The Wizards of Everadon

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    • There has be a meeting at the watch tower. the masses surround the town hall, fighting their way desperatly trying to hear the town yeller. a girl and her mother stod fermly at the back away from the wild masses. "hear all ! Six months from today there shall be held a gathering. no child or woman can leave their home till sun rise and sun set, if this is not obligated, thee shall be sentenced"
      It have been six months since that happened. today was the day, the day of the gathering. but what happens when a groupe of teens leave home? will there paths collide and where is the King sending them?

    • make your on carakter and enjoy the magic. my carakter is named Violette.
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  1. It was today. I changed to my clothes, double checking if I had all I needed. Being sure I didn't leave anything behind, before I left what I used to call home.
    My name is Violette, mostly for my violet eyes. I have been living me life as a gypsy as long as I could remember, hell I guess I always have been one. Everadon is probably the only place I could call home. It was here I was born. Everadon was a well know kingdom Ruled by King Eden of Cantian. For most people he was a kind and fair King, to me there was nothing but hate.
    I have had a lot of homes and he has always had me leaving. But the kings’ knights are what I hate the most. When I was six my mother was brutally killed by one of the knights, why? Well because she was a gypsy and also the magic she had control over.

    Anyway, so there is this gathering and all we know is the King don’t want anyone outside and me being me, of course I’m going to find out why and I still need to get going.
    Closing the rotten wooden door to the little cottage I have been living in for the last six months, I headed on my way out. The only way to get out of the village was going past the watch tower and out a main gate. “Hay! You there?! Get HER!” a lout scream came from a knight not far behind me. Taking a little dust of herbs I made a mist making it easier for me to escape.
    “There she is!” more knights came my way. I could see the tower on clear view. If only I could get them away from me. The last thing I needed was to get sentenced. …

    Two strong arms dragged me
    behind the near house. I tried fighting to get free from its stone hard grip as I heard a deep breath in my ear.
    "Be calm, they are coming" the man's voice was deep and yet soft as if it was covered in honey. Giving in, I stood still hearing the knights running away from where we were hiding. The man let go of my hands as soon as there were no more knights in the street. Turning around to face whoever had saved me from getting captured, I was shocked to see that the man in front of me was covered in a hooded with the symbol of the wizards of Everadon.

    "Thank you" I nearly didn't recognize my own voice. The man just bowed his head before walking away in to the forest behind us. Bewildered I decided I should get going. I running past the tower and getting closer to the main gate. Maybe I would get out of Everadon. Sadly I shouldn't have pushed my luck to much.
    Damn it Goddesses of all!
    I found myself pinned to the ground by three knights with the royal sail on their armor. "He! Finally got you, you gypsy!" anger and fear flashed through my violet eyes. After having chained me, they dragging me to where only the mighty gods knew. Would they kill me like they did to my mother?

    (hay here is how i think violette looks like just make the skirt a little shorter and that she have a little knife in a belt:)
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