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  1. The world has never been more reliant upon technology and electricity than it is in the modern era. It gives us heat, allows mass communication and mass media, enables democracy, grows our food, transports us, and manufactures our goods. Long gone are the days of the armored knight, but the Dark Ages begin anew. A blinding flash was all anyone noticed, but after...darkness. Tvs are blank, radios silent, cars still, and guns harmless. History has changed, and survivors rise to begin writing a new chaper of human history, but once again, this history will be written by the edge of a sword.

    New York City is America's most powerful and valuable city. It is a center of commerce, intelllectual persuits, and culture. It is the city that never sleeps, the great innovator, but like all other cities, it will soon meet with an unsuspecting fate, one that no one saw coming, and one that many will not survive. There are many paths to take, and several lead to success, but choose carefully, as just as many will lead to death. Some paths are hard, some easy, but all lead to a new era of human history. This, my friends, is the end of our world. The Modern world has died, can a better one be established in its place?

    Character sheet:
    Occupation pre-change:
    Special skills: (don't go overboard)
  2. Name: Stephen Ridge
    Age: 21
    sex: male
    Occupation: Student
    Special Skills: plays lyre, amateur herbalist, some martial arts training
    Personality: Sociable and kind. Very level-headed, loves the stage, and is comfortable talking to large crowds on individuals alike.
    Bio: Originally from California, he came to New York to attend one of the universities there. He is majoring in History, and has maintained a decent GPA, and prides himself on it. In California, he lived on a small-scale ranch, and maintained a small farm with his parents and sister. Other than that, not much has happened in his life that would prepare him to survive. He's lived a comfortable life, doesn't know many survival skills, and has never even been on a camping trip, let alone a survival experience.
    Appearance: Stephen.jpg
  3. Name: Desmond

    Age: 22

    Sex: Male

    Occupation: Pro Parkour Runner

    Special Skills: Parkour, Wushu and Tae-Kwon-Do, Survivalist

    Peronality (Bio Included): A real people person, Desmond has always been very free-hearted and easy-going, leaving him very able to develop a Charisma that people seem to not be able to resist. This was after he had watched his father beaten to death after a boxing match at the age of seven for not throwing the fight. He had sworn from that day on to never let money or greed take over him and to lead a life very unlike his father's - vanity and anger fueled. Now, since his mother had moved in with her sister and daughters, Desmond has moved out in order to pursue his love of Parkour and flat-out outdoors. Having spent a year in the tropical rain forests of South America, he has learned from experience survival skills that will get him through whatever may come his way. Even through this, Desmond still enjoys a good laugh and does his best to keep his company light hearted as he is.

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  4. Name: Lola (or "Lily")

    Age: 21

    sex: Female

    Occupation pre-change: Student/Part-time photographer

    Special skills: Very good at stealth, not very good at hand-to-hand fighting

    Personality: Serious and quiet, hardly talks, even to people she knows well.

    Bio: She grew up with parents who were always expecting more of her. She was always forced to study, rather than going and playing with people. Lola became very anti-social and would only speak when it was expected of her.

    When she turned 18, she was happy to move out and go to college. Though, she remained a quiet sort by force of habit.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
  5. Name:Elena
    Age: 21
    sex: Female
    Occupation pre-change: Student
    Special skills: Good with swords specially wakizashis, computer geek, close range combat/karate
    Personality: Determined, blunt , serious, friendly, and with manners.
    Bio: Elena moved to New York to become famous in theater which was her passion but ended up switching paths when in one night she was almost raped and kill by bandits. Luckily for her someone saw what was happening and called the police. After that day, she decided she would learn self defense and know the use of guns and swords. Until this day, she hasn't talk to her ignorant parents who lived in the sunny yet humid state of Florida.

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  8. Name:Tera Blackwolf
    Occupation pre-change: student in healing and hunting traditions
    Special skills: swordfighting/some small smithing, and archery
    Personality:she is easy going but is very family/friend oriented and if something happens she has to try to take charge occassionally. She is very friendly and outgoing with small personality quirks.
    Bio: She came to New York for a fencing and archery competition that she enjoys doing in her free time. She is originally from Wyoming and lives way out in the country. She knows alot but was kind of put off by the large amount of people there, more comfortable in the wild. She had been here a few weeks and had just gotten used to the fact that new york is just a different kind of wild place.
    Appearance: bld083037.jpg
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  14. Name:Allen Paul



    Occupation pre-change:Lawyer

    Special skills: Several years martial arts training: Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu, Classical Chinese Weapons Training, Self Taught rapier and katana
    Personality:Calm level headed person who looks at all angels of a situation to determine the best course of action. He is intelligent and philosophical. He is friendly though doesn't trust everyone up front. He tries to avoid conflict with others at all possible moments but in this new world those time may be far and few between.

    Bio:Allen came to New York after being hired by a large law firm three years ago. He traveled from the mountain states where population was scarce. He graduated law school at the age of 27 and is just beginning to get used to his career and has a bright future in the firm. He is hoping that one day he will be a named partner of the law firm but right now is just taking it one day at a time and enjoying his life.

    Appearance: Ofdensen.jpg
  15. Name: Known as "Harrley"
    Age: 34
    sex: male
    Occupation pre-change: A trained medic in the armed forces
    Special skills: Of course hes a trained medic, experienced had to hand combat fighter.
    Personality: A foul mouth, manly man, that strangely has a soft spot for the younger generations. He will help people if they have something they will give him. When he determined to do something he will do it even if means risking his life.
    Bio:Living in a bad home for his first 17 years of his life. He ran away from home when he turned 18 to join a biker gang. Once in the gang he began to learn the benefits of homemade weapons and medical techniques. He was caught selling drugs to under age children, before he could be sent to prison he pleaded guilty and joined the armed forces to avoid prison.
    Appearance: the same as the photo except for the tattoo on his face.
  16. Name: Craig "Frost" Williams

    Age: 26

    Sex: Male

    Occupation: U.S. Army Ranger (Disavowed)

    Special Skills: Five years worth of karate, military training in weapon efficiency, scavenging, and improvising.

    Personality: Mostly serious of quiet 24/7. Craig isn't the most conversational type and can be very unobservant when he's too focused. He tends to be cunning when at a disadvantage, but will think quickly if he needs too. Taught to be a soldier, he will help anyone when they need him. He believes in having good philosiphy in case time are tough.

    Bio: Craig graduated out of college as he genius and immediately signed up for military work at age 18. He trained for a minumal of two years and made it to the rank of Captain among the youngest of the core. Another following two years, Craig went on countless assualt missions, infiltration, and practiced his arts to perfection. Three years later he became cocky and became responsible for the loss of one of his men, and became disavowed. It was recently as the world went down, which found Craig awakening beneath the ruble of branche's base in his equipment.

  17. There's like 4 of us who picked characters off of Games and tv shows XD