The World Is Just Awesome

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  1. There's too much moping in this part of Iwaku.

    Let's spice it up with things that prove The World Is Just Awesome.

    Post something below that shows The World Is Just Awesome.

    I'll start:

    Money shot (and money music) at 1:37. Oh, tears when I saw that waterfall and cliff face.
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  2. I just had to :P even if the hype has died down
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  3. ... That'll do!
  4. Wow, the money shot moment in your vid is 2:55. NEVER saw that stunt done.

    Since there's some PK (Parkour) in that vid, I'll offer some of my own.

    Some pretty sick stuff in here.
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  5. Lion saves calf from ANOTHER LION!!!

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  6. YUS. I don't care what anyone says, this song is still the greatest thing ever.

    *drops the mic and walks off.*
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  8. [​IMG]

    one of the most iconic skylines ever

    lived there 4 years
  9. Again...
    I wanna visit this place.
  10. I can never enjoy that first video again - because I remember seeing somebody making a point that the world could really suck at times by overlaying it with video footages of atrocities going on around the world ;_;

  11. That's why we're here.

    To make it better.
  12. When they ask this little boy why he loves to dance, his answer made me just about melt all over the couch.

    Must watch

    Caution: hella feels

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  13. 30 years later, this kid grew up to be Chinese Superman.
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  14. Do I really need to post another picture of ferrets to prove how awesome the world is?


    Too late!

  15. because i want my house to be able to do something like this

    my house would be the most awesome house in the world

    it would end hunger and war by its very presence, if it could do this thing
  16. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn't exactly positive. It's a Dubai fountain - a fountain commissioned by a rich savage with blood money on the back of unwilling slaves that got lured into the country through promise of money before being trapped by having their passports confiscated. Rule of thumb: if it's from Dubai or the UAE, it's not a good positive example.