The Wolf Among Us

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    "Why must our own fable kin resort to such idiocy - especially in public?! Sheriff Bigby I do hope you have a rather good explanation as to why I have unconscious mundies in the office infirmary? Hm Sheriff?" Ichabod Crane, current constable of Fabletown asked, his hand repeatedly tapping his wooden desk as his beady eyes trained on the laxly sitting man across from him. The man whom Crane addressed was the one and only Bigby Wolf.

    The strongly built brunette only blew a steady stream of smoke from his mouth as he pulled his flickering cigarette from his mouth to the ash tray. He watched the older man look at him sternly with uncaring deep brown eyes for a moment before finally standing up. He straightened his slightly wrinkled white polo casually before flicking his cig to the ground.

    "There was a drunken group of mundies wandering around, they decided to come cause a ruckus over at the Trip Trap bar. And when a push was thrown one of our own decided to teach them a lesson. I took in just about every single glamoured fable down here." Bigby Wolf spoke, his words somewhat serious yet only slightly uncaring. In all honesty they did do something that broke the rules but he knew a couple of them personally - they were hardly the troublemakers Crane thought them to be. Heck, if Bigby was at the bar he'd probably be the first to personally knock their asses out.

    "They taught them a lesson? How will we explain when they wake up bruised and aching?" Ichabod spoke completely insistent that the proper punishment ought to be distributed. The older man sighed pushing away from his table to rub his temple. "Fine if you insist on being so stubborn Sheriff. Escort them to their homes and know that the next regulation broken might just end in a visit to the farm!" Crane then said, quickly rushing back to his desk, pointing at the Sheriff with one long bony finger as if to intimidate the man.

    Bigby shrugged. "Fine then Crane." He spoke curtly, walking over towards the exit, stopping as his hand felt the cold metal door handle. "And your friend is here by the way - the uh..headless horsemen or whatever you call em'?" Bigby spoke loudly knowing that Crane flinched at the moment the name was brought up. But the sheriff didn't stay to hear whatever remark Crane had for that. He exited the office walking over to the common room where all the involved Fables sat for around thirty minutes now. His eyes flashed between the varied group sitting in monochromatic office chairs.

    He first saw Rad, a common face down by the Trip Trap. He and Bigby were only acquaintances but they acknowledged each other's presences whenever Rad wasn't drop dead drunk.

    Then there was Bearskin still looking as clean cut as ever, Bigby didn't really socialize with him at all. He knew him but that was about it.

    Bigby avoided looking straight at the Horseman who looked ominous as ever with his eyes hidden by slightly intimidating shades. He knew that the Horseman wasn't the most nicest man ever so the last thing he needed to be was provoked.

    Then there was a business man looking type - Bigby hadn't asked for his name when he arrested him but he was definitely out of place at some dingy bar. He was probably one of those fables who made money off of the ignorant mundies.

    Then there was K.C; she was a constant troublemaker. At least in Bigby's eyes, maybe it was the whole she was cat he was more or less a dog kind of situation but this wasn't the first time the Cheshire cat found herself in this area of Fabletown.

    Surprisingly, Lucinda found herself sitting there among the other fables. Bigby hadn't expected to find her in the midst of all the chaos caused by the mundies and he definitely didn't want to arrest her but the Constable's specific orders were to arrest each and every single one of them and well, Bigby needed the job. So all the wolf could offer to his close longtime friend was a solemn smile.

    But the one whom he had never expected to see was Maisie. His eyes caught her red ones the moment he had walked in and he could still see the anger in her eyes - as passionate as it was years before. He once again did not expect to see the slightly petite young woman stand up and push him.

    "Why the hell am I here? I get my bike wrecked by a couple of booze chugging mundies and this is what I get?" Maisie spoke, slipping off the red hoodie she wore. "Why are we all here Sheriff? Those mudies got what what was coming!" The girl once known as red riding hood then exclaimed signalling to her fellow fables. Bigby frowned only for a moment when he heard her call him sheriff - it's been long time since he's heard her say his name. But now was not the time to reminisce.

    "Just sit down May..everything will be explained in a bit" Bigby said calmly, bringing his hands up defensively just in case the little spitfire of a woman would decide to shove him again. She didn't all she offered was a steady glare before she returned back to her seat.

    "Now..we have all of your statements from your interviews from Snow and the constable has agreed to have you released. So grab your stuff and let's get going. Crane wants me to escort all of you to your homes. So yeah..we leave in a bit." Bigby explained his eyes once again discreetly glancing at Maisie at the end of his words. She was still glaring but at least she was picking up her purse and backpack.

    What night it had already seem to be - Bigby wondered maybe even hoped that it wouldn't get any more crazy. But in Fabletown nothing can really be guaranteed.
  2. K. C. Pelt
    (Cheshire Cat)

    K. C. Pelt was sitting...scratch that. She was almost laying in her chair, moving her knees left and right independently. She seemed pretty much indifferent about the situation she was in. Why wouldn't she? It was the second time she got into the fight this week, but only this time was caught by that oversized fleabag. She thought to herself how she probably might tolerate him if he wasn't sniffing around doing his best to bust her. At this point she was proud of herself. By the time he busted her he managed to beat the crap out of one drunk Mundie, and get a good hit on another one, with only a scratch over her cheek. And that scratch was exactly fleabag's fault. If he didn't pull her like he did, that would have never happened. She rolled her eyes annoyed when Bigby spoke to them. "Seriously though, big guy. Maisie is right. What were we supposed to do? To sit there and play out nice guys while they kick our asses?" She then chuckled. "Please, that is dumb way to resonate things even for ya, fleabag."

    K. C. pointed her surprisingly tidy and feminine index finger towards Maisie.
    "Those assholes ate her bike before they made a fuss in the bar. And you know very well non of us will allow those god damn Mundies to do things like that." She then smirked wisely and made a cat-like movement with her nose. "Really," Putting her arms behind her head, she leaned back in the chair. "You really don't give a damn about any of us? Not even Maisie? Or Lucinda?" The girl shook her head lightly. "I expected anything, B. But this? I am disappointed. SO disappointed!" She finished off that sentence with the exaggerated theatrical heat turning. She chuckled. "But we showed them." Raising the tone of her voice gradually, she turned to that nosey Crane's office, making sure he heard her. "You and your grumpy boss should be thanking us!"

    After they were told to go, she got up not giving a damn and stretched. "Yes, yes, how nice of you. Escorting us home and all." She yawned and walked right pass Bigby. "But I don't need a man to escort me. I ain't no lady after all. Have fun while roleplaying as a taxi driver." K. C. couldn't help but laugh at that sight. An oversized dog in a tiny city cab. When she heard her own ringing and somewhat catchy laughter, she stopped. "Oh my, I do apologise, didn't mean to insult." She moved towards the exit, winking to all present fables as a goodbye. Determined to go alone.
  3. There was nothing but absolute small chatter here and there. For half an hour Bigby was gone and while he was gone, the fables made small talk about what had happened, how was everyone, and all the other basics. A slender fairly tall girl with locks of golden hair sat quietly in a cushioned seat observing and looking around. This felt like a reunion in truth, and she pursed her red lips staying quiet. Her name was Lucinda Rella better known by her fable name 'Cinderella' if you couldn't tell. A Kind young woman known amongst the fables, yet had a deep and secretive reputation only known by those true to her. She sat solemnly cross legged, one leg over the other and her arms were also crossed. She seemed formal for the most part. A white silky puffy shirt with long sleeves that was tucked into her jet black pencil skirt. One could only say, that she seemed very lady like with a fine posture--yet countering this her close friends like Bigby and KC could only say that she was the wolf in sheeps clothing amongst the fables. Unlike Dorothy -who was a merciless killer and a well known one- this blonde girl knew how to play her cards right and carefully all the while keeping her own self in check. She didnt need help from anyone and preferred to be very independent.

    Through the small chit chat the former princess who was occasionally the assistant of the sheriff in secret fixated her eyes at the door. Prince Charming was held there and slowly did the end of her velvet lips curl into a small sneer barely apparent. It was obvious he appeared to be the black sheep rather than Lucinda--and he was amongst the other fables. Bigby had placed charming outside the room and was Lucinda happy that she didnt have to act whatsoever. Even with one look from him Lucinda would falsely cry in fear before everyone begins to mob Prince Charming and she sighs satisfied.

    Lucinda was known to own club 22 amongst the fables and the glass slipper shop by everyone, a shoe store for both genders. Her delicate hands always working, everyone loved Lucinda no matter what. As Lucinda gazes around relentlessly through the silence hearing one conversation after the other, a creak was heard and immediately did everyone drop their voices only to stare at the door--revealing the sheriff Bigby, walking out. The former brunette looked around one by one at everybody, thinking and when it came to her turn, she just had to be second to the last--all Bigby could give her was a mere smile. Not a surprising thing in Lucinda's opinion, she always managed to make anyone smile. Perhaps it was her whimsical beauty or the way she spoke? Maybe her personality? Not even Lucinda could figure it out herself and after a few seconds which felt like minutes of staring, Lucinda slowly smiled back at the 'big' and 'bad' wolf before looking back down at her lap letting out a soft chuckle. This was normal for her to so when she felt something was silly and the girl wrapped her hands around her knee silently watching.

    All eyes were on Bigby and only him. He spoke and as Lucinda listened there was a fuss from Maisie. A small one. Now despite being the silent and pleasant one Lucinda spoke defensively on behalf of Bigby while KC agreed with Maisie."We're like an accessory to the crime. Now you two quiet down please and let the man speak." Smiles Lucinda trying to be as pleasant as possible. No one should know her dark side anyways besides Bigby and KC and few others and she lets out a sigh looking at the wolf."Stage is all yours." She chuckled.

    Lucinda was naturally defensive about specific things when necessary. Although Bigby disliked it at times cause he didnt want to feel like the weak and 'babied' one by Lucinda she did as she pleased anyways.'Just think of me as your bodyguard and lawyer too!' She often said to Bigby when she was younger to which he was forced to deal with Lucinda's way and natural habit to baby those she cared for no matter how old or young.

    As Bigby went on about how he was ordered to escort people home she lets out a deep sigh fore she knew she would be the last one. Lucinda surprisingly didnt have a home. Atleast not a 'official' home. She believed that being a assassin or spy like her she didnt need one for the right reasons. If asked she'll deliberately give a short and balanced answer. Yet if there was a reason to ask for a deeper meaning she'll nonchalantly give it and right now I'm not gonna bother typing out why.

    Lucinda soon stands once Bigby was finished speaking and smiled at the other fables--slightly bowing her head down politely. The girl straightened out her pencil skirt and soon begins to rest a hand on bigby's shoulder, taking out her red heels carelessly. Good thing no one immaturely suspected them as having a love relationship or affair of some sort, cause that would be stupid. If one simply immaturely suspected such thing the other fables would immediately say how they were best friends who go way back! Yet it was a slightly strange bond in a way and Lucinda puts her heels back on again. They were Dorothy's heels--heels that she took from her since dorthy didnt deserve them as she used them for evil as Lucinda smirks at the sight of them.

    Lucinda loved to deliberately push someone's buttons. Not in a way where people will be angered or cause a ruckus with her. It was a loving teasing and taunting kind of way. Women especially if their men fell for her. It was just a fun thing to push them the littlest of bit and once Dorothy had passed the blonde, Lucinda deviously dares to look up at Bigby with a wide grin. As if to say,'You are so lucky a fight didnt start between me and her'.

    Instead of wanting to go, she waits for her dear beloved close friend instead and yawns covering her mouth.
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  4. ~KD Consolidated HQ~
    {Insert skyscraper pic here}

    "Well what do you mean, not on time?" Dar yelled through the phone. On the other end, a man with a low, stern voice. "It will not be coming until tomorrow, Dar."
    "Very well then, please, just get it in on time okay?" He sighed afterwards as the man hung up without replying. Ularn Dresner, a frail, old woman with dark red hair, a cigarette being held in one hand and a folder in the other, spoke to Dar. "Is this about your drugs again?" He got up to her, snatched the cigarette out of her hand, and took a puff out of it before replying. "Yes, as a matter of fact, it is. Went back to that bar last night, you know, that Brekener's place, and lost it because I got arrested for being drunk, so I had to place a special order of it, and you know, they don't do special orders. So can you do me favor and get me some out of the safe?" Ularn nodded and placed the folders on his desk before she proceeded to leave the room. He took another puff of the cigarette, and took a gander at the folder. He got arrested the other day for being drunk in a run-down bar again, which he then bribed the cops five minutes after sitting in jail.
    It felt almost routine for him, though he still loved to do it for the fun of being the bad guy in town.
    Dar hates people, and despises them in every way, shape, or form, and they are always the same: Easy to manipulation and corruption. This was especially true for the Fables, as they were constant beggars in his eyes.
    He hated all of them, that is, until he met the one who made his dreams become true: Ularn Dresner.
    Weird thing was, the only reason he likes her as a person was because she was a great business person, one who was hard-working and could keep the company afloat enough that Dar can do whatever the hell he wanted with the huge profits he got, what the problem was that she refused the offer because she was already in a great job, and feared that how stupid Dar's ambitions seemed, and that would cause he had married her, in one of those Las-Vegas-Drive-Thru wedding ceremonies, In which he gave her half of his profits for her use, and showed her his scary side,and the secret of Fabletown, in which she loved, and he ended up loving her for Her personality as well as her business skill.
    Dar, now finished with his Cigarette, crushed it and threw it in the trash can. Just then Ularn came back into the room with some Glamour, and he smiled at her.
    "Thank you Ularn." He said as he hugged her an kissed her on the cheek. "Folder's done, I am gonna go back to Fabletown, pay some people a visit! You can handle the company from here. I am going to another run-down bar again!" He said as he petted his pet Kamodo Dragons, Darius and Deius.She rolled her eyes.
    "Alright then, and don't get arrested at a bar this time!"
    ~Trip Trap~
    Dar went in, fancy and all. It's been what, 7 months since he saw other Fables? He prefers to be isolated from them, and not get involved in their affairs. So when he enters the place, he chose not to stare at them as heads turned and people snickered. He sat down in a corner, Pulled a nice, fat, cigar, and checked his surroundings. a generally run-down place, nowhere than what he is used to, he liked the place, for it brought back memories to him.
    He sat and puffed his cigar as someone came up to Dar, and sat next to him, a man with scraggy, blondish hair, raggedy clothes. This man obviously came here a lot. He took out another cigar, winked at him, and put it next to him. He turned back to the view. he laughed and whispered to the man next to him.
    "I think this place needs a makeover!"
    ~Commons Room~
    "I should have brought my phone, so I can call a lawyer and leave this piece of crap!" Dar said as he then fell of the chair, on the floor, he moaned, then he got himself up, and sat back into his chair, perfectly clear of mind. like he wasn't drunk at all, he looked and found out the blond man who he gave the cigar to was here, but none others that he knew about. Except for the man who came up from talking to another girl.
    Bigby Wolf.
    Dar heard of him as a unfriendly, busy, and strong man, a man who looked like he killed people before.
    He pondered about his current situation as Bigby started speaking.

    "Now..we have all of your statements from your interviews from Snow and the constable has agreed to have you released. So grab your stuff and let's get going. Crane wants me to escort all of you to your homes. So yeah..we leave in a bit."
    "Interview? now where have I done that in the past 48 hours?"
  5. Maisie didn't know who she was more furious at. Herself for deciding to go into that damn bar and getting involved in that damn fight even if the obvious outcome would end up with seeing her ex significant other or Bigby himself for keeping his composure even after seeing her. It wasn't that she wanted for him to grab her by the shoulders and ask her what happened it - to show that he still cared it was just the simple fact that Maisie still hadn't let go of all the pain, bitterness and anger caused by their relationship and judging on their first meeting after about a year - Bigby had. He was much to solemn and calm then the wolf she had used to know, that enough confirmed her thoughts which only annoyed her more.

    She was in the middle of checking the contents of her worn out scarlet red clutch purse when Lucinda - that stupidly perfect noble born woman - issued for them to calm down. Of course, Red Riding Hood didn't give a fuck about what the woman said but it only added fuel to the fire of her annoyance; when Maisie finished checking all of her items she bit her lip in thought. If Bigby were to escort her to her home, where would he? After all, her old bakery went bankrupt after the divorce and these past months she usually spent her nights wherever was secluded. She sighed quietly under her breath, rubbing her temples in hopes of reliving the coming headache.

    She glanced at the fable next to her seat as he complained about his whereabouts during the last couple hours of the night. "You were drop-dead drunk dumbass." Maisie muttered under breath. Not only did Red Riding Hood after coming to the mundy world lacked general social skills but she also had quite the low tolerance. Maisie's small delicate fingers slid up her scarlet red hood as she turned around and stopped in her tracks. There was definitely a pang of jealousy when she saw Lucinda so close to Bigby but she tried her best to hide it. She walked past them slightly hastening her pace.

    "I'm going with Cheshire. You can go tell Crane to go fuck himself for me, yeah?" Maisie spoke loudly and rather bluntly. She offered a moment of eye contact with the Princess who rested on the wolf before shooting the whole room two birds - hoping that Lucinda would know it was specifically for her. And then she simply walked out - hurrying to catch up KC who as of late seemed to be part of the small group of friends the nomadic young woman kept in touch with. They both hated Bigby so it was rather easy to socialize.

    Bigby sighed under his breath before offering Lucinda a weary glance. "Sorry." He said to her quietly. He was sorry for a lot of things tonight, first of all for arresting the young woman, then for his ex-wife's rather fiery exit and just generally making this night suck even more. Bigby wouldn't go into such detail in words but he knew Lucinda long enough to know she would get what he was trying to say. He moved away from her, grabbing both of her shoulders with a steady grip. "Look - Snow know's you. I gotta go get those two - even they don't deserve going to the farm." He spoke quietly, before releasing her and promptly jogging out through the doorway after the two rebellious young women.
  6. As the noble blonde rested a hand on Bigby adjusting her uncomfortable heels, They were slightly in a way-approached by Maisie. Better yet known as the little red riding hood. She was known to once date Bigby in their young teen years -or her young teen years- despite Bigby nearly terrorizing every known animalistic fable but soon the relationship came to an end before the girl went nearly bankrupt. So that was what happened after love? You cling for so long that you lose nearly everything? Just thinking about it made her think about Prince Charming yet he was the one who burdened himself and The girl puts her foot down.

    Soon red riding hood spoke. Her attitude and foul mouth never ceased with Lucinda and it was rather questionable if Lucinda knew why."I'm going with Cheshire. You can go tell Crane to go fuck himself for me, yeah?" She retorted slowing her pace when she walked by only to momentarily eye Lucinda in a disdainful way. As the girl gazes at Lucinda, The former princess cocked her head back and leaned it to the side over her hand which was on Bigby shoulder still unfazed. Instead she let out a small chuckle of amusement by how immature Maisie was -and she was older then Lucinda!- with a small sneer. Maisie didn't think that neither of them had a thing for each other..... Did she? Well there was no time to ponder about that and boy did she stormed off irritably at the sight of the two closely together. Maybe it was the fact that she was on good terms with Bigby and whatnot but she was no longer on good terms with him anymore? Lucinda soon shakes her head and suddenly heard Bigby spoke in a slight mutter.

    "Sorry." He said when most everyone left. Lucinda focused her eyes up on him, he was a rather tall and burly man and she slowly put her hand down. You'd be surprise at how this wolf who was once a terror-fable can have a heart and be so apologetic once you gained his trust and loyalty and the girl tilted her head furrowing her eyebrows ever so slightly with hands on her hips."Don't apologize about such little things Bigby. You know that when it comes to me there's no reason for me to be all mad. I get mad about more serious things then that." She clarified before clearing her throat."And even so. You and I both know that I'm a master at persuasion and escapology. So I will always find a way to get myself out of things no matter what." She chuckled.

    But through all the bragging and talking Bigby suddenly grabbed the girl by her shoulders firmly and shook her slightly. They momentarily went back and forth. Their version of a conversation to which Lucinda will always cut him off.

    "Look-snow knows you..."
    "Of course, I secretly work under you and her. Plus we're best friends since childhood Wolfie."
    "I gotta get those two--Even they don't deserve going to the farm."
    "Hm. Interesting. Two girls who share one thing in common: hating you. Come visit me some time like before and tell me what happens." Retorted Lucinda laughing slightly and with that Bigby jogged off.

    This certainly was an odd reunion of all fables. Mostly, the common ones. Everyone was busy so they didnt have time to hang out with one another. Perhaps one of the few to work around that was Lucinda and surprisingly Snow White. Bigby was way to busy to stop by and talk to Lucinda ever since he became sheriff but it was glad to know they still somehow are in good terms and maybe now surely they'll hang out more as friends. As the girl straighten her pencil skirt again she walked out the door rather calmly and silently seeing as she had nothing to do.

    She wasnt yet accompanied by anyone and a few of the other fables remained in the office. Most of them being males and she looks at her phone in silence checking for messages or news.
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  7. Chrystal was in the middle of filing a complaint. This morning when she had come down to her shop from her apartment that was located on top of it, she had seen a very crude and not at all accurate graffiti mural of her butt naked and sitting on a stool. She had been flattered at first, but then extremely insulted when she saw that the artist had drawn her with disproportionate and misshapen breasts. And her perfect and shining white smile had been marred by the fact that the damnable hoodlum had blacked out quite a few of her teeth making her look like some too bit, cheap slut! She had stormed all the way down to the sheriff's office then and spent about an hour complaining about how she just knew her ex Flynn had done it! I mean who else would? She was beautiful damn it and everyone else around here knew that!

    Somebody, she wasn't sure whether it was the sheriff, the deputy or someone else, had just shoved some papers for her to fill out at her and walked off to deal with more important things.

    Like a fight between the Fables and the Mundies.
    Damn...She really should have gone out last night instead of turning in early. She loved a good fight. So many bad boys in one place...It would have been heaven.
  8. "Sir, is this truly necessary?" He wasn't sure how exactly he had gotten into this predicament. One moment, he had been playing cards, a winning hand held light in his fingers, and the next the table had been overturned, cards scattered across the ground. And now all of them were sitting at the station, waiting to have this whole mess straightened out. Some inane charge of theft and a citizens arrest. Was that even legal for something like this? Kin hadn't felt the need to fight against it. He'd done nothing wrong, and things would work themselves back in his favour.

    The man who had so rudely interrupted his card game stood over him, a fat finger pushed much too close to his face. His teeth were clenched, face twisted with such a righteous fury that Kin was sure he might start spewing fire at any moment. "Necessary?! You cheat me out of my money and don't expect some bloody payback!?"

    Fingers raised to rub at tired eyes, bored of the spectacle the man was making of himself. They always seemed to think he had cheated, the same story a thousand times over. He'd been accused of having hidden cards in his sleeves, behind his hand, even down his pants once. That had been a fun one to prove wrong. Kin fixed his accuser with a winning smile, only serving to aggravate the man further.

    "I didn't cheat. You just suck at cards."

    The man's reaction was instant, and expected, grabbing the front of his shirt and forcing him back against the wall. Something dug into his back painfully, smile faltering. Seeing it, the man pressed him back harder. "Yeah, keep giving me lip, kid. See where it gets you!"

    "By all means, take your best shot."
  9. Andrei really hated the Sheriff's office. Every time he entered he got jumpy and kept looking over his shoulder. He was sure that made him look terribly guilty and that just made him even jumpier. He usually did his very best to avoid having to go there, but since he managed a business inside of Tresses and because he too had seen the hideous mural on it's wall, he had to file a report too.

    Shoving his hands into his pockets, he exited Tresses, and made sure to lock the door behind him and pull the metal grid down in front of the windows. Sighing, deeply he began to trudge in the direction of where the Sheriff's office was located.
  10. Bigby quickly dropped by his office on his way out - grabbing a coat and the keys to the community car available to any member of the Fable Government. He'd probably need it as more then likely if he were to even catch up with both mischievous women they'd slip away from his custody if they simply walked through the moon lit streets. On his way out he met up with a male fable who was looking for him - what he said didn't really get received by the hurried wolf so he simply directed him to the room where he had left Lucinda. He patted his back halfheartedly before the wolf found himself in the main office space an event catching his eye.

    "Hey!" Bigby shouted as he shoved off a larger man from a small framed fable. The man lunged to retort but stopped afterwards when he realize who had moved him out of the way. "No rough-housing in the damn office alright? Now go home." Bigby said to warn him offering a glare. When the man left hurriedly, Bigby turned to the young man who was being roughed up. At first he seemed like a normal fable but then Bigby's slightly worn out mind realizes just who he is well at least somewhat.

    "You..your uh that Yin guy right? Er..Vin? No wait Kin - yeah that's your name." Bigby spoke seriously his face showing an expression of curiosity. "Last time I checked you were friends with Maisie, little red riding hood? Do you happen to know where exactly she'd go home to? Something along the lines?" The Sheriff then spoke his tone hurried and even slightly impatient.
  11. Alyss

    "The names Alyss, take me to the Sheriffs' Office please?" a girl, no more than twenty asked the taxi driver. She had heard that her best friend 'Punzel was there filing a complaint. Something about how her ex Flynn did something? She didn't know. She hated driving around in these, they smelled worse than the Red Queens quarters back in Wonderland. But sadly, there was no Wonderland anymore. Alyss was now forced to live in Fabletown USA. But it was most fun when it came down to it.
    The taxi driver nodded politely before taking off down the street. All the while, Alyss stared out the car window. She watched as the shops and homes of many people blurred past, Lucinda Rellas' shop, Chrystals, and even her own "Sip o' Tea in Wonderland." She never quite understood why she named it that, but it felt comforting.

    The taxi eventually stopped in front of the Sheriff's office, Alyss assumed the "Big Bad Wolf" was in working, he wasn't that bad at all. At least since everyone moved to Fabletown. The blond gave the driver a ten before hopping out of the car and running up to the door of the building, the soft click clack of her heels could be heard. Thats when she saw Cheshire and Maisie. A smile formed against the girls pale face. She waved at the girls,
    "I'll be back out in just a moment. Heard 'Punzel was here." she tended to call her bestfriend Rapunzel that. Then in no time, she was inside the building, her pale blue eyes scanning the room for her friend.

    Alyss patted down her white dress before continuing in. Her eyes landed on a girl at a window whom seemed to be talking to the person behind the window. Alyss walked over to Chrystal.
    "What happened, Chrystal? What did he do this time?" she asked, a curious expression upon her face.
  12. The minute Lucinda had hear bigby's roaring voice which echoed through the halls a bit, the girl turned around and stand outside the office door, knowing that since he left--she would have to take his place. Like usual she always did whenever he left and she looks back into the office only to see Barry still seated. Soon her ears catch other voices coming her way and she furrows her eyebrows looking down the halls. If Bigby told them to come to her--she'd have to lead them to his office and talk to them first before Bigby does. In a way Lucinda was more of the good cop--who will approach her victims and targets pleasantly before attacking in an instant. Bigby--well, he wasn't like her. The whole 'patience' thing. The wolf couldn't take even 1 second of patience off his time when dealing with someone--so it was best to answer and answer him quick and honestly unlike his fox like friend, who took atleast 3 seconds of patience off her time... Unless she was able to smell a lie coming out.

    Lucinda quietly walked down the halls looking over her shoulder at Barry."Excuse me for a second Barry." Smiled the girl. She might as well meet the person whom she hears Bigby quickly direct to and leaned forward at the corner, her was poking through."Um... Hello!" called the girl waving from the corner with a grin."If Bigby told you to meet me here, hurry." Called the female before walking away. "Walk down this hall and go to your left." She said loud enough for the small group to hear and Lucinda comes back to the office with Barry, grabbing a seat between him and the horseman boldly. The horseman did scare her somewhat, but she never wanted to show fear and Lucinda waits for the small group before standing up and straightening out her clothes.
  13. Kin let out a sigh of relief as the man was pulled off of him, relieving the pressure on his back. Well well, looks like it was the big bad wolf to his rescue. Anyone else, and he may have been thankful. The widest of smiles found its way to thin lips, pulling back to show all teeth. As fake as he could manage. "Wow, the good sherif remembers me by name. I should probably feel honoured." Was that toeing the line of a lie? Maybe, but technically it was all true.

    Ah, there it was. Of course the wolf was asking about Maisie. And why shouldn't he? They'd been close once. "Yeah, we're pretty close, but why would I tell you anything?" His hands found their way into his pockets, leaning back away from Bigsby's curious gaze. "There's a reason Maisie avoids you, you know? I'd rather not become her enemy by telling you how to stalk her." Was he being unnecessarily difficult? Probably, but it felt damn good. Besides, he was curious to see how far he could push the wolf.
  14. Chrystal turned on her heel to face her friend, Alyss. "Aly, babe! That jerk Flynn made this totally crude and totally degrading mural on my shop wall!" She complained, raising her voice so maybe someone would hear her and take action. Action like hauling Flynn's sorry ass to the station and interrogating the crap out of him. She just knew that it was him who had done it! Granted she hadn't actually seen him do anything or at all for that matter, but who else would have done it? She didn't have any enemies! (That she knew of!)
    "He drew me with huge monster boobs and missing teeth! I looked like some kind of cheap hooker!" She wailed, crossing her arms in front of her. "I don't even know what I saw in that huge jerk! He's such a childish idiot!"

    - -
    Andrei finally made it to the Sherriff's station and after pacing in front of it for about ten seconds he finally walked in. Ducking his head he headed over to where Chrystal was, but stopped in his tracks when he saw who she was with.
    Alyss Blue.
    Andrei didn't really have a problem with the owner of the tea shop, but he didn't like being around when she was nearby because of her choice in friends. She was friends with a guy that hated Andrei just because he was what he was. So naturally Andrei kept his distance.
    Letting out another sigh, he changed course and walked up to the desk and waited for someone to help him.
  15. Riene ran her fingers over her dress, smoothing out wrinkles in the form fitting outfit. it was a deep blood red one shouldered gown. It was pretty, but rather older. A few deep, unpressable wrinkles were stuck in the fabric, and it was obviously a little worn. The color of the dress though perfectly matched Riene's hot glossy red lips. Her skin was smooth, although eyeliner a little dark and worn. But it had a sexy look to it that smudged around her eyes in a bad girl way, framing her greenish-hazel eyes. She had a big bust that the red fabric held back not so well, hips that were large. She stood on the sidewalk a cigarette in hand. Her light brown hair volumized and wavy, framing her face in that way that was just standing on that line between sexy and tacky. That though, was the queen's specialty... Well, other than murder, that was. Assassinations could get you in the slammer a long time, but as long as you were quiet about it and left no trace, it was no big deal.

    Underneath Riene's dress she wore heels, black and rounded. She always did, just to add a few inches to her terribly short height. Petite was less than accurate after all, it was almost dwarfism, her size. Which was quite interesting, because everything from her big hips, hair, and bust, right down to her large and in charge personality was quite of size. Everything except her height, and picking on her height could easily end in a fight. Clicking her heels down the side walk, Rouge walked with a swagger and sway. As if she owned the streets and everything in it. Flicking her cigarette to the side and lifting her dress slightly to crush it under a heel, she walked on. After making it across, she'd have walked enough to justify eating that large piece of cake at home, although the calories in the cake were so much that the Queen would have to have had to walk a lot longer than she did. But in her mind, anyway, it was justified. As she walked, she glanced at a couple familiar faces. Something was happening over at the station, hm? It peaked her interest highly.
  16. From the moment those slick words came from his mouth, Bigby had already tensed up his body. Why must all fables be so damned difficult? Bigby shifted his weight to one leg while he slowly let the young smaller fable talk to him in a rather discreetly disrespectful way, his body taking a kind of I don't have any fucking time for this kind of posture as the man continue to spin silver words. But as the last sentence came out so did a little bit of the beast Bigby was. The smallest bitter mention of what he and Maisie had was enough to cause the wolf to ball up his fists and push the Kin up against the wall - exactly how he was before the wolf came here.

    "Of course there's a damn reason - we were married." Bigby said letting that first remark about stalking go to the fucking wind. Bigby slowly increased pressure on his forearm which was placed on Kin's neck. "I'm not doing this for myself, I'm just trying to save her a trip to the farm alright? So the moment I back up your going to cooperate." He then said - maybe it was a threat maybe it wasn't but hopefully the tricky fable got the message. Bigby back upped letting the man off of the wall. He glanced over to the doorway where once again another fable appeared, tonight was getting pretty busy.

    "Hey! If you have any problems go report to my office - Lucinda is holding those with complaints there till' I'm back." Bigby said walking over the doorway, leaving Kin unattended and unsupervised. Bigby was allocating his time to the fable who he believed to be the queen of hearts? Something along those lines at the very least. Bigby point towards the hallway leading to where Lucinda was holding fort for him.
  17. Duke Mcgahan walked along the streets of fabletown, he wore his dark hoodie over his usual attire like he often did when he walked... He was alone like usual, the cold wind blowing through him chilled him to the bone. He tended to avoid the other fables, he wasn't exactly a happy man to say the least thanks to his "fairytale"... He hardly considered his life "fair" to say the least, he was forever doomed by his crooked life... He was kicked out of the fairytale realm before his "story" was completed... No happy ending for him to say the least... He sighed a little, looking around the seemingly deserted street he was walking on.. He remembered hearing rumors about a few fables breaking regulations at a bar to teach a few mundies a lesson or two... He wonders whether or not to investigate this particular incident, he was curious why they did it after all...
  18. Alyss

    Alyss was about to respond to her friend but she was interrupted when she saw the woman she most hated, and dreaded. The Red Queen. The Queen stood in the doorway, wearing a blood red dress and black heels. Did the damn queen had to be here.. at this time? Perfect timing your majesty. Always coming where Alyss was. This had been going on for years, since Alyss escaped the Queen in Wonderland. The fable grabbed Chrystal's wrist. "Y-Yeah. Flynn is a total dick. Lets go talk to Luci, I heard Bigby say something about that she is taking up complaints. Maybe she can do a thing or two about this. Its unacceptable." she quickly said. If only Cheshire was here. That would be tremendous help. Cheshire hated the Queen just as Alyss did. Maybe Chrystal understood why Alyss wanted to get away fast.

    From the corner of her eye, she saw Andrei change courses and move to a desk. He was still ttrying to stay away. She couldn't blame him, she was friends with Henri. The Boy who cried wolf. He hated wolves, speaking of Henri.. where was he? Alyss could worry about him later, he was more than likely home. He barely ever came out.

    With a sigh, the small girl began to pull her friend to where she saw Bigby point to. If the damn Queen went there, she was fucked. She could just here the constant nagging on how she escaped the Queen. Or even how Alyss' friends defeated the Queen and her card guards. That was better days, but they are over. Today is what she needed to worry about before she had another blackout.


    The boy who cried wolf was walking around the city of Fabletown. Generally, everyone avoided him. He told too many lies. Lie, lie, lie. Thats all that people nagged Henri about, who cared if he lied? Well. He did say that a wolf was eating sheep. Then when it actually happened, no one believed him. Henri sighed. He didn't need to wallow in sorrows just because no one liked hi..

    Henri happened to walk past the station, he saw the Queen. He knew that she was the Queen because Alyss had described her in every which way possible. So, he knew who she was. Henri curled his lip, why was everyone at the station? There had been fighting with Fables and Mundies last night, the Fables showing who's boss.. but what happened to have everyone here? He intended to find out.

    The sound of Henri's shoes tapping against the asphalt was all he heard before he walked into the station. There seemed to be every Fable in town.. what happened?
  19. Barry sat in a room with a whole bundle of fairy tales, he remembered most of them front the night before. The first time he visited the poor bar called Trip Trap, he was arrested. Mainly for the fact that joined in a bar fight because someone spilled some beer over his suit. He rubbed the small cut under his eye, ignoring everyone leaving and doing their own things. Barry's attention was drawn by Lucinda Rella sitting next to him. He turned to look towards her, and behind her a man stood up and stretched.

    Barry didn't quite recognize the man. The man had a long beard, and a pair of sun glasses over his eyes. He wore a leather jacket, and dark denim jeans. On his feet were a pair of boots that thudded against the floor as he walked away from Barry. Barry remembered the man slightly from the night before. The man started a bar fight with a particular ugly pair of mundie, hitting one over the head with a beer bottle, causing another man to spill his drink standing up to protect his friend.

    Barry's eyes went back to Lucinda and said "What's up Cinda-" Stopping himself mid-sentence he said cautiously "I mean Miss Rella..., What can I help you with?"

    Horseman stood up, a smile on his face. He stretched and couldn't help look at Cinderella's ass before seh sat.(Sorry for the language, but it's this character) He looked towards his old friends office and started walking towards it, his smile growing even more. Calling out over his shoulder towards BearSkin and Cinderella "You two kids have fun on your play date. Don't bite to much Bearry." Laughing at his own joke, he reached Crane's office and knocked hard on the door, then busted in raising his hands like he was going to for a big hug "Ichabod ol' pal! how's it been?"
  20. Once Lucinda sat she waited to deal with other people's problems but they were much to slow to come. She sighs until Barry spoke to her. He was similar to Bigby, only possibly naturally nicer and only a bear instead of a wolf."Whats up Cinda--" but instead of finishing he stretched his mid sentence out correcting himself."I mean miss. Rella, what can I help you with?" He asked.

    It took some time to process the bears kindness for a sec. He was a bear--wasnt he supposed to be like Bigby or something? But then again she had heard about his fable and blinked before letting out a small laugh and grinning at him, slowly shaking her head."No, not really. Or yet." She answers politely before chuckling."Its find to call me lucinda you know. or Cinderella if its just fables around--what ever floats your boat." she grinned--until Horseman interrupted. His rowdy personality somewhat always made her laugh the slightest bit--corny jokes were for some reason silly to her therefore she found it funny in most cases."You two kids have fun on your play date. Don't bite to much bearry." He laughed. It was slightly funny and Lucinda lets out a small giggle before looking at Barry."Barry." She paused momentarily thinking. "Thats your name right? You're that guy I usually talk to whenever we see each other coincidentally.. The one that works with dar--right?" She asks making sure with a raised eyebrow.

    Lucinda was familiar with Barry. They talked here as there whenever they saw each other but other then that she wouldn't say they were close just yet. Plus Barry was a skilled lawyer and a pricey one to afford too so she heard his name occasionally hear and there when a tough case was the topic with him always winning even effortlessly. It also wasn't hard to believe that he worked mostly with dar, a greedy dragon. But then again, all dragons were either aggressive or greedy and dar was a person she tried to stay away from in most cases for many small reasons."So besides corny.. Formally tall and brooding over there--how'd your night go? Were you part of it? And the dragon?" Asked Lucinda being polite as usual as she crossed her legs and wrapped her hands over her knee facing him.
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