The Wolf Among Us?

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    I haven't seen much about this on Iwaku so i was thinking something of the wolf among us, we could keep this in the same universe with Bigby still being sheriff and a new mystery going on, or we could have an oc universe with us creating our own plot to go off.

    Those who don't know The Wolf Among Us is a game based off a comic/graphic novel story about characters from fables and animated characters who are moved to New York City (Now called Fable town) hundreds of years later after there real stories.

    There are many characters from Snow White to the pigs from the three little pigs. There are also Glamours, Glamours are spells that allow the user to change their appearance. They are expensive, but can be purchased by non-human Fables in order to pass for human among the mundies. Cheap glamours can be found in the seedier parts of Fabletown, but they are often unreliable and prone to sudden failure. If non human fables don't get a glamour then they are moved to the farm (Mundies are regular humans who are mostly unaware of the fables)

    Fables also remember there previous fairytales they lived, they could of changed there life when they got to Fabletown or could change themselves when they first got to Fabletown. Fabletown is full of fables with jobs like prostitutes, officers, bartenders and other jobs.

    So whichever we choose (Oc or not) I would like to have the main narrative as the videogame, as which it adapts to your choices through the video game.

    If this does take off into an ooc and gets interest then i would like to have two other GMs to help run the roleplay because i don't think i could do this on my own. Also it's free game as too whichever fable character you choose, but make sure it isn't too powerful of a character.
  2. Looks fun.. If you need a GM I'll be one
  3. Okay great! Thanks for the interest!

    Is there any one you would like from the oc universe or just the canon universe?
  4. Mmmh maybe the big bad wolf?
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  5. Okay so if you haven't played the game yet, bigby is a sheriff and the main protaganist who is also the big bad wolf, so if we choose to go to the oc universe then you have free range.

    Not sure who i will choose as of yet though
  6. I am fully interested in this story, any links to the ooh or character sheets for me to use?
  7. Well we haven't fully discussed anything but a few points, but thank you for the interest!

    I would answer any questions and would like some input on what i have said in this Internet check~
  8. Oh and if i didn't clarify before, fables who look like animals (Ex. Toothless, Stitch, the three pigs) use glamours to hide there form and look human to not be recognized by mondies (Humans). When we do the roleplay there will be limited mondie roles because i want most of them to be npcs and not main characters, just because i would like to have the center stage be fables and how they interact and fit in the story.

    Oh and i asked this before but i would really like your input. Do you guys want to keep it in the same universe as the TWAU (Having bigby be the sheriff, the characters already introduced is already in the universe) Or have it easier for you guys and new additions to understand and start a new slate, having any fable character be chosen and no one has to keep the same personalities as some characters from the game are. (If we did the same universe i would make sure others that are new to the RP and game will still be ablee to join in and not have to be subjected to play the game.)
  9. I'm totally in, Fables sounds really fun to roleplay in!
    And since I haven't really played the game, new additions sounds better and also allows a bit more creative freedom and possibility.
  10. Okay great thanks for the input and interest!

    That's what i am also leaning at, i agree it will give others more freedom ;)

    I will say 2-3 more people and i will begin with the ic. Oh and @KthuluKhild any interest on being a co-gm? If not it's all good!
  11. A Co-GM sounds great! I'll be happy to :)
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  12. Okay great thank you so much!
  13. Also (I know I probably should of mentioned this when I agreed to Co-GM, so sorry about that) I'm not exactly too educated with the Fables or Wolf Among Us series. I'm more than happy to read up and look at a bit of the Wolf Among Us game though. Sorry for this little inconveniance, but I'm no stranger to GMing/Co-GMing and I know how the Fables universe works and have a few good ideas for our RP (that is, if were going to use the OC route).
  14. Oh don't worry about that, i don't any co gms with knowledge of the videogames because i expected that at least one of you haven't played the game. As long as you at least know some fables or any animated characters (Snow white, sleeping beauty etc.) Then you are good. It could help though if you would like to read up on a few things for your own sake, so i could definitely send you some links to read about some. But again you do not have to because i will help explain it in the ooc or if you want to know more before hand then i will PM you some information.

    Also if you would like to know more information but you don't want to read all about it then there are a lot of lets plays and walkthroughs of the game. (Like five episodes.) But all the info won't be too much just because there aren't much information about it other then the first season of the VG
  15. I do have a lot of information on fables and other sorts of fairy tales & stories, so that makes it a bit easier. And I'll get to watching a bit of Wolf Among Us gameplay & such, thanks!
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  16. No problem! The game is really good!
  17. depending if this is OC universe--I would love to play cinderella c:.
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  18. Until anyone strongly disagrees, i think this will be an oc universe. Thanks for the interest N/A!

    So i would like to discuss some details for the RP and would like to answer any questions and suggestions others have. One more person and we can probably gather all details we have and make the ooc. I'm going to think of some details and post them and see if everyone disagrees or agrees with what i have in mind.
  19. cool, can't wait to start:bouncy:
  20. Oh yeah, I am in for this^^. I have heard of Wolf Among Us... a little. I would want Dr. Facilier if that's okay.
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