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    The Wolf's Alehouse & Inn is a well known and respected establishment, and is well kept up. Nisha makes sure of it. Isaki is something of a mercenary and assassin of sorts, but regularly visits the Inn for a few drinks, and essentially acts as the muscle or bouncer of the establishment.

    The VIP lounge, Couriers Hall, is overseen by Isaki, while the rest of the Inn and Alehouse is overseen by Sachi. Couriers Hall is for well respected individuals or high ranking members of various orders, establishments, and businesses, and has large pool-like hot tub, and the Alehouse itself requires no gold for its drinks or rooms, as they get plenty of coin from the odd jobs the staff undertakes.

    Sashi Nanikona
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    Isaki Mori
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    Note: You don't have to make a bio, you can just jump right in. HOWEVER, if you want to create a little background on your character(s), please make it brief, or put it in a spoiler or something. This is slightly for character building and development as much as it is for fun, so if you feel the need to develop your character(s) here in order to give them a bit of extra backstory in a much bigger roleplay, feel free to do so.

    Iwaku rules apply. No inter-age-group sexual themes allowed, and only very minor sexual themes are allowed. Anything more than that goes to PMs. Other than that, have fun!

    Sachi stared into her glasses, wiping one of them clean, waiting for people to serve, while Isaki sat in the hot tub, soaking up the warmth in her swim-wear, noting for the thousandth time, the sign that rested on the wall by the tub. It said, 'NO nudity in the hot tub! It is NOT a bathing area! -Sachi' Isaki tilted her head back, and closed her eyes, sighing happily to the warmth of the water.
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  2. The wooden doors to the inn were opened by a lean figure, one who stood tall and ancient. This figure, as he often was, had his face concealed by the hood of a blackened cloak.

    Although being somewhat of a regular, the barkeep were never be able to get a name of the figure, resigning to call him the 'Cursed One.'

    And as such, the patron sat himself at the bar, producing a few silver coins to procure one of the inn's better ales.

    The Cursed One (open)
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  3. Sachi gave a nod to the newest customer, though Isaki was more of a decoration and helping hand than anything, and began pouring the usual for the man.

    "Heya, mystery man," Isaki commented, hearing the clinking sound on the bar top. "What have you been up to?" She figured she may not get much of a response, but it never hurt to welcome him. Sachi took the coin, and gave him a glare.

    "I tell you this every single time you come in, you don't have to pay. We do more than enough work to pay for everything five times over. Well, I'm not going to refuse a bit extra. In fact," The black-haired beauty said, reaching under the bar with one hand while sliding his drink across the bar top. "This is going into a savings of sorts, to add on to the Inn." She finished, bringing up a glass jar, then throwing the coin inside.
  4. Walking into the bar, a pale skinned man had come in wearing a leather vest, his arm wear and eye patch doing their usual work of covering up his secrets. The man had walked into the bar and inn, noticing the woman over in the hot tub. He had walked over to her to ask her, pointing at the sign about no nudity, "None of that, am I right?"

    This was the man's first time in the bar, but his leather vest let everyone know who he was. On the back of it, it had stated 'Bloodlight Warrior' on the back, with a shield of red imprinted on the leather in between 'Bloodlight' and 'Warrior'. Karum was his name as he had tried to come onto Isaki slightly. He was mainly joking around with her, but either way it was funny, as he wasn't one for hot tubs that was for sure.

    Karum Bloodlight (open)
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  5. Isaki, glared darkly at the man. "I'm not nude, I have a bathing suit on." She said, noting her attire, which was actually the most non-revealing bathing suit she had, covering up her upper body to just below her neck. She wasted no time sinking under to avoid having to deal with the man. Sachi simply giggled ever so slightly under her breath. "So, what can I get you?"
  6. The general background noise of the pub slowly died down as the figure entered the inn. It had a huge piece of fabric draped around it, obscuring its entire body, and the oversized hood cast a shadow over its facial features. Despite its lack of detail, the figure seemed to passively command solemn silence. It stood in the doorway, wreathed in the near horizontal raindrops of the torrent outside, and waited for the hum of conversation to return before closing the door and walking to the bar. Rather than speaking, it placed a piece of paper on the counter face-down, and assumed a seat in the corner by the fireplace, though it didn't remove its cloak. Shortly after sitting, a barkeep approached with the hooded figure's order - a pint of beer, a bowl of undiscernable food and a wooden box small enough to fit comfortably on the palm of one's hand, held shut by several small chains.
  7. The Inn was beginning to get a crowd, and things were getting busy. Isaki got out of the hot tub, and putting on her normal attire, she made her way to the bar in the VIP lounge, a big bar area with a pool table, darts, an other essentials for having fun.

    "As newcomers come in, we'll need the regulars to move into Couriers Hall." She said, almost as if commanding all of the more well known citizens to move at once, as the Inn ever so slowly flooded with more of the lesser rabble. "Hope you're ready for a busy night, Sachi dear!" Isaki stated.
  8. Karum was chuckling at Isaki's response, "I was only joking Isaki, no need to feel any offense." Karum may have been only joking but he was at least a gentleman to a point. Of he wasn't then he wouldn't be here. As Isaki had gotten out of the hot tub, Karum walked away and then moved to the bar, ready to have a drink to feel the burn of alcohol. Ale was one favorite, but he preferred Spiced Rum over that. It was a nice flavor that he loved along with the best burn he could ever have, as it was stronger than most drinks if done right. This bar and inn had always done it just perfectly right too.

    So Karum had sat down on a stool on the main bar, "How are we doing tonight Sachi? Because I would love to have that Spiced Rum you girls serve up, delicious stuff if i might add once again." Karum gave a from to the bartender, knowing her she just might be able to get him some.

    "Not to worry either, I do have coin today too, and I'm not buying rounds for everyone either tonight" Karin spoke up just to remind. Some nights he had forgotten his coin pouch and had to work off all the drinks he so called, 'bought'. There were other nights that he used up all of his coin paying for other people's drinks as well, that he had to do the same thing again. Sometimes it included running business errands for the place, which took him away from his mercenary work sometimes as well.
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  9. Looking at the newcomers, the hooded figure taking his pint and chuckling, looking to them. Of course, he drank his ale first and observed the new visitors. He then stood, stretching slightly before moving to Courier's Hall.

    "You know I'm not one to avoid some form of payment. After all, it's better to provide than to merely skate through. As for what I've been doing? Some research and demon hunting has brought me through the area this time, so I'll need to be using my room again. If you're lucky, I just may tell you girls about it this time."
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  10. @AceSorcerer
    "How many times do I have to tell everyone?" Sachi almost demanded. The Inn did collect payment at one point, when they first started the business, but for the past three years, it was self-sufficient. "Whatever, just put your coin in the jar." She gave , and continued about her wiping glasses clean, and pouring more for other guests. Listening to the hooded figures words, she seemed pleased, yet didn't expect a single word, as was the usual. People tended not to give their business out, not for fear of being found out or killed, but simply because it really wasn't other peoples business.

    @Lord of Dragons
    Isaki poured a mug to the brim with their signature honey and brimshade rum. The brimshade was very dangerous in a very very vast quantity, but luckily they didn't use much, and as a bonus, the alcohol and honey counteracted its deadly properties almost tenfold, leaving it absolutely harmless, yet not taking away its rather unique taste, which boosted the overall taste of the rum in its entirety. "Come and get it, Karum, before I drink it myself." Isaki joked, hoping to bring a slight smile to his face, at the least
  11. Karum's ears perked up, and he looked over towards Isaki, "Well if that's what I think it is, then I'm coming your way!" Karum was jeering about this rum, especially since it was his favorite, he could gulp down more than the deadly limit and only be wobbly. As he headed over there, he passed by the hooded figure by Sachi, and then the cloaked figure at the table, who seemed to be eating by the looks of it. Karum walked over to the VIP lounge known as Courier's Hall, and sat down at the bar. He held his hand out, "Ready for that mug Isaki, bring it on down!"
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  12. The door opened and, slowly, a young woman walked in. Her hazel eyes darted about, taking in her surroundings. The place seemed dingy at best, at least when compared to the types of settings to which Vivian was accustomed. She carefully smoothed out the slim-fitting skirt of her crimson gown, a soft sigh escaping her lips as she looked down at the skirt. The ends were torn and tattered, a constant reminder of all she'd been through. Her shoes were falling apart around her feet, the dusty tips of three toes visible through a hole. Her hands were dirty, she had grime on her pale face, and her long, dark hair was frizzing and tangled in a few places. Still, her grungy appearance didn't detract from her beauty; if anything, it complemented it, showing that even with messy hair and a dirty face, Vivian was a sight to behold. Atop her head was a golden circlet, which had grown slightly dusty from her journey, but still shimmered in the dim tavern lighting.

    She glanced towards the counter and saw a woman with dark hair who cleaned glasses and poured drinks for other patrons. This had to be an employee of some sort - whether she was in charge or not, Vivian didn't care. She simply needed to speak with someone who worked here. She began to slowly approach the counter, fearful of getting in anyone's way but determined to speak with this woman. When she reached the counter, she lightly placed her hands on it and gave the woman who served drinks a shy smile. "Hello," she said in a soft voice. "May I ask you a question?"

    ((The tag will be smaller next time, I just wanted to include a full-sized one for my first post for as much detail as possible!))
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  13. @Lord of Dragons
    Isaki pushed the mug towards Karum, and it slid effortlessly across and into his hand. "Have at it!" She said, with a slightly higher tone, almost as to assure him that he should do the usual with it. Everyone loved to get drinks, but loved to gulp and sip down those drinks more.

    Sachi watched all the newcomers making their way in, regular town drunks, a few Couriers Hall regulars, and a traveler, a bit worse for wear, but still moving along regardless of the journey. Sachi poured a nice small glass of blue-raspberry wine, and slid it to the edge, right in front of the woman who had stopped at the bar. "Here, have a drink," She smiled slightly, pulling a new rag out, "What can I help you with?" Sachi quickly answered after pulling out a new glass.
  14. Vivian's hazel eyes went wide with surprise as the woman poured her a drink and she quickly shook her head. "Oh, no," she said, speaking quickly. "I couldn't possibly - I don't have enough money at all." She wasn't accustomed to such kindness. She was barely sure whether she'd even be able to afford a room in this place for the night, let alone have the money for the food and drink she desperately needed. She was used to going without, though, and another day couldn't hurt. She'd go looking for a job soon - she felt she was far enough that nobody would find her - and begin making money of her own. Not tonight, though - for tonight, she simply needed a place to rest her head and get cleaned up. "I was just wondering if you, perhaps, have someplace I could get cleaned up? I'm a little worse for you can probably tell..." A pink flush came across Vivian's otherwise pale cheeks. It wasn't often that she felt ashamed, but in this new place, where nobody knew her and had yet to form their opinions of her, she certainly felt foolish stumbling around like this, in battered shoes and a tattered dress. "I just - I just need to wash my hands and my face, maybe my hair if I can..." Her voice trailed off; she felt silly trying to explain herself. The other woman could obviously see what Vivian needed. Her hazel eyes fell upon the drink the woman had offered. How she wished she could afford such a sweet luxury, and the smell emanating from the glass was sweet - fruity, if Vivian wasn't mistaken, like berries.
  15. Sachi smiled heartily, and giggled, "Oh come, now, drink. There's no need for coin. We make our pay through odd jobs, and through the generosity of people such as Karum back there." Sachi peeked around the corner a bit, into the VIP lounge to see him enjoining his drink, before turning back to view the traveler at the bar. Sachi had quite a fierce temper, but was also well known around town for her kindness as well, and made no effort to hide said kindness.

    In front of her was a young girl, who needed drink, food, and rest, as well as maybe a shower or two, and Sachi was more than happy to welcome her. "The bathroom is right over that way," She said, pointing to a rather neat and decorative set of doors, which most would think she mistakenly switched with the taverns front doors. This wasn't the case however, and she simply let people see for themselves why. "Hurry and get cleaned up, and we'll have the town tailor sew you a new dress."

    Sachi had always been one for helping people. The bathroom afforded more of the nicer luxuries, though of wasn't a royal palace, and the faces that frequented the Inn were usuall a nice and happy lot.
  16. [​IMG]*i walk in with my wings folded against my back and my long white hair sways with the breeze as my shield and weapon disappear into thin air and my armor changes into a cloak that looks as smooth as silk, pants as brown as dirt, and boots that look rough as rock. i sigh as i walk up to the counter and sit as i lean against it. i scan the room as people have heard of how powerful i was. i look at the barkeep* hello...umm your strongest drink please?
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  17. "Well hello," Sachi replied to the newest addition. "Hey Isaki, some of that spiced rum, please! Welcome, come have a seat." She pointed to the chairs, as of to let him have his pick, and Isaki had poured a tall mug and brought it over, a slight pinch spilling out as it was set on the bar. "Enjoy, sir." Sachi said, while Isaki smiled and headed back into the lounge area.
  18. Karum had chugged over half o f his mug of rum, loving every bit of it. The burn was delicious as well as it's flavor, "Ahh, that's still the best spiced rum I've ever had. Keep making it and I'll still keep coming by, maybe the rest of the clan even." Karum wasn't even feeling a buzz yet, as how this drink was supposed to already be giving him. So Karum looked over around the corner to see a well dressed female in tattered clothes coming into the bar, "Well, who is that pretty face I wonder?"

    Karum was now interested in Vivian, as she seemed beautiful to him, like a shining artifact in the desert. So Karum walked on over to Vivian, and threw out one of his cheesiest pick up lines "Well dear lady, did you fall from heaven, because you certainly look like an angel." Karum may have not been drunk but he sure did have an interest in women, and men on the occasion. That whole idea was for another time though.
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  19. Vivian was surprised by Sachi's words. A drink for free? She quickly took the glass and took a slow, tentative sip. It tasted delicious, like sweet raspberries, and she quickly finished it down. She hadn't realized until she was drinking just how badly her body needed to be hydrated. As the woman on the other side of the counter continued to speak, Vivian found herself even more stunned by all that she offered. A new dress? Even though she had no way of paying for it? She'd never heard of such a thing - even back home, the rich ladies of her household had to pay for their fancy gowns. "I can't possibly thank you enough," Vivian said softly as she set the empty glass down on the counter. "Nobody's ever been - nobody's ever shown me such kindness..."

    Vivian went quiet as a man with white-hair and a cloak walked up, requesting a drink from the woman on the other side. She knew better than to interrupt, so she allowed him to speak and waited while Sachi responded to him. She then turned to the other woman and gave a nervous little smile. "I'll be right back then, I suppose...thank you, thank you..." Vivian said softly.

    Before she could turn to leave, a man approached - the man that the kind woman had pointed out just a moment ago. What had she called him? It was on the tip of her tongue - Karl, or Kallum...something of the sort. Completely unfamiliar with flirtation, Vivian mistook his words for kindness, like that which had just been shown to her by the woman tending the bar. She gave him a nervous smile. "I - er, no...far from it," she said in a soft voice. Come to think of it, it was extremely far from the truth - if anything, she'd come here from the deepest pits of torturous hell. This place was more of a heaven to her than anything she'd experienced.

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  20. phoenix looks at the woman beside him as he takes a sip of his drink. "hmmm" he looks at the man as walks up to the woman and make the cheesiest flirt phoenix has heard in his long life. he sees the confused look on her face and sighs.
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