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  1. Once upon a time, two villages lived in harmony. They advanced together fast, despite being very different, but similar to each other. They worked well together, defeating all those in their paths with their agility and powerful force. All was well until citizens from one of the villages disappeared. Many thought they were abducted by their allies, and soon, the two villages became rivals. The chiefs of the villages eventually called for war, each hoping to destroy one another. These two villages had advantages and disadvantages towards eachother just because of their races - Humanoid and Neko.
    The story will pick up three days after starting this war with two individuals - one from each village.

    The smell of oil filled his nose as he slowly opened his eyes. They were focused on the dusty floor of the repair lab. Slowly raising his head, it was pushed back down in an instant. "H-Hey!" he called out in surprise.
    "We just need your head down just a bit. Your back's getting repaired, remember?"
    The distant memories of his last battle were slowly being uncovered. "I guess... I don't remember too much."
    An annoyed sigh came from the engineer behind him. "That's to be expected."
    The engineer behind him was playing with the wires and circuits in his back - which was painful for him. Apparently, in his last battle, his friend C-9072 - who liked to be called Cyrus for some other reason - was shot in the head and was unable to be repaired. By that time, he'd been freaking out and got himself shot in the back as well. Though, when he tried to remember the people they were against, his mind went blank. When he tried to think some more, the engineer patted his back.
    "All done, C-7019. Take it easy, those wires aren't as stable as you might think this time. Give it a few days for it to heal." Then, the engineer jumped. "Oh right, you also liked to be called your human name, Steele."
    Steele stood up and rotated his arms a few times. He stretched for a few seconds and nodded. "Yep, I guess I am up to date. Thanks, Lyde."

    Steele slipped a simple black long-sleeved shirt over himself to hide his 'scars' from being worked on. He walked out of the repair lab, and stared at the world in front of him. The skies were a mixture of a gray color along with that beautiful blue sky. It looks darker than usual, he thought to himself. Shrugging, he decided to go to his quiet place. It was a place full of trees, plants, animals, and a lake. He'd found it when he was exploring one day, and got lost. He came upon the clearance in that forest, and was amazed at the sight he found for himself. The next day he'd returned and crafted a wooden bench just to sit there.
    Maybe it was time to go back. Something was calling him there anyways. He felt like something was waiting for him there, something extraordinary was going to happen, and he needed to see it. With a smile on his face, he started his way to his quiet place to meet this feeling of curiosity.

    • Images are large, shield your eyes.
      These here tabs have information in them such as:
      Character Appearances
      Character information

      Biographies are told within the role play.

    • C-7019
      Better known as Steele Will

      NAME: C-7019

      NICKNAME: He prefers to be called Steele Will.

      AGE: He's been on Earth for about eighteen years.

      GENDER: Male of course.

      RACE: Humanoid

      PERSONALITY: Despite being made of wires and parts, he's still got humanity left in him. He is offended easily when talking about his race, and can often blow a fuse when angered. He isn't too touchy, but like any human, can cry when it is needed or smile when he's happy. Unlike getting sick, his program can get hacked / viruses which will show up as a cold or sickness, but like any other immune system, can get rid of it easily.

      BACKGROUND: Separate post Maybe? OR UNCOVERED IN RP.

      EXTRAS: His main source of energy is of course food.
      Most processes are like a human.
      Some constructions of his body are not complete - his arm and both of his legs.

      Steele's Quiet Place (open)
      Might be a big picture (open)
      Shield them eyes. (open)
      not here ha.
      Sheild them eyes. (open)

      Steele's Village (open)
      More Pictures. (open)
      Shield your eyes. Again. (open)

      even though your eyes see ships or airplanes, they cannot carry any weapons / bombs.

      This civilization is somewhat slightly weird/undeveloped because of this
      despite being people who are robot humanoids.

    • Risa Silvaneko
      Better known as Silva

      NAME: Risa Silvaneko

      NICKNAME: Silva

      GENDER: Female

      PERSONALITY: Risa is not afraid to show people who she is. She will go out of her way to protect her friends. Risa is loyal, determined, and has a short temper when provoked. She's sometimes stubborn too.

      BACKGROUND: Will be revealed in the role play.

      EXTRAS: Has heightened senses including smelling, hearing, etc.
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  2. *pit pat, pit pat, pit pat* The sound of running feet filled the air as her homeland was being attacked. Everything in ruins around the once great land of the cat tribe Nekos. Buildings crumpled to the ground as the battle raged on both sides attacking each other. All this started from one thing and look how everything turned out. Silvaneko, Risa, the daughter of her father Nekushi, couldn't bear to fight. She would rather run away than fight for her home. Everything is gone anyway. Why did this have to happen? "Silva? Siilva!!" Another Neko ran around calling her name.

    This time the silver haired cat girl answered, "I'm over here! By the tree under the cliff!". She waited till her friend, Tika, found her. "This is where you have been hiding? Why make everyone worry about you?" Her friend questioned her as she rubbed her ears in protest. She could spare Tika the details, they know why she wanted to run away. Too much bad can never be good for a cat. Tika, a orange tabby she-cat gave her friend a hug. "Don't worry, everything will be all right." She murmured as Silva said, "I hope so. Maybe there's something else for just waiting to happen." Staring past her friend, into the battle she wishes she could not have to fight in.
  3. (( my computer is a butt. Not even loading most of this site. -.- anyways, CRAPPY PICTURE UP AHEAD.)

    When he had arrived, he saw that everything was out of place. His eyes scanned the area and compared it to what it was like before.
    The bench moved a few inches, there is a tree knocked down a few feet away, the area itself is less frantic with animals, and more importantly, there are two presences...
    Suddenly, a hand tapped his back, and he jumped a few inches forward. Then, he spun around and got in some kind of brawler's stance. He wasn't experienced in brawling or wrestling for that matter, but he'd always seen it on television. When he saw who it was, he relaxed and lowered his hands. "Jeez, Tamera! You scared me there!"
    Tamera was also another one of Steele's friends that he could remember. A-6071 was her real name. Tamera only laughed and scratched the back of her head. "I'm lost too, y'know. Isn't this your place? Sorry for intruding, looks like I scared the animals away..." Her voice trailed off as she looked around. The look on her face screamed that she was nervous.
    "What's wrong?" Steele asked in his monotone voice. He knew he sensed fear within her. She could tell him no different.
    "Nothing's wrong, Steele. Nothing."
    He sighed, as irritated as could be. "You know, some of the lies us as a race make - we sometimes convince ourselves that they're true," His were eyes burning with rage. "So, don't lie to me."
    "Alright, alright! I'm on a mission right now and... I'm supposed to catch one of those malfunctioned robots. Any idea where he is?" She asked. "Kinda short, a bit skinny, mid-length hair, piercing green eyes..."
    Steele shook his head, but he felt the other presence closing in. Maybe it was just a sense of fea--

    No, it wasn't that. Not anymore.

    As he was processing his thoughts, Tamera suddenly stopped talking. A hand reached out from the darkness and grabbed his neck as something sharp plunged through her chest. The light from her eyes went dim as she fell to the floor.
    Fear overwhelmed him as he quickly made a dash for it, never regretting what he had done as he ran through the forest.
    Like any other machine, they get overheated. Much like when a human runs for too long.
    When he emerged from the trees, he found himself standing on a hill. After he cooled down, he looked up to see the chaos of the war. The people from here looked like ants on their back legs, each of them falling over once they got hit. Steele remembered the scenery, where he was stationed to be, to look out, and to fight. Shaking his head, he walked a little further, but suddenly stopped.
    Two humans - no, nekos - stood by each other also watching the chaos before them.
    He didn't know why, but there was anger welling up inside of him - he just couldn't let it out. Not in front of them. Steele quickly slumped to the ground and sat there on his stomach, hoping not to be found out.
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