwaku in the World of Crimson Soul

    Fifteen years ago, King Gabriel fell ill.

    It was at this time that his Heir Apparent, Rory Silverstein, left in search of a cure. While he was gone, the king's condition worsened... and as time went by, certain members of the court began to wonder if the heir would even return.

    A witch by the name of Wendu took notice of these seeds of doubt, and carefully cultivated them. By whispering words into the ears of men of power, she turned them against one another, setting them all toward the goal of the throne with the promise of her aid.

    The result was a five-year-long war that nearly tore Iwaku apart.

    In the face of this crisis, the Cycle- the mystical force that dictates fate, moves time forward, and intertwines lives- chose a young girl to be the agent of Iwaku's salvation. Her name was Sakura, and she was given the power of the Staff of Iwaku.

    Rising up from among the people, she and several others who received the Cycle's Calling were key in exposing That One Witch's lies and breaking her hold over the court... until at last Rory returned, too late to save Gabriel but not too late to help destroy Wendu. In the climactic battle, Sakura summoned the legendary Sword of Iwaku and dealt the final blow. The Dark Witch was cast out, never to return.

    Sakura was heralded as the Hero of Iwaku.

    Granting the crown and the Staff of Iwaku to Rory's care, she retreated from the public eye. The veteran Soulmates and Knights of the war were divided; some returned to their lives, but most chose to continue to guard their home, establishing the Knights' Hall as their base of operation.

    It was at this time that the satellite kingdom of Luna Ashe was destroyed, and the Moonwings fled to Iwaku, crashing their last remaining ship outside the city walls. The refugees spoke of invasion and an army of extradimensional horrors known as the Crimson Cadre- and of a mystical plague that infected their people, turning friends to foes and order to chaos.

    King Rory gave them shelter within the city, and soon appointed their queen as his most trusted adviser. The public soon came to know and love Diana for her involvement in the ruling of Iwaku, and as she rose to the forefront, the king showed his face less and less, apparently content to rule behind the scenes. It was a happy time, and peace seemed to have come to Iwaku at last.

    One year ago, the Insane Invasion reached Iwaku.

    The infection started slowly at first, but soon spread like wildfire. The city's gates were swiftly barred, and then the Crimson Cadre themselves began to appear. It was only when the full extent of the threat was realized that the Knights also learned that Sakura was nowhere to be found... nor was the Sword of Iwaku.

    Now, once again, new Soulmates and Knights are Called as Iwaku City is under siege.
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  2. The Characters of Crimson Soul

    Iwaku is a world filled with creatures of many shapes and sizes, though most take a humanoid form. Most fantasy races can be assumed safe to play; if you have any doubts, ask a GM.

    There are a few races particular to Iwaku:

    Although not a true single species, the various denizens of Iwaku with the power to change their form (werewolves, skinwalkers, and other such kinds) are united by this common bond despite their differences of aspect. It is rare for a Shifter to be called by the Cycle; one of the few is Julia Rudes, the Soulmate of Shifters herself.

    An alien race from the satellite kingdom of Luna Ashe, these refugees have mostly blended in with Iwaku society. They tend towards very fey appearances, with unusual coloring or inhuman traits.

    Any of the above backgrounds are acceptable for characters.

    In Crimson Soul, player characters are divided into five categories:

    A key aspect of this Mythos, these women are called by the Cycle to protect Iwaku. More information can be found on Soulmates here.

    Counterpart to the Soulmates, Knights are defenders of the city and of their Soulmates. See here for further info on the Knights.

    The villains of this universe, the Cadre are powerful beings with the ability to bend reality and infect the populace with Insanity. For information on playing a member of the Cadre, go here.

    Those who succumb to the plague of Insanity are known as the Infected. If your character is infected during the course of play (or if you would like to start as one of the Infected), please read this thread for info.

    Any inhabitant of Iwaku City who is not a Soulmate or Knight (at least, not yet) is a viable character option. You can read about playing alternative characters here.

    The Four Powers

    There are four brands of "magic" to be found in the universe of Crimson Soul.

    Soul Arts are the powers used by Soulmates and Knights. These are gifts bestowed by the Cycle, and are the most powerful type of magic in Iwaku. This term also encompasses the inherited powers of the Shifters, but all such gifts born of magical blood are fairly limited in scope.
    Magical girls (from classic anime) best exemplify the use of Soul Arts.

    Dream Weaving is a method of tapping into the Cycle to create magic via ritual or incantation. Although this can be learned by anyone, it is quite difficult, must be done according to rote, and often requires tools to properly channel energy.
    The classic D&D-style wizard is a good example of a Dream Weaver.

    Reality Bending is the power of Insanity, used by the Crimson Cadre (and by some of the Infected). It is little understood, has few rules, and rivals Soul Arts in strength.
    This power is exactly what it sounds like; Reality Benders can alter the world around them and do the impossible with no apparent rhyme or reason.

    Confluence is the glue that holds the universe together. It exists within everyone as an innate potential and sense of identity, and an understanding of How the World Works.
    Any non-magical skill can be attributed to Confluence.

    Characters of Note and NPCs

    Soulmate of Fire

    A promising young Soulmate, only recently called by the Cycle. She has been granted the power of the Staff of Iwaku in order to combat the Crimson Cadre.

    Knight of Blood




    King of Iwaku

    The King of Iwaku City, Rory is an elusive man and hasn't been seen much since the War. It's rumored that he's Infected and has been shut up inside the castle.

    The First Soulmate

    The Hero of Iwaku who defeated That One Witch. She's gone missing... and with her, the Sword of Iwaku. The Knights are investigating her disappearance.

    Queen of Moonwings

    Once Queen of Luna Ashe, now Diana rules Iwaku in Rory's place. Her people, the Moonwings, fell victim to Insanity years ago and the few survivors escaped to Iwaku.



    Soulmate of Shifters

    A rarity among Shifter kind, Julez was the first to become a Soulmate.



    More to be revealed as the story progresses...

    Note: These characters may be available to be played by their namesakes. If you are mentioned here and would like to play in Crimson Soul, please contact Ozzie Chanter.
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  3. Welcome to the forum for the Crimson Soul Mythos roleplay!

    There are just a few rules and guidelines that you should know before posting.

    1.) All the rules of the main board still apply. (This should be obvious, but in case it isn't, now you can rest assured.)

    2.) The GM and assistant GMs of Crimson Soul are the law here. If you have a problem or question concerning this board, contact a GM before going to the Staff. (Lucky for you, all of us ARE ALSO Staff!)

    You might also notice a bunch of fancy thread prefixes! Let me explain those.

    CRIMSON SOUL - This thread is either a main storyline of the roleplay or an important notice about the game. Read it!

    WORLD INFO - This thread contains important information about the setting and plot. Read this too!

    CHARACTERS - Character threads contain character sheets! For information about the character sheet process, please view the Character Submission Thread.

    OOC CHAT - If you see this thread, that means it is for Out of Character conversations and plot discussions. Please keep all OOC messages to threads with this prefix.

    SIDE PLOT - This prefix indicates a storyline that is unassociated with the main plot of Crimson Soul. You are free to create your own side plots! These games will not, however, be considered part of canon. If you would like your story to be an official tie-in to the Crimson Soul Mythos, contact Ozzie Chanter.

    EVENT - Keep an eye out for this! There may be special short one-chapter stories to participate in, and these threads will be under the Event prefix.

    If you have any questions about the roleplay or the forums, you can go here to ask a GM. Have fun playing!
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