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  1. Terra 3, the world of rose tinted skies and possibilities. It is the newest planet that the human race has chosen to colonize, as the Earth's population continuously climbs. On the other side of the galaxy, a small ship putters, broken and slow through space, as an explosion of a sun sends a group of the known universe's most dangerous headed straight for the enthusiastic pioneers. The expansion of the human race is about to come face to face with the worst the universe has to offer.



    Terra 3

    Bio: A planet discovered at the cusp of the 23rd century. When it was first discovered, Terra 3 was a Class K planet, as it's atmosphere had dissipated throughout space thousands of years ago, leaving the planet barren. However, when the need for a new planet to colonize came to the attention of the Human embassy, the planet was chosen to be terraformed to suit the humans who would colonize the planet. It took six years of slowly building the atmosphere, and introducing plant life, to create a sustainable living environment. Due to an isotope released from the planet, the atmosphere turned a bright pink colour, though no toxic or harmful effects have been recorded from this reaction. In fact, being on the planet seems to make people more relaxed and personable.

    Climate: The climate of Terra 3 is rather similar to that of earth, if a tad more stable. The temperature rarely drops below 15'C during the cold season, and stays below a comfortable 32'C in the summer moths. Most of the planet is covered in grassy plains, with small lakes and rivers dotted throughout, so the humidity level is rather high. As such, frequent rains are common throughout the planet's expanse.

    Native Flora: Many, if not all plants found on Terra 3, are those that were brought over from Earth and other human colonies. However, when the planet was first regaining its atmosphere, a strange blue moss was discovered growing on the planet's surface. It, however, did not produce oxygen as earth plants, but instead created a nitrogen, carbon monoxide mix. The moss was removed as it was found, taken to be studied and destroyed. This moss grows incredibly fast, and must be destroyed or removed immediately after being found, lest it begin to change the atmosphere.

    Native Fauna: Any animal found on Terra 3 was brought from Earth or other human colonies.

    Population: At present date, Terra 3 is home to some 1,200 humans located in small communities found close together on the western face of the planet.




    A space prison that had been in orbit of the yellow star of the Velispar System. It housed 10,000 prisoners, and had room to spare, when the star died, entering its supernova faze. As the heat began to rise, the prison's controls failed, allowing those incarcerated to escape. There were too many for the security forces to handle, and they were easily overrun by those who had just gained back their freedom. However, the star was very near to exploding. Those smart enough to realize what was happening began to pile on to the few escape pods. There wasn't enough room for all, and bloody fights began to break out between the prisoners. In the end, only three ships made it off of Zesckar, and of those three, only one escaped the blast as the star exploded, and not unscathed. The ship suffered heavily in the blast. Now, a small band of criminals drifted through space, their ship heading in an unknown direction.


    Rules of the RP

    1: You may have only one character at each starting area (Terra 3, Zesckar). If you start on Terra 3, you MUST be a REGULAR HUMAN. That means no powers or strange gifts. You will have future technology to rely on. If you start on Zesckar, you may play any alien race.

    2: If you create an alien, you must give a detailed description of the race they hail from.

    3: Your characters will be put into situations where they may die. Especially if you don't post regularly. If a character of yours dies, you are welcome to either create another character, or ask for a turn as GM.

    4: There will be a posting order in place. When your turn comes around, you will be given a week to reply before your turn is skipped. If warning is given of an absence and permission granted, another person may take the turn and post for the missing party.

    5: You must respect the Gm, and your fellow players. Any meanness or disrespect OOC towards anybody will get you kicked from the rp. That being said, in character, your character can be as mean and vicious as you like.

    6: If you've read the rules, please put "Gotcha Boss" in the other section.


    Character Skeleton

    Age (+18):
    Race: (Please be descriptive for Aliens.)
    Starting Area:


    Appearance: (Pics or Text)

    History: (If starting on Zesckar, please include your crime.)


    Approved Characters

    Terra 3:

    Averi Nacht

    Maria Stryph






  2. Name: Averi Nacht
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Starting Area: Terra 3

    Personality: Averi is a hardy woman, having lived on an overpopulated Earth for most of her life. She is hard working and dedicated to her work, which is to grow and distribute food for her colony. In her leisure time, she enjoys going to the shops around the town, checking out the vendors for new technology to be transferred in. While she can seem a bit gruff around the edges on first meeting, but she does rather enjoy the company of others. As long as it doesn't interfere with her work. Her work comes first before anything else in her mind. It might be why she isn't very lucky in her love life.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    History: Averi Nacht was born a child of a large family house hold, the third child to two loving parents when the two child law was still in place. Hidden away from the world for most of her childhood, her days were spent cleaning their small, dingy apartment, while her parents and older sibling worked to pay for the life they were trying to lead. After Averi had turned 18, she was able to come into the world, under the guise of her father's sister. However, she was uneducated, preventing her from gaining any jobs other than out of the labour circuit. She began to work on the the food farms. Every morning, she would board a small space bus that would take her to the farms, where she would help take care of crops that would be distributed to the public. It was meant to be distributed evenly, but she saw that those with money seemed to be the only ones receiving the food, under the guise of a food shortage. She spoke out against it only once, and lost her job soon after. Earth was too corrupted by the heads in power, so when an opening came for people to become colonists on Terra 3, she jumped at the chance to leave all the congestion and injustice of Earth behind.

    Other: Gotcha Boss


    Name: V.
    Age: 3 = 19
    Gender: Male

    Race: Syntherian - A people originally from Galvator, a M Class planet in the Collaspic System. The planet experienced a brutal and devastating blow when a large asteroid struck its surface hard enough to change the planets orbit, as well as cause significant floral death and climate change. While a majority of its population was destroyed when the planet became deceased, the remaining Syntherians fled the planet. They, however, did not go to the Space Council to be relocated. Instead, they spread out throughout the galaxy, finding planets with sapient life to dwell on. Syntherians can not live in oxygen rich environments. They breathing relies on carbon monoxide. As such, there are very few planets they can actually live. Syntherians have developed a way to bypass this, by becoming body jumpers. They find a host body able to breath the oxygen rich air, and assimilate themselves inside their neuro pathways and respiratory system. Using the host body, a syntherian can breathe the air.

    When required to be in council space, and off of their home planet, Sytherians are provided willing hosts, which are monitored by the council. When they return, they are required to reconnect the host brain along the neuro pathways, and exit the body as safely as they can. However, the sytherians broke with council law, and began taking bodies as they pleased, leaving the hosts they disliked with severed mentalities, failing respiratory systems, and even causing fatalities. The council took action against the Syntherians, and most were destroyed, or incarcerated.

    Syntherians are a people who, to other's, seem void of emotion, as it is difficult for them to feel anything other than content and discomfort. This poses an interesting situation when they are assimilated inside a host, as the hosts emotions now become theirs. It is not uncommon for a Syntherian, while attached to a host, to burst out into tears at the mention of a sad situation, or become ecstatic at the thought of meeting a friend. As such, those who deal with areas off their home planet take special classes to ensure that they can act rationally and in a pleasant manner. The Syntherian physiology is also rather fragile. A blow that would only bruise other races may very well break the bones of a Sytherian. This allows Syntherians to be one of the more agile and quick races. However, off of Galvator, a Sytherian's physical ability is greatly limited by that of their host bodies.

    Starting Area: Zescker

    Personality: The very first thing people will learn about V. is that he is incredibly picky. He is never happy with the way things are, and voices his opinions loudly about how things might be improved. He also enjoys angering people to see the reactions he can get out of them. Any show of annoyance or anger puts him in a better mood. This Syntherian has little to no care about other people besides himself, and has a habit of leaving his host bodies a mess when he leaves them.

    Appearance: As a Syntherian, V. has a humanoid structure, with some very noticeable differences. His skin is a silvery blue in colour, turning a bright white in his face, neck area, and the palms of his hands. V's eyes are large, and completely black, suggesting that Galvator was dark most of the time. What looks like silver hair on his head are actually sensitive feelers, which would help him navigate if he was still on Galvator. V's fingers are very elongated, and the ends hook like sharp claws. A thin tail extends from V's back, breaking into two sharp ends, used in hunting when the Syntherians were little more than hunters. They still cause a painful sting if hit with, but they are nowhere near as deadly as they once were.

    V's current attire is a singed prisoner's uniform, with the arms torn off. He has a breather's pack that is currently allowing him to live without a host.

    History: V was born on Galvatron, where he grew up peacefully until the asteroid struck. In the confusion that ensued, only V and his mother made it on to the ships to escape the dying planet. The two of them hopped from a few planets with a group of Syntherians, leaving a wake of mindless and dead people behind them. It wasn't long before the council came after them, and in the raid, V's mother was killed. The young Sytherian, showing no signs of remorse for the lives he had taken, was taken to Zesckar, where he would be monitored by the security force.

    Other: Gotcha Boss
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  6. Name: Grozkull
    Age: 57
    Gender: Male
    Race: Ork. A race off large, green, humanoids. They release spores all their lives, and those spores grow into more Orks, yet they don't start to grow unless many spores land in the same area. A all male race. Also known for their high lung capacity and very loud shouting at times.
    Little is known about where this race came from, and they themselves don't care. They appeared suddenly in a huge, broken spaceship on the edge of the galaxy, and there it has been sitting ever since. The Orks on board had no idea how they got there, and most had no idea how the ship itself worked.
    The Orks didn't really care though. They were in a new place with lots of new things to fight. You see, the Orks are a very violent race. They care for little other than fighting and loot. If they see someone having something they want they are very likely to simply kill the owners and taking it. Most of them were born warriors and know little else. Some though, were born with knowledge of machinery, weapons, medicine or some other field of knowledge. They also don't die of age, but rather grow larger the older they get.

    There was little place on the ship for them to grow, and since they arrived here, they have been sending out small raiding parties towards nearby planets so they can make more weapons and ships, and hopefully take over a planet of their own.

    Most of the ork's gear seem to be crude, yet effective. This is mostly due to a strange phenomena where if enough Orks believe in something, it can alter reality, at least slightly.

    Starting Area: Zescker

    Personality: Straightforward, brutal, not very bright, yet a good friend if you can get his respect.

    Ork_slugga2.png Green, 2,5m tall, quite hunched over and very muscular.

    History: Grozkull was one of the Orks that the intellect to think further than his arms could reach. Because of that, he decided to go to other races with a couple of other Orks, trying to earn some money as a mercenary.
    It did not last very long, as most of his boyz died on the very first mission. After that he was stranded on some planet, working as hired muscle for the local crime-lord. That lasted a bit longer, though after a particularly bloody fight with a opposing gang, he was arrested for having slaughtered at least 100 people, and injuring even more. He was then taken to Zescker for containment.

    Other: Talks with a heavy accent. Gotcha boss.

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  7. Name: Kharas

    Age : 123

    Gender: Male

    Race: Dahkian

    Species Codex: The Dahkians hail from a small garden planet in the Volaya System they call Kiuran. Though they have set genders of male and female aesthetically they are somewhat androgynous, the patterns of a scaly armor on their faces indicating gender aside from their reproductive organs. Naturally, they exhibit greater Physical attributes than Humans, strength, senses, agility, causing them to be considered superhuman cousins. Their greatest strength, however, isn't in their genetic makeup, but instead lies in the fact that they are of a high intelligence, technologically, medically and scientifically. Their weapons are highly advanced and where some need rifles and cannons to fight a war, they need only a heavy pistol and kinetic reflection plating over their Atmosphere Suits. Cybernetic enhancement is extremely common among their species though most only go to the extent of having internal connectivity to the galactic intranet.

    Dahkians typically boast a natural lifespan of almost 400 earth years, the Dakhian homeworld's orbital period around it's large blueish white sun being only 3 solar revolutions short of Earth's own, it's days only 22 hours long. They are considered children until they are turn 90 years of age and they are not considered teenagers until they reach the age of 112. Adulthood in terms of age is considered gender-specific, males reaching adulthood at 130 and Females at 125. Socially, however they do not reach adulthood unless they go on a journey, a journey that tests every facet of their being to show that they are worthy of their longevity. Morally, they are vague, not understanding the concept of right or wrong though some individuals show the appearance of what seems to be an introverted conscience, not what's socially right or wrong but what's personally right or wrong.

    Starting Area: Imprisoned on Zesckar for a crime he did not Commit. The crime he was charged with was Robbery of a Spaceport Market Ward. True Perpetrator still at Large, a Dahkian rogue called Raksis.

    Personality: Smart, witty, with a tendancy to be a bit condescending to people of "Primitive" nature. He often retorts with a biting sarcasm to those who exasperate his patience with lesser minds. Overall through his abrasive personality, he's kind and reliable, and has a soft spot for Humans.

    Appearance: (See Attachment)

    History: Resident of Akarrah Space Station, He worked in a Tech Kiosk where he was a cashier. Framed by a fellow Dahkian name Raksis for Robbery of several kiosk, the death of a Sec-guard and 450,000 credits worth of damage to the infrastructure of the lower wards, during his escape. Being the only other Dahkian in the wing, Kharas was charged and imprisoned for Raksis' crime. Kharas now spends his time thinking of ways to escape his imprisonment, even ways to shorten his sentence.

    Other: His main weapon is a Tares 33 Hand Cannon, a Heavy Pistol designed by the Dahkian Military as their current standard issue assault weapon. Many races dislike the Dahkians for unknown reasons, at least unknown to the dahkians themselves. GOTCHA BOSS

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  16. Name: Maria Stryph
    Age: Twenty-Seven
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Starting Area: Terra 3

    Personality: Maria is rather cheerful and optimistic. She does her best to look on the brighter side of things, since her life hasn't exactly been a pile of cupcakes so far. Maria's kind of odd in several ways. Although she's quite down to earth and sensible at times, she also believes in things that are fantastically and wildly and obviously not true. Such as the existence of a cupcake fairy. Plus, she is an avid believer in every single religion she has encountered and prays to multiple Gods/Goddesses/Squerenoffs of the religion Zed. When asked about it she simply says she doesn't want to offend anyone. Many assume her to be talking about the followers of the religion, but in all actuality Maria is speaking of the deities themselves. Maria knows that hard work gets things done and isn't afraid to out effort into whatever she's told to do. Maria isn't really one to question orders, she's more of a follower type. On a first meeting she's quite kind and will often ask the other a million questions in an intense effort to get to know them.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    History: Maria was born on a spaceship. It was a short hop between Earth and Raskafaskas 2. Short being around three months. Maria's mother never told her why she simply had to go to Raskafaskas 2 only three months before her child was due, mainly because she passed away before Maria was old enough to think to ask her. Namely, at age three of a parasite one could only get from the planet Raskafaskas 2. Maria grew up on Earth with only her father, who was a strange one himself. He taught her about believing in every deity so as not to offend one by accident. "Just in case," he would tell her. That was her father's three favorite words.

    When Maria was twenty her father forgot, momentarily, that "Just in case" included wearing protective gear while working with heavy machinery, which he did often. Her family wasn't particularly rich, but Maria got a little bit from her Dad's saved up accounts. With no parents, no siblings, and no need to stay in one place, Maria took off traveling. Making sure to never, ever, ever visit Raskafaskas 2, Maria managed to hit twenty different planets in five years before returning to Earth. In that time Maria picked up an interesting myriad of skills. Three years later she ended up heading for Terra 3, although no one is quite sure how since they were most certainly not the ones who had passed her application, thank you very much.
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