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  1. 'Mother always said not to go into the woods past dark, for an ancient evil is said to live there..'
    Party going college kids decide to celibrate with their classmate for the summer. At a wild party, they decide to go camping in the dark woods behind the college. The one that everybody said to stay out of, due to the fact it was used as a holy battle ground to vanquish demons and witches, and all things satanic.
    If you decide to play in this twisted game, you must note that depending on how your character acts, and their actions, they will die. I have no set order, but they will die. There will be sexual content, I'm fine with sex as long as it's moved to PM. Seduction, cleavage, dressing and acting provocativley is allowed, and encouraged by me! Mainly because I can be a perv.
    This will contain torture and a LOT of gore. So, if you're not ready to die in bloody ways ad be tortured, then you're at the wrong roleplay.

    Guy 1: Me
    (dating) Girl 1: (open)

    Guy 2: (open)
    (dating) Girl 2: (open)

    fuck it, I'm too lazy, there are two more dating couples, and two extra guys, and three girls.
  2. I'll join. I'll be the occult nerd guy!
  3. I could potentially join. I can be some crazy chick :D
  4. @Metal_Blade

    Hello there~ I've gone ahead and moved your thread for you, but just keep in mind for future reference all Sign-ups and OOC threads need to go into the "Signups & Plot Discussions" sub forum. :3

    Though, from the way you've worded your opening, perhaps this thread would be better suited for the Libertine [A] section? If you'd rather it stay within the Horror forum, then be mindful about how far you and your partners go, and be very aware of who you are roleplaying with. Even in PM's, sexual content is not allowed between Teen and Adult members.
  5. This sounds cool, count me in.
  6. I'll interested! I'll be the superstitious character.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.