The wonderful world of Hak'avili

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    The far off world of hak'avili magic is common place, war is rare, and the only real enemy is nature itself. Within the world there stands four major factions, and into them a wide variety of races converge. The world is sparsely populated for it's size being roughly six times the size of earth. three major continents populate the surface and seven minor ones are dotted about. The largest continent is known as Ul'luvin. Most people live on Ul'luvin (other continents open to names)

    The first most widely known is the Consortium ad infinitum. A group who turn away all most the most gifted of all people, regardless of age, creed, race or heritage. They believe the only way to progress is through the best becoming better and then enlightening and leading the world to a better tomorrow. These views are not often challenged as the Consortium is usually right.

    The second most widely known are the Domus de Anima. The mediators, healers and protectors those which are part of the Domus do not fight instead they heal. Most of these people are found in agricultural or medicinal sections as their actions are often used to heal the sick be it plants animals or people.

    Third most widely known is the Ordinem ad Gladius. The weapon masters, fighters and adventurers, people from this faction are often found within areas like exploration, authority and more often than not cooking. Their accuracy with their weapon of choice is often unrivalled, adventurers find that their weapon skill often helps deal with the fierce feral monsters, that plague the lands.

    And lastly the Circuli augmenti. The Circuli are a sect of people devoted to building, making things better for those around them. Their most widely found in construction, making gadgets and alchemy. Their skills are devoted to building, crafting and animating in-every sense, some of the best feats of this faction is in-fact their headquarters tower. The Circle.

    Though these are only the four most well known large factions. There is an untold amount of minor factions, each one with it's own speciality, though there are ones which are more generalized which encourage the growth of skills no matter what they are.


    Within this world mages prevail over all, mages are respected by many, hated by more and feared by all. Though not all mages have an imposing aura and not all mages present themselves as bad people, most mages aren't just their power often strikes fear into the hearts of the masses. There are different kinds of energy that each mage can use but all mages are restricted to just two types not including their own energy.

    Seneri - Vital energy. The energy that lies within all people. All mages have this as this is their own energy which becomes the other types of energy. Seneri is vital without this all beings die, though other energy can be absorbed into seneri it cannot be absorbed directly from another being.

    Dokeri - Destructive energy. Force that is emitted often in an elemental state, though there are a rare set of spells that llow for pure dokeri usage without wasting any changing it into a elemental form to stabilise it. Dokeri is one of the most basic and easily accessed forms of magic. As such it's seen as a lesser magic, at any tier lower than twenty-five.

    Guleri - protection energy. Energy that is used to defend against all forms of assault from physical to magical. Though protection magic is often underestimated it's not able to withstand much of a battering from physical attacks at levels below fifty, but when blocking magic it scales with the magic. E.g. A tier one spell blocking a tier one fireball etc.

    Viteri - Healing energy. This is the energy healers emit to restore wounds regrow plants and accelerate their growth, cure disease, Viteri has no set tiers but with viteri, seneri is expelled much faster, so it is recommended that it be used when in close proximity to another viteri user, when dealing with using it in surgery.

    Haberi - Animation energy. With this the user can animate objects to move around them this is most often used in construction to build huge complex structures. The best example of this is the circle, a huge fifty foot building with no inner structure to hold it in place. Instead it is held fixed and was built using magic mortar.


    Within this world as well there are different levels of mage. Each mage has their own power level however this level is relevant to their Seneri not their skill with the spells. The highest level is an archai. There has only ever been thirty three archai. No Pc's may be Archai tier.

    Lurhai - Lurhai are upper mages most lurhai have almost twice the seneri that other mages have however as a trade off they are often physically weak and must rely on their magic purely in fight, should they run out of usable seneri they are defenceless.

    Venhai - Venhai are the normal tier of mage, they are often stronger than Lurhai so they may use small weapons in combat insrtead of just purely magic.

    Jinhai - Jinahi are the lowest tier of mage, they have the least usable senrai but they also have the greatest physical capabilities. Meaning that after their usable senrei has run out they can still rely on physical combat.


    Lastly magic. Magic is divided into tiers each teir of magic amps up it's power but requires seneri equal to the magic tier to use. All mages can use any tier of magic but are limited on uses. For example, a jinhai may use only two tier one-hundred spells or two-hundred tier one spells. Jinhai may use two tier one-hundred spells. Venhai may use four tier one-hundred spells but Lurhai may use eight tier one-hundred spells. That being said Archai are a combination of Jinhai and Lurhai meaning their magic capability is ten tier one-hundred spells, and they may fight with physical prowess as well. This is why Archai are not allowed for PC use.


    Character skeleton.

    Mage Class:
    Physical description:
    Chosen energy types:
    Weapon (if Venhai/Jinhai):
    Faction: (if not one of the four mentioned make your own :D )


    Anyone interested at all >.> ?
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