The Wonders of What Goes On In Hatter's Mind

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  1. After Alice left for the second time, Hatter's heart broke it two. Her physical image slipped away like a silky dream, flowing by his fingers. It reminded him of mercury in it's liquid state. She was a rare substance, with a poisonous charm. He wanted to reach for what little was left, but there was nothing to grasp.

    "This makes no sense, why would she come back to wonderland only to be at home again. How could she want to stay and want to leave at the same time? Why would she what to leave, come back, want to leave again, only to want to end up stay for that someone special?"
    This really made no sense at all, and Hatter was the one who lived in Wonderland. All his life he made sense of not making sense. Her leaving absolutely made no sense.

    He kicked away some of the rubble left on the chest board. It wasn't going to be used now, he fumed. His anger starting to bubble up. He was quick to disappear from the victory and happy cheer. Even the White Queen was more than pleased. The crown was back on the head it belongs to and it seemed nothing else was going to matter that day, not even the Mad Hatter.

    He stood in the ashy and dark forest, saw he was approaching his tea party table. But he stood there and figured he didn't want to be anywhere near there or anywhere in wonderland that remind him of Alice. The dialogue played in his head, her voice, and long wavy locks.

    "You could stay...."

    "What an idea! A crazy, bad, wonderful idea!"

    He would forever smile at that line, but what comes next would cause his heart to drop for miles. He felt his mind slip into a black bitter hole.

    "But I can't... There are questions I have to answer... Things I have to do. I'll be back again before you know it!"

    "You won't remember me"

    "Of course I will...."

    His mind curled, blending in with the dark hole he crawled into.

    "SHE LIES!!" His mind screams in agony, "SHE LIES AND SHE KNOWS IT!!" He paced, and turned and recoiled. All he could do was fight with an Alice that was no longer there. She was waiting for him, pretty in blue and white. It didn't matter which dress of the time. "What about the questions I want answered, Alice?" He pleaded with her, almost tearing up with his sad eyes.

    Again he was left there to freeze in time, waiting for her promised return. How many years would pass now? Another decade? He couldn't bare that.

    Time passed, Hatter received many invites from the White Queen. 'Let's honor Alice's memory with a tea party' it always said. He would just tear the letter and leave the little bits to grow soggy in a tea cup. He eventually gave way. The Queen admitted to being lonely and needing to talk. She promised she would not mention Alice anymore.

    Hatter did not return to his spot in the forest at the head of the table. He went unheard of for a week and when news arrived of him living in the queen's castle they knew he wouldn't come out the same. If he ever did.
  2. Alice took a deep breath. She hasn't been in her mother's garden for a very long time. She wore a dark blue dress, very much different than her old blue and white dress. This one had laces and she actually had to wear a corset this time. Outrageous. She smiled at the trees and the roses.

    "Why don't we paint the roses," she said just for fun.

    Suddenly, there was something that rushed out of the corner of her eye. Turning around, calmly, Alice peered around a tree.

    "Hello?" She asked.

    There was a rustling and she walked over to the heart of the sound. She pushed away some low hanging branches. Suddenly her foot gave way and she felt herself falling.

    "Not again!" She shouted just before she fell down, down, down.


    When Alice woke up, she was on a white marble floor.

    "Ughhhh," She groaned.

    Her back hurt and she could feel the corset digging in. Her dark brown hair fell out of its respective updo and she looked around. It looked like the white palace. It was so bright and welcoming, there was no way she could forget the feeling of being in the home of the White Queen. Standing up slowly, Alice steadied herself and calmly walked through the halls, her shoes clicking softly. Alice was a young woman now. A woman of 21. Through the time she was gone, she traveled to amazing places. Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Russia... it was all quite amazing.

    Alice heard soft music as she turned the corner and her curious look came back to her. Was there a party going on? There was laughter and cheering. When she opened the massive doors, Alice heard, "TO ALICE!"
  3. Things appear to be the same, the same scenery, the same odd characters with the same odd characteristics. But it was something subtle, something in the air wasn't right. Details here and there were out of order or whack. Seeing as the Red Queen was now put to shame, any sign of her was missing and had been cleared out to make way for the White Queen again. There were more thorns, more white rose bushes. They tangled and pulled at the leaves of trees. It was a foreshadow of what was to come. A dark sign that not all was right, and yet still it all didn't make sense.

    The white rabbit hopped across the path covered in droplets of blood, he had been scratched by the thorns. He wasn't badly scratched up but it was getting worse. He grew fearful and fretted over the sight of Alice.

    "Oh Alice, you cannot be here! You are way too late! Nothing can be reversed!" He pocketed his watch after a vine had broken the chain. "Please turn round and take care child, go back to your old life and never visit." He was more than happy to be presented the honor of Alice but he wasn't blinded by the tricks of the white veil and ball gown that twirled around the castle.

    He hopped up to her, grabbing her hand gently. "Please turn round, and round and round. This place is no longer leveled ground." Again all this nonsense! How was Alice to understand him or take him seriously. But it may have been too late, news already arrived.

    The party was loud, festive, and heavy with music. The Mad Hatter entertained by dancing and spinning his head off his shoulders. It was still an interesting sight even if it wasn't the first time. He then gingerly placed his hat back on his head after the White Queen handed it to him. Her smile fooling all, including him. But it should have been authentic because she had what she worked hard for.

    But the White Queen's sweet tooth was ruined by a sour center. She had reached the conflict that revolted her. When hard work with bad intentions get rewarded it gets torn away from them right away to balance out the karma. Her arms dropped, the etiquette she held so highly fell from mind.

    "Alice is back." Said Tweedle Dee, he puffed as tweedle dum ran into the back of him.

    Eyes were wide in the party, and they looked to the Queen. She gripped her dress almost ripping her lace with her aggressive thumbs, as she tried to keep calm. Luckily for her, her emotions would not be shown too easy. She covered up her dropped arms by reaching for a rather large object. As for what it held or it's purpose, no one really knew. It changed from person to person. She gave a delicate smile.

    "Bring her to us, this party is for her."
  4. "Rabbit...what... What are you talking about?" Alice asked him.

    She looked up and the party seems to have stopped. Curiously, she looked around. It was strangely quiet. It wasn't friendly. It was... Menacing. Was there something wrong? Did her presence change the atmosphere of the room? She hoped not.

    "Hello. Hatter, White Queen--how do you do?" She asked cautiously.
  5. The common folk of Wonderland appeared either too scared to speak, or too brainwashed to realize the tension in the room. When Alice arrived all just fell silent as though the Queen requested it. It was only an illusion of it being done from respect. The White Queen raised her arms in their usual upheld way and walked over to greet her party honor as soon as her chair was moved back for her.

    "Well quite good to see you again, Alice. Welcome to your other.." She tried to spit out the word, but found it difficult. "to your other home!" She smiled politely.

    "Welcome Alice." Mad Hatter spoke as he approached from behind The White Queen. One of her upheld hands lowered to hold the Hatter's hand.

    "This won't due, we should get you something more suited for the party!" Over her shoulder, the Hatter had yelled to switch places and The Queen didn't react to the loud noise in her ear. "I'll bring you to my selection and lend you something till more clothes could be made for your stay!" Her hands waved a couple of times in a quick light clap to accompany her smile. "So come! Come!"

    The White Queen's gown had twirled with her long creamy locks as she changed position to walk down the halls. She said nothing to Hatter as he seem to longingly look at The Queen.
  6. Alice felt uneasy. This wasn't the Wonderland she remembered. The relationship between the White Queen and the Mad Hatter seemed.... Different. As the Mad Hatter approached her, she felt an air of hostility and she nearly stepped away from him. He took her arm and dragged her towards the sewing room.

    "Nice to see you... yourself... Hatter." Alice said quietly as she was being dragged.

    Her dress dragged behind her and more and more strands of her dark brown hair fell out in front of her eyes. She nearly tripped. Twice. First her shoes caught on the front of her dress and the second she nearly twisted her ankle. When they finally entered the sewing room, Alice was breathing hard.

    "Is there.... Is there something you wanted to say...?"
  7. Hatter held her tightly around her shoulders like a half guided hug. The kind that said 'I don't trust you, I know you're going to make a run for it.' He had not noticed her careless foot work and kept forward. He didn't really look at her. Nor did he brush back the loose strands of hair, like he would have in the past. The White Queen had remained back at party, entertaining her guests. So this was Alice's chance to get answers that she may have been seeking.

    Fabrics adorned the room. It was like an eye spy game inspired disorganized style. Everything could be found but not without really looking first. He pushed some things off the table and watched the fabric rolls unwind and display their patterns. "Won't do." He muttered. He sharply turned back around when Alice spoke.

    "I already had welcomed you home. What more could I say?" He gave her a puzzled look, not much different than his usual expression. This wasn't the first time he couldn't figure Alice out. He approached her. "Well, speak. I have work to do for you."

    His eyes were vibrant and green when he got close to her face. He decided she was taking too long to speak and pulled out the shears in an almost menacing way. His then pulled gently at the lace and strings around her bodice. He whirled her around quickly and only applied one snip. There she would exposed in her white under gown. Even the skirt to the dress was tattered, the only thing that remained untouched was her undergarments.
  8. "I--"

    Alice didn't get to utter out anything else before the Hatter spun around and went back to his work. She jumped as he pulled out his shears. This definitely was not the Wonderland she remembered. When he unlaced her corset, Alice took a deep breath of relief. She never liked wearing those things. However, the Hatter kept on going. Stripping her down to her undergarments. Alice wrapped her arms around her.

    "Hatter, what is the matter?" She asked, loudly.

    She tried to take a step, but her ankle nearly gave out. Ouch. Alice decided to stay where she was as he took her measurements. She doubted she changed that much in three years. However, Alice was focused on a bigger problem at hand. The Hatter seemed overly hostile to her. What happened? What changed?