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  1. The rain had come down like nothing Hannah had ever seen before she couldn't see 5 feet in front of her and couldn't hear anything but the sound of rain hitting the ground all around her she started to walk faster she hated the rain she hated how cold she got and worst of all she hated the fact that she would be freezing cold tonight and that the wood they had wouldn't be good anymore. All that hard work of getting the wood was wasted time and that was something that she hated wasting time, an irritated look shown on her face and then her ears lowered and she gave out a slight whimper when the sound of thunder came crashing down around her. She started to walk faster and noticed a cave and she took of running to it she climbed up some rocks and got inside the cave and she started to shake from being cold. She set down the bag she was carrying and pulled out some wood and stated to make a fire once the fire was ready she sat down and started to dry off. The rain wasn't supposed to show up for a few more days according the wind that she felt but she knew that she should have found cover sooner she also knew that Luke would have to deal with her attitude and she sighed and she leaned back against the cave wall and closed her eyes. Her ears started to raise and she listened for anything out of the ordinary they were being hunted and the humans were very persistent and didn't not lose interest in them. She looked down at her stomach and she rested her hand on it it had slightly started to bulge from the pups that were growing inside of her she wanted them to be safe and she wanted her family to be safe. She was glad that she was with Luke she was always a fighter but now she had to let him be the fighter her eyes started to grow heavy but she stayed awake waiting for Luke to show up then she could rest she hadn't told him about the pups yet but she would tonight."

    Allen was sitting in a tree picking berries the sun was shinning and he was enjoying the day they had been traveling for days and finally got a day of he kept picking fruit until he got board of it and he jumped down and headed back to the den where him and his mate lived. He thought about Emma and how happy he was to have her. He wanted to show her how much he loved her but he had to figure out how to do it. At the moment he was calm there was no reason for him to be angry or mean which was rare and very strange. His ears perked up when he heard the sound of foot steps and he drooped down to all 4's and he took of in the direction of the sound and he slid to a stop in front of a big buck that would feed them for an entire month and he licked his lips. He extended his claws and he crouched down but stepped on a stick and it snapped and the buck took of. He licked his lips "let the hunt begin" and he took off after the buck his feet making no noise as he ran he enjoyed hunting it was always something fun for him to do and this would be the best thing to give Emma as he jumped onto a log the deer made a mistake it became tangled in a bush. Allen stood up and walked over to the buck and he licked his lips and cut the buck out of the vines using his claws and then he bit the neck of the buck and killed it in a few seconds. Once the buck died Allen started to drag it back to the den and once he made it back he sat down and started to skin the best and cut it up.
  2. Luke had gone hunting wanting to get the best for Hannah. He loved her and wanted the best for her food wise and cave wise all comfy for her. He pick up the buck he killed and was comjng back. He notice she was different not as fighting like she normally is which worried him. He smile approaching the cave and walk in set the buck down and went to her kiss her softly. "Hi my love. You look tired you should rest and I'll cook dinner" he nuzzle her and got the fire back up to heat the cave better.

    Emma was out by the water washing herself. She love how they finally glt to relax and enjoy the sun. She wash her body and hair and got out went for a walk in by the trees eating some fruit she found. She been thinking about pups and felt bad she hasn't had any yet since she hear most have them by her age. It made her wonder if she can have any but she knew if she worry that she wouldn't sleep. The last few days she hasn't slept and had a vision but doesn't understand it and hasn't told Allen her mate. Smiling she went to the den and saw him happy to see he him skin the meat and cut it. She went and sat next to him curl into his side kiss his cheek. "Hi love. The water felt amazing"
  3. Hannah sighed and she nodded her head and she kissed him back before she laid down on her side and curled up in a ball and her vision became blurry and her eyes closed and her ears were lowered as soft breaths came out of her nose as she slept peacefully. She started to kick and squirm around she had dreams of hr losing her pups and losing Luke and she whimpered as she slept. Her dreams diapered and she whimpered and then slept peacefully the only indication that she was alive was the rising and lowering of her chest and her arms were wrapped around her stomach in a protective fashion. After a little while she woke up and just stared at the wall she had to tell him but how would he ract would he be mad at her or would he be happy she sighed and she sat up and turned around and she looked at Luke with worried eyes and she got up and slowly walked over to him and she sat down and she took his hand in hers and she rested it on her stomach.

    Allen smiled when Emma snuggled up against him and he wrapped his arm around her waist and he kissed her on the lips and he kept coping up the meat he glanced over at her and he got a concerned look on his face "whats wrong my love you seem sad about something did I do something wrong, are you not happy with the meat?" Sadness washed over him he could peak into her thoughts but decided against it and he had made a promise to himself that he would never use his powers on her and he hated using them to begin with. He wondered if it had to do with pups he swallowed hard thinking about pups he was worried about his short temper that him having kids would be risky but he would do anything for her.
  4. Luke watch her sleep as he cook and touch her cheek when she had nightmare knowing it help if she felt him close. He continued cooking and it was done and sat there letting her sleep while enjoying the night sky. He saw her sit next to him and take his hand place it on her belly. He look at her "love?" He felt her belly the small buldge and smile at her. "We having pups?" He ask softly stood pick her ups in his arms kissing her "I'm so glad baby" he kiss her stomach. "Daddy will always protect you and mommy" he smile hug her

    Emma curl into him held on watching him cook. She look at him. "No love you done nothing wrong" she whisper and nuzzle him then look at the fire. "Just I hear most female wolves have opus by my age. I just worry that something is wrong with me and that you will not love if I don't have your pups soon" she whisper sadly hoping it not true he will love her no matter what. She just hear male leave female if they don't have pups.
  5. Tears came to Hannah's eyes she was so glad and she kissed him softly on the lips and she rested her head on his shoulder and she rubbed her stomach softly in circles and she looked into his eyes. "I'm sorry for not telling you I was just worried that you would get mad and I wanted to make sure that I really was and that nothing would happen to the pups." She rubbed her stomach one more time before she hugged him back and she berried her face into his chest and she whimpered "I wonder if they will be like us or if they will be normal wolf pups I still wonder why we are special and why the other wolves arnt what if we cant communicate with them." Horrible things were going through her mind and her ears lowered.

    Allen sighed and his heart broke "I will never leave you I'm just worried about my short temper and having pups if its the safest thing for us to do but if you want pups we can have pups I just need you to be sure of this because I don't want anything to happen to you or the pups and since we are traveling how will it affect your body. I mean we can't stop and settle down right now." He caressed her cheek and he rubbed her cheek with his thumb and he kissed her nose. He finished cutting up the meat and he started to wrap them up in leaves.
  6. "It's oak baby. I'm not mad. I'm so happy" Luke kiss her and held her close his hand on her stomach rubbing it. He smile kissing her cheek and neck softly "I know love. I wonder that to. It for now leg focus on the babies and you" be lift her chin to look at him. "We been traveling a lot and I want you to tell me if you need more rest. It not going to be easy with you with pups" he kiss her and had her sit down in his lap and wrap arms around her rubbing her stomach. "I'm so happy my love" he nibble her ear

    Emma caress his cheek. "I know me to. I want pups I do but it been a while we been together and I should of had some fb now. I don't think I can have them. I know you will be a great father. I'm scared of having pups I don't remember my mother what if I'm not good?" She ask softly buried face in chest panicking
  7. Hannah nodded her head as she leaned back against him he was so much bigger than he she felt like a child in his arms and she sat there and pressed her head against his chest and she header his heart beet through his chest and she smiled enjoying it somehow it was able to calm her nerves and she kissed his neck and she nuzzled her head against his neck and she kissed him softly. "The traveling will be fine but the lack of fighting is going to bother me you Know that I don't like getting physical when in a confrontation." She looked into his eyes and she reached down and picked up a piece of meat and started to chew it. "Some days you might have to carry me when i get much bigger."

    Allen rubbed her back softly and he tried to calm her down and he kissed her cheek "you will be a great mother Emma and if you want pups then let us have pups" he pulled her on top of him and he kissed her softly and then harder as he rested his hands on her hips and his nails softly dug into her kips and he kissed her harder. "We haven't mated more than twice it takes a while to have pups so don't worry about not being able to have them."
  8. Luke chuckle rubbing her belly. He kiss her neck and cheek softly as she ate. "Don't worry I will handle the fighting. I will protect you my love. I will carry you forever even now" he grin nuzzle her. He rub her belly gently as she ate.

    Emma smile kiss him and was on top. She groan soflfg kissing him groaning ran her hands in his hair. "Your amazing. You will be a great father. Let's mate my love let me have your pups" she whisper nibble his eat
  9. Hannah heard the sound of a twig snapping and she jumped up and growled and she walked to the end of the cave and looked down seeing torch lights and she lowered her ears and she whimpered and turned to look at Luke before she felt something sting her in the back and she turned her head and saw a arrow had lodged into her shoulder blades she reached behind her and pulled it out whimpering again. "Luke they found us what do we do." She whimpered as she looked down at the mass amount of torches that started to appear all around them.

    Allen licked her neck "with pleasure" he made love to her he had never felt such a connection between the two of them and he rolled off of her once he was done and he breathed heavily and looked up at the night sky. "You will make an amazing mother and we will have a wonderful family I promise you that my love." He kissed her softly and he sat up and looked down at her before he leaned over her and kissed her rays of moonlight illuminated there body's.

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  10. Luke got up and growl seeing the arrow hit her shoulder. He went to her and wrap her shoulder to stop the blood and pull her behind him. "I'm going to distract them you run hide in a tree and stay low got it" he touch her belly and kiss her. "I will protect my family" he kiss her deeply then turn and ran out got all the humans to follow him so Hannah can get to safety.

    Emma panted smile kiss him. She lay there happy and blush "you will make a wonderful father. I love you so much" she smile relaxing and kiss him softly. She snuggle close and look at him. "Your amazing" she turn look at the food and took a bite eating slowly.

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  11. Hannah sighed and she packed up her bag and she prayed silently for Lukes safe return and she jumped off the cave and she started to run she didn't go to far once she felt that she was safe she hit in the under bush near the lake. She sat down waiting and she started to get worried it had been a while so she took a deep breath and did something she hardly ever did and that was howl. Her howl was sad and slow and she stopped and her ears were raised and she waited for a response and she whimpered in pain waiting the time felt like it was going so slow she started to draw in the snow.

    ALlen got up and he held out his hand to her and he smiled "come on I bet the river is nice tonight do you feel like traveling tomorrow or would u like to stay hear for a few more days because we will have to get going tomorrow or in a few day?" He started to hum a song to himself and his ears raised and lowered and his tail slightly wagged he growled as he looked at his tail and he started to chase it barking and growling and he stopped for a second and blushed. His tail always made him made and when he saw it he just had to go after it.
  12. Luke led them far away and fought off some torches and pitch forks they had. He growled swiping at them and tore some of then apart. The others ran off and he limp having his leg stab by a arrow. He howled hearing Hannah to let her know he is coming. He limp slowly to her took a while and made it to her and took her in his arms. "You okay my love? The pups?" He touch her belly and saw her wound. "Sit love" he groan sitting and lick her wound to help it then wrap it. He look at his leg hid it from her to not worry her and started wrapping it. "We will leave tonight love. Can you make it to the next town?"

    Emma smile and stood with him. She nodded "that sound good a swim in the river. Let stay here for another day we travel so much it feel nice to relax" she said softly and giggle watching him chase his tail. She went to him and kiss him "that is why I love you" she took his hand and walk out lean on him love his touch and him holding her as they walk.
  13. Hannah nodded her head and she slowly stood up and she looked at Luke and she moved around him in a circle and she ex amend him up and down and she stopped and she growled at him when she saw a wound on his back her paw started to glow a dark blue and she rested her hand on his back and she healed him during the process she felt a little bit of her soul disperses and go into his wound. It wasn't a lot but it was enough to make her feel a little dizzy she had to rest her hand on Lukes shoulder and she leaned on him. When she held out her hand to help him up she saw his leg and she growled angerly at him and she crouched down and touched his leg and healed him then she picked up her bag and she waited for him.

    Allen held her hand as he walked to the lake and when he got to the lake he grinned at her and he jumped into the water and water flew every where and even onto Emma and he stood in the lake his tail swaying from side to side and he sniffed the air to make sure that there was nobody around them and when he was satisfied he growled playfully at Emma and he splashed her with water and he lowered himself down into the water and blew bubbles.
  14. Luke watch her heal him and stood. He pick her up "rest my love. I'll carry you" he kiss her head and carried her started walking. He listen for anyone around as he walk and look at her. "You okay my love? How you feel?" He ask worried about if she got hurt anymore or the pups. He wanted to protect them and would get hurt to do so.

    Emma laugh and jump in swam to him floating in her back. She grab his arm still little scared of the water being in it. She doesn't know why she is scared doesn't remember her life much and that bother her a lot.
  15. Hannah nodded her head "I'm fine but you need to rest as well my love please stop for the night and rest we will travel tomorrow I won't be able to help you if you fall asleep on me during a battle and you can't help me if you fall asleep" she looked around her and saw a den and she pointed to it "there we will be safe there nobody will see us since we are hiden by the tree." She got out of his arms and she walked over to it and she didn't take no for an answer and she crawled into the den and had her back pressed up against the wall of the den and it was small but it was good enough for the night.

    Allen picked Emma up and he kissed her o the lips and he cradled her close to his chest and he kissed her again and he threw her into the air and he caught her and kissed her again and he kissed her stomach and he carried her to the edge of the water aset her down on the bank of the river before he rested his head on her lap and played with her tail.
  16. "Alright love" Luke said soflt and sat her down. He follow her look around not liking it nth move a bush to further shield them. He went to her lay down and kiss her stomach and her lips softly. "I love you. Sleep well" he wrap his arms around her to protect her and the growing pups in her. He nuzzle her and murmur "wake me if you need anything"

    Emma giggle and kiss him loving his attention in kissing her all over. She sat on bank of the river and stroke his hair as he played wih her tail. Closing her eyes to relax she gasp as she was having a vision. All she saw was a tail but it wasn't hers or his it someone else and that made her think their are others like them. She coughed and touch her head as she got a headache and couldn't see whimper.

    Luke was having a nightmare about losing Hannah and the pups. He woke and step outside to get fresh air and kept his ears open as he listen while Hannah slept. He couldn't tell her about the nightmares she would worried and he can't have that.
  17. Hannah growled as she slept and she snapped at the air her dreams were full of evil and nothing good after she had enough of the nightmare she woke up to the first rays of sun light dancing on the horizon she saw Luke standing outside and she crouched down and wagged her tail before she jumped on top of him and pushing him down and she bit his neck playfully. She giggled as she pawed at his face and nuzzled his cheek "I'm sorry I slept for so long have you been up long?" she hated knowing that he wasn't sleeping well she respected his privacy but wished that he would tell her why he never slept as much as she did.

    Allen took her hand in his and he kissed her forhead he knew what was going on and if she wanted to tell him then she would but if she didn't then she wouldn't he whimpered and nuzzled her face softly he had a worried look on his face. "My love do you want to talk about it or just forget it" his voice was soft and delicate but also serious and demanding he hated seeing Emma in pain and the fact that he couldn't help her made him more mad and irritated.
  18. Luke grunted and laugh kiss her and held her on him. He nuzzle her and smile "not to long love" he smile rub her stomach. "How you feel?" He held her close and kiss her neck and stomach and stood held her not letting her go or down. "Ready to head out and find a new place and some food?" He ask kissing her neck lips and stomach over and over.

    Emma nuzzle him buried her face in his neck whimper as her headache hurt. "I have visions as you know and I get headaches after and go blind everytime I have one and the headaches hurt so bad I uh" she showed hkm her side where her nails dug in cutting her cause of the pain. Tears fell "I didn't want to worry you so I never told you but it getting worse the side affects and going blind it usually last a minute but lately it been five to ten min" she whimper. "I'm scared"
  19. Hannah nodded her head and she turned around and kneeled down and picked up her bag and she put it on her back and she took his hand and she started to walk twoards the road and she tugged on his hand as she walked "how long will it take for us to get to the next town?" she had never traveled this far south before and she turned her head and saw her foot prints in the snow and she turned her head back and started to keep walking "I have big paws."

    Allen growled under his breath as he took her face in his claws "we will find more like me maybe they can help us maybe they can stop this from happening to you there has to be something that we can do to protect you to help you with this let me see if there is anybody around." Allen closed his eyes and he sent out a hwol and he found a mind and it was of a male wolf about 10 miles away from them. "If you are a two legged wolf please come to the river north of you myu mate needs help please come."
  20. "I'm not sure love" he held her hand walking and saw his paw prints much bigger. "Yours are perfect size" he chuckle and walk with her. He heard a howl and stop listen. "Babe you hear that? I think I heard a howl that there are others like us. Should we go see?" He ask softly

    Emma plug her ears wince at his howl. She rested on him and grab her head as she had another vision. She saw Luke and Hannah and gasp sat up tears fell panting. "Love I saw two like us" she whimper as her headache got worse and she couldn't see. "Allen where are you?" She started to panic
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