MEMBER EVENT The Wizards Curse! Redux! March 1st, 2PM EST to 5PM EST


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Don't tick off Adelardus the Great, he's a very powerful sorcerer and curses rotten beings who dare to cross him. Some say that he turns you into horrible animals, some say that he curses you to be a fool, others say he turns you into an older version of you, but of course, you never know you have done it until it happened.

That was a tale you had heard from a young age, but it was just a tall tale. It is modern day and there isn't such a thing as a sorcerer who can do this. Yes, there are different creatures who live on the Earth who weren't common, but the tale of Adelardus was just that. A tale.

At least that is what you thought until the day you ticked off a local man from your town dressed in black. May you be a human or some other creature, the next morning you woke up, considerably older from the teenage years (or alternatively younger than your current age) had been the night before and for some reason, the aging wasn't perfect and were unrecognizable to your family. The legends are true and there is only one cure... which was lost to time.

With only your wit to guide, you have a quest to undertake. There is perhaps only one man who can help in town, one Todd(Short for Toddly) Notta Sorcerer who knows what you need. Of course things are never that easy and another group is also all out to break the curse. Look likes it is a race to obtain the cure and break your curse.


Who: Everyone is invited. You can make character sheets if you want.

You are someone who managed to insult a wizard......and you have limited time to find the cure

When: March 1st, 2PM EST/1PM CST. This will end at 5PM EST.

Where: This RP will have a ChaRP room once it's ready.

HOW: This is a Action High Fantasy ChaRP with improvised GMing. That means you should interact with each other. There are definitely going to be moments where you can work together ( or against each other depending on who you plan to play). There will 100% be In game consequences.... so choose wisely, because I promise you one thing. Trust No one.

If you need any ChaRP tips, this ChaRP will follow all the tips Diana gives. Otherwise have fun.​


It's 2021?
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Will be updated when school year starts. For now, pretty much whenever
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Name: Xander Cross

Age ( Before being cursed, MUST be between 13-18 if teen, any age for adult): 17

Age( After being cursed ( Must be at least ten years older, but not exceed the age of 40): 28

Appearance (Both before and after curse):


Before he was cursed, Xander stood at 5'8 and had reddish blue eyes and a scar over the left side of his eyes. He wears a torn denim jacket, an unbuttoned red dress shirt and a white t-shirt along with ripped jeans and has a pair of worn shoes, looking particularly homeless and his hair is short, though not in the best condition. He is also lanky and has a tail that is hidden by his hoodie. Though it is easy to tell, his skin also glisten as part of it is scaly, not quite being fully human He also has a claw necklace around his neck.


After ticking off the sorcerer, Xander will stand at 6'5 inches tall and still have his reddish brown eyes . He is semi-well built and has a full beard and a more masculine face . His tail is gone and he is not certain why, but his skin still glistens and looks scaley if you see it in a certain light. His claw necklace still surprisingly fits.

Personality: A severely jaded individual, Xander doesn't care about other people, only caring about himself as it was the only person who mattered in the end. He is rarely friendly and hardly cracks a smile, preferring to keep himself. If by some miracle, you manage to befriend him, he lets some of his walls down, but is still on edge, always afraid that he will lose those he will close to. He also has a knack for being pessistimic and self-deprecating towards himself. All in all, he isn't a fun guy to be around and isn't one to enjoy fighting.

Race/Species: Half-human, half-dragon

Powers ( If any): Flight, elemental manipulation ( The four basic elements)

Abilities ( If Any): N/A

Skills: Decent cook, decent with some weapons

History ( Can be RPed out): Xander was born to a dragon mother and a dragon hunter. To say the least bit, this pairing was not exactly happy about the accidental baby and only agreed that the child should be born. Unbeknown to the other, both had planned the other assassination attempt and once the baby was born, both plans were executed. Not even a day old and without a name, he was taken in by Victor Cross, a local shaman who raised until he was untimely killed when Xander was four. Able to fend himself, he went out into the world and has been making it on his own even see.

Family: Deceased

Extra: Xander has always lived life on the run for as long as he can remember. He's Bi.
Other information (Optional)
Reasons a Sorcerer might be insulted: Not helping or aiding the sorcerer in provision of food and shelter
Cool nickname you can have: Stone Cold
Weapons people can master: 6 foot tall Rapier
Any old animal: Hawk
Interesting quirk: Inability to distinguish humans and other supernatural creature unless told.
Name: Toddly Notta Sorcerer ( Goes by Todd)



Todd appears to be a mixed raced, being a light brown in skin and is very well built surprisingly well, despite only being nineteen. He had brown hair that is pushed forward and has deep brown chocolate eyes and has a light aftershadow. He wears a light grey muscle shirt and wears jeans. He also has a bullet around his neck, nobody quite knows why though. He also stands at a tall 6'8, though there is something unnatural this appearance, though it is uncertain what it is.

Personality: Todd is a very optimistic sort of guy, always looking on the bright side of things. Even when times are tough, he always manages to smile and be a beacon of hope. He is extremely friendly to everyone he meets and loves sharing information. All and all, he is a great guy to hang out with and even though he is friendly and nice, there is a sort air of mystery to him that can be told. If you manage to tick him off, he can snap and is very aggressive in battle, contrary to his cheery demeanor.

Race/Species: Magician ( Human)

Powers: Familiar summoning ( advanced)- Todd can summon a familiar in battle, but it can only be done touching another party member and is a specific animal for each person. He is able to telepathically communicate within 100 feet of him.

Familiar summoning ( basic)- Todd outside of battle, can summon his own familiar, a magical family dog named Doggo. He is able to telepathically communicate like his battle familiars

Familiar transformation- Todd can turn his familiar into other animals, but it can only be done once a day and takes a good chunk of his energy, only able to be replenished by sleeping.

Familiar possession- Todd can become his familiar, but he loses all senses expect speaking to his party members and they can't communicate back

Abilities: N/A

Skills: Sword to sword combat is average and he is a decent tracker

History: Nobody quite knows where he came from.