The World Ends With You: Another Day

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    Reaper's Game
    Entry Fee
    Game Master

    It's A Wonderful World, isn't it? Do you know what's even more wonderful? Life. Life is a precious thing that the people of Shibuya cherish everyday. Lively shopping centers, continuously traveling people, and joyful thoughts fill the air. Everyday is just a new experience for the people of Shibuya and they happily go on with their lives without a care. No care in the world. But the carefree life they wish to live comes with a slight price; they are not in control of their own lives. Strange isn't it? Well, from their side life seems quite wonderful but on the other side, their lives are in more danger than they could ever be in.

    The Reaper's Game. What might that be you ask? Well the reapers game is a week long event that takes place on the "other side". How do you play you ask? Entry isn't as easy as it seems. Firstly, you must be chosen and die in order to obtain a chance to enter the game. Once you are chosen, you will give your entry fee. Upon entering the game, it is highly advised to not go alone. Partners are highly encouraged and the true way to advance past day one is to find one. Players of the game may partner together but only pairs of 2. Oddly enough, you can still see and hear those who are living. They cannot see or hear you. It is that way unless you go to purchase things from stores and shops around Shibuya. Once partners are found, the true game begins.

    Missions are assigned to players daily during the week long period. If you do not finish the mission within the time limit, your end will come. Who are sending out the messages you ask? Well the wonderful reapers and higher ups of course. The Reapers are highly skilled minions of the higher ups who challenge players to try and prevent them from completing their goals. Along with them are the Noise which are souls who seem to influence both the real world and the world of the reapers game. But don't let their animal appearance fool you. They only wish to ERASE you. And what happens when all of the players are ERASED? Well... Lets just say that SHIBUYA will no longer have a future. But of course, how do you defend yourself? Quite easy.

    Each player, upon crossing to the game, has only what they had died with. One of your personal items will turn into your primary weapon of survival. May it be your favorite stuffed animal, your skateboard or just your lucky tin pin collection, you fight off your enemies with that item and that item alone. Be careful and be mindful of your partner. For only true team sync can keep you both safe. What may your objective be? Survive the week, confront the "True Head of The Reapers Game" and win your life back. The world is in your hands. Your life is in the hands of another. What are you willing to do to get it back? It's A Wonderful World, isn't it?


    Group 1
    font=calibri]Player 1 ||| Azuma Oogami || 18 || Male || Memories of Sister || Knife || Reason To Win Game || Older Brother of Player 4 ||| Social Outcast || Dislikes Mostly Anyone || Taken By: @MiNaGi

    Player 2 || Maiko Kurosawa || 17 || Female || Her Songs || Microphone and Wire || Reason To Win Game || Was Bullied in Highschool by Player 5 || Outgoing || Believes Highly In Friendship || Taken By: @DangoYumi

    Group 2
    Player 3 || Arata Kawachi ||18 || Male || Championship Belt || Lucky Gloves|| Gaining another boxing title || Was On Same Sports Team As Player 1 || Hot Headed || Usually Acts Without Thinking || Taken By:@Justinaholic

    Player 4 ||Tomoe "Tomo" Oogami || 16 || Female || Memories of Family || Handheld Game Console|| Reason To Win Game || Younger Sister of Player 1 || Shy And Quiet || Intelligent || Taken By:@Karyra

    Group 3
    Player 5 || Tyler West DiCaprio|| 17 || Male || Memories of Sister || Stuffed Elephant || Reason To Win Game || Highschool Bully Of Player 2 || Mischevious || Rebel at Heart || Taken By: @Periodically Incorrect

    Player 6 || Kaya Miyuki || 17 || Female || Large Portion of Her Power || Magical Girl Wand || To prove there is faith in the human race || Secretly The Composer || Cheerful || Carefree yet Mysterious || Taken By: Myself

    Reaper 1 || Olivia Nemukara || 16 || Female || Newly Assigned Reaper || Works With Game Master || Weapon Of Choice || Sees No Wrong In The Reapers Game || Hasn't Erased Anyone Before || Noise Form: Tigris Cantus || Taken By: @Cinnamon Bun

    Game Master || Sebastian Salvatorez ||18 || Male || Controls lesser reapers || Trains With Reaper 1 || In Charge Of Sending Missions To Players || Noise Form: Ovis Cantus || Taken By: @DustBunny

    Conductor || Satoru Maeda || 18 || Male || Works As Conductors Transmitter & Is Temporary Composer For This Game || Gives Orders To Game Master and Reapers || Noise Form: Anguis Cantus || Taken By: @

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      ★ Name ☆
      le name here

      ★ Age ☆
      le age here(16-18)

      ★ Role ☆
      le Player (1-6)/Reaper/ Game Master/Conductor here

      ★Gender ☆
      le gender here

      ★ Entry Fee ☆
      (players only)le entry fee here

      ★ Noise Form ☆
      (reapers only)le form here

      ★ Weapon Of Choice ☆
      le weapon here

      ★ Face Claim ☆
      le face claim here

      ★ Theme Song ☆

      ★ Personality ☆
      Trait 1 | | Trait 2 | | Trait 3 | | Trait 4
      le personality here

      ★ Bio ☆
      (for players) le bio here. Be sure to include how you died, losing your entry fee and finding your partner here.

      (for reapers and up) Be sure to explain how the composer offered you your position and how you achieved it. If you are the new reaper, explain how you offered to become a reaper and proved yourself.

      ★ Talents And Skills ☆
      ☆ le
      ☆ talents
      ☆ &
      ☆ skills
      ☆ please

      Another Image if you want

      ★Reason For Winning ☆
      le reason for character to win here

      ★Likes ☆

      ★ Dislikes ☆

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  2. "Hm? Of course the horns aren't real silly."


    "Haven't any of you heard of fashion? Geez..."


    ★ Name ☆
    Kaya Miyuki

    ★ Age ☆

    ★ Role ☆
    Player 6 (Illegal)/ Composer

    ★Gender ☆

    ★ Entry Fee ☆
    (Previously) Fame | (Currently) Large amounts of her power

    ★ Noise Form ☆
    Draco Cantus (Entrapped)

    ★ Weapon Of Choice ☆
    Magical Girl Wand (Plastic)

    ★ Face Claim ☆
    N/A (Randoms)

    ★ Theme Song ☆
    || This is what you came for ||

    ★ Personality ☆
    Cheerful | | Mysterious | | Innocent | | Strong

    When it comes to being around those she likes, Kaya is very cheery and happy. She can't help but smile and get others to smile with her. Regardless of her appeal to pastel goth and anime attire, she is actually quite sunny and bright. She loves to play the innocent role she was put in and loves the fun she gets to have with the games. However, she is more than she appears to be. When she is the Composer, she is very serious and mysterious. She is all business no matter what the case is. If her reapers are not following orders correctly, she can become quite vicious and smite them where ever they stand. She has the power to, so she utilizes it to it's fullest. She often smiles in the face of danger; mostly knowing that it would be exciting if she got injured in some way. Usually, she is protected, but now she has a chance to be normal. Well, in a sense.

    ★ Bio ☆
    Before Kaya had any idea of the world beyond, she was a humble young girl. She balanced her time from school and cosplay photo shoots in Shibuya. She wanted to become a model one day; mostly for gothic and lolita clothing. She was quite the fashionista and even had blogs with many followers. However, she never let that all get to her head. She did it for the love of fashion and fun.

    One day after a photo shoot for a magical girl magazine and she had just picked up her props. All she needed now was to pick up her costume and head to the shoot. Kaya began to walk around the back streets of Shibuya. She had heard good news about a new food shop in town and wanted to try it out before hand. However, before she could react, she was being followed by a group of people. They recognized her from billboards and posters in stores. She greeted them as she did all fans but was quickly stuck in the head with a metal pole. Her head was bashed to nothing as she was robbed and left to die in the alleyway.

    As she began to pass to the other world, she met a reaper who offered her a second chance at life. She took the offer with the entry fee of her fame. When she began to wonder around, she noticed something. Every poster, billboard and advertisement that once had her face on it was now gone. It was as if she had been erased off of the face of the earth. Hurt and broken, she met an interesting young man who forced her to partner with him. She soon began to learn the ways of the game and how to win. Her partner was quite the bonehead and all he cared about was getting his riches back. He barely cared about her safety or the safety of the other players.

    Surprisingly, she and her partner survived to the 7th day and would soon face the composer. As Joshua began to battle Kaya and her partner, she knew that he would just drag her down. His cowardly ways were ridiculous and he would use Kaya as a meat shield if he could. Kaya however was a true fighter and defeated Joshua. This meant that now she was the new composer and the first thing she did was eraser her partner where he stood. The second was that all of the reapers and officers would be replaced.

    After a few weeks of games, Kaya began to notice something. The players could barely survive to day 4. All of them were giving up, dying off, not caring for their partners or anything. They were.... Weak. Kaya spoke with her Conductor who didn't believe much in the human capabilities to "work together". As the newest game began to start, Kaya noticed something. There was an odd number of players. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. She made a slight bet with the Conductor. She would pose as an illegal player so the number of players would be even. In exchange, the Conductor would take her place until day 7. If this game can make it to day 7, they will be confronted by the TRUE Composer and their destines would begin their. If the game doesn't make it to day 7, then the Conductor wins the bet. Kaya was never one for losing. She temporarily gave up her full potential of power as an entry fee and entered the game. She met a nice young man who she offered to be her partner.

    ★ Talents And Skills ☆
    ☆ Fashion Savvy
    ☆ Experienced Player
    ☆ Battle Experience
    ☆ Great With Directions
    ☆ Friendly Aura​


    ★Reason For Winning ☆
    Although she more than happily loves her new position as Composer, she sometimes misses being a normal girl again. Being human and what not. She knows that humans have the potential and strength to survive and help one another. Not all of them were like her first partner who only used her as a meat shield while he cowards and reaped the spoils. She wants to see the players win so that she can finally feel what it's like to face someone with pure hearts. She wants to win to see the light.

    ★Likes ☆
    ☆Being Composer
    ☆Purple and Black

    ★ Dislikes ☆
    ☆Partners Who Abandon Their Partners
    ☆Gross Food
    ☆Someone Touching Her Clothes
    ☆Getting Lost​
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  3. "I believe that true friendship can conquer anything!"

    Maiko Kurosawa
    "Music is for everyone!"


    ♪ Name ♪
    Maiko Kurosawa

    ♪ Age ♪

    ♪ Role ♪
    Player 2

    ♪ Gender ♪

    ♪ Entry Fee ♪
    Her songs

    ♪ Weapon Of Choice ♪
    Microphone with wire
    ♪ Face Claim ♪

    ♪ Theme Song ♪

    ♪ Personality ♪
    Outgoing | | Musical | | Optimistic | | Loving
    Maiko had always been a happy go lucky child when she was younger. She always spreads happiness and love, no matter where she is. She uses her music to show everyone the goodness of the world, and makes everyone happy with her singing. She loves to smile and tries her best to be positive in whatever situation. She has a lot of love to give, whether it is to a random stranger or to a stray animal. She knows the importance of enjoying life so she lives with no regrets, working to spread as much happiness as she lives.

    ♪ Bio ♪
    Maiko was born a normal young girl who fell in love with music at a very young age. As the child of two top performers in Shibuya, she strived to be a performer as well, but her main goal to do so wasn't to be famous. She wanted to perform to spread happiness, and to show everyone the importance of love and forgiveness. She wanted her music to be a positive impact in the world, and went around performing for many people. She rarely charged for her performances, because she believed that the smiles on the faces of her audiences were more than enough. She would regularly perform for the orphans at the orphanage and for the homeless people in hopes to make their days better. Even when she was bullied, the smiles of the people allowed her to continue on.

    On the day she passed, she had just performed a few songs at the streets of Shibuya, gathering a crowd of people that were listening to her. They were clapping and cheering for her, laughter ringing through the streets. She was taking a break and getting ready for her next song, her mic in her hand. However, her next song would be her last. When she had finished singing the song, the sounds of speeding cars could be heard from afar as the people turned their heads. A drunk driver sped down the streets and lost control of the car, crashing into the girl who had just been performing. The crowd called for the ambulance but she died within minutes of the accident, her microphone still in her hand when she left the human world.

    When she woke up, she found herself in a foreign dimension. She met a figure that told her she had a second chance at life. She soon understood that she had passed, and agreed to take the second chance. She still hadn't made the impact she wanted to in the world, and she wanted to continue to do so. The figure proceeded to explain to her what she needed to do, and she gave up her songs for her chance at this game. She then found herself back at the scene of the death, noticing that there were much more people than before. The original group of people who were listening to her seemed confused, and had no memory as to why they were gathered there. They also seemed to not recognize her body when questioned by the policemen. Understanding that she can't go back, she was determined to complete the quest, and win the prize.

    She had been wandering for a while before finding another just like her. It was a guy who seemed like the complete opposite of her, gloomy and filled with frowns. When she saw him, she had the urge to try and make him smile, and this caused her to want to make him her partner. She had followed him around even when he strictly rejected her. In the end he gave up and allowed her to be his partner, and they begun their journey in the game.

    ♪ Talents And Skills ♪
    ♪ Sharp ears
    - from her musical talent
    ♪ Charming voice - from her musical talent
    ♪ High stamina - from her performance practices


    ♪ Reason For Winning ♪
    Maiko believed that she had the power to spread happiness in the world, and wanted to have a second chance at life to do so. She wants to leave a bigger impact with her music, and live a happy life before she passes. She knows that there will be bad times but she wants to be able to make music that can spread positivity to the world, and she wants to live a happy life herself.

    ♪ Likes ♪
    ♪ Music - anything related to music (singing, dancing etc) is her favorite.
    ♪ Light blue and white - the colors reminds her of a sunny sky with fluffy clouds.
    ♪ Positivity - small acts of kindness and a daily dose of giggles.
    ♪ Relationships - a lovely friendship can make her strong.

    ♪ Dislikes ♪
    ♪ Negativity - anyone spreading negativity is a no-no.
    ♪ Hatred - hatred will only breed more hatred.
    ♪ Being helpless - she tries to be useful in every situation.
    ♪ Spicy foods - she just can't handle spicy.

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  4. "What the frickity frack snickity snack did you just say?"

    Tyler West DiCaprio
    "Hey, I... Clorofeel you!"


    ★ Name ☆
    Tyler West DiCaprio

    ★ Age ☆

    ★ Role ☆
    Player number 5

    ★Gender ☆
    Male / High school bully of player 2

    ★ Entry Fee ☆
    The memories of Eli, his younger sister.

    ★ Weapon Of Choice ☆
    Tyler's weapon of choice is
    a small stuffed elephant.

    ★ Face Claim ☆
    Ryota from Your Lie in April

    ★ Theme Song ☆
    .:// Mad Hatter, by Melanie Martinez \\:.

    ★ Personality ☆
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tyler is a natural-born leader. He embodies the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. Tyler is characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using her drive, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever end she'll set for hisself.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]If there's anything Tyler would love, it's a good challenge, big or small, and he’ll firmly believe that given enough time and resources, his can achieve any goal. This quality can make Tyler a brilliant entrepreneur, and her ability to think strategically and hold a long-term focus while executing each step of their plans with determination and precision makes her a powerful business leader. This determination is often a self-fulfilling prophecy, as Tyler pushes his goals through with sheer willpower where others might give up and move on, and her Extroverted nature means they are likely to push everyone else right along with her, achieving spectacular results in the process. At the negotiating table, be it in a corporate environment or buying a car, Tyler is dominant, relentless, and unforgiving. This isn't because he’s coldhearted or vicious per se – it's more that Tyler genuinely enjoys the challenge, the battle of wits, the repartee that comes from this environment, and if the other side can't keep up, that's no reason for Tyler to fold on her own core tenet of ultimate victory If there's anyone Tyler could respect, it's someone who is able to stand up to them intellectually, who is able to act with a precision and quality equal to their own. However Tyler is willing to make an acception for very few people who are quite the opposite due to his friends, kindhearted nature. Tyler has a particular skill in recognizing the talents of others, and this helps in both his team-building efforts, and to keep Tyler from displaying too much arrogance and condescension. However, she’ll also have a particular skill in calling out others' failures with a chilling degree of insensitivity, and this is where Tyler really start to run into trouble.[/BCOLOR] Tyler [BCOLOR=transparent]can be a true powerhouse, and his cultivates an image of being larger than life – and often enough his is. Tyler needs to remember though, that his stature comes not just from her own actions, but from the actions of the team that props his up, and that it's important to recognize the contributions, talents and needs, especially from an emotional perspective, of her support network. Even if Tyler has to adopt a "fake it ‘til you make it" mentality, Brett is able to combine an emotionally healthy focus alongside his many strengths, he will be rewarded with deep, satisfying relationships and all the challenging victories they can handle.[/BCOLOR]

    ★ Bio ☆
    Its not easy being a seven year old with bipolar. You trust too easily and get upset when people exclude you.
    from activities you like. People avoid you and nothing really works out. It becomes even worse once you start the
    weekly. Telling all your insecurity's and life story with a complete stranger. Lastly if becomes harder when your
    taking pills to steady your moods because the swings are so extreme that people no longer think it is safe for you to be
    around people without being on it.

    This was the life that Tyler DCaprio was blessed with when he was born. Pills twice a day therapy bi - weekly.
    Tyler hated it, the constant reminder that he had an incurable mind disease. Middle school became a rough time

    for Tyler because he was bullied and made fun of. That was before high school, he had found a system of finding secrets
    and using them as blackmail. It worked very well especially against a young female. He never bothered to learn her name, however he knew she played music; created it from her heart and he secretly loved it. Not only did he use secrets he found out
    about her against her he would tease her about her music. Told her that she would never make it big, her songs would never be
    remembered. He did not mean any of it, but to him telling her these things made him feel powerful and good about himself
    it made Tyler feel like he was in control and nobody could stop him. Of course at home he had a little sister, little Eli only three

    and very curious. The two had matching stuffed elephants the only difference was the color pink used in the ears Tyler's were a lighter pink and Eli's a deep magenta. Together they would play make believe and their elephants being their trusty companions.

    Eli would become Tyler's Demise.
    Several years later one of the nights Tyler was headed out to treat himself for
    ice cream he had left Eli alone with a babysitter named Cathy. In trust that Eli was in good hands Tyler went out and bought himself some ice cream then decided to practice his bowling. An hour and a half later Tyler came home to an empty
    house. Panicking and calling Cathy her phone vibrated against the coffee table. Tyler dropped everything, even school in his second to last year to help find her. It took him four months before people began to contact him warning him to stop.

    A month later he began receiving death threats and weeks later he was killed via car cash.

    Everything turned black.

    Walking among a black world something that looked like oblivion he ran into a person who called himself a Reaper.
    This Reaper offered him a second chance of life. A second chance to find his sister. Obviously taking the opportunity the
    Reaper warned him that life came with a price, his price... The memories and existence of his sister. To Tyler Eli would seize to
    exist, though Eli in the physical world would be alive and well. Tyler hated the idea, but took it in high hopes he would get the memories back of his sister. With the shake of his hand the memories erased and once again everything was black.

    Awaking from a painful sleep Tyler was startled. Bolting up memories came to him in a fuzz, something about a second chance
    of life. Tyler shook his head in disbelief ´so this is the afterlife?´ his thoughts clear in his mind. Getting up Tyler smiled thinking theirs nothing to lose now and traveling. In this time he decided that he had a second chance that he could change his habits and become nicer to people. He got to test how well he would do with the nice part when he ran into a nice young girl. With a smile they created small talk and she offered to pair with him. Taking the opportunity Tyler decided that this would be a clean slate,
    a new start.

    ★ Talents And Skills ☆
    ☆ Surprisingly enough,
    Tyler is a great at drawing.

    ☆ Tyler is great with hand
    to hand combat

    ☆ Tyler has a knack for finding
    emotion in faces and actions

    ☆ Tyler is great with small
    children and animals

    ★Reason For Winning ☆
    Originally Tyler wants to have a second chance at finding his sister.
    However, once the memories of her are erased his sheer survival needs
    set in and he wants to win for the reason of living

    ★Likes ☆
    ☆Astronomy - Tyler loves the stars, he admires the night sky and finds beauty within it

    ☆Music - Tyler has a soft spot for songs and melodies

    ☆Talking - Tyler is a social butterfly and thrives off of social interaction.

    ☆Eating - Tyler just enjoys food

    ☆Sleeping - Dreaming is Tyler's favorite thing to do.

    ★ Dislikes ☆


    ☆Peanut Butter



    ★ Relationships ☆

    Eli Marie DiCaprio
    Younger sister of Tyler, he and Eli were very close.
    Close enough that they knew everything about each other.

    Kaya Miyuki
    ... To be added ...
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       ☣ ┆ ( BASIC . INFO )
    [ Nicknames ] N/A
    [ Age ] 18
    [ Sex ] Male
    Gender ] Male
    [ Sexual Orientation ] Bisexual
    [ Role ] Player 1, older brother of player 4

    I've gotten worse with a big fanfare

       ☣ ┆ ( PERSONALITY )
    [ Loner ] Azuma isn't the type of guy who likes hanging around other people. He's a person who prefers solitude over social situations. His sister, who is in a similar predicament as himself, was a valuable friend to him his entire childhood. The two of them were pretty much inseparable. Even if they grew up very different - him as a social outcast, her as the top student in her class - they were still getting along very well with each other. The two of them basked in their own loneliness. It didn't feel lonely at all when he sat around in one of their rooms together with her, her usually playing games or studying, and him with the latest book he'd found himself interested in, or some crafting project. The two of them had this kind of silent friendship.

    [ Skeptical ] Azuma is severely wary of other people. It takes him a long time to come to a mutual understanding with and trusting other people. He has only ever really trusted his little sister, and therefore, being thrown into a game where teamwork is much encouraged isn't the best thing for him. He isn't distrustful per se, though, and will trust someone if they earn it. He's not the type of person to judge someone before he really knows them, and thus stays on the fence as much as he can, hoping to be able to judge whether he should let a person in or reject them.

    [ Chuunibyou ] He is a person with an eccentric view on life, and is someone who would be diagnosed with the Chuunibyou - or the "Eighth Grade Syndrome". A chuunibyou is a person who lives in a kind of fantasy world where they are some kind of hero up against an evil organization of some kind. The parts of Azuma's personality where this kind of thing shines through is when he's fighting people, talking about demon lords and whatnot. The scary thing is that Azuma is already frighteningly strong, and not a person to mess with. Even if he sounds super cheesy and awkward like some kind of otaku, no one dares mess with him. An even scarier thing is that he acts like a complete maniac when he's in chuuni mode.
    It's the destiny of those born as men

       ☣ ┆ ( BIOGRAPHY )
    Azuma was born as the first child into a rather normal family. He didn't have any kinds of problems in his early childhood, and was ecstatic when he got his little sister. He vowed to protect her from everything. In middle school, that got him into trouble. He ended up getting into more and more fights to protect what was important to him - eventually teaching himself how to fight and protect himself. The fights that he had been losing he started winning one after one. He developed a twisted personality due to his lack of proper contact with others. In his first year of high school, he became what is commonly known as a "chuunibyou". His personality became twisted and he started acting like some kind of demon overlord, pretending to be a maniac.

    While it is called a "syndrome", he also uses it as a tool, knowing when to slip out of his persona. When he needs to show off to someone and make them not feel alerted with his presence, he puts on a big show of the dangerous powers sealed within his right hand, and his "magic knife" and his connection to the "organization" that must not be named. It has proven time and time again to make his enemies underestimate him, and he uses it as part of his wits in a fight. At first, he had to rely on it, but at this point, it has become too much of a habit to let go. Even if he can fight just fine without it, it became a habit.

    His sister, the most important person in his life, wanted him to end his wicked ways. She kept on trying to pull him out of his shitty situation, perhaps because she had figured out that he had initially done it because of her. He was too far in to stop, and when she ended up getting killed due to a classmate freaking out at her, Azuma could no longer live with himself. The precious family member that he had devoted his entire life to protecting had died without him being able to save her, and it made him feel a burning flame within him burn out.
    His parents had tried to stop him from storming from the house, but he made sure they'd lose track of him. He'd leave it to the pedestrians to find his body. When he reached the middle of Tokyo, he threw himself off a tall apartment building. The air was kicked out of his lungs in that moment, and he closed his eyes, waiting for the impact. The next thing he knew, he was awake again on that very same street. But there was no people, only a person sitting in front of him. Talking to him. Luring him into the Reaper's Game. In exchange for the memories of his sister, he would go into this game and compete to live again, lured in by the promise that he would be able to eventually save his sister if he treaded this path.
    I've gotten worse with a big fanfare
       ☣ ┆ ( MISCELLANEOUS )
    [ Appearance ] Azuma is a decently tall guy, standing at around 180cm. He has a lean body shape, but a fair amount of muscles due to his continuous fighting. His hair is naturally black but he has dyed the left half of it pure white as a fashion statement. His eyes are a gleaming pink, and his pretty face is usually distorted into a maniacal smile or an emotionless scowl. He never takes his gloves off when he's out in public. He likes to wear clothes that are half white, half black, like his pants and jacket. He wears a collar on his neck with a chain dangling from it, and two metal rings on his arms connected with a chain. This might seem stupid at first, but he uses them in part of his fighting strategy. His other favorite color is pink, and he likes to adorn his outfits here and there with pink, bet it belts or cuffs or the edges of his shirts, he likes to add in that color.

    Azuma carries around a gleaming green knife. While it may seem like a toy, it's a real, sharp weapon that can be used to kill. He has never actually used it to kill anyone, though, and usually manages to use it in a non-lethal manner. He carries it around in his belt, usually hidden away under his coat. He doesn't need unnecessary skirmish because he ends up getting careless and letting people see it.

    [ Weapon of Choice ] Knife (as seen in picture)

    [ Reason to Win Game ] Azuma wants to win for his family, specifically his sister. She was his moral anchor in life, the only thing keeping him from falling completely into crime and immorality. His sister kept insisting that he wasn't actually a bad person, but he knows personally that that isn't the case. He's happy that she believes in him, but it's obvious that he would've been a hard-boiled criminal, had it not been for her. Therefore, he's willing to do anything, even play that stupid game, if he can have a chance of saving his sister.

    [ Entry Fee ] Azuma's entry fee is the memories of his precious sister. After her death, he held her dear in his heart, knowing that he wanted to meet her again somehow. When he died himself, he offered up memories of her, just for the chance of seeing her again, if he, by any chance, could get to see her just once again, he's willing to do just about anything, even participate in this "Reaper's Game" in a world where logic no longer applies.
    But it's my fate to love in the moment

    OC: MiNaGi | PC: MiNaGi | Coding: FieryCold & MiNaGi(altering)
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  6. "New game, start!"
    "I'm scared, but I can't get a game over!"


    ★ Name ☆
    Tomoe "Tomo" Oogami

    ★ Age ☆

    ★ Role ☆
    Player 4 / Younger Sister of Player 1

    ★Gender ☆

    ★ Entry Fee ☆
    Her Memories of her Family

    ★ Weapon Of Choice ☆
    Handheld Game Console
    looks conspicuously like a PS Vita

    ★ Face Claim ☆
    Sarada Uchiha, Naruto

    ★ Theme Song ☆
    | | Lost One's Weeping | |

    ★ Personality ☆
    Shy | | Quiet | | Intelligent | | Sarcastic

    The best way to describe Tomo is 'quietly determined'. She isn't the type to yell and scream out what she wants, but she won't give up on it either. She's smart enough to get what she wants, more often than not working towards it by whatever means she has available. In times of high stress, Tomo has been found to stop, stand still, and talk out loud to herself to organize her thoughts. If she's close enough to someone, she'll be sarcastic and joke with them, but that is a rare instance and bond for her. Most people consider her somewhat standoffish because she's too afraid to speak her mind or argue with people. Tomo will always default to help others, even at the cost to herself.

    She loves video games, using them as a coping method for when she wasn't studying. She likes them because it's easy to be the hero in video games. She's uploaded a few videos to show off her talent for them, and would rather be playing a game than socializing at a party. Sometimes, she integrates some of her favorite phrases into her speech.

    ★ Bio ☆
    Tomo's older brother was always cool. Someone you could rely upon when he was there, and their parents were supportive enough, maybe too supportive in Tomo's case. Tomo was supposed to be happy. She wasn't sure if she could ever fulfill their implicit expectations. Always get As, and B might as well be failing. Always be the angel kid, even if your brother is actually a good guy. Make sure the teachers praise you. Her life was too empty, but she held on, hoping that she'd somehow pass this test. So she played the part of the model student, never quite brave enough to run for Student Council, but she could run and win if she tried. Plus, her brother's antisocial habits enabled her own, allowing her to have someone to rely on. When she was alone, she'd play her games to pass the time. So she made it day to day.

    She was returning from a shopping excursion to buy new games for her handheld when she realized that she was being followed. It was another girl from her school, and it seemed like it would be best to confront her in the street, but Tomo was forced down a dark alleyway. She stared down the other girl as she hurled insults at Tomo. She claimed to be jealous and she wanted to make sure that Tomo wasn't a cheater. The girl pulled out a box cutter.

    Tomo tried to explain that it was fine, but the girl seemed crazed. She explained that she was jealous that Tomo had been given so much luck in life, and Tomo moved forward to try and calm the girl, but the other girl slipped and Tomo was stabbed with the knife. The girl tried to help, but Tomo told her to find help elsewhere and said that it was her fault. The other girl looked for help, crying out into the street. Tomo knew better than to let the other girl see her final moments, after all... she was going to be a doctor when she grew up, there was no help to be had.

    She closed her eyes.

    She met a Reaper, or so he called himself, and offered to let her play a game. The fee had to be something she held close to her heart. The only card she had to play was to trade her memories of her family in the hopes that by winning the game, she'd be able to see them again. So she traded them away, hoping that by removing them, she'd get a chance to win them by winning the game. She was a sore loser, after all.

    She woke up where she died, remembering that she was dead, but so much of her life was missing. All she remembered were her lonely school days, lunches full of pixels. She had a picture and nothing much else to go on. So she figured that saving her life meant being given a second chance to make herself new happy memories. She ran into her partner by pure serendipity, and he seemed familiar, so she asked for his help, and they became partners.

    ★ Talents And Skills ☆
    Highly Book Smart
    Talented Strategist
    Fast Reader

    ★Reason For Winning ☆
    She loves her family, despite it all. She wants to go home again, and be with them. She promised herself that she'd do anything to win, and now that she's forgotten them, she has a picture of them that she carries around. She thinks currently that she's trying to get back to the group of people, and find them. She wants more than anything to solve this mystery she's presented herself with, and to help her partner win.

    ★Likes ☆
    Video Games
    Quiet Places
    Blues and dark reds
    Music, mostly 8bit

    ★ Dislikes ☆
    Noisy Loudmouths
    Automatically Saving Games
    Being Called Stupid

    ★ Relationships ☆
    (To be filled in later~)

    Player 1:
    Azuma Oogami, @MiNaGi
    Brother, older sibling

    Player 3:

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  8. I'm good either way, but I think similar names is better. I'm not disposed to either last name, so which one do you like better?
  9. I'm mostly inclined towards the one I picked, but also because it'll be... troublesome to edit his title, to say the least. xD
  10. Okay, haha. I'll go edit my name now.
  11. Thanks, that's saving me a lot of trouble xDDD
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    ... Why does that last name make me think of Danganronpa...?
  13. Dank grandpa?
  14. Had a busy week but I will get my guy up this weekend sorry.
  15. Same here. btw, where's @DustBunny ? Without them, we won't have any reapers :(
  16. GAH! Alerts broke and was swamped with musical stuff but I'm free and will have my character up tomorrow!!
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  17. Would anyone mind if I took that female reaper with Tigris?

  18. [​IMG]
    FC: Rachel Gardner
    ◣ Where's your angel now? ◥
    ♦ | Name
    Olivia Nemukara
    ♦ | Age
    16 years old
    ♦ | Role
    ♦ | Gender
    ♦ | Noise Form
    Tigris Cantus
    ♦ | Sexual Orientation
    ♦ | Talents/Skills
    ★ Entrancement
    ★ Hypnotism
    ★ Swift
    ★ Strategic/Tactical
    ★ Deceit

    ♕ | Psychopathic
    Though she hates the term, she will admit that she is a psychopath. Born psychopath, to be more exact. Olivia was never capable of comprehending human emotions, which is what led her to become a reaper in the first place. She is curious as to why humans try so desperately to survive, and so she mimics the same actions driven by the same result of it all. Being a psychopath, she is a logical and strategic thinker - highly intelligent and precise. On the other hand, she has very little motivation to do much of anything unless it benefits her in any way.

    ♕ | Apathetic
    Olivia will almost always have a blank stare on her face, always so hard to read. She is anything but naive and innocent, seeing that she wouldn't hesitate to erase a soul. Hell, she'd do it all with a blank expression on her face. Prior to her transformation into a reaper, she was actually fairly expressive despite being subtle. Her innocent and serene, angelic appearance more often deceive people into thinking that she is but a mere child. She isn't very much sociable, but it's not hard to spark up a conversation. Even so, that stoic glare is enough to put someone off guard. A logical thinker, but that's to be expected.

    ♕ | Pessimistic
    Unsurprisingly, she is amazing negative. Her view on life is nothing more than 'everything is going to die at some point, so I don't get why you're trying so hard to survive.' sort of thing. She knows no boundaries, and would even get on the touchiest subjects that no one would dare trend (although I will keep this within bounds, and I'll be mindful in case there are triggers in some topics). Funny enough, she enjoys playing mind games on people, especially the players who meet her.

    ♕ | Manipulative
    A highly manipulative individual, Olivia can easily deceive those of both weak and strong wills. The soft and angelic appearance she so freely dons is the culprit to so much deception, paired with a silver, toxic laced tongue. The soothing aura and voice that she leaks out only contribute to this, making her seem trustworthy and terribly hard to deny even if you know that things will not turn out well for you. An expert at lying, both white and ink black lies.

    ♕ | Soothing
    To a fault, to be more precise. Olivia focuses most in the art of music and vocals, however, directing that specialty to soft voices. Her voice, despite the fact that it can be rather monotoned, is enough to put someone at ease and almost put them into a trance if they listen to her words for extended periods of time. This is balanced out by the fact that she doesn't talk too often, although it's hard to focus when all you hear is the soft whispering of a girl's voice, singing a tune that's almost entrancing.

    ♕ | Respectful
    Olivia is polite and respectful towards others, often speaking in a formal tone and very rarely casually. Although, there are times where she can be found to be irritated or bothered, and use sarcasm. The majority of the emotions that she showcase are all masks, imitating them in order to get messages across, or just to manipulate others. But that asides, she's still very polite to other plays even though she can mock them. The reactions she receives greatly interest her, almost to the point it's an obsession.

    ♕ | Patient
    Many would say that Olivia is patient and composed, just as her dull blue eyes appear. You could ran tot her for hours upon hours, and she won't care. Of course, that's not to say that she'll actually listen, but she won't blow up on you.

    ♕ | Cooperative
    She'll listen to you, oh yeah she'll listen to you. Olivia puts loyalty up there, above all else. Even though she doesn't emotionally tie herself to anyone, she knows her place and when she can or cannot overthrow someone of a higher rank than herself. Perhaps it's from the game that she played, but she is able to work with others fairly easily with some venom words leaking out. Just agree with them, and subtly suggest ideas to influence their judgement.

    ❤ | Likes
    - Theorizing
    - Thinking games
    - Singing Lullabies
    - The Crunching sound that Snow makes
    - Taro Bubble Tea
    - Puzzle Games

    ❤ | Dislikes
    - Variables
    - Miscalculations
    - Loud Music
    - Flirting
    - Lack of Sleep
    - Being unable to draw a conclusion
    - Unnecessary casualties

    ♕ | Pre-Reaper
    Olivia was considered gifted, a genius at her age. She was a child prodigy in her school, and to the people around her. A perfect child, the perfect child her parents always wanted. She was born into a wealthy family, only given the best, and the best was expected from her. Anything less was not an option. Yes, she had to be perfect no matter what she did. But there was only one problem.. People said that she was amazingly talented in everything that she did, but they asked her how she felt about the pressure on everything. The child didn't know how to respond, because she didn't know what it was like to feel pressured. All she did was feign ignorance, feigned childhood innocence to mask the lack of understanding and inability to comprehend the human emotions that she should have a gist of. It wasn't hard for her to socialize and form connections, but she found it difficult to maintain close bonds due to the fact that she became so easily disinterested as a child. Easily described as cold and distant by many, eventually resorting to using people for her own benefit. Having no sense of loyalty whatsoever, and even questioning it to her parents.

    It didn't help how her parents were big in the business industry.. They taught her that she had to, by any means, do anything to get what she wants or needs. This only contributed to her psychopathic thought process, and even if she felt a little lonely, she was never able to identify it as a 'negative feeling'. Contrary to the popular belief, she did feel emotions albeit very little, and very subtle. The majority of the time, she was unable to identify such emotions and brushed them asides as nothing more than inferior stage.

    Olivia had trouble with empathy, and so she wasn't affected at the loss of a loved one. She didn't know what sorrow was, but she knew that those around her were feeling it and so she often imitated those reactions. Her research stretched from events with her parents to simple television shows, and school. Stress didn't affect her as much as others, and so she was able to easily maintain a composed mind and complete everything she needed to complete effectively. Once again, this is what led people to believe that she was a child prodigy.

    While growing up on the other hand.. She became troublesome. She began researching philosophers, questioning the concept of 'life' and the like. She looked into psychology, fascinated by how others feel and react on such a larger scale than herself. Olivia became obsessed with gaining reactions and studying, even taking the time to research the human brain and tested some theories for herself over the internet. Her morals are non-existent, as she even went as far as to cyber bully others for the sake of gaining the reactions that she wanted. If she did this, they would react this way, and so on. In the process of her hunt for reactions, she got herself involved in some illegal activity. Not only had she become addicted to watching reactions, she even went to the extreme and wanted to see that moment pure happiness warped into fear and grief. Behind the backs of her parents, she often drugged other people (just slipping things into a sorry teen's drink) and made sure to observe them herself while acting as a cheerful, soft-spoken high school student.

    However, as she was walking home one day, she was pulled over into an alleyway without a warning. Before she knew it, she was being held ransom to her family. On the other hand, in an attempt to drug her through means of injection, they killed her from an overdosage. At the very least, she died without much pain and she was drifting off, she could feel herself dying. The girl was just about to let go, because 'that's just how it is'. However, in that darkness of death, she was approached by a reaper. The reaper claimed that they could give her a second chance, more time to analyze the human nature. On the other hand, she had trouble thinking of an entry fee. Truthfully, she didn't have anything that was dear to her that she could give up, finally settling on the last thing that she could think of: The pendant that her mother gave her - the only thing that held some form of meaning to her.

    With her time in the game, she realized just how desperate humans could get to live. People around her were erased, be rid of. Killed for good, willingly and unwillingly. Olivia was one of the lucky few who survived all the trials, and was told that she could return to her everyday life. However, the girl had other plans. A person, who deemed themselves to be 'the composer' was impressed by the girl's tact and wits, and her lack of motivation and desire only made her all the more interesting. They also found her voice rather interesting, along with her knowledge on the human brain and her knowledge on the relation between psychological and physical links (such as hypnotism). Having used her own voice and the like to put others in a trance (most likely as her way of eliminating the others) only made the Reapers' jobs much easier, even killing her own partner in the process. She acted like she cared. She acted like she was just a sweet little angel.

    Where's your angel now?

    ♕ | Post-Reaper
    Olivia had spent the next few weeks acting as a reaper, slowly working her way up in the ranks. What set her asides from the other reapers was the fact that it was here mere voice that was enough to lull another to sleep, or a trance. While many use psych to deal with and confuse players, Olivia has always played around with and taken an interest in mind games while the brain is off guard. She was newly assigned to this Game Master, and so she prays that these players would be interesting.. Of course, she wouldn't know what it's like erasing people. She lulls people to sleep, but she's never had the chance to actually erase anyone.

    She wants to learn more about the human psych.

    ♦ | Appearance
    A petite girl, standing at 5'2" in height. The teen has vivid, golden locks of hair that falls down her back paired with dull, empty, yet beautiful blue eyes. She almost looks at peace, serene no matter what you throw at her. Most often, she retains a stoic expression on her face and her posture usually makes her look more mature for someone of her structure and age.

    ♦ | Reason for Winning
    She wants to learn more about emotions, reactions, philosophy, and the human mind/psychology. Everyone changes when in the face of death, after all.

    ♦ | Theme Song + Voice

    ♕ | Reaper's Game
    She sees no problem in the game itself. It's obvious, right? Humans will do everything they can to survive, even if that means sacrificing others. Personally, she doesn't see a problem in any of that. In fact, she finds it fascinating how someone can go from kind and caring to warped and selfish the moment their life is in danger.
    ♦ | Player 1 | Azuma Oogami
    I couldn't care less.
    ♦ | Player 2 | Maiko Kurosawa
    She's too naive. Oh I just can't wait to erase and see the despair on her face.. I can learn more.
    ♦ | Player 3 | Arata Kawachi
    .. Wild? Way too loud for my liking..
    ♦ | Player 4 | Tomoe "Tomo" Oogami
    She looks smart.. Lets see if those brains get her anywhere though.
    ♦ | Player 5 | Tyler West DiCaprio
    Couldn't care less.
    ♦ | Player 6 | Kaya Miyuki
    ... She's odd.
    ♦ | Game Master | Sebastian Salvatorez
    He gives me the orders, I create obstacles. What else is there to say?
    ♦ | Conductor | Satoru Maeda
    He's one of the few people who don't fall asleep to my voice.

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  19. "Don't worry. All the Pawns fall where they may."

    Sebastian Salvatorez

    "Check and Mate."


    ★ Name ☆
    Sebastian Salvatorez

    ★ Age ☆

    ★ Role ☆
    Game Master

    ★Gender ☆

    ★ Entry Fee ☆

    ★ Noise Form ☆
    Ovis Cantus

    ★ Weapon Of Choice ☆
    Noise Form

    ★ Face Claim ☆

    ★ Theme Song ☆
    The Evil Mastermind

    ★ Personality ☆
    Smart | | Cold | | Calculating | | Emotionless

    In short, Sebastian is a cold-hearted bastard. No emotion shows past the cold mask that is his face, instead, an ever-present deadpan and uninterested look paints his features. His intelligence is nearly unmatched, and he uses that to his advantage in making missions and traps for the players. He learns by watching and experience, and learns how to tear the players down without doing much dirty work himself.

    ★ Bio ☆
    Sebastian lived a relatively normal life. His father worked, his mother stayed home, and he attended the most prestigious school in the region. From a young age, Sebastian was incredibly smart, far smarter than any of the other students. Even though he was always at the top, he never felt as if he were superior to everyone around him, and it showed. He was kind and sweet to everyone he met, and had many friends. Sebastian passed through his elementary and high school years with perfect grades and many friends. Soon after, he set in to the routine of college, ready to get on with his life.

    However, fate had other plans.

    On his way back to his dorm in the middle of the night after late working sessions in some of his classes, he was struck by a drunk driver and killed instantly. In the darkness of his death, he was approached by someone claiming to be a Reaper, offering unto Sebastian a 'second chance.' Hastily, he agreed and accepted the offer. After his acceptance, he was told that he needed to give up a fee. Something dear to him that he had to work towards getting back. Deciding on his emotions, he set off into the game.

    Sebastian made it through the game, his cold personality bringing him and his partner to the very end where they faced the current Game Master. In the battle, Sebastian's partner fell, but he managed to emerge the victor, completely unfazed.

    Soon after the grueling victory, Sebastian was confronted by someone who was called the Composer. Sebastian was told that he had surprised the Composer with the way he mercilessly used his brain to make it through the game, worried only about himself and winning. This is what led the Composer to offering him the next position as Game Master. It didn't take long for Sebastian to take the spot, opting to keep his emotions gone, as he felt as if they'd only interfere with his work.

    Currently, Sebastian is ready for the next Reaper's Game and he would be giddy with anticipation, had he actually felt anything.

    ★ Talents And Skills ☆
    ☆ Psychological Manipulation
    ☆ Surprisingly Dexterous
    ☆ Tactical Thinking
    ☆ Diplomatic
    ☆ Self-Defense​

    ★Reason For Winning ☆
    So he can keep toying with the Players

    ★Likes ☆
    ☆ Sleep
    ☆ Quiet
    ☆ Winning
    ☆ Chess
    ☆ Being in Control
    ☆ Being Game Master

    ★ Dislikes ☆
    ☆ Loud Noises/People
    ☆ Basically Everyone
    ☆ Being Interrupted
    ☆ Losing
    ☆ Having no Control
    ☆ Boredom​
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