The Word of Approval

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    The Wright familiy, known for their use of magic and wizardry, had always married at the start of their adulthood. This tradition has been kept for so long, that many of them had arranged marriages with other families of nobility and royalty. Cedric Wright, the youngest of the family, had never really found himself marrying another girl. The young man was always studying in the library, closed from the rest of the palace, or reading outside in the garden alone, hoping to one day surpass his older brothers. He never really took the time to communicate with any other person except for one: a maid whose family served his for as long as he could remember. She was the only one he could express his feelings to and relate to. As time past, his feelings for her only matured and prospered.

    Cedric flipped his golden brown hair out of his eyes as he made his way twoards the castle's library. He was deliberating on who to choose as his bride to be. Just as he stepped inside the library, a certain maid had caught his eye. Smiling softly, he waved and spoke, "What are you doing here?"
  2. "Oh hey" waving back to him "I was on my way to clean your room for you. Is everything okay? you seem a bit depressed Cedric." she said, concerned about her friends emotions. Ophealia Lana was the maid's name. She loved spending afternoons in the library with Cedric and her feelings for him also grew, she too was a loner and always dreamed of being his side when the time came for him to be married. But, knowing deep down that wouldn't happen. Also, she knew what was going to happen, but she wanted him to tell her personally what was going on in his life.
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    " don't have to clean my room. It's clean enough." Cedric walked toward Ophealia and leaned on her shoulder. He always felt relaxed when around her, unlike the feeling he gets when dealing with his parents and royal affairs. "I'm fine...I guess. It's just that...mother is always nagging about how I have to find a bride soon." Cedric sighed in exasperation and spoke once more. "I don't want to get an arranged marriage like my brothers but I don't want to go and search for a princess who I'll never love..."
  4. "Oh, are you sure?" wrapping her arm around her friend comforting. "I know, my dear prince, but it's your duties. I know this sounds ridiculous but if there was a way for us to be together, you wouldn't have to deal with this." looking at the time her chores weren't done. "I must bid you farewell, since my chores aren't done. Afterwards, I'll meet you in the library." she hugged her friend, before departing.
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    Cedric watched his good friend as she made her leave. He thought quietly to himself, "If only there was a way..." Suddenly, a thought had popped up in his mind. If he searched through the castle's old scrolls, he could maybe find a way to marry someone like Ophealia. Cedric adjusted his scarf and strided twoards the dust filled room in the back of the library. He began his search starting from the top of the shelves. Unfortunately for Cedric, his mother had popped in the room, wondering why there was a light in the room in the first place. She scanned him skeptically and spoke in her harsh tone. "And what do you think you're doing here? Snooping through the scrolls like a hooligan, hmpf. At least your brothers were more refined than this." Cedric blew some dust off his nose and jumped down. "I was doing...some more studying..." He looked down towards his feet, trying to avoid eye contact.
  6. Ophealia was only down the hall from the library, finishing up her chores, she knew it was too risky to see him while his mother was there. "Poor, Cedric. He doesn't deserve this, she said to herself. He needs me, but I'm just a maid. It's time I told him how I feel about him." thinking to herself as she finished her chores. Soon she heard his mother come down the room to where she was, "Looks good, Ophealia, you may take the day off." bowing, "Thank you, your majesty." she said and departed from the room to put the cleaning supplies back. Soon she returned to library to visit Cedric. "Cedric, are you in here?"
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    Cedric puffed and took a kick at the chair, sending it across the room. Frustration built inside of his mind. He just didn't know what to do anymore. Was there really no way out of this marriage? Just as he rested the wall, a familiar voice sounded across the room. Cedric's golden eyes perked up and found Ophealia standing at the doorway. "Yeah..I'm here." He swept off more dust and embraced his friend in a hug. "...Did you hear us talking? My mother and I..." Cedric sighed.
  8. "Yes" she said with a sigh, hugging him. "My chores are done for the day, your mother gave the rest of the day off." picking up the chair that was just kicked across the room. "You really need to work on your anger issues, if your going to be married." trying to the lighten the mood just a bit. "Come sit, you've been on your feet all day. I can tell." trying to calm and relax her friend.
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    Cedric chuckled. "Well, I don't like taking my anger off on other people so the chair would have to do." He plopped on the picked up chair, leaning against the back of it. "I don't think there's any loopholes in this marriage thing..." Cedric leaned forwards, elbows on his knees and head on his hands. "If I decide to marry you...then mother will probably hurt you with magic. And I certainly do not want that.."
  10. "I know" she said sadly, wrapping her arms over her friend. "I hate seeing you so upset." she said with a sigh. "Come on let's go for a walk by the river, that would clear your thoughts offering him a hand. So that they could take a stroll together and talk about things other than marriage and loopholes.
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    "Yeah...that would be nice." He led her out the sidedoor to the path which lead to a river. Flowers of all sorts had trailed the pathway. It was obvious that the lawn was tended to often, for it was quite verdant. At this time of the year, the trees blossomed with flowers, petals slowly falling to the ground with each burst of breeze. At the river, there was a small stone bridge, entwined with vines. Cedric took in a deep breath of fresh air and slowly exhaled. He was calmed in just a few minutes. "Hey Ophealia? Sorry for having you listen to me ranting and stuff..."
  12. "Oh it's alright, as a friend I have to listen to your troubles. There's something, I want to tell you, but I don't know if I should." she said turning her back to him and facing the south part of the river. Hoping that he would wrap his arms around her and held her close. She longed for that feeling of embracement and security. "I have strong feelings of for you Cedric, I want to be with you, but I understand that cannot be. Your mother would kill me or hurt me." lowering her head to water to see their reflection.
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    With every word he had heard, his face grew a darker shade of pink. He would never have guessed that she felt the same way he did. During all these years, Cedric could never bring himself to confess to his childhood friend. Reading the atmosphere, he put one arm around her waist, pulled her close, and brought the other to her chin, lifting her head up so that they made eye contact. "I have also held strong feelings towards you, yet I could never bring myself to tell you... From the first moment we met, I knew you were special. You're nothing like any other woman I've met." He leaned in closer, his lips almost touching hers. "I will find a way for us to be together...I promise you." Cedric pulled her in, embracing her in a soft kiss.
  14. "Cedric....." was all she could say she was speechless and happy, she kissed him back. Mindlessly, she wrapped her arms around him. Pulling away from his lips, she said three words that she always wanted to say to him. "I love you." and kissed him again. "Being with you is all I want, in life. Your mother must understand that I make you happy and you for me." hugging him tighter, never letting him go. This was the perfect moment.
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    Cedric set another kiss upon her lips and smiled. "I would choose you as my princess over any other girl..." He took her hand, placing a soft kiss on it as any gentlemen would. He led her to a bench in the middle of a patch of flowers across the bridge. It was quite far from the castle, leaving the two in their own private little space. "I have a few things I want to share with you.."

  16. Blushing softly after the kiss on her lips and smiled as he kissed her hand. She sat down next to him on the bench, "Yes, Cedric, what is it that you want to tell me?" looking him in the eye. Was he going to do something that would risk his line of nobility or something else? She held his hand gently as they talked, looking him in the eye.
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    Cedric took a short moment to gather his words. "Well, Ophealia...I may have figured out a way...for us to be together." His face had suddenly changed into a serious tone. "But it isn't really...the safest way." His line of view traveled down to his twindling hands. "It involves us running away from here..." He looked back up to the eyes of his love. "But only if you want to do it this way..." Cedric wasn't really sure if she'd agree to his plan. After all, it was quite dangerous if one thinks about it. If he runs away from the kingdom to marry Ophealia, his mother could go targeting her and put her up as 'Wanted' for supposedly kidnapping the prince or something of the sort.
  18. "Run away, you mean elope? But what about your duties as prince, your mother won't accept that. She'll blame it on me." she said to him, the idea wasn't a bad idea, but she knew their places in terms of class in the palace. "It's not a bad idea, but it's risky and dangerous. I won't let you put my life on the line for us to be together." Then an idea, came to her "What if you talk to your mother about us?" that was ridiculous but it was worth a try. "Cedric..." taking his hands, "I'll fight for you if I have to" leaning in to kiss him one last time.
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    "I don't excatly think that talking with mother will do any good..." Cedric scratched his head. "She's a stubborn one for sure. Especially when it comes to marriage. But for your sake, I'll try conversing with her." He kissed the top of her forehead. "Plus, I have another surprise for you..." Cedric took a small velvet box out of his pocket. Slowly, the box was opened. Inside, was a simple silver ring with a sky blue saphire in the middle of two smaller diamonds. He took her hand, and delicately splipped the ring onto her left ring finger. "Think of this as my promise to you. I will find a way for us to be together no matter what." He leaned in for another kiss.
  20. A gasp escaped from her mouth and she covered her mouth, jaw dropping when she saw the box. "Oh, my.....Cedric... it's beautiful." she said as he placed the ring on her finger. "Are you....." were the only two words she found herself saying, before she kissed passionately. "We'll be together one day, my prince." she said to him as she rested her head on his shoulder while examining the ring. It was really gorgeous and he really didn't have to do this, but she appreciated it no matter what. Ophealia, felt a strange gaze watching, she didn't turn around to see who it was. "Cedric, someone's watching but I don't know who. I don't think it's best to look." she whispered to him.