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  1. Really craving for one right now. Anyone interested?

    Just some things I want to lay down first:
    - While I find it a bit boring to play a canon character, I suppose it'll be fine
    - None of the canon characters will be played; only OCs
    - Players or Reapers? Both. Anyone can play what they want
    - Character death? Yeap. You better believe it. Characters die when they don't accomplish the task. //stabs self. silly me, characters don't die when they don't accomplish tasks u__u There's still the taboo noise. Though I'm not yet sure whether or not they'll be incorporated; it's always open for discussion so for now character death is a no.
    - Gore? No. I want to keep it like the game and I saw hardly any gore there.
    - It's not a requirement to have finished the game, but at least familiarize yourself with it
    - My original plan is to set up limited character slots and open up sign up after a week in role play (not RL)

    So yeah, that's pretty much all I have for now. Will get into planning more once I find at least 6 people interested, or at least 3 if everyone is willing to have two characters; however, since my original intent was to have limited character slots, I don't think letting people take up two characters is fair to anyone else who might want to join, but we'll see.

    I'm just babbling at this point, just leave a response if you're interested :D
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  2. I'm game, but only if we're exclusively using OCs.
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  3. More than alright with this to be honest. *^*b
  4. Totally up for it, I'm curious how this ends up going. And what do you mean character death? No one dies during the game.

    Suggestion. We give everyone a brand affinity and make it sort of a type system? Just a weird thought since the Zodiac theming works nicely.
  5. Don't they die when -- Oh yeaaaah. I forgot that only a pair is needed to accomplish the task. Sorry, kinda forgot about that XD been a while since I finished the game //kicks self
    There's also the taboo noise that could kill them though

    I love that suggestion! We are totally adding that in *^*b
  6. For the record I'm pretty obsessive about this game so I can act as a resource for the nitty gritty details. :3
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  7. //bumps this.

    I haven't given up on it yet!

    Just planning things out more.
    Will have a bit more of the specifics by next week or so (hopefully) :'D
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