The wolf of Nabanouu.

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    "There is no greater betrayal, than that of your own senses. A man can spend his whole life training his body, but never fully control the most deceitful force of them all...his own heart." -Gerald Journal entry 143.-

    The city was in a frenzy, guards posted at every corner as the central building; home to the magistrate of these lands seemed impenetrable. Within the piss filled streets, and the war swept plains everyone was talking about the cause for this show of force. The magistrate had his life threaten, by a rogue hero of the last great war. A man who had already slain several high ranking government officials. They say he is a beast, thirsting only for blood. With eyes so frigid, that none can escape their paralyzing spell.

    Sometimes though, the truth is far more terrifying then the rumors...

    It didn't matter how many guards he had, nor the fortified walls he sought refuge behind. Gerald knew all too well how this would end, the same as all those before him. Money though useful, was a flaccid shield. Hired goons possess no loyalty, and when faced with an unstoppable force of energy, they often flee. "People starve, the wives of the fallen soldiers you built this empire on...and so light heartily tread on suffer. Meanwhile you can easily afford to militarize the region in but a few days." He spoke with disgust and disdain. "So be it..." He whispered, before tossing his cigarette across the alley.

    With hands nested in his pockets, the lone wolf of Nabanouu traversed these twisted and crime infested streets. If it wasn't the ruffians or the gangs, it was the authorities abusing their influence for personal gain. Even now he could hear the screams of innocents as the police seized this chaos as an excuse to "Search" others belongings.

    "Brothers, is this what we fought so hard for? Is this the future we bled for? As the last wolf I can only wander these lands and watch as your sacrifices are used to sow seeds of greed and hate. We fought not for wealth, nor did we fight so our country can expand it's authority over the people. No we died, albeit literally or spiritually for a different cause. To change the world for the better, not bleak it out." This thought crossed his mind as he adjusted his police cap. Though the soon to be murderer of the magistrate proclaimed his title during the war, few actually had seen his face...They heard only the grandeur stories.

    Granting Gerald the ability to move about the city with ease, and being a detective for the hierarchy certainly had it's benefits to say the least. Abruptly Gerald halted, leaning against a nearby stone wall, as he glanced at his pocket watch. "Two more hours..." He muttered to himself, before lighting up another smoke.
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    "There is no God or his Justice. There are only Humans. Only Men who can bring their own or choose to drag this world into Darkness."
    - Abel Estren. Words to a Priest.​
    This evening was chaotic. A higher power was threatened and in reaction guards filled the streets, covering every inch of the outside home that the magistrate lived behind. Hiding from sight. What a coward he was. It was rumored that the one responsible for the threat was an ex-war hero. One who had gone rogue and began to kill government officials. So, it was a bit understandable. Going up against anyone like that would be terrifying. He knew he would be. But if this magistrate is all he say’s he is, then shutting himself away like this just proved it probably was all a farce.

    Not that he couldn’t say much. Abel has never seen him before, so he couldn’t judge. No, more like he wouldn’t. Not unless he got to meet him himself. To hang around and see his character in action. One could say that, but that didn’t mean he wants to. He rather not. Just let it be. Something that quite often he had found himself saying. When did that start?

    The cloaked male stopped in step, grey eyes looking up from underneath towards the sky. A chilly clear evening with no clouds in sight. There wouldn’t be many people around on the streets today in this nice weather. Not with the police shaking down the helpless and letting crime run rampant around this time. Though, that wouldn’t entirely stop him. It would just mean he would have to be quick and more careful about it. Even now he already had his target picked out.

    Abel shifted his focus towards a police man leaning up against the wall who was taking a smoke. At this he continued to walk towards him, pulling his hood off and relaxing his body. With the point of just passing by him, the shaggy haired brunette pretended to stumble and trip, grabbing onto the officer to ‘keep himself from fully falling.’ The boy let loose a sigh of relief and turned to smile upwards at the unsuspecting male. “Sorry bout that. I swear this damn thing is trying to kill me.” He chuckled, gesturing towards his seemingly overlong cloak. “Tripped on it at least a dozen times today.” During his little explanation he, unnoticeably as possible, slipped his hand quickly but softly into a pocket and grabbed whatever item it contained at the time. Hopefully it was some kind of wallet or pouch, but he couldn’t become eager and check with touch. No, instead he slipped it into his own sewn on the inside.

    Prize secured, Abel let him go with a sheepish smile. How this man would react he did not know. Most police men would curse him out and yell at him to hurry and get out of their face. Others would try and attain him, in which he would just run as they gave chase. Some even were able to get a punch in due to their short temper. All because he had ‘tripped’ on them. It was a good thing though. Kept them from discovering what had actually happened until he was clear and far from them and the street. It was easier with the bustling of crowds to disappear with but for now he would just have to use everything he got to get away just in case. As if nothing happened he decided to go ahead and start walking away. Carrying on with his business. Just like any other normal person would do.
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  3. This boy, a ruffian like most the poor unfortunate youths to call this vicious city their home. To most a common thief, But Gerald understood all too well that deception was as important of a skill, as ones swordsmanship. As the lad bumped into him and spilled forth his flaccid lie, the wolf of Nabanouu would only narrow his eyes. Noting the subtle weight disappearing from his pocket. A cloud of cancerous fumes exited his mouth as he pushed himself off from the wall, pivoting to face the thief as he calmly and professionally tried to creep away. "That would of worked on most; but sadly I am not like most folk child. The name is Gerald, Chief Police investigator of the empire; a pleasure to meet you." He paused, nodding his head. His stern, cold eyes shielded by the visor of his police cap.

    It became quite clear that by the influence of his gaze, that this Abel had picked the pocket of a skilled warrior. "An experienced swordsman can tell whenever their is a shift in his weight, or in the dirt beneath ones own stride. Without such a six sense...I would not of survived the war." He paused, chuckling as his fingers now drummed against the sheathe of his faithful blade. "Don't worry though; I have no intent on killing you...just a precaution." He forewarn, in case the child proved foolish enough to launch the first attack. "In truth I envy your skill, you are familiar with the art of deception and have the grace of a cat. Well...if one forgives the excessive amount of explaining you felt obligated to provide."

    By now no doubt the young man would be confused, for someone who had his pockets picked Gerald possessed a total lack of anger. His demeanor calm and collective, yet behind this tranquil visage lurked a calculative tactician; evaluating the field as well as the thief himself. "I could bring you in, or gut you where you stand, but that would be a waste of your potential and your life. How about you follow me for the day? I promise the reward you will find shall out value that petty pocket watch you now have." The fact Gerald knew the item missing without checking his pockets wrought a sense of credibility to his claim. Proof that he wasn't some arrogant old veteran, but the experienced killing machine he claimed to be.

    "Follow me for the evening, and I will show you new ways to utilize your grace. Afterwards you may go your way and use the skills I impart as you wish. But surely you thirst for a life outside of this bleak existence you currently live? If not walk away...for death would be a mercy compared to the next fifty years you'd be force to endure."

    He spoke so matter of fact like, his words as rigged as his posture. Carrying with them a sense of weight, and truth...Even if he were to be the only one to acknowledge it as such.
  4. Here it was, some kind of confrontation he was expecting. Actually, at this man’s, or Gerald’s words, he froze in place, turning his head to peek at the officer over his shoulder. If anything he was thoroughly confused. More so when he praised him. Complimented his act. Though when speaking of gutting him where he stood his body tensed and fear began to creep from the pit of his stomach. Luckily he said he wouldn’t...nor would he try and arrest him. This Gerald, had suddenly peeked his curiosity. Very much so. Especially when he was able to figure what had been stolen without even looking. Abel didn’t even know himself and pulled it out, holding it in the palm of his hand with wide but disappointed eye’s.

    The kid stood in silence, mulling over the chief’s offer. Why would he allow such a thing? What did he think he would gain from letting him go along? To show him better ways to use his skills? It was a strange concept for him. Coming from an officer and all. A war veteran. Maybe that was it? He understood. Even the strife that is caused in everyday life. No one else did, and maybe that's what will allow him to trust Gerald. Not only that, but he really didn’t want to endure the next fifty years like this as he had spoke. That was enough for him to nod his head in agreement. It was all about survival, and if someone was willing to show him better and improved ways he would take it.

    “Abel Estren.” He finally introduced himself, lightly throwing the pocket watch back to Gerald. “I’ll follow you around then. Though why, I really don’t have much of a clue. But whatever.” He shrugged. Sure he had a theory but you could never know with people. They were fickle little things. That much he understood.

    Lazy arms stretched upwards as Abel placed his hands on the back of his head, subtly glancing around before refocusing his gaze on the male before him. The way he carried himself was stern, strong, confident and most defiantly tall. Something you would expect from a soldier. As well as the Chief Police Investigator of course. Never heard of him, but that wasn’t really bothersome. Abel wasn’t one to pay attention much to the name’s or faces of the officers. “Alright Chief, where to first?” He asked, a smirk playing onto his lips.
  5. The sense of tension and uneasiness was unmistakable; it had become flamboyantly clear that the ruffian had never met a man of his caliber. A being possessing the spirit of the warrior, the spirit of justice. Gerald had lived his life by a simple code, that being Destroy all unnecessary evil. And though this boy was a thief by trade, he stole to survive; something that even the wolf of nabanouu couldn't fault him for. Unmoved the officer watched as the young lad sent the watch his way, with eyes closed he caught the old trinket, sliding it carefully into his coats pocket. "Thank you kindly." He replied, taking in the rest of the boys words. Digesting each one deeply as he pondered what manner of man this child would become, his skills if passed to the wrong hands could cause much suffering. In the end the middle aged man could only assume that though he was no saint, he was hardly a vicarious viper. A heavy sigh parted from his narrow lips as his emerald eyes focused once more on the lad, eyelids fully open as he weaved together a response.

    "Gerald, the lone wolf of nabanouu." He proclaimed with a sense of pride and belonging to the title. If this ruffian knew anything about the fifteen year long bloody civil war, he would of heard that title before. A title given by the emperor to an elite squad of assassins, that later became the special forces for the current regime. According to the stories, the group had all died during the bloodiest of battles, the fight for Narishima. A city to the north east, where only a hundred wolves held off the dissident force of a thousand. The only survivor was said to be immortal, a slayer of men whom's only curse was surviving the ordeal. "You know why. without some escape you're doomed to repetition. Repetition surrounding a life you have never truly wanted, an existence in which you don't belong." With a wave of his wrist the confident officer tossed the young boy a short blade known as a Tanto.

    "Consider this a gift, there are many blades out there. But few can match the spirit and care the went into forging any Japanese weapon." Gerald spoke with a sense of integrity riddling each word; as if he had tried every sword known to man before deducing his previous statement. "It is not a question of where persay, rather of whom. And whom would be the magistrate." The wolf cared little if the boy ran off to tell the guards for two reasons: firstly he would die long before he reached them and secondly no guard would take the word of a delinquent seriously. As it stood now the streets and caps ears were filled with idle accusations toward the identity of the soon to be assassin. 'Do not worry, we will not attack yet. Not till the moment is right, when the night and day become one." His poetic explanation seemed off, but in truth he was referring to the eclipse he predicted would happen this day.
  6. “The wolf of nabanouu....?” It took a moment for him before it finally clicked. Immediately he dropped his arms and took a small step back, narrowing his eye’s at Gerald. The man then tossed some kind of blade towards his way and he accepted, catching it with no hint of hesitation. This was the rumored man. The one who was going after the Magistrate. This is what he wanted him to come along for? To help him murder? Abel glanced down at the weapon he was given with a quick examination. It was sheathed in a black casing wrapped underneath the hilt in red. The young boy looked back to the Wolf, thoughts whirring at what he had gotten himself into.

    And he couldn’t lie. He was a bit terrified at this point. He knew that he would be killed without a second thought if he tried to warn somebody. Not that he would. Don’t be mistaken. Sure, someone can kill the magistrate if they wanted to. He didn’t care. But to actually get involved with such an act. Abel didn’t think he would be able to do it. He’s never hurt or murdered anyone his whole life. Though, he doubted he would be the one doing the killing. He was just gonna be there to witness it.

    Should he try and just leave? Say that this isn’t what he thought they were going to do? Stay repeating and repeating everything? Or should he stick around? This could just be his way out. Not murdering someone no. But learning. An adventure. A dark one but an adventure nonetheless. Plus, with the Wolf Nabanouu. Though he didn’t want to admit it, he admired him. He loved hearing all those war stories. A bit of a hero to him. For a lot of people. Abel chuckled darkly. He looked up to someone who went around murdering people. How much more twisted could he get? Even if it was for a seemingly good cause.

    Abel unsheathed the short blade, twirling it in his one hand before sheathing it and slipping it onto his belt. This wasn’t the first time with a weapon. He use to play with throwing knives and practice a bit of swordplay when he was a lot younger. Before he got shoved onto the streets by this cruel world. “Murdering the Magistrate, Aye? Well Gerald, thats a pretty difficult goal. For a normal person anyways....” He was sure this man would have no difficulties. “But wouldn’t waiting for nightfall be better? We would have a lot more time if it was needed.”
  7. The boy spoke; perhaps out of turn. Superseding his own boundaries, yet despite this fact Gerald didn't so as much raise his hand. For the moment he would permit the ruffian to wallow in his own folly. Permitting his ignorance regarding the wolf's ways of operating to settle. The question he posed, most would find valid. Why not attack during the cover of darkness, why not slay when your target least expected it? Surely this approached seemed more logical, anything else would be suicide after all. "Why would the death of a magistrate be difficult? Is he not a man? Does he not bleed and age like the homeless who sleep in the piss filled streets? Killing him is hardly a challenge; it is living through the endeavor that might prove difficult." His words as bold as ever spoken as if they were an undeniable fact. And as always, no doubt the child would find his thoughts to be queerly phrased. One might even surmise him to be suicidal; or a fool who thought himself as indestructible. But nothing, nothing could have been further from the inconvenient truth.

    Those sharp eyes, that like a dirk seemed to pierce ones skin and tear away at vital organs. They now rested on the youth, a subtle yet unmistakable grin crept over his narrow lips. As emerald eyes once though as void of life, and as cold as the embrace of death; seemed mildly warm. This served as proof, that even an old killer like himself, whose hands were stained with pools of blood. Could at times be human, and at times seem almost approachable. "With thoughts like your own; you would of made a great assassin during the chaos of the revolution. Do you want to know why the wolves of Nabanouu stood out against the countless groups of assassins during the war?" He paused, letting his words to sink in. "Regardless if you do or not, I'll gladly teach you some history. We are remembered because of our honor, and our tactics. While most crept in the darkness and remained unseen. We sought the light and shadows with unbiased love. We killed during the afternoon and the stroke of midnight alike."

    Those eyes drifted from the boy; averting their gaze once more to the manor which still seemed well secured. "Plus I am not a liar..." The wolf took a final hit from his cigarette, tossing it into a nearby puddle. Exhaling as yet another cancerous cloud for a moment lingered in the air, before dissipating into thin air. "I told him I was going to take his life, when the night and day become one. I doubt he's a smart man; but I do trust that even a pig like him knows what a solar eclipse is." With that being said the man pivoted, making his way toward the diner across the street. "Come, let us eat. The meal is on me." It was almost as if Gerald had not a care in the world, as if he doubted that even the swarm of guards between the diner and the mansion could stop him. Which meant he was either a fool, or extremely skilled and powerful.
  8. Was it just him or did this guy seem just a tiny bit insane? He probably was. Abel though said nothing of it. He was prideful. And he had many rights to be. He could understand why he wouldn’t sulk in the shadows. As much as it was just explained to him as well. If anything, his thoughts earlier seemed to be correct about the magistrate. The guy was a coward after all. Slightly the young boy shifted weight under Gerald's stare, becoming a bit uncomfortable about his piercing gaze. There was no reason to, that he knew. It just couldn’t be helped.

    With the mention of food though, Abel straightened up, eying the man as he turned to walk. Quickly he bounded after with hidden excitement. “Really? Thanks!” He gave a silly grin taking longer strides to keep up with the wolf. He wasn’t exactly a tall guy, a bit below average. Made it easier though to slink through small spaces and get away quicker. Not very strong no, but his agility and speed made up for that thankfully. “So, How much longer till the eclipse?” Thoughts jerked between food and the planned murder. For now he decided to push aside the killing part since hunger pretty much was dominating. He hadn’t eaten a decent meal in while.

    Not waiting for a response he took the lead, arriving at the entrance of the diner before Gerald. Swiftly he opened the door and slipped through, dodging a person who was exiting. A female who turned to blink in surprise at him. Abel gave her a little wave over his shoulder in apology. “Sorry.” The girl giggled before taking her leave. He just raised a brow, taking a seat at a small table in the corner of the restaurant. He didn’t like people sitting behind him, no exceptions. So of course his chair was up against the wall, having a view of the entire room. It was a habit he had developed a while back. When and why, he wasn’t quite sure. It was just comfortable to do so. Patiently he waited for his new found partner to catch up. In the meantime, he surveyed the space he was in. Noting the sparse amount of people. There seemed to be a bar over to the left, sitting only a guy. Otherwise, it was kind of a nice place. Not too run down like most places were these days.
  9. The wolf of nabanouu could smell his fear, like a canine could a fresh kill. This child needlessly was intimidated by him, if Gerald wished for his death than the deed would have already been done. A burden sigh parted from his narrow lips, as the boy spoke so openly of the eclipse; though the wolf doubted very much the guards understood his poetic threat, it still was possible someone could of solved it. But rather than ignore the child, and arouse more unwanted suspicion. The rigid officer would instead see fit to reply, humoring the boys curiosity as it would seem at any onlookers. "It won't be long; I assure you this eclipse is said to be a grand one." He replied with a smile, portraying the illusion of genuine care and compassion for this child; as if the kid were his own. Of course Gerald doubted the boy would fall for the ploy, hoping him to be wise enough to understand the reasoning behind his queer actions. With grace they weaved between the patrons, taking root at a vacant booth as the boy wisely and purposely refrained from exposing his back. A tactic that this officer had no problem refraining from acting on. He had no fear, for unlike most he had the keen senses of a true samurai. Making it hard; if not impossible for any opponent to easily assassinate him from behind In his eyes it was nothing more than good ol' fashion paranoia.

    Casually he leaned back, resting his spine against the stiff wooden chair. Silently and without so much as gracing the wench with a stare; Gerald watched as she idly flirted with the lad. The problem with such putting the street on alert meant most likely there were spies everywhere. And whenever one felt like they could be being watched, it made it seemed as everyone in the world was spying on them. "You could do better." He coldly replied, closing his eyes as the lady brought them some tea. She could only give the man a angry stare as she overheard his words, though it seemed her wrathful gaze did little to bother the old man. "Thank you..." He paused, taking a sip from his green tea as if he hadn't a care in the world. "Order whatever you desire, I assure the you won't drink and eat me into bankruptcy." He replied matter of fact like, the young girl seemingly confused why a high ranking officer would harbor a child that was not his own to selflessly. It almost made her forget her original opinions toward him.

    "While the young ad here flirts over his options, would you be as kind to bring us some soup and bread my dear." He barked, though he spoke calmly his words still carried a great sense of authority behind them. "Y-Yes." She stuttered, before running off. "She looks like a weasel to me. But I suppose if you're into rodents have at her." He whispered, before chuckling under his breath. "Now that the pest is gone for the moment...." Suddenly his once warm visage dissipated; in it's wake returned the frigid, stern glare of a killer. "We should be careful, ask what you may but be wise how you phrase it. Their are always crows nesting in the trees." The wolf of Nabanouu's words phrased as blandly cryptic as ever. "That is your first lesson, whenever carrying out a mission study your room, like you would your target. Memorizing what they're wearing, if they're armed, the amount of patrons, the exits and of course...If all else should fail...The optimal sequence of events to trigger the most damage." His words spoken so softly, that they would be inaudible to any whom weren't sitting behind or directly in front of him.

    Suddenly the young lady returned, placing a bowl of soup and the end of a loaf of bread in front of each of them. "Sorry about the delay! Have you made up your minds yet gentlemen?" She'd sigh heavily, bowing as her hands remained clenched and resting on her thighs. Geralds arching a brow as he replied full heartily once again, "You need not Apologize, I am sure my friend here is ready to order." He concluded.
  10. Abel nearly fell out of his chair as to what the man before him was implying. Up until now he was oblivious to her flirtation, just acting friendly towards her. He lightly blushed, slightly glaring at the wolf. “I am not flirting.” He spoke in hush whispers. The man chuckled, saying he could do better. He had no response to that but instead looked over the menu. Gerald was generous in allowing him to order whatever he wanted, and as such he wasn’t going to hold back. That was until he began to lecture him the first lesson. Abel intently listened, keeping his eye’s on the menu before him. He understood. As for the exits and all. Those were already branded into his mind. It was second nature to him. Except for the fighting. Fleeing was more of his forte. But if it came down to it, he would be able to hold his own.

    “In that case one may be nesting at the fountain.” He said barley audibly and just as cryptic. The lone man at the bar. He had caught him glancing their way, too many times for him to be just curious about an officer in a diner. At first he thought it was just his paranoia. But, his suspicions were confirmed as the man stretched, his coat lifting ever so slightly to quickly flash multiple weapons around his belt. It could just be a person taking precaution, but those looks kind of gave it away.

    At this the waitress had returned with the soup and bread Gerald ordered beforehand. Able nodded in agreement that he was ready. “No worries, and I think i’ll go with....The ginger and cranberry spiced pork and duck, Hazelnut glazed lamb, and a side of un-cut-un-skinned potatoes.” Already his mouth began to water at just the sound. Hopefully the man wouldn’t interrupt them until after he was done. He really, really wanted to eat.