The Wolf Pack

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    Agro laughed, jumping around with Warrior as they playfought.
    Warrior shared his friend's laughter.
    Shields stood by Casey.
    Casey was carrying out even more technical work on the dolls. This was the complex part, and her tails swished in concentration as she focused.
    Cesar sat next to Trea as the two of them watched their pack playing. This was one of the rarer peaceful moments the pack had, and he wanted to enjoy it.
    Trea was watching her pack alongside Cesar. She allowed a rare smile to grace her features.
    Sylvia paced back and forth in front of the giant crystal. "Dammit, Force, why do you make me watch you constantly?"
  2. Ferrin froze as he often did - his body completely stilled. Not even the soft rise and fall of his chest to show he was breathing. Nothing. His glowing sapphire eyes were staring ahead through the trees, his brows furrowed, and suddenly his whole body twitched, throwing his snout to his collarbone violently.
    "Ferrin!" Kona gasped, pushing his head up affectionately with her snout. It had been a while since this had happened, and it often knocked the strength out of her companion. When he'd been like ice, standing stone still, she had had no doubts that he was absolutely fine. He did it frequently when concentrating. But the bursts of Future Sight, as they both called it, were few and far between. He'd glimpsed what lay ahead for them.
    "We'll be safe, Kona," Ferrin said through deep, raking breaths; his chest was definitely moving now. "I saw a pack. They will know we are here but will not harm us. They are up ahead, the way we were travelling."
  3. Agro was bouncing a bit far off. "Hey, keep up, Warrior!"
    Warrior dragged him back. "Careful, Agro."
    Kenna rolled her eyes. "I'm gonna go for a run, I'll see you guys later." With that, she turned around, then fell into a pre-leap position, before pushing off with her hind legs, her power activating in a burst of speed as she sprinted off.
  4. Kona moved warily through the forest - they'd met wolves before, but they had to be careful. Ferrin's Future Sight may well have said they wouldn't harm them, but the future was susceptible to change.
    Ferrin recognised the thinning trees from his burst of Sight, and he slowed his walk, knowing Kona would also.
    "Stay calm," he said softly, his intelligent mind layering his voice with wisdom. "They have a defensive leader. She will not hesitate to kill us if she feels we are a threat."

    Kona nodded, aware of exactly what Ferrin was saying. She shifted uncomfortably. Her curse often caused panic and fear when others saw it - she tried desperately to hide it at all times.
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    Kenna sprinted through the forest, before seeing two strange wolves in the distance. She quickly stopped, watching them.
  6. Imma use Difference.

    Grenade grinned at the sight of Difference. He padded alongside him.
    ' Whaddaya reckon boss? ' Grenade asked, motioning to the clearing they could see along the border. They could just make out a tribe of wolves gathered in a tight little circle. They were talking and doing various tribe like things.
    Difference shrugged. ' Cute aren't they? ' He asked finally, his eyes glazed over even as he said it. No emotion in his voice. He seemed to be staring far ahead, like he wasn't listening.
  7. Kenna watched the two strange wolves. One was a tawny brown, while the other was silver. They appeared slightly uneasy.
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    Ferrin watched his feisty companion wilt like a forgotten flower at the thought of the curse that burdened her youthful shoulders, but he knew there was no consolation to give her over the matter. He let it drop - she liked it when he didn't address it.
    Kona lifted her tawny maw and observed the forest, subconsciously stepping out in front of Ferrin to protect him from whatever was to come. Her liquid gold eyes hardened to an unforgiving, metallic yellow, as she scented the easily identifiable smells of another pack very close by.
    "They'll have hunting grounds," she said quietly to Ferrin, already hatching a plan to whip them through the pack's territory and out of the other side swiftly, stopping only to feast on their prey. "We can eat an ample meal and go. I don't want any... risks."

    Ferrin nodded, smirking slightly at his best friend's fiery nature. She was willing to steal from under the noses of a pack yet again - she seemed to be addicted to danger. Always the voice of reason, though, he slowed her thoughts of theft.
    "The Future Sight only comes in significant times," he reminded her. "They will be more powerful than anything we've faced before. Perhaps even harbouring supernatural abilities such as my own, and yours-"

    "It isn't some special power," snapped Kona, her warm voice cooling frighteningly fast. "It's an ugly curse." She looked away from him, into the trees, her muscles tense beneath her pelt.
    "You will learn to control it," Ferrin said softly, nudging her with his muzzle, a small gesture bursting with unspoken affection. "You will be able to use it to your advantage. The whole forest will see you as a beautiful creature, if only you accepted what you've been given."
    "I can't," murmured Kona. She felt as if she was a pup again, going through the awful change for the first time. Oh, how painful it had been. And terrifying. It still was. "Perhaps... perhaps one day. But not now." She took a moment to relax her jaw and drag her gaze back to Ferrin, her eyes filling with warmth and passionate fire, the icy gold becoming molten with the flare of her personality once more. Her voice was flooded with the heat of her unique character. "Are you ready to run from the pack that woke your Future Sight?"
    Ferrin grinned, and nodded.
  9. Achilious padded up to the two wolves, a sly grin on his face. He nudged Difference with his muscled shoulder.
    ' You reckon we can take 'em? ' He asked, his voice low and his ears flattened. Unlike Grenade, he hated calling the leader ' boss ' or any other name that shows a higher ranking. He could take on Difference any time he wanted and become leader, but he just didn't need to, at that point in time. Achilious thought.
    Grenade grinned at Achilious. ' Yeah. Your top fighter Akkie. Course you can take them mate, ' Grenade drawled in his Australian accent. Achilious grinned proudly.
    ' Yeah. I'm top dog. ' He laughed, nudging Grenade slightly. Difference frowned, ' Let's not get too cocky now. ' He teased, but not in a friendly manner.
    Achilious scowled at Difference from behind.
  10. Kenna watched the two strange wolves having an argument. There was something about them, but she couldn't quite place it...ah, if only she'd had- no, she stopped herself. She couldn't think about her, she mustn't. But her power would certainly have been useful now. She crouched in the bushes, cursing her white pelt that practically glowed in the thick brush. At least the green patches helped to add some shading and break up her otherwise highly visible pelt.
  11. Kona was about to move off into the trees, passing the pack's borders, when she caught sight of a white flash in the tangled undergrowth. Her body instantly stilled and her eyes locked onto it - though the shadows fractured the image, it was definitely that of a wolf. And it was looking right at them. She felt her hackles rise and her lips pull back, a shot of adrenaline escaping into her bloodstream and rousing her curse; with a slight growl she quelled the rising nerve in her stomach, forcing the curse down.
    Ferrin's silver body froze, seeming to ice over, when he noticed Kona had detected danger. Not even the fractional rise of his breaths could be seen as his gaze grazed over the white tuft of fur beneath the cover of the bushes.
  12. Kenna tensed. They'd spotted her. She wondered whether she should make a run for it or not. Sighing, she decided it was easy enough to run if they tried to pull anything. She stood, shaking the branches from her fur, and looked at them. "No need to be on edge. I'm not one to attack without good reason, and you haven't given me one." She padded into full view, and sat down calmly, allowing her tail to swish around and rest by her front paws. "I'm no threat."
  13. Kona graciously stepped forward, keeping Ferrin safely behind her.
    "We were just passing through," she told her, observing the white-pelted wolf warily. "We mean no harm to you, or your pack."

    Ferrin dropped his muzzle, his body still statue-stiff. His eyes were the only part of him that moved, darting about from Kona to the new wolf and to the left, where he knew the pack they planned to steal from lay. He felt surprisingly calm, despite his awkwardness in social situations, knowing his feisty companion would take care of it.
  14. Kenna nodded. "I can tell that. And I can say that it probably isn't a smart idea to go down that way." she said, nodding to the left. "I can see your friend over there looking between me, you and there. I may not share the knowledge of my companion, but I can guess that you wouldn't want contact with our pack. In which case it might be a good idea to go the way from which I came over there." she said, nodding behind her. "It'll lead you to a river, and you can cross safely. But you'll need to be quiet. Some of my other pack members, especially my senior, aren't quite so...well, patient." she said with a chuckle.
  15. Kona grinned warmly.
    "All right," she nodded to the seemingly friendly wolf. "We don't want to cause trouble with your elders - we'll take that route. Thank you."

    Ferrin's body moved slowly, until he stood straight rather than crouched as he had been. His sapphire irises watched the stranger wolf, and he tried reaching out to her with his mind; good opportunities to practice his odd power were few and far between. He clenched his jaw as he concentrated on pushing through the natural telekinetic barriers put up by the brain, and he managed to begin extracting a few words. Runner. Fast. Power of speed. He wondered if she could feel the tug on her mind - some could, others could not.
  16. Kenna's left ear flicked slightly, and she tilted her head. Something felt a little bit off, but it wasn't too big to be a problem. She smiled at the she-wolf in front of her, something she didn't exactly do very often, and nodded. "The name's Kenna, by the way. If you run into trouble at some point in this territory, just yell for me- loud as you can- and I'll be there in a maximum of a minute. Literally." Again, she managed a chuckle.
  17. "Kenna, yes, that's right," muttered Ferrin, his paws and ears twitching as her mind gave up more of its secrets. Pack wolf. Admires Leader. Leader's name... His brows knitted together, sapphire eyes focused on the white wolf, trying to pull the name of the leader out of her brain and into his.
    "Thank you for your helpfulness, Kenna," Kona smiled, ignoring Ferrin's murmurs. "We'll get going now; we don't want to anger your Alpha, -"
    "Trea." said Ferrin strongly, his voice faltering when he realised he'd said it very loudly. He shuffled his paws, his gaze dropping to the ground.

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    Kenna's eyes widened. She quickly put two and two together and stared at the strange wolf. "You...wait." She frowned. "You have the same power a friend from my old pack had. You're a mind-reader, aren't you?" She grinned. "Sorry; I don't mean to pry. I was just quite sure that I wouldn't find another mind-reader after what happened to my old friend."
  19. "Ferrin!" hissed Kona, rolling her golden eyes.
    Ferrin met Kenna's gaze awkwardly.
    "Yes," he reluctantly admitted. "You are right." His sapphire eyes watched her guiltily, and he felt his mind loosen its grip on hers. The Reaching tired him out.

    Kona brushed her tail against Ferrin's shoulder blade affectionately, showing silently that she wasn't really that angry. Then Kenna's words dawned on her, and she glared at the white wolf, suddenly overcome with worry.
    "What happened to your old friend?" she asked, hardly keeping the impatience out of her melodic voice. "Will it happen to Ferrin?"
  20. So the mind-reader's name was Ferrin. Interesting. Kenna shook her head. "Don't be guilty, Ferrin. I shouldn't think so. It was nothing related to her ability. You see, everyone in my pack has been specially selected by Trea. All of us have one thing in common, and that's that our birth packs were destroyed. My friend managed to predict it, but she was one of the first ones to get struck down, so to speak." She shook her head. "Unless you run into any demons, I wouldn't worry too much about anything happening to him."
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