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Alright so I had this idea long time ago but I think I will promote it today (I have already made the dice system one and decided to also make the non-dice one)



So basically this game is based off the .hack//G.U. online game and I have decided to relieve it WITH you all. This is gonna be a casual MMORPG like in real life, where you will fight monster with a party consist of 3 persons only.


1. Firstly, this RP works like any MMORPG. You can level your way up by defeating monsters in an area and you will gain EXP. I will create the EXP system later when the RP starts. And in each of the area, your party will receive the same amount of the same prizes for each member in a party. Every dungeons have their own prize that only spawn there

2. The BATTLE SYSTEM an attack and attack modifier system. The formula for calculating an Attack is

Player Attack+ Attack Modifier= Attack Power

For the Defense you will need to use this formula

Player Defense + Defense Modifier = Defense Power

The damage output is

(Attack Power - Defense Power) × 4 = damage output. If the damage output is 0, the attack won't hit. If the Attack Power and Defense Power are the same, then the attack also missed

The attack pattern will change after each succesful/miss attack. The defendant could attack the attacker and vice versa until one of their HP depleted. For the Monsters, I willprovide you with their own HP and attack power and defense Power . So all you need to do is calculate your own Attack and Defense Power to defeat the monster

3. TITLE SYSTEM. Originally there will only be 3 titles for every player. Further Titles wouldbe added as an Event or Prizes

Are they who played the game normally like usual MMORPG

Are they who played the game by killing other player. Player who kills another player will be branded as PKers and would become WANTED PLAYER. Usually, player became PKer just to steal another player equipment and items. If someone is able to kill a PKer, he will receives prizes based on the PKer reputation.

Are they who played as a player who HUNT Player Killer (PKer). Usually, player got this Title by killing one PKers. They can gain reputation by hunting down any PKer. Also, if a PKer able to kill a PKKer, they will also receive prizes based on the PKKer reputation​

4. Leveling system. The leveling system arebased on EXP gathering. If you gatherenough EXP and passed the EXP LIMIT in a level, you will be level-up. Levelling up is useful for buying more stronger Weapon mad Armor, leading to even stronger ATTACK MODIFIER and DEFENSE MODIFIER. Leveling Up will only increases Player Attack and Player Defense and also HP

5. There WILL be a a story in this MMORPG. This game has a hidden lore and hiddenrumors, only them who are chosen is able to advance the plot. Any normal player can help them, but any decision is based on thespecial player.

There's more rule and more feature butthat's for another time, when the RP have started I would explain more rules. So ifanybody interested enough or wanted to give some advice please let me know through the comment below
Not open for further replies.