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  1. The Wolflands is a place of lush forests and deep jungles. It is also a haven for shapeshifters, people who can shift between human and lupine forms to accompany their bidding. But there is something wrong. A cloud which drains the very soul of a being has been spread throughout the world, slowly killing it's denizens and inhabitants. The cloud, known as Dread, has been spead by the Dread Baron Malevolent. Malevolent was the ex king of The Wolflands before he was excommunicated for his corruption and vicious ordeals. But the man had other ideas. He found the map to a burial chamber, the same burial chamber which locked away The Lands greatest threat, The Original Darkness. Absorbing the dark aura and stealing the three seals it held, Judgement, Anger and Death, to create the cloud Dread. The new King and his wife took urgent action. They went off to fight the man, but ended up valiantly dying, leaving their daughter and son to rule. A year later, they are teens and ready to accept their duties as royals. Their task, to assemble a group of warriors who will fight for the cause. They assembled enough mana to bring a group of humans to their land, and set on training them. But there is something strange about these Humans. They are unaffected by the Dread, because they contain a substance known as "The Light" which prevents the dark auras from corrupting their minds. They will be facing The Baron and his minions, assisted by the Royals.

    When the choice bares down, will you serve The Light?

    Or become one of the Baron's minions.

    This roleplay is a basic shapeshifters roleplay where the players can shift from human form to a wolf form of near infinite customization (colours, accessories etc).
    I'm looking for a few people max 4-5.

    Comment below.
  2. Truly interested in this! =sits and expects further instructions=
  3. *pounces both* Count me in. :3
  4. Sounds interesting. I would like to join please.
  5. Alright I am DEFINITELY JOINING! >:3 Time to bring out Ib again~
  6. I would really love to do this if your still accepting people
  7. That's the five.
    Character Sheet will be edited in.

    Character Sheet:
    Character Design:
    Human Looks:
    Lupine Looks:
    Character Biography:
    Particular Traits:
    Other Stuff:
    Allergies:(If Any)
    Theme Song:

  8. Okay so what features of the characters are we supposed to point out?
  9. If you mean traits, then like ticks and stuff. Y'know, like A.D.D and that.
  10. Character Sheet:
    Character Design:
    Name: Ib

    Age: 9

    Personality: Ib has often been described as a silent and thoughtful girl, with a slightly menacing aura always surrounding her, keeping many people from trying to near her. In truth, what they described as a "menacing" aura was simply an unwillingness to interact with most people. Ib will mostly be found reading an advanced book, mostly books about philosophy and Dread.

    Human Looks:
    Lupine Looks: wolf.jpg
    Character Biography: Ib's family had not been rich, but they had lived in relative peace and comfort throughout the years. The Dread did not affect them much. Life was quite and undisturbed, even after they discovered the Light, which made her immune to the Dread, inside Ib. They did not want to send her off, and death was their answer. Having no other choice, Ib joined the group of humans fighting against the Dread.
    History: Isn't biography the same as History? O_O
    Likes: Crafting, reading, silence, art
    Dislikes: People, noise.
    Particular Traits: Not much. Ib doesn't tend to make any outrageous actions or anything of the sort.
    Other Stuff:
    Allergies:(If Any) Ib has extreme allergies to dust, and will have difficulty breathing if in a place with too much dust.
    Theme Song:

  11. (Character Biography was the title of that list :P)
  12. Character Sheet:
    Character Design:
    Name: Callum Avalon
    Age: 16
    Personality: Callum is quiet, but known for smart, controlled outbursts when needed. He is calm, controlled and the resident smart one of the group. He is a keen strategist and reader, so uses his knowledge of books to his aid.
    Human Looks:[​IMG]
    Lupine Looks: [​IMG]
    Character Biography:
    History: Callum was bored of his life. School was just tedium, he had no social life worth delving into, and he was always keeping his nose in the books. He began to withdraw from average life, but being brought to the Wolflands was the break he needed. His father and mother didn't meddle with his affairs, but he hated their constant shouting at him for medial things.
    Likes: Strategy games, books, calmness.
    Dislikes: Noise, broccoli and bullies.
    Particular Traits: None that are major, but he is addicted to reading.
    Other Stuff:
    Allergies: He is allergic to pollen, only slightly.
    Theme Song: Last Resort- Papa Roach
  13. Character Sheet:
    Character Design:
    Name: Avatar Prince
    Age: 16
    Human Looks:

    View attachment 14444
    View attachment 14489
    Lupine Looks:

    View attachment 14490 First wolf form (passed down from his great grandfather.)
    View attachment 14491 Avatar wolf form.
    Character Biography:
    History: He has been an orphan since at the age 6 because both his parents were killed in torture by a ruthless firelord.
    Founding out that he was a powerful Avatar when he killed the blood thirsty firelord, he swores to use his abilities to help those in need. The only thing that he has from his parents is the powers and bilities that were passed to him and his Ying and Yang Katanas that his father made for him.

    Likes: he like to socialize with others. Sometimes he likes to show off his abitlites.
    Dislikes: He strongly hate being messed with and hates it when people are always in danger.
    Particular Traits: Most of the time he's quiet until the action starts.
    Other Stuff:
    Allergies:(If Any) N/A
    Theme Song:
  14. Alright, so when do we start? I think we have enough people, or no?