The World Before The End

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    It was the year 2024 and an large magnetic feild had been spotted in many places such as Cuba, Asia, the Indies and more, It was like a huge barrier with a light that beemed straigh up to the sky. The army was trying to find a way to nuterlize the strange occurance meanwhile many of the people evacuated and became refuges. After months of trying to learn about the magnetic feild a crisis formed. Boom. The magnetic feild had a disturbance causing a great slip from japan down the feild had released strange air ship that didn't seem from our world and even worse unknown were appearing and in the form of beast like creatures began to arise causing war.

    The world was in shambles, police were corrupt and many people hommless turnned to crimes because of it the ongoing war was runing many places like major cities around the word but the one not that affected was New York. The army was trying to help and bring in rienforcements like the CIA, marines, Navy, and even the Agents but no even they could determine the outcome and the only plan left was surviving...and who would live the next day.

    Character Sheet

    Name: (first and last)


    Apperance: (use pics if you like)


    Backstory: (what were you doing before the world turned into chaos)


    Weapons: ( please no machine guns your a survivor try to seem like your struggling a bit, pistol with few bullets, bat, ect)


    Personality: (what type of person are you)

  2. (I'll give it a try. :))

    Name: Everance Lace
    Gender: F
    Age: 21
    Orientation: American
    Backstory: A simple girl with a simple life, helping her mother run their families floral shop.
    Bio: A classic story of good girl gone bad. Both parents having died of old age, she still lives in her floral shop, though it has run out of business. Now she uses it to make healing herbs and other concontions.
    Education: She has a year of medical history.
    Lover/Spouse: None, single
    Personality: She has become cold and heartless since her parents died and doesn't like to talk about her past. Her once happy days are now over in times of hardcore suvival.
  3. i like but do you have any wepons? :x lol and real pics are good but i perfer non actual pics
  4. Weapons: She carries 2 blades sheethed behind her back and she often makes a poison from poisons plants that she collects and smears the poison on her blades. She also makes poison to slip into water and food with her herbs and plants.

    (OOC: Do you want me to write out what she looks like then?)
  5. good and you could if you want i dont mind the pic though just saying
  6. (OOC: I'll describe her just for grinns and giggles.)

    Apperance: Everance is exeptionally beautiful, with a full head of bouncy copper colored hair and long legs and the perfect body. She has no piercings or tattoos. Her chocolate brown eyes are cold, hard and calculating.
  7. Name: James Connor

    Age: 20

    Orientation: American

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Backstory: A quiet guy never really spoke unlsess he had to, was working in and part time office job

    Bio: James is a quiet guy who lives a simple life he dosen't really tend to speak much being that he is shy and dossen't feel that their reall is any need to interact with people that much, heis in fear of looking a loved one.

    Education: in colleage

    Lover/spouse: None, Single

    Personality: Quiet, calm most of the time, mostly is in his own world and only cares for few pople.