The world is full of PACMAN!

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  1. In a place away from a normal world, there were two rival towns. They really didn't like each other. In fact, it would be dangerous if opposing townfolk got near each other.

    In the first town, Pac, the people there had gloves that could harm the other town. Sure, the opposing town would be back to normal in a matter of a quarter hour, but it was still a bit painful.

    The other town of Ghost (Not to be confused with a ghost town), they had a certain glove that could harm the people of Pac. The same effects happen if they "bite" the others, but still a painful process...

    A freshman, Sally, was apart of Ghost Town. She liked her town, and hated when people thought that her neighborhood was a bad place. It was a sick judgement to her. It wasn't their fault that Pac Town didn't like them. Then again, she decided not to dwell on it too much...Besides, she had go to school.

    Oh yeah, the school is of course mixed with people from Pac and people from Ghost. She put on her special glove and walked out of her house, down to the path of the school
  2. "I'm so fresh, you can suck my nuts! I'm So Fresh, you can suck my nuts~"


    Ken McFly had slapped on his new glove, and headed off to school. His mind raced to the thoughts of the 'Ghost Town' girls, wondering if they were any better than the decency of Pac Town chicks…or at least the ones near his house, the only ones he'd seen so far...

    "I'm At The Pizza Hut~ I'm At The Taco Bell~ I'm At The Combination Pizza Hut 'N' Taco Bell~!"
  3. Braylon wondered what the Ghost pacs would be like. He had never actually seen, or talked to one for that matter. Hopefully they weren't as bad as they were made out to be. They probably thought the same about us. He was a freshman and not exactly excited at the thought of being with all the older pacs, and ghosts. He wasn't exactly the biggest kid either, only a mere 5'3". His mind kept going from topic to topic as he put on his pac glove and headed to school.
  4. Sal stretched as she started to approach the school. The colors were pink and white...She shrugged. She never really cared for school colors and school spirit wasn't her forte. But either way, school was school. And she was (forced to) go there. Sal walked in the school and stretched once more.
  5. "School... the bane of my existence" Daniel stood outside as he wasn't sure whether or not he'd just miss the first day and pass up making a first impression, like he always does, or go to school and just get picked on, for liking classic video games like ghost man instead of those popular galagaing games like Ghost of duty: Pac ops. (see what I did there?...)

    Tightening the grip on his gloves to stay on he decided to enter School. "might as well change it up for once, this is my first year here"he smile slightly and pushed open the doors like others walking inside. He saw people staring at him after a while. One said something about no soul or something like that a the group he was near laughed. "oh right.... I'm a ginger... and I thought freshman year was gonna be different"
  6. Braylon came to the school and examined it slowly. Brightly colored. I walked in, and immediately got strange looks, which I was use to by now. Small kid wearing bright colors, I stuck out like a sore thumb, but I didn't care. This should be an interesting year...
  7. Sal looked to the people that walked in. Oh? Two new students? she thought to herself. If they made eye-contact, she nodded to them with a polite smile and began to walk on. Seem pretty cool Sal thought again.
  8. Ken noticed the other people with gloves, and groaned. He didn't want people hogging his path when he beat the living hell out of ghost…AND fellow pac alike.

    Now, Ken was the type to 'not really give a flying shit' about certain things. Unless the other people particularly interested, or caused a 'spark' of emotion within him maybe love for the ladies, or bros-manship with the dudes...

    "I'm still punching people…" Spoke Ken randomly, as he stared up at the sky, and through your computer screen.
  9. As he walked he noticed a girl, someone who looked like they knew what they were doing, greet him. I smiled back, a potential friend? It wasn't until she was gone with the wind I realized she was a ghost! I had just seen my first ghost. She didn't seem very different? I had no idea where I was going, but I kept walking.
  10. Sally arrived at the locker area and got to her locker for the year. Locker number 966, a favorite number of hers because of a character from an anime show. (If someone recognizes that, a batch of cookies to you.)

    She opened her newly given locker and began to put her stuff away. She didn't get her things out as there was a welcoming assembly soon. Sally looked about, watching people at the locker areas. After a bit of staring, she just walked away, down to the auditorium.
  11. Braylon kept walking until he eventually ran into a teacher, who told him he should go to the auditorium. The teacher pointed in the general direction of the auditorium. I walked in the way he pointed, passing classrooms, doors, people, I followed the hall until I came upon two twin doors. They had windows and I saw what I assumed to the auditorium. I walked in and sat where there were few people. I didn't want to seem anti-social, but I didn't know anyone. I sat and waited for it to start.
  12. Daniel heard a teacher say something about the auditorioum. He figured he'd better go there since it is the first day. He clumsily dropped his manga's that he read on the way to school and quickly picked them up, hoping nobody saw and would auto class him as an Otaku. "idiot!" he said as he started to pick them up. "should've left these in the car!" he dropped a few things from his bookbag as well and sat down to pick them up " ..." he put most of the things back and ended up staring at his mangas and his unfinished pac-doujin. He sat there for abit before looking to see if he was late for it or not.