The Wolf's Alehouse & Inn OOC

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  1. I'm here as well :)
  2. Welcome, LoD! Hope you enjoy this little laid back rp when you aren't off fighting in Etera ^-^
  3. I feel this tavern needs some drama so lets introduce a questionable character.
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  4. Just not too much drama, since it is laid back after all.
  5. Then let the drama be laid back! As long as there's no honest disagreements between characters and it's just in fun, it's all K right?
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  6. Hey, uhh, @Lord of Dragons, mind if I ask how Karim knows their names, and knows of their special rum, as well as has praised it times before, if it's his first to there? :P

    @AceSorcerer, here's the OOC if you'd like to just chat around a bit when you aren't posting. Speaking of, I'd actually like to learn a bit more about your mysterious charrie. He'd fit right in in Etera.
  7. Glad to see he's welcome.
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  8. Did i mess up on something there, my goodness, how do i do what i do and not notice it
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  9. @Lord of Dragons, if you want to fix one of the posts, at least a tiny smidge, that's fine, though not many people look at all posts so critically, so it won't actually hurt anything. It's a laid back rp anyway, I just thought I'd bring it to your attention.

    @AceSorcerer, I'd love to have this character be very much so developed, if he's not already. He sounds mysterious and awesome ^-^
  10. Heyo, I'd like to join, but I have a question. Is there a limit on the amount of characters. The one's I want to make form a group of four that - usually - stick together.
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  11. @Demmy, the only limit is that you don't have so many characters that each post you make is a book in itself, so four, five, maybe seven, so long as everything is detailed, yet a bit brief.

    hmmm ^-^ I'm thinking of expanding the tavern to include a back courtyard. Anyone have an idea for the name of it? Best name will be used :D
  12. "The back courtyard of the tavern"

    "The smoking area"

    In England at least, the back courtyard is usually referred to as the "Beer garden".
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  13. Well now.. @Karakui, don't blow everyone else away before they've had at least a chance X) though I do like beer garden, I feel it would be more of a relaxing place to get away from most of the alcohol for a while.

    @PrincessLala95, sorry I didn't get to it earlier, but here's the OOC chat. I kept forgetting to tag you and let you know.
  14. What about the "Outer Den"
  15. Pssh, an area to get away from alcohol. Sounds vile.
  16. just a nickname is all, it's more like the outside bar in the back of the bar and inn, I can create a character for the outside bar if at all possible
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  17. Ooooh, a patio with a large dancing area, and a stage for performers. A place for singing and dancing instead of drinking!
  18. Or both maybe?
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