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    Hello there!

    I know I am quite new to this site, but I am a huge fan of the TellTale game, The Wolf Among Us....and have been searching to do a roleplay with this series. Now I know this series has not ended yet (will be sad when it does) but I was thinking about starting up a brand new season of the series.

    Now, for all you grand people out there, this new season will have new character's, but the remainder of the people, whom was in the last season will still be there. Though their live's have changed, and their idea's for future's with one another won't be as it was before. (Ahemwolf/snow)

    So anyone intrested drop me a line, or inbox me too that's fine.

    Here is the plot if you are:

    It has been five long grueling year's since the deaths of the beloved fairytale's, Faith, Lawernce, and Lily. The live's of all the fairytale people have become strained in the world full of mundies...even if it wasn't before. For Holly, life has gone on, her bar has become busy again, and she has to keep working in order to pay the bill's. As for Grendel, he is still the same drunk as before, but on some rare occasion's, he does do good and help Holly out. For the Woodsman, he still does he daily job as well....and tries harder to be nicer, will still going to Holly's bar. He has stopped going to the Pudding and Pie for it bring's up to many bad memories for him, and he doesn't want to do bad in front of Holly or Grendel no more.

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have been sent to jail, and are still in it for another three month's even with all the request's for bail have been denied. For Bloody Mary, she got what she deserved, and well.....let's leave it at that. Atleast no more mundie's will be scared anyway.

    Now Crane has resigned from being Mayor of FableTown, seeng how the fairytale's see him as a monster anyway. He has decided to take on the role of a teacher, trying to better educated people on proper manners and history. Snow on the other hand has stayed on to become Mayor of Fabletown, but has a bad falling out with Bibgy, though still being a close friend and helper in his job.

    But now with her time all up in her work, she has assigned Bibgy with a deputy(played by me) Clara Charming, her ex-husband's daughter. Clara care's nothing for her father or mother, and want's to help Snow and Bibgy in any way she could. It even help's she has a crush on Wolfman himself.

    ....With all the work's going on, no one bother to figure out, where has Bluebeard?
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  2. I would be very interested.
    I love the game.
  3. Cool! Let's see if more people are interested alright
  4. You...
    I would be greatly interested! *^*
    //pewdiepie never fails me

    Actually, my friend and I were talking about making a WAU roleplay yesterday lol.
    Couldn't figure out a plot tho.
  5. Alright, are you two liking the plot so far?
  6. I like the style/plot line of the story so far, but I feel like if it mainly focuses on your character and Bigby only
    then there's a huge chance that this could turn into a 1x1.

    I'm not sure if I could pull off playing Bigby. ;3;

    Unless this is a next-generation kind of thing and we get to play the children of different Fables.
  7. Meh. I thought Dee was as good as dead personally, but whatever.
    What about the Nerissa/Faith interpretation?

    Are you interested in this?
  8. That might be a good idea, any suggestion's on a different plot?
  9. I don't have any other ideas off the top of my head.
  10. Alright give me a few day's to think of a new plot alright?
  11. hmm, possible to bring in other fairy tails in?
    I think it would be cool and am totally interested!
  12. Not a bad idea, and perhaps create a brand new villian
  13. Hmm I enjoyed the game almost as much as I enjoyed the graphic novels. Will this take place after the game but before volume one of the novels or is this a spin off?
  14. This is a spinoff, I do believe
  15. Me! Me, me, me, me, me! :) I just finished the episodic series the other day. Fell in love with the Fables story. I would definitely be interested if a plot was decided upon that allowed for new characters (and cannon) The only difficulty, if we decide to include the Wolf Among Us story line, is that the ending probably differed for many of us. I let the Crooked Man live out the rest of his days on the Farm as a crow, but I know many others didn't spare the bastard his life. It would just take some collaboration on our parts, but I'm sure we could come up with something! Maybe a revolt in the Bronx of Fables wishing to reclaim the Homelands, rather than being relocated to the Farm?
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  16. sounds cool..
    I could link a wiki list of fairytale creatures if anyone wants to flesh out an unused fable or something…
    EDIT: yup…List of:
    Grimms fairytales
    Other Fairytale creatures from wikipedia
    Note: since I have only watched you tubers play it and have never once picked up the books or anything, i was wondering if cryptids and other things were allowable? if so i call the boogyman! or dr jekyll...
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  17. @Domotoro that would be nice!

    @jagajac I agree but I don't think the rp creator has decided yet
  18. In the novels there really isn't anything they leave out. If it's got a story it's fair game.
  19. cool..i have ideas of which character i want to have but need to flesh out its mundie form and stuff...
  20. I have an idea, if guardian would want to allow, do you think that there could be some sort of clash between the fables and a newer breed of nightmare fable?
    Everyone has heard of creepypastas right?
    Just an idea..
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