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  1. Emiliana Naught
    Emiliana greeted the morning light leaking in from the half-closed window with a groan. The morning was perfect otherwise, cold, crisp air, singing birds, a light layer of fog. It was perfect to a morning person, at least. That person was not Emi. On those mornings the warm sheets chained her to her bed with the desire to sleep the day away until night fell once again. Night was, after all, her favorite time to fly. Nighttime patrolling was usually something left to the more experienced knights, which Emi certainly was not, but they could not forbid her from flying at night if they never caught her doing so. Which they hadn't yet, though she knew a few instructors had their suspicions, if her constant oversleeping and tired eyes were of any indication. On most mornings, she looked like death warmed up in a kettle.

    She would have been content to lay in bed for hours, if the pleasant, inviting smell of freshly made tea hadn't begun emanating from down the hall. Emi still resided in her dorm in the Academy, finding the company of trainees, instructors and other knights to be rather pleasing and more interesting. She dragged herself lifelessly from her bed, taking extra precautions to untangle herself from the sheets first, lest her face be greeted by the cold, hard ground like so many other groggy mornings. She scowled slightly at the bedraggled mess that reflected in the mirror, already foreseeing an epic battle with her tangled hair. She wasted no time in attacking the nest with a brush, hoping to make herself at least presentable before leaving her room to secure herself a cup of tea from the kitchen.

    ● ● ● ● ●

    Calem Bennett
    Calem frowned disappointingly at the metal blade he held, grip so tightly about the hilt that his knuckles turned pallid. A sword far too big for him. Again. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find a blade which he could balance comfortably in his grasp. Was he just unfit for wielding a sword? It seemed ironic to him, considering his beast was known as a blade dragon. Still, though, this appeared to be the only weapon he truly struggled with. Spears and javelins? Not a problem. Bows? He was average. Tomes? Save for the time he accidentally ignited a trainee's hair, he wasn't half bad with those either. So why was a sword so difficult? His best friend was great with a sword, though he had to admit, he was a good deal shorter and less muscular than Bailey. He soon realized that glaring at his blade wasn't going to leave him with any answers, though practice was nearly impossible with a sword he couldn't properly lift anyway. With a heavy, rather dramatic sigh, Calem returned to the weapon rack once more in hopes of finding a sword more suited to him.

    He hadn't seen Aurum in some time, though that didn't really bother him. The blade dragon didn't often accompany him outside their flying sessions. As he understood it, movement on land around the Academy was awkward for his companion, with the large blade on his tail. It might have seemed like the two didn't have as strong a bond as others, but that was far from the truth. Calem had to place a lot of trust in his dragon when flying, since a simple misplaced hand or flying maneuver done wrong could leave Calem impaled on one of the blade dragon's spikes, or even sliced in two. In turn, Aurum appreciated the sweets his human smuggled out of the kitchen for him from time to time.
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  2. Drakus stood in the center of the training field at the academy with Aegis laying down behind him still resting. He stood there reading his tome knowing the classes wouldn't start for sometime so he figured practice would help pass by the time. He practiced using some of the ice spells he knew as well as attacking dummies with his blade show casing his agility to be a fearsome opponent. He always spars with trainees who seek to win against him, but none have been successful yet. Although one day he knows of his own trained knights will best him, but will there be one with a bond strong enough to best him and Aegis? That is the question he truly awaits to be answered.
  3. Natalia was in her bed sleeping as her hair was a mess and snoring lightly as she slep,as Loli her poptop pet would peek up the bed and see her sleeping,as she would clime up the bed and would starts Jumping up and down on natalia,as natalia grone and would open her eyes and see Loli jumping on her as she would say "Uhhhh *Yawn*...Five more Minutes"she says as she would close her eyes again,as Loli would sigh and would start pulling her blanket and remove it from her,as natalia would sigh and would say with her eyes closed "Alright,alright *Yawn*...I awake"she says as she would sit up on the bed and Rub her eyes as Loli look up at her with a cute face,as natalia would smiel at her and would stand up and pick Loli up and would say "You must be Hungry now"she says with a smiel and Loli chirps happily,as she would change too he Knight Uniform and would do her Morning things like eat,Fix her hair,feed Loli,etc

    As wen they Finish Natalia would walk out of the House and Loli Following,as she would go too one of the wooden platform and look down as she would whisel and then Pick Up Loli,as she would then Jump of the Plantform as after a few seconds Blaze would Appear and natalia would fall on her neck and would pat her head and say "Good morning blaze"she says as she would Puff and Loli Chirps as she was on natalias lap as they started too make there way towards the academy
  4. Taylor wonders around the academy in more of a daze than an actual destination set, she occasionally skips but forces herself to walk professionally with her newly made attire of hardened leather. Brushing the hair out of her face she made her way briskly to the training field only to see Drakus, without saying a word she casually took a seat nearby and whistled for Stanley to join her, unfortunately the hippogriff was never the type to simply come to here and took its sweet time performing mid-air before landing beside Taylor. "I will smack you Stanley!" she threatens, with a soft tap onto his head before looking as serious as she could. "I am an instructor now, I have to be serious for the trainees." and with that, she pouted and immediately wanted to goof about.
  5. Ezekiel decided to get up a little early and walked to the edge of the floating island the academy was on. He took in the beautiful sight of the clouds below. He sighed a little as he looked back on the week he had. He was dropped from his previous instructor for about how Zeke would go off and do his own thing with his familiar instead of learning the flight formations. Zeke figured that his way of flying was better than what the exercises had them doing. At any rate he was reassigned to a new instructor named Taylor. He shook the thoughts away as he took a few steps back from the island he saw that Farcro was ready and Zeke ran and jumped off the island going into free fall. Zeke almost reached the clouds when he grabbed onto Farcros saddle and began to fly well above the island. He would toss a few wadded up paper balls into the air and jumped off Farcro. He would use his bow to shoot them out off the sky as he free fell. He would always get back on Farcro before landing onto the ground. Zeke did a lot of dangerous maneuvers of his own design. He looked at the central clock and saw that he was going to be late. He flew with farcro as fast as possible Farcro flew low enough to sling Zeke in to a huge pile of hay in the academy courtyard where he was to meet his new instructor. His head popped out of the hay. he wasn't even in his recruit uniform. He was in his regular clothes with a black overcoat on. "Hello Teach... sorry about being late."
  6. Xavier grinned as he stood at the edge of the cliffs. Around midnight, the dark-haired male had decided to surrender to the fight on whether or not he'd actually sleep. He'd quietly left the Academy and trained all night, working on his skills. Now, before his classes started, he was out in the early morning.

    Xae wondered how Adonis was. The massive dragon was probably awake now; he was more accompanied to the sunlight. With that thought, the trainee sent out a long and loud whistle, one that had a particular sound that would be incredibly hard for anyone else to mimic. Xavier paused a few moments, and the whirled around, falling off the side of the cliff. Trust strengthened more than it had been before, the gigantic western dragon soared beneath Xavier and caught him, diving down the side of the islands, letting out a booming screech.

    "I never get tired of that!" Xavier screamed into the wind, cheering and smiling all the while in triumph.

    Valencia giggled quietly as she got ready in her room. The woman happened to have an advantage no one else had, with her mount. Iris could indeed transform into a butterfly at any time and for how ever long chosen. So, in that form now, the little transparent insect played with Valencia, tickling her nose and fluttering about, even landing on Val's face now and then.

    "You little pest!" Val chuckled adoringly, "I wonder if I stepped on you if a place far away would crumble to ash and dust!"

    Iris looked taken aback, wings flickering as she flew away. Then, she suddenly transformed into her natural form, the large dragon squishing Valencia against the wall in one swift second.

    "Okay, I'm sorry!" Val hardly managed, face smothered.

    Iris seemed to smirk, and once more, she was a dainty butterfly whom now sat upon her owner's shoulder, wings flapping slowly.
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  7. Bailey Gold

    "Still can't find a sword?" Bailey sauntered into the training yard, his ice blue eyes locked on Calem. There was a small smirk on his face, as if he had expected it. "Are you ever going to find a sword?" He chuckled as he strode over, having a look at the swords. He picked up the one Calem had just put back, and tested it by doing a couple of strokes. "It's balanced. For me, at least." Of course, this was all friendly. Bailey wouldn't truly insult his friend unless he was really angry with him. It hadn't happened yet, but anything could. Bailey put the sword back and looked to Calem, the morning sun shining on his scar. However his expression was light and playful, having just woken up and was ready to go. "Do you want to spar? You don't have to use a sword," he smirked.

    Since he was young, Bailey had loved swords. It was his favourite weapon, and he was very good at using them. He was average in other areas, but the sword... He had beaten most instructors with it, but not all. He wasn't that good. Although strangely enough, the boy he had been friends with since a very young age seemed to be the complete opposite to him. It was strange. Bailey didn't really mind though, as it was something he could tease him about.

    There was a roar from above and Bailey glanced up. He chuckled softly at the sight of his dragon as he flew by, disappearing over the buildings. His bond with his dragon wasn't as strong as others, however he loved his dragon very much and that was all he needed. Then Bailey looked back to Calem, a look coming over his face. Not many knew how he had gotten his scar. Two, to be exact. It was strange, a 17 year old boy having a horrendous scar across half his face. However, Bailey didn't seem to mind and he tended to stare at someone if they asked. He always got stares, however, and they did get annoying from time to time. The original injury had been caused by Aurum. The dragon had been young, yet the blade on his tail had still been sharp. Bailey had scared it one day, accidentally, and it caused the dragon to freak. One slash, and half his face marred for life. It hadn't ruined his friendship with Calem though, and they had grown closer since.

    "What's your weapon of choice?" Bailey stepped back, heading around to the side to get the sword that was stashed there. It was his personal one, one that had been made for him. He pulled it from it's sheath, pausing for a second to admire the blade. It was beautifully made, and had been given to him after he had trained with one of his instructors. A name was etched into the handle. Not many saw, and even fewer would understand. Bailey headed back to Calem, grinning. "Well come on, then."

    Akira Vang

    "Ugh..." Morning. Who liked mornings? Morning people. And Akira was certainly not one of them. WIth another groan, she rolled over and happened to roll off the bed. "Ow..." She slowly untangled herself from the sheets, her eyes half open and her movements sluggish. She couldn't understand morning people. How could they be so energetic? There was a light tap on the window, and Akira could see her dragon Redemption outside. "Shoo." She was in no mood for games. Redemption left, leaving Akira to deal with waking up fully and getting ready. "Annoying dragon..." She loved Redemption, but in the morning was not the time for him to start joking around. Slowly, she got up and began to do her daily routine.
  8. Drakus continued his training until he saw what looked like another instructor and a trainee. It surprised a bit as usually he was the only one out on the field in the mornings until classes started. He stopped training and put his sword against his shoulder as he approached the two. "Well I didn't expect anyone else to be out this early, or am I behind on time and classes will be starting soon? Ah no matter, good morning friends. You can call me Drakus, sparring master. The big faceless ice dragon over there is my beast Aegis. Don't let his appearance fool you, he's harmless for the most part unless he senses danger or I tell him to attack. So what're your names?"
  9. Taylor flicks her hair out of her face as both her student and another instructor come close. "My name is Taylor, and I am the flying instructor." she says, trying to keep a straight face as Stanley starts goofing around in the background. "And that" she says pointing to her hippogriff. "Is a very smelly Stanley" she says aloud, Stanley standing up proudly and huffing a little. "Only kidding you big softy."
  10. Zeke climbed out of the pile of hay and brushed himself. He looked down at himself and felt a little nervous for not being in uniform. He looked back at taylor and gave her a nervous smile. "Hello Taylor im Ezekiel, but most people call me Zeke." His gold scaled dragon landed behind him with a thud. "That's Farcro. He has yet to learn not to slingshot me into the hay."
  11. Natalia would Fly over the Academy as the white dragon swoops quickli over,as the dragon would flap its wing and fly upwards as Blaze would land on a Tower area of the academy as that was her post too keep watch,asshe would hop off Blaze and pat her head,as blaze would Nuzzel her,as Loli would jump from blaze back and land on the ground,as she would clime the little wall and look over the Horizon as it was beutifull,as natalia would look down and see others down below,as she would wave at them and say "Good Morning!"she says as blaze would lay down and Loli would sit infront of blaze head and begin too scrach her sofly,as blaze enjoys it.
  12. Drakus looked at Stanley for a moment interested. "Can't say I've seen many hippogriffs in my time here. As for Aegis he's about what you'd expect in a dragon. Tough, agile, and a bit strange with his lantern he carries and his dark face. But he's a good friend and a great help to the town as he helps those that lose their way at night. His lantern is considered the brightest light during the dark hours. And he does it all on his own to, I didn't tell him to do it. I don't mind it either, just shows he has a good heart." He said looking over at Aegis.
  13. (OOC:: Hey everyone! Just so you know,my replies are not always this long. I usually just type a really long first reply, to get the ball rolling. ♥)


    The alarm clock beside Breanne's bed began to buzz, and she pressed the 'off' button delicately. She had been up long before her alarm went off, and was even ready to head out. Ever since she was young, Brea had woken up early in the morning, so it was a habit of hers. The alarm was really only there to tell her is she had slept in- which was rare- or if she was running late.

    The ginger walked over to her pile of shoes by the doorway, and selected a pair of black sneakers. Brea was already dressed in the academy's uniform, and her hair fell in loose red curls over her shoulders. With one last glance in the mirror, Brea grabbed her leather gloves, and headed out to the stables.

    "Morning Bullet," she greeted her dragon as she pulled the gate to his stable open. He instantly rushed out, with a little pep in his step, clearly excited to go for his morning flight. The way he jumped around reminded Brea of a wolf pup a childhood friend had brought home one day- they both leaped from side to side with their butts in the air, and tails shaking like crazy. "Alright, go on," Brea allowed, a wave of wind nearly knocking her off her feet as the dragon zoomed out of the stables.

    With a laugh, the teenage girl ran after her best friend. As she ran she secured her gloves, making sure they were nice and tight. Don't want to loose another pair, she thought, Dad would just kill me! Most dragon-riders didn't really need gloves, but because Bullet happened to be a Magma Dragon, Brea did. When Bullet got too excited, or sensed danger, his scales would heat up, and sometimes the molten rock between his scales would seep out and burn her fingers. Of course the gloves didn't do much to stop the lava, but at least she wouldn't get burned solely from his scales heating up.

    She ran all the way to the neared wooden platform, and didn't hesitate to fling herself off of it- doing a back flip once she was airborne. She brought her fingertips to her lips, and let out a long high pitched whistle, followed by two short ones. Seconds later Bullet appeared around the corner, diving down towards the clouds beside her. Before they made contact with the white and puffy clouds, Brea grabbed hold of Bullets saddle and pulled herself on top of him, gripping tightly.

    Then Bullet's wings extended to the side, air catching beneath them, and slowing their downfall to a hover. "Wooo!" Breanne screamed out, smiling brightly. Riding with Bullet was her favorite thing ever, and she doubted she'd ever get bored of it. Patting him on the side of his neck, Brea said, "Alright Bullet, let's make a few rounds around the school, and then you can drop me off at the cafeteria. Yeah?"

    Bullet seemed to nod before gliding towards the school. He made two rounds, and during the third one they flew past another pair of riders. Breanne recognized the boy and his dragon instantly- Xavier and Adonis. Without thinking Brea waved to them, but as soon as her and Bullet passed she regretted it. She didn't even really know Xavier, only who he was. They weren't friends. Brea would be lying if she said he wasn't attractive- which was probably the only reason she bothered to learn his name- but she just simply never talked to them. Stupid, she thought, hoping he hadn't noticed her wave after all. "Alright Bullet, let's go get some breakfast."

    Within seconds, Bullet landed outside of the cafeteria. Brea jumped off, running her leather-covered fingers through her messy hair. "Go on, you know where your food is," she told Bullet, watching as the dragon took off. She waited until he was out of sight before entering the cafeteria. "Good morning, Emiliana," Breanne greeted as she walked past the other female, looking for a glass for some tea.

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    Beep. Beep. Beep.

    A groan escaped the blondes lips, as she rolled over to press the snooze button for the tenth time that morning. But, instead of feeling the cold and smooth buttons of her alarm clock, her fingertips met a warm bunch of feathers. "Oh, come on Ava," Jenna complained tiredly. "This'll be the last time, I promise."

    Unfortunately, the Griffon didn't buy this for one minute. It took a hold of her blankets in it's beak, and began to walk backwards. By the time Jenna realized what was happening, it was too late to fight back. Goosebumps rippled along her fair skin as it was exposed to the cool air of her small home. Instinctively, she curled into a ball to preserve her warmth, and muttered, "I hate you."

    Beep. Beep. Beep.

    "Oh! Alright! Fine!" Jenna sat up, and reached over to press the off button on her alarm. She took the time to stretched her arms out, and scratch the back of her head. Already she could feel that the blonde strands of her hair were in a tangled mess. Finally, she rose from her bed, and took her blanket from Ava, who didn't put up any fight at all. "Brat," Jenna told her usually sweet Griffon, but Ava seemed to smile proudly as she turned to walk away. With a sigh, Jenna threw her blanket on her bed, and then turned to follow Ava.

    In the living room, she turned on her radio, making sure the volume wasn't loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Because she was Knight, and therefore making money, Jenna was able to afford a decent house of her own. They, and her older brothers agreed to help her with her finances for the first year she was on her own. Most girls her age weren't lucky enough to have three amazing brothers like her, and so she appreciated them to the fullest.

    Jenna avoided the mirror in her hallway as she made her way to the kitchen, not wanting to see what her hair must look like. Disasterous, surly. But, she'd like to get some coffee before tackling that obstacle. As soon as her coffee was brewing. Jenna filled her Griffons over-sized food bowl, and stepped out of the way quickly. If there was something her winged beast got excited for, it was food.

    Jenna then pulled out some yogurt from the refrigerator. The two of them ate in silence, the only sounds in the house being the slurping from her Griffon, and the music coming from her living room.​
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  14. Serpens was in his house that was far away from the rest asleep. But he was awoken by his pet serpent Scales "...Oh its just you Scales" he said groggily "Guess we should go now" he said while picking up scales and putting him on his shoulder. Serpens exited his house and walked to the nearest wooden platform and leaped. He whistled and his flying serpent Venom came and caught him "Hello Venom my friend lets go do some patrolling." He and Venom flew off to do some patrolling and hopefully he might actually find something for once besides to occasional storm.
  15. "You here to teach me, oh great swordmaster?" Calem retorted sarcastically, crossing his arms at the playful teasing. He grumbled at Bailey's ability to find a balanced sword with such ease. He was delighted to have someone to socialize with on this so far uneventful morning, but that delight faded away rather quickly at the mention of a sparring match. He didn't like sparring with Bailey. He always lost. Unless maybe their dragons were involved, but Calem would never spar using their dragons, always coming up with one excuse or another. In reality, he was only terrified of Aurum hurting Bailey again, but he would never let him know that. So he accepted the regular sparring matches and lost, time and time again.

    "Okay. I think I'll use.. a tome," he said, peering at the few that were laying on a table. It seemed like the best strategy, at least. Spears and axes got him too close to Bailey, who outmatched him in close-range combat, and he wasn't yet quick enough at firing a bow, either. The tomes laying on the table were much weaker, specifically designed for duels. Calem only examined them for a short moment before snatching up a yellow book; a thunder tome. He hoped it would at least give him an advantage over Bailey's sword. Of course, the jerk usually had some trick up his sleeve anyway, so the advantage was moot. And of course, all of Calem's strategy seemed to be thrown out the window the moment he began to panic, which was just about every time he found himself at the business end of a sword.

    ● ● ● ● ●

    Emiliana ran a hand through her brown hair on her way to the cafeteria, making extra sure it no longer looked like the nest it had before. Upon reaching the cafeteria she went straight for the tea and poured herself a cup, pausing a moment to wrap her hands around it and enjoy its warmth. She whirled around at a voice, and immediately recognized its source. "It is a morning, but I wouldn't call it good," she joked, before shaking her head and properly returning the greeting. "But good morning, Brea." She finally took a sip of her tea, letting out a small, silent sigh of content. The only good thing about mornings was tea. Quietly, she shuffled over to a table and smoothed out her uniform before taking a seat.
  16. It was a ten minute flight until Xavier reached the Academy, landing on the training field amongst the rest of his fellow trainees. "Sorry I'm late," He mumbled, hopping off Adonis. The massive dragon breathed deeply, air being rocketed from his nostrils as they flared. Xae patted his beast's broad neck, and then turned to look at everyone.

    The dark-haired male said nothing more, eyes elusive and expression unknown. Once again, he was emotionless and quiet, simply there for an education and nothing more. It wouldn't be long now until he was a full-fledged knight, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

    Apparently, the teacher was late as well.
    Valencia walked out of her house, ready for the day ahead. Beside her, Iris swooped down from her rider's shoulder, and in one swift motion, transformed into her dragon form. Val mounted the creature, and made sure her armor didn't bug Iris. Then, they began walking, instead of flying. Val saw no reason to take off, yet.​
  17. Bailey Gold

    Bailey groaned. "Of course it has to be a tome," he grumbled. He absolutely despised them. Combat should be fought close up and with honor, at least in his view. Magic, he saw, was a way to stand back and just mumble words. There wasn't much skill needed. Even though he really couldn't get them to work. He was terrible at using them, though it was unclear as to why. And it was a thunder tome as well. Bailey's sword was metal, and although it would negate some of the charge he would still be shocked if the magic was strong enough. He had always wanted a dragon spar with Calem, but somehow his friend always managed to create an excuse for it. Bailey did have a slight suspicion his constant refusal to spar with dragons was because of his scar, but he couldn't be sure. He was going to spar with him on dragons one day, though. That he was sure of.

    Bailey got into a ready stance, the sword horizontal in front of him. He was prepared to attack first, to stop Calem's use of the tome and therefore reducing the risk of him getting electrocuted. He had been hit by a thunder tome spell once before, and it hadn't been pleasant. He certainly didn't plan on getting hit by one again. He remained calm however, as he always did. Whenever he had a sword in hand, he rarely got nervous. Unlike Calem. He didn't get nervous often, and certainly not in combat. "Hurry up."
  18. [​IMG]
    A smile formed on Breanne's lips at the response she had gotten from Emiliana. That was exactly what she had expected from the other female, who was a well-known anti-morning-person. Breanne smiled kindly at her as she went to sit down, and then turned to the table to make her Camille tea.

    Brea simply grabbed a cup of tea to go, as well as a piece of buttered bread, before heading out. She never stayed in the cafeteria very long in the mornings, because she usually spent most of her time riding with Bullet. She knew she probably spend so much time in the mornings simply riding, but Bullet had grown accustomed to it, and he was very grumpy when he didn't get his morning flight.

    By the time she arrived at the training course, Brea's piece of toast was gone. She sipped her warm tea gleefully, scanning the area for her instructor, Drakus. She finally spotted him, standing with a few other people. Of course she had to have one of the more social instructors. Of course. After taking a deep breath, and instinctively fixing her hair, Brea walked over.

    "Good morning, Drakus," Breanne said once she arrived, to make her presence known.She also made a point to smile kindly at the others, not wanting to seem rude. Above head, bullet could be seen flying around, obviously waiting for his time to train with Brea.

    ( @Revan @Liger Zero Jager @ˢᵏʸ @Zadok shadows )
    It wasn't until she was on her third cup of Coffee that Jennifer even considered getting ready for the day. With a groan, she made her way into the bathroom, where she stared at her reflection for a few minutes. Blonde strands of hair sticking out in every which-way, with mascara that she had forgotten to take off the night before smeared all the way down her left cheek.

    Her appearance actually wasn't as bad as it usually was, for which she was grateful.

    She decided to start on what she knew would take the longest: Her hair. Before too long, it was untangled, and she curled it was a flat iron, as she often did. Soon, small and loose curls framed her face, and for the first time that morning, she smiled. "Well, now you look human, Jenna," she said to herself in the mirror.

    She then quickly did her make-up, which only took ten minutes, and brushed her teeth. Once she was happy with the way she looked, she turned and went back to her bedroom, looking for something to wear. It took her a good twelve minutes, but she finally decided on a black jacket, a striped grey and purple shirt, a pair of black pants, and her combat boots.

    "Alright, Ava," she said, grabbing her Griffon's attention. "Let's head out."​
  19. Drakus turned to look at Breanne after the greeting and waved to her. "Well it is a tad bit cold for the morning personally, but then again perhaps its because I was using my magic a bit ago. Ah no matter though, you must be one of the newer trainees or a very young knight. I get the two confused sometimes. Anyway you already know my name so that kinda skips the whole introduction thing. Anyway yes I am the sparring master here at the academy and the big sleeper over there is my friend Aegis. Don't let the dark face and icy look frighten you, he is quite friendly unless you provoke him or choose to spar with him, then he won't go easy on you. So whats your name?"
  20. Akos didn't like to sleep.

    Dreams were portals to fantastical realms of false adventures and fallacies. In theory, it sounded like perfection. However, to Akos, there was no greater feeling of anguish than waking from a journey of twisted truths only to realize it wasn't and never would be reality. To combat this, she'd resolved to form her own exploits- /without/ the deceitful help of her subconscious.

    She'd been up since the middle of the night, consistently searching for a reason for be out and about as the others slumbered. After a while, she simply chalked it up to this: she could do what she wanted as long as nobody had to notice. Expectantly, Akos never did make her way back to the dorms, even as the sun began to rise.

    This is what led her to her current position. Standing at the edge of a sturdy wooden platform, a smirking grin was displayed on her face. She brought her calloused fingers to her mouth, blew out a shrill whistle, and lept from her only solid support.

    She fell.

    Her sudden landing on the back of Fallow jarred her bones to her core, a thrill that she'd never get used to- but that was okay. It was always okay out here. Knowing full well that she was going to be late to the Academy, Akos grasped onto the winged cervine's nape and leaned in.

    "Let's go, baby!"
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