The world lost in science

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  1. Slowly, the world started to believe less and less in god, and more and more in science. Slowly churches, and chapels started to be replaced by labs after labs. Slowly god became a thing in the past. As technology slowly took over the world, past civilizations that held a democracy and believed in any god they pleased became a place of the past.

    As science took over, it was always the point to try and one up the last big invention. One day, a scientist did the unexpected. No one knows how it happened, but he was able to open the doors to another realm. Where vampires, werewolves, demons, and the sorts all were very real, and very dangerous. Quickly they were able to over power the humans, who since the lost of gods, no longer waged war.

    Most of the humans were killed. But slowly the surviving ones were hurdled under ground. A well known scientist lead the pack, and he has been keep the people safe since. Now he is working on trying to reopen the portal to banish the evil beings that have taken over...

    So thisis something that I did many many years ago. Tis could be played many ways. Either as someone playing the scientist, someone trying to take them down, just a human. Either way it doesn't matter... Let me know what you think.
  2. This interests me, if you're still wanting to do this I could be of assistance. I don't really know who'd I want to play right now, but I'm fine with anything really. If you're up for it, get back to me.