The World is Broken

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  1. It was always cold in Kthrag Du. People told tales of a time when the world was peaceful, warm, and filled with life. When sprawling plains and seemingly-endless forests covered the landscape, reaching up towards the high mountains that were bordered on three sides by land and on one by sea.
    War had split the land, leaving the world in seven groups that grew into a full seven races. The world lost its warmth and life, leaving most everything dead or dying.
    The Tyres race are solitary, living in what used to be forest. Most of it has died now but some remains. They live in camps and are often on the move. They have darker skin and hair, are tall, and have a strong, old, and unmoving tone to their voices. They have a strong connection to life and history, and some say they have a gift with old spirits, but that is passed off as legend.
    The Duru live under the mountains. Their city is Kthrag Du. They are of middle height and skin tone, and nearly everything about them is rough: their voices, appearance, and way of battle, though their crafting is exceptional. Some say they have a gift with stone.

    Yataren is a Duru. He has brown hair and is neither short nor tall. He is strong and clever but sometimes difficult to understand for he has a strong accent. He wants nothing more than to leave the mountain but his father says it isn't safe.

    (I only made two of the races, I will come up with a few more, but feel free to create your own. Please give a description of them if you do. Also give a short description of your character, but you can show their personality and such as things progress if you like.)
  2. Coolio.
    Name: Delilah
    Age: 13
    Appearance: jet black hair; hazel eyes;
    Clan/Group/Thingy: Duru
    Personality: Delilah is fast and clever, but she has a habit of thinking ahead too much. Also, she's constantly clearing her throat and coughing in an attempt to ditch the rough quality that sticks around all her people's voices.



    Delilah struggled to keep from clearing her throat as she hid around a corner in the mine shaft where her father was working today. He had forbidden her from coming with him to work, and she couldn't figure out why for a million of the most expensive jewels in Kthrag Du. Looked perfectly safe to her as she snatched up the pickaxe of a distracted worker, sagged under its weight, and then dragged it back to her hiding place. Here she crouched down, and, holding the the pick by the flat part opposite the pointy one, she jammed it quickly down against a small yellow gem embedded in the stone. She knew she could buy one quite easily in the shops -they weren't uncommon- but she wanted this one for the sake of knowing she had gotten it herself.
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  3. Yataren wandered aimlessly through the great halls of Kthrag Du, the underground tunnels lit by softly glowing yellow gemstones that appeared in great quantities running under the mountain. A few others were there as well, though most Duru were in the mining shafts or in their shops crafting and selling anything that could be made from stone, metal, or jewels. He had seen nearly every passageway time and time again, he knew each corner and carving, yet something about the place still seemed ancient and mysterious.
  4. He forced himself to look only at the ground as he passed the opening of the tunnel that he knew led to the metal gate, the only thing separating Kthrag Du from the world around it. The world he knew he would never see while his father lived. As he moved down the halls the faint sound of the Duru's constant mining grew slowly louder. Down in the tunnels were more ore and gems than anywhere else, or at least that's what they thought. It was likely true, but they wouldn't know, for very few Duru left the mountain. Those who left gathered food and came back quickly, saying there was nothing in that world but meat that any of them would want.

    Yataren knew there was one thing, something he couldn't have in this mountain. Out there he would be free.
  5. A strong hand gripped Delilah's arm, and another ripped the pickaxe from her grasp. "That's mine, little lady."

    Delilah looked up. She had stolen from her father? How had she not noticed his name carved onto the handle of the pick? Her eyes widened when he spoke again. "I asked you not to follow me to work, D," he said, trying to sound nice. "I only want the best for you, and the best for you is no where near here. I want you at home."

    "Lies. You don't want the best for me, you want the best for you. Anyways, why does me staying at home bring about the best for either of us?" Delilah asked.

    Her father's eyes were cold. "It's the best because I say it's the best. If you don't believe me, why don't we go there now so I can show you?"

    Delilah knew what her father meant. She still didn't know why he wanted her at home so badly, but she knew what would happen if she did go home with him. She didn't want that. Taking a deep breath and standing up, she surprised her father by saying, "No."

    Her father reached out to grab her other arm, but she had already broken free and sprinted down the mineshaft. She took as many turns as she could, trying to confuse her father, because she knew she couldn't outrun him. She could only outwit him. Delilah eventually found herself in the market, thinking that he wouldn't follow her into a place with so many people. She couldn't take the risk of looking back, though. He could probably weave through the crowd and make it look to any passers by that she was only a child throwing a tantrum about leaving the market without whatever she wanted. She kept running until she reached the Kthrag Du tunnels, where she could still hear her father's footsteps behind her. C'mon, old man, she thought. Don't you ever tire?

    She took several abrupt turns until she thought she had lost him.

    Then she ran into someone. At first she thought she had somehow circled around and ran right into her father, but then she realized it was someone she had seen around the market a few times. "Oh, goodness, I'm sorry," she said, clearing her throat several times afterward with only a little success. "I didn't see you there." She blushed.
  6. As he walked a sudden force collided with him and he stumbled back.

    "Oh, goodness, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." They said.

    "Its alright, no harm done." He looked back down the corridor, almost expecting to see some great beast dashing forwards from the way the girl had been running. "What are you running from?"
  7. "Erm..." She said, not knowing if she should tell on her father. "Just racing. I'm definitely winning," she lied fairly convincingly.