The World Ends with You

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  1. *Beep!~ Beep!~ Beep!~*

    You have seven days to live

    Fail the game and face


    ~the reapers


    The Reaper's game: a second chance at life. Players risk their souls for that chance, and don't regret their decision.

    Until an erasure is made.

    Reapers are merciless, thinking that players lives are toys for them to play with. Not to mention the noise, who so many players had lost their lives to. There is hope though. Survive the week, and you get to live again.

    One question needs to be asked:

    What are you willing to give up in order to have that chance?


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  2. Rules!

    1) no Gming

    2) low level cussing please

    3) karma system

    4) have fun!​
  3. CS



    Age: (14+ please)

    Appearence: pic please

    Bio: please don't make them related to canon characters please.

    Entry fee: remember, we can't all have amnesia​
  4. Name: Keira Lorenson

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Appearance: mayuri_shiina___the_mad_scientist_by_zando_zennek-d6b8d40.png

    Bio: Keira had always had a penchant for science and math in school. However, she'd been labeled "nerd" and shunned by the rest of her high school classmates, and thus forced to isolate herself from them. Fortunately, she could lean on her teachers for moral support and any tutoring she needed, so there was that. Keira is apprehensive toward anyone her age due to constant bullying at school, but around adults and science is extremely animated and happy. She'd welcome a friend her age if only she could trust anyone...

    She met an untimely end from a shooting at her school. She was not specifically targeted; she just happened to be unfortunate and the closest target to the maniac.

    Entry fee: Her ability to think analytically and quickly make sense of a situation. She's still eager to tackle problems, but she'll end up struggling now...
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  5. Name: Tokaia Idaki

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15


    Bio: If ever a child had been born under an unfortunate star, this is that child. His parents worked for a large business, and often made trips to and from places. In those times he lived with his grandmother. On day his parents said they were flying to America for business. They never returned. His grandmother said they were alright, but months of him staring out the window proved otherwise. He doesn't really know the truth about what happened. His grandmother took care of him from then on, but he wasn't the sprightly young boy he used to be. Nor was she the young woman she used to be. She was old, and her time had come. But his time had not yet arrived. His family was wiped out in an instant. Then he was thrust into a new caretaker's arms almost instantly. After he felt abandoned by his first parents, he did not trust these new people, nor their daughter. He spent his time locked in his room, or outside the house. He had no friends. This was not entirely his fault though. Small trivial things that occurred to him made him appear cursed. These meant little to him, but he too felt he was cursed.. His sister, though hated this. She wanted to get him to talk and would always follow him around. Finally he told her to stop following him, but she said no. He was confused.

    "Why do you want to follow me?... I am cursed... Everyone at school thinks so too... They all love you, so why are you following me?"

    "Because you're my brother! I'm tired of you brushing me off! Mom and Dad all say to leave you alone, because you have been through too much! But I don't care, I want to talk to you and be your friend!"

    Those words meant so much to Tokaia, yet he couldn't explain why. From that day on he was inseparable from her, and even began to speak to his foster parents. Yet even this was a stroke of misfortune. This sister that Tokaia had grown so attached to through the years was born a very ill child. By the time he turned 15 she had been hospitalized for about 2 years. He visited her every day. It was sad, but it was the time he was the happiest.

    Entrance Fee: His foster sister's health
  6. Ejechted, our characters seem very different from each other XD

    I wish to keep the death a secret if thats alright
  7. @Ejechted d All I have to say is that remember the entry fee is what they value most. Otherwise it's awesome!

    @St O'possum omfg yours made me want to cry, accepted! And don't worry about that.
  8. Fixed. I think? Thanks for the reminder, by the way - I'd forgotten about that...
  9. Name: "Nene" Hoshino


    Age: 16


    Bio: "Lights, camera, ACTION!" Nene was the daughter of a famous actress and budding musician. She had always had everything she wanted and she didn't ask for much. She was a simple girl, despite what anyone else thought, and rather tomboyish. Her parents were away from home frequently but not always at the same time. Her mother would be home sometimes while her father was away doing an interview or concert. Her father hung out with her while mom was away shooting a movie or television episode.

    When neither was at home she ended up going with one or the other. Be it with her father on tour or mother on a long movie shoot. Home was not one place to her, but many. Nene had very few friends and even few real friends because of her parent's fame. Those she held near and dear were text often and sent many pictures or souvenirs from wherever in the world she was. Regardless of all the traveling, she had no complaints, really. At least she got to spend a lot of time with either parent. Sadly, there will always be those critical of the arts.

    While out on the town one of the few nights both of her parents were free to fool around with their daughter, an enraged, somewhat delusional, fan followed the family to their car and attempted to shoot her mother. Her father had seen the stalker and shoved her into the car and slammed the door. Just as they were speeding away the attacker shot out one of the tires and in an attempt to turn a corner the vehicle flipped over. Nene was not wearing a seat belt. Needless to say, this incident ended both parent's careers.

    Entry fee: memories of her mother and father
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  10. Abagail Nubutos




    Abigail originally came from America, but her mother had gotten an offer for a lawyer position in Shibuya. Moving was hard for her, she couldn't understand her classmates and had a hard time adjusting to Japanese way of life. Her school life wasn't bad, but she suffered from depression. A friend of hers always kept her in spirits though, but then her soon died from a shooting. It broke her, and she became quiet and reserved. No one spoke to her about it, because they didn't really know what to say. She thought it was because no one cared though, and thought that the world didn't need her. Her love of music kept her going, as a memory of her friend, who loved writing it. She would stay in her room all day writing it. Her mother became concerned with her behavior, and consulted a child psychologist, who said it was a way of going through shock. Her mother then encouraged her music writing therapy by buying her a number of instruments. Her relationship with her mother grew because of that.

    Entry fee: Other's memories of her.

  11. @CrimsonMaiden it's great, but I realize the necklace is special, is it really the MOST important thing to them?
  12. My first idea was her parents. I think family, obviously in this case, would be the most important thing to her but then I wasn't sure how to word that as her fee so I said something else... >.>;

    EDIT: @Aschu I changed it. The words came to me after the fact :x
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  13. But before we do that, anyone wanna call partners?
  14. (I feel like I'm stalking you Aschu...>w<; You always have interesting things! or I have something to interest you.)

    Name: Hinata Kisagi

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Mine 097.JPG

    Bio: She has lived in Shibuya all her life, her mother was a simple office worker who loved her job; her father was very different, he had tricked Hinata's mother into keeping him for awhile, truth of the matter was he was a drug dealer and user though they didn't find that out until another addict kicked in their door and killed her father; whom she loved at the time but after the druggies started threatening her mother and herself she quickly grew to hate her father. This all happened when she was ten and for five years her mother tried to pay off the people who Hinata's father had owed money; music became her escape, she played violin and sung, music and her mother mean everything to Hinata. When she's 14 shortly before a solo recital at her school a group of the people whom her mother had been trying to pay of came knocking down their door, intent on taking the pay in blood, they drag her mother away but she stops them by offering herself in her mother's place; Hinata's life is cut short by these maniacs.

    Entry Fee: Her Mother's Life
  15. @Arius Angels

    My mental telepathy sensed you would be joining us soon. Accepted!
  16. btw I want Keira by the way since you're asking. <w< As a partner.
  17. hahahaha yes

    a fandom RP I can really get behind. Character bio will go up soonish, I'm already super excited! o3o

    EDIT: Oh, do I have to use a picture? I have a very interesting character idea in mind and I'd hate to see it go to waste. .w."
  18. I'm just gonna say now that Nene isn't as dimwitted as Beat, but her character is reminiscent of him because he was, like, my favorite. xP
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