The Witch's Curse

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  1. Cool Text Nicole Blackwell 141738057586338.png

    Rain fell hard on Blackridge today, and Nicole Blackwell, or Nikki, sat in her house admiring it from her living room. Rainy days always seemed to provide Nikki with enough excitement to carry out her day. Sipping her salted caramel coffee from her black and blue coffee mug, Nikki sighed. She had both work and school today, which was something she was use to but still disliked. There was something about school that upset her...maybe it was the fact her cousin, Summer-Raye, attended the school as well. From the time Nikki and Summer were little they did not enjoy the company of each other. Maybe it was the fact that Nikki was more down-to-earth and Summer was more materialistic, or maybe it was the fact that later on in life they were to be power rivals. Nikki took pride upon her powers, and sometimes felt that Summer abused hers, but there was nothing Nikki could really do about that. Summer was set in her ways.
    Putting the cup of coffee down on a coaster, Nikki walked to the back of the house, where her bedroom was located, to get dressed. Upon walking in, Nikki saw her familiar, Blue, laying on her bed playing with a mouse toy. Nikki chuckled, as she walked to her dresser. Looking back at the cat she asked, "Having fun there Blue?" The cat then replied with a meow before returning to her task of eating the stuffed mouse. Nikki shook her head, and pulled a top out of her dresser, along with her under garments. She then walked to her closet and grabbed out a skirt and a black jacket before changing into her outfit. Afterwards, she walked out of her room. Going to the her foyer, she grabbed her bag and car keys off the rack and table, before leaving and locking her house up.
    Blackridge was relatively small and it didn't take much time to get from point A to point B, even if you were walking. Nikki pulled up to the Antique shop, which was neighboring the Witch's Brew bar that her cousin Tim owned. Tim was one of the two cousins that Nikki actually enjoyed being around; however, it wasn't something that Nikki went around telling everyone since it was obvious that certain people got along better in her family than others. Taking out her work keys, she unlocked the door to the shop. It was Monday, so it was Nikki's turn to open up shop and run it till noon. Since it was nine, she only had to work a three hour shift today. Normally the shop was a little dead on Monday, so Nikki found herself being bored out of her skull. After opening shop, and starting her inventory, Nikki pulled out her phone. Scrolling through her contacts, she found Al's number. Clicking on the message part, she text him.

    -Hey, hows things going? The shop is dead and I am ready to get off work and its only been twenty minutes-

    Nikki sent the text and then went back to work. Al, short for Alaric, was one of Nikki's closest friends and lately she was struggling with her feelings towards him. Nikki didn't want to ruin their friendship by telling him that she was developing feelings for him, seeing that she valued his friendship greatly. Nikki sighed. The struggle was for sure real.
    Looking at a lamp on a shelf, Nikki wondered where it had come from. It hadn't been there Saturday when she last worked, and the shop was closed on Sunday. "Where did you come from?" She asked as if the lamp could talk and tell her the answer. Pulling it down off the shelf, she walked it to the back desk. Maybe it was in the logs. Once she placed the lamp on the desk, she turned to the filing cabinet. Going through the records of the incoming merchandise, she found no record of the lamp in the inventory. Nikki rolled her eyes. Getting ready to look at the lamps tag, Nikki turned around to find it was missing. "What the?" She questioned. Where had the lamp gone to? Nikki sighed. This was occurring more and more as Nikki practiced her magic. Strange things would appear and then disappear within minutes, making Nikki frustrated. Shaking her head, Nikki returned to the front desk and took a seat on a stool behind a counter.
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    A scream filled Harper's home, which originated from the blonde herself. Her maid Britney had broke one of Harper's irreplaceable vases. "You idiot!" Harper growled. "I specifically told you not to touch that vase." She continued. Looking at the maid, whom was scared out of her mind, Harper glared daggers into her soul. "That vase was worth more than your life." She added. "GET OUT!" She yelled, point to the front door. The maid scurried off, while Harper adjusted her shirt. Normally Harper wouldn't have made a big deal about things break seeing that she could just buy more, but the vase was her last birthday present form her grandfather before he died. It meant the world to her and now it was in shards on her living room floor. Harper started to tear up, and she wiped away her tears before walking over the shards, which crunched under her heel, and walking straight to the broom closet. Grabbing the broom and dust pan, she went back and cleaned up the floor. She then throw the shards in the trash completely pissed off. Today was NOT going to be a good day. Harper sighed and decided to leave her house all together. The vibes she was getting from that place all together was not okay. Pulling out her Pink Iphone 6, she quickly sent a text to Beau.
    ~Today has not started well!! If you need me, I'll be at the bar till one, then my studio till four.~

    Beau was always a sweetheart to her, and Harper felt like she could talk to him about anything. AND, it didn't hurt that he was god's gift to the 'human' race or at least her. Going to her car garage, she got in and drove down the street; skid marks were left on her drive way.
    Making her way into the center of town, Harper pulled up to the Witch's Brew. She worked there just for fun, and it kept her busy most of the time. She also worked at a local night club in town called Myth. Both places were pretty nice and fun to work at. Each with there own individuality. Witch's Brew being more laid back, while Myth was more of a party joint. Walking into the bar Harper saw her boss, Timothy, behind the counter. "Hey." She said sweetly. Timothy was chill, and well he did give her the job which meant she had more money. God, Harper loved money! Besides that Harper considered Timothy a friend.
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    Ian awoke to the dripping noise of his ceiling leaking. "Great." He muttered, as he pulled the blankets off his half-naked body. Ian found it easier to sleep in boxers than clothes seeing that his shift usually came at night and he had no control over it, also it saved him from always having to buy new clothes. Walking to the broken window, Ian looked out at the rain. Rain wasn't something that Ian was very fond of in fact he'd rather not have it seeing that he lived in a abandoned house out in the middle of the forest with a leaky roof. Ian had saved the house from foreclosing when his unexpected shifts began. He didn't have control over it, and found it safer to move out to the forest and change into a big spirit bear than in his apartment located in town square. Ian was slowly working on the house, and he had fully finished the kitchen, living room, foyer, half the bathroom, and both his and his cousin Amy's bedrooms. Though that was only one forth of the house.
    Amy was also a shifter just like Ian was, except Amy turned into both a venomous snake and a eagle instead of a larger than average spirit bear. When Ian heard of Amy's mother's passing and her father disappearing, Ian didn't know what else to do but invite her to live with him. It had been a few months since he moved her in, and they seemed to be getting along fine. Both had similar personalities and did their own thing, and never really argued when they were together. Though their arguments were legendary when they happened.
    Walking away from the window, Ian made his way to the broke down bathroom. Well, it was functioning but the condition it looked to be in was a bit ugly. Hopefully he would complete it by the end of this week so his cousin would stop complaining of it. It was slightly embarrassing living in this shit hole, but it made things a lot safer for others. Ian brushed his teeth, and did his morning routine. He had the day off so he figured that he would work on some of the house. Judging by the rain clouds he saw earlier the showers would cease and make working outside the house a lot easier.
    Walking down stairs, Ian rolled his black v-neck long sleeves up mid-way. Going to his kitchen, he grabbed out a tall glass from the cabinet and then the orange juice from the fridge. Ian groaned. A few weeks back Ian had shifted and was out wandering the forest when a group of hunters had attack him. One shot at him, and thankfully it grazed his eyebrow, however the wound was still not healed all the way and he had the stitches on his eyebrow still. Sometimes it would give the brown haired male headaches at random. Rubbing around his stitches, he turned and poured his glass of orange juice. He then returned the juice jug to the fridge and drank the juice in the cup. Afterwards, he went outside and sat on his porch waiting for the clouds to clear. On occasion Ian saw hikers or trail runners up there, and it was nice to see someone besides the deer, Amy, or any other animal. A lot of the time Ian would get lonely up there having no one but his cousin to talk to, which increased his depression significantly; however, he knew he was doing the right thing by living in the woods far from the town. He would basically be devastated if he had killed someone...again.


    Matthew Santos, or just Matt, rolled over in his bed. Finding a warm body inches from his, he opened up his left eye to find a female laying in his AC/DC shirt. Slightly propping himself up, he shook his head trying to get his memories back. Who was this chick? As he contemplated the question, the blonde female started to stir. Matt looked over at her, as she slowly opened up her eyes and smiled at him. "Hey there cutie." She said, touching his chest. Matt forced a smile. "Um, hi." Matt said, his voice completely unenthusiastic as he removed her hand. He still had no clue who the girl was. "I'm going to be straight forward with you...I have no clue who the fuck you are." He said, bluntly which changed the females demeanor to one of rage. "Look, I bet we had a lot of fun last night, but now comes the part where you take my band T-shirt off, give it to me, collect your clothes and get out of my house. Can you do that?" He asked as he held out his hand for his t-shirt. The female was wearing some underclothes which made the situation a little bit better...barely. Matt then stood up, and flung the shirt over his shoulder before walking out of the room, but before he did he called out a quick "see ya" her way.
    Taking a shower, Matthew quickly changed into a pair of black jeans, red Vans, his AC/DC shirt and his leather jacket. He then made his way out of his house to his car. Getting in he started the engine and drove off. Half-way down the block, Matt saw the blonde walking. He honked his horn and continued driving. She flipped him off, and Matthew chuckled. It wasn't like she was cute. Driving to his club, Myth, he walked in and saw a few of his employees working on cleaning up the place. "
    Good job." He yelled out before walking up a staircase to his office which overlooked the night club. He took a seat at his computer and started to look through financial records.
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  2. Ash Wells
    Ash had just finished her morning swim in the ocean to get her normal morning work out. She was drying off evaporating the water when it started to pour rain. She groaned knowing that this was going to consume a great deal more of her energy. She manipulated the fall of water to not hit her but around her as she dried off. She then jogged up to her house to shower and put normal clothes on. It had been four years since her first change and well things were different she could control when she sprouted her tail now. She quickly got ready and realized it was already nearly half past ten. She thought to herself had she really been swimming for almost five hours? She shrugged and headed out grabbing her umbrella and walking up into town.
    She headed towards Matt's club to go see if he wanted to grab lunch later with her. She arrived stepping under the awning and closed her umbrella shaking it off. She headed inside, waving at the guys cleaning and setting up before headed up to his office. Ash knew she was one of the few people allowed up to his office. She paused at his door smelling a female's scent which seemed to drive her nearly into a rage. Ash had to take a moment to compose herself Matt wasn't hers, he could be with who he wanted. Deep inside of her however a part of her hurt deeply, she didn't remember when exactly she started to fall in love with her best friend it just happened and she couldn't turn back. All that Ash could do was shove her feelings down and continue their normal flirtatious routine. She knocked on the door then pushed it open giving her best smile to him. "Hey handsome, was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite later with me?" She closed his door and approached his desk perching herself on the edge of it, her vibe was flirty as she looked at him.

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    Calli Eccleston
    Calli arrived at the Library just before it started to pour. She smiled because she loved the rain and always enjoyed the sound. This was the best weather to read in, and was a good thing she worked in the library. She had already shelved all the books and was sitting behind the desk her hair finally piled all into a bun atop her head as she was reading her newest favorite series. She was intently reading but also listening for anyone who approached the desk she was sitting at. This is where she loved to be, although she spent most days off at Ash's place reading and enjoying a good cup of tea.

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    Tim Groves
    Tim had woke up just as the sun was rising, this was his normal routine since he was small. His father always commented on how connected he was with nature and the earth and thought it was a wonderful sign that he was powerful. Tim really didn't care he had other things to deal with while growing up like his nearly uncontrollable magic growing up to crushes throughout high school, but there was only one girl that was meant for him and that was Kai. He basically worshiped the ground she walked on. He got ready for the day and headed out the door knowing his roommate and friend was still passed out in his room.
    Pulling his keys out he approached his truck. He gave a small yawn and headed to his bar that he opened two years ago when he got his bar-tending license. He had been there a few hours cleaning up some stuff and checking stalk in the front making notes of what he needed to get from behind the counter. He heard the door open and looked up seeing Harper walk in. He liked Harper she never gave him any issues and all around she was a super sweet girl until her temper flared up which he had witnessed one to many times with her. "Good morning Harp." He gave a smile and went back to scribbling some things down on his pad that he had to order.

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    Alaric Fullton
    Al rolled over with a groan searching for his blasted phone that just went off with an incoming text message. Upon finding the device her turned on his table lamp hissing angrily with the sudden flood of light into his un-adjusted eyes. He quickly put in code to the device messages pulling up automatically. He smiled seeing Nikki's name bolded. He tapped on her name. Al enjoyed talking to Nikki she was a bit of a refreshment to him oppose to the other girls that seemed to populate their small town.
    -I am pretty good doll, although you disturbed my sleep. If you want I can swing by at noon to grab you for lunch down at the cafe?-
    He pushed send and sat up with a small yawn. He didn't remember getting into bed last night, climbing out of bed he noted that he feet were muddy as if he had been running out side. That certainly confused him greatly seeing as he couldn't remember most of his night past eleven p.m.. Al walked across the hall to the bathroom to jump in the shower to get ready for his day even thought he didn't have to go into work until later in the day he still liked being somewhat early and ready to go for the day. After he showered he went down stairs to the kitchen and poured himself a bowl of cereal to eat munching on it.
    Al realized recently that his feelings towards Nikki was delving deeper than he thought they would. They started out as really good friends playful and now without him realizing it he would flirt with her, just to see her blush. Nikki's blush was the most adorable thing in the world and he lived to see her smile now. He couldn't really understand why all this started but he knew now that he adored her deeply.

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  3. [​IMG]
    |Location: Condo's Gym Area-Her Condo-Outside|Mood: Tired-Rejuvenated-Conceited|Gym Outfit: Look|Outfit: Look|

    It was just a normal day for Summer-Raye, she was at her Condo Building's Gym. It was rather nice and big, so she could have her own space... from the old perverts who always tried to get a peek at her body. She was on the treadmill, not sweating, but glistening. She took out her water bottle, drinking some of the cool liquid. While on the treadmill, she looked outside the window. "Great... just fucking great!" She saw that it was raining, maybe her loser of a cousin could use her powers to stop the rain... yeah right, that weak witch. She rolled her eyes and turned back to the treadmill. She could feel her body aching for her to stop, but she needed to loose at least three pounds by next week. Summer-Raye had a call back from a modeling agency that she had went to audition for. She didn't even think Blackridge had a modeling agency, with it being such a small town. She would be their number one girl, the face of "LaBella Modeling Agency." She couldn't be the face if she looked like the Blob. "Okay... time to get off." She was glistening a lot now, so she stopped the treadmill and hopped off of it. The ladies around her could not believe that she still looked as good as she did before she got on the damn thing. She smirked at them, walking off to the private bathrooms that the building had for the Gym Area.

    Now leaving the gym, after grabbing her things, Summer-Raye headed to the top floor. She lived at the very top of the Condominium, her parents had bought her the condo last year. It was beautiful, just like her. Getting to her condo, she locked the door behind her. Throwing her gym bag on the floor, she went straight for the shower. Taking a twenty minute shower, she hopped out and got dressed. Her outfit was pretty and it would make the men around her loose their minds. She loved having all the attention on her, but she did have a boyfriend now. That didn't mean she couldn't flirt with any cute guys, it was just harmless fun in her eyes. The butterfly necklace that she wore around her neck all the time, started glowing whenever she touched it. "Let's see..." She took the necklace off, it turning into The Family Grimoire. Summer-Raye always bragged to her cousins about how she was the one that got the Groves Legendary Book of Magic... even though her loser of a cousin Nikki got the stones, which made most of the magical spells effective. "Das Hijikis Fue Lad." It was a minor spell, her hair had now turned curly and it was fully done, she loved that she didn't have to go to a salon to get her hair done anymore.

    She was still annoyed that it was still raining, but either way, she walked out of her condo, locking the door behind her. She had grabbed her umbrella, since the garage that held all the cars was behind the building... which meant she would get soaked by the time she got to her car. Her poodle, Miss Beauty was at the dog groomers, she would be picking her little princess up later. She didn't have much to do at the time, she didn't want to see her cousins, so Witch's Brew was a no go right about now. No one went to a club at this time of day, so Myth was out too. She was in her car now, thinking of something fun to do for the time being. "I know." She decided to head to The Mall, maybe she would spot someone she knew there. At the same time, she sent a text to her boyfriend. -"Isiah, meet me at the mall. I'm bored and I want to be with you. XOXO"-SEND

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    |Location: Beau's Home-Tattoo$ My$tery $hop|Mood: Busy & Happy|Outfit: Look|

    Beau was in his bedroom, just waking up from last night. He had been turning into his werewolf form all night, glad that he had a secluded home in little Blackridge... so no one would hear his screams and the cracking noises. Sure it was painful, but thanks to his high pain tolerance it only started hurting after five times. He was getting the hang of turning by his own will, and not turning because of the moon or because of other things. His father had taught him all about being a Werewolf, and he would do the same for when he had kids he would tell them about what they really were. Beau cracked his back before standing up and heading for his shower. He took a quick shower and got dressed. He had to open his shop in a few minutes. Beau owned his own tattoo shop, the most known one in Blackridge, everyone knew about his tattoo work and his employees were amazing as well.

    Heading for his car, he felt his phone buzz. It was from his girlfriend, Harper. He smirked at her text and started texting her back. -"I'll see you around two... got work to handle. I will make sure your day goes way better when I see u."-SEND He put his phone into his pocket and got into his car. Beau looked at the inside of the mustang, it was his baby. "Damn, I'm one lucky guy." He drove out of his garage and headed towards the center of town, the business district. He parked his car in his parking space, right in front of his shop. "Time for business." He went to unlock the door and stepped in, waiting for his employees to show up and get ready to make some teenager or adult happy.

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  4. [BCOLOR=transparent]Elouise Tashaya[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Eli woke up as the rain poured outside her window. She yawned, stretching her arms out as she looked around. Instantly she knew something was wrong, and sprang out of bed with unintelligible speed, making it to the other side of her room in an instant to catch a poster that was half hanging off the wall. "Damnit, just stay up." She sighed, grabbing some blue tack and sticking the poster back up in the collage of them all. There were many faces, bands, magazine covers and what not staring back at her from many pieces of paper and other materials. She smiled, looking around. No one she knew had a collection this great, well, that was a lie. She knew that one girl from their school, who lived off in a ramshackle house in the woods with her cousin, had an even bigger collection. Oh well, to each their own.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She went to her dresser, throwing open the drawers and grabbing her outfit for the day. She had work later, as always, but besides that had a free day. She was going to head out fairly soon, and head over to her favourite shop in town, the tattoo place. She had a couple new designs she had been working on with Autumn every now and again, and was gonna go finish them up and get them done today.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once she was dressed, she grabbed herself a bottle of water and a cereal bar from her cupboard, locking the place behind her as she went out of the house. On her way down to her apartment complex's garage, she had her drink and breakfast, tossing it into the trash as she entered the garage.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She hopped on her bike, clicking her personal remote to open the door of the garage, going out on her bike and having it close behind her. Then, she drove her bike through the town, pulling up in her spot a minute away from the tattoo place. As she walked, she ensured that the drawings were in her pocket, smiling upon finding them as she kept her hands in her pockets, headphones in her ears as she headed to the place.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once she got there, she saw Beau's car parked out front, and the door open to the shop. It was at least a good 15 minutes since the place opened, and Beau knew she liked to be there early whenever she wanted something done. So, she walked in, and smiled at Beau behind the counter. "Hey, is Autumn here yet?" She asked, leaning on the counter a bit. She was quite friendly with Beau, but had her opinions on his girlfriend. Oh well, that didn't affect her, as long as he was always there to sort her out with some ink, she would be happy.[/BCOLOR]

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    [BCOLOR=transparent]Jordan Williams[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Jordan had been awake from early, working out in his personal gym, resting in a room in his house, which had been built by him and his father a few years ago. It was modern, made from wood entirely but with a very modern style, and sat just outside the forest on the edge of town. His gym room was by far the best thing about the place: 2 glass walls, one looking into the forest and the other looking out onto the city. He was in love with the place, and it was by far the best home he had ever had. His gym was his favourite place by far, prehaps except for the field, but at least with his gym he could be there whenever he wanted, for however long he wanted.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After working out, as the sun was rising in the sky and the town was starting to come alive, he went through to his shower, taking a nice hot shower before getting into his casual clothes, read to head out for the day. He had a class in the afternoon, but for now he was free. There were a few things he wanted to do today, such as go get a drink and do some shopping. Plus, he was planning to head to Myth later tonight, wanting to have some fun and see if he couldn't pick up a cute chick. There were definitely some cuties here in the town, and he kinda hoped one would look his way. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Amelia Belarus[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Amy woke up, hearing the footsteps of her cousin through the walls of this shithole. She groaned, rolling over in her bed so that her face was buried in her pillow. Why was life so crap? This crappy place, her mother dead and her crappy father ran off somewhere, all whilst living with her cousin, who actually wasn't that bad. He kinda acted like a sorta reminder that there was someone else like her, and he had indeed taken her in after the incident. However, she would've preferred to be alone, in some tiny place in the city, so everything was in arm's reach, but she didn't have to deal with anyone at all.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]However, she was stuck with this place, and made do for now. She got out of bed, reaching over and finding the same stuff she had worn the other day. Well, she was wearing it last night, but had fallen out of it when she morphed. At least it was only her snake form last night, so she didn't find herself awakening on top of a mountain at least. In fact, she was only a stone's throw away from the house in the early hours of the morning, and had slipped in without her cousin even knowing she had one of her shifts.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sliding into her clothes, she eventually made it out of her bedroom, heading through to the bathroom. She sighed, seeing her cousin still hadn't changed it at all. She grabbed her toothbrush, doing her teeth and whatever else she needed to before heading for breakfast. She wasn't one to wear any makeup, or do anything with her hair, so her routine in the morning was as quick as a guy's.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Grabbing a glass of water, she took her pills she was supposed to take each day out of her back pocket, dowing them in one gulp before finishing the drink and resting the cup in the sink. In honesty, there was a slight part of ehr that wanted to learn to control these strange powers they had somehow got, since it would actually be good. However, she had no clue how to, and couldn't care enough to start it. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once she was done, she headed outside, seeing Ian sat on the porch and the rain still pouring. "That bathroom needs to be done." She commented, as she usually did after using it each morning. Then, she pulled up her hood, leaning against the railing at the front of the porch. "I'm heading out, gimme the keys for the truck." She said, in her normal way of not exactly asking, but also not entirely demanding.[/BCOLOR]

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  5. +.Hikaru "Rue" Aislin Fujimoto.+

    The sound of a hissing and yowling cat --a half-bobcat... cat at that-- was not what Rue had planned for the start of her day. Rather... She expected a nice, quiet morning unpacking boxes in the bright sunlight of her home. The kind you see only in detergent commercials. She wanted a detergent commercial-crack-of-dawn-like morning. Why was this not the morning in detergent commercials?!
    The young woman whipped around in a hunched position with a miserable, tortured glare. She directed her eyes at the feline who pranced toward her with a look of purpose. The words "Leave me alone, pleeeease" were so clearly explained through her facial expression, the cat skidded into a U-turn and disappeared into the bedroom with one last rebellious hiss and spit.
    Rue wished she could make the clouds disperse the same way.
    A faint ache along her shoulders made itself known. "Eh... I guess I deserve a break." She straightened her spine and stretched like her kitty friend, stepped toward the double glass sliding back doors and watched as the rain pittered and pattered. As frustrating as it is to have expectations ruined, she did enjoy the sound. Especially now that she is back home in Blackridge. The sound of rain was a drastic difference from the city. As far away as she had tried to get away from Blackridge in the last four years, Rue ended up doing a full circle and coming back. History does that to you. Perhaps she might've been forgotten by now. She didn't exactly fit in during her last two years in high school.
    A small pit of regret burned briefly in her chest. She would move on. She knew. Life would go on and time would make her forget sometimes. Never completely, but enough. As she watched the rain touch everything in sight at once, connecting all who come into its path, she felt a feeling of peace wash over her.
    Relaxed, she completed unpacking the last two boxes in a few minutes and swiped her hands together. Feeling accomplished, she walked with a small smile settled on her lips and her hands clapping before her and behind her in a swinging motion. Her feet brushed the dry wooden floorboards as she walked into the open bedroom door. The cat escaped with the thump of small feet.

    One day we'll be friends, she thought with narrowed eyes.
    In the bedroom, she strided over to her mirror and checked the damage. Her loose ponytail was held by the desperate fingers of her hair clip. Halfway through unpacking it began to fall free. Grey and baggy sweatpants rode low on her hips and a black tank top barely managed to cover the resulting exposed skin; a red and black outlined paw print. Barefoot and slight baggy eyed, she felt hideous.
    To the shower and then off to re-discover ol' little Blackridge after four years, Rue thought sadly.

  6. [​IMG]

    Isiah isn't exactly what you wold call a morning person, Like a caffeine addicrt who hasn't had their first cup of joe, you couldn't gwt Isiah to be the buff bundle of joy he usually was without his morning workout. Right when he woke up in the morning, Isiah checked his phone and smiled when he saw he had a text from his beautiful Summer-Raye. She wanted him to meet her at the mall and this caused him to groan. Isiah liked the mall; he just kinda didn't like the mall wirh Summer-Raye. She always did a little too much shopping for him, but she always looked good. And that was one of the many thing he loved about her. 1: He had a gym buddy.She never went as hardcore with it as him, but she was great to workout with and always pushed him to do his very best. 2: She took great care of herself and always made sure that she looked nice. He always loved that in a woman. 3: IUt was just nice to have someone to be there for you and make you feel good. Someone you know is gonna be there for you and push you to be a better person.

    Isiah texted Summer back with a smile on his face. ~You know I can't say no to you doll :) Just let me do a quick workout and hope in the shower and I'll be there :p He slipped downstairs into the basement where his man cave/workout room was and started busting out sets on his equipment. Isiah worked up a bit of a sweat before stopping. He'd only worked out a good 30 minutes and would have gone longer, but thought it wouldn't be a good idea to keep his princess waiting. Isiah went upstairs to take a quick shower and pulled on his clothes before running to his car to drive to the mall. 'The mall? Why does it have to be the mall?' He thought to himself as he drove. 'I swear we went to the mall yesterday. She shops to much. Maybe I should give her an intervention.' He chuckled and shook his head. When he got into the mall. He thought about all the stores Summer could be at. Deb, Nordstroms, Khol's, some expensive jewelry store... He thought for a minute before nodding. He knew exactly where she was. Isiah made his way to Victoria Secret where he saw Summer-Raye standing outside, phone in hand, most likely taking selfies to put on Instagram. "Hey there gorgeous." He smiled and kissed her cheek

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  7. Cool Text Nicole Blackwell 141738057586338.png

    Nicole sat silent in the cold antique shop, her foot tapping against the bar of the stool. Sometimes she swore that the shop seemed to have crickets in it because of how silent it would get. She had in fact grown bored within a thirty minute period and decided she might as well crank out some homework that needed to be done. Grabbing her bag, she pulled out her lab top and her paper she had wrote the information for the essay down on. Normally homework wasn't an exciting factor for Nicole, but she was in a film class and she had to analyze the movie Hocus Pocus. It was a minor project, but it was a fun one for her since it was one of her favorite films since she was a kid. Having watched the movie about a thousands times already, Nicole could truly recite the entire film and probably reenact it, so she choose to start working on the paper. Pulling up the word document with have the paper already written, Nicole's phone buzzed with a text message illuminating the screen. It was from Alaric. Nicole smiled as she picked up the phone, though she slightly frowned.

    -Sorry! I do that a lot, don't I? Anyway, lunch sounds great.-

    After Nicole pressed send, she hurried a crack of thunder boom across the skies. "Well that was eventful." She joked with herself. Nicole then had a idea. Standing from the stool, she walked over to the window of the shop. She starred into the skies. "Tempestus Impaetus." She called out. The lightning began to come quicker, the thunder seemed to crack louder, and the rain poured harder. Nicole smiled. She knew her cousin disliked any weather besides hot sunshine and Nicole would do almost anything to put a damper on her day. Besides Nicole loved the rain. Turning around when she heard the old radio start to talk about a flash flood warning, Nicole smiled. "Excellent." She said, before returning to her stool and finishing up her paper.

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    Harper watched as Tim wrote the things he needed to order down, he was very efficient with his work and that was one of the things Harper liked about him. He was an all around good employer and good guy. Putting on a basic apron and taking off her jacket, Harper started to take down the chairs and wipe off the tables. It wasn't really necessary to wipe down the tables first thing in the morning, but Harper was slightly a neat freak about things. She then made sure each napkin holder was fully stocked and everything else was to. Next she made sure to organize everything on each table, before going back to the bar. She carefully made sure each thing was where it belonged.
    The first thing Harper did when she got hired on here was organize the entire thing. Alcohols were organized alphabetically and within each letter the alcohol was organized by size. Once a mouth she would make sure the kitchen was organized as well. It just made things easier for everyone if the thing you needed was always there, that and it made inventory ten times better.
    Stopping for a second, she looked at Tim. "Are you excited for the founders party tonight?" She asked him as she looked down at her phone. She saw that Beau had sent her a text. She quickly typed away so she could also pay attention to Tim's response.

    -Okay, see you then.-

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    Looking at he records for the club, Matthew sighed. Sometimes he hated business more than he hated being a blood-thirsty vampire. The records indicated a loss in product for the last month, meaning someone was pocketing money by selling bottles of booze on the sly. This upset Matthew. How could he run a business when the employees couldn't be trusted. Matthew decided to put a request into the security department at Town hall, to get the security footage for the last month and a half for the club. Who ever was costing him money was surely going to pay for it.
    Matthew's fingers typed away, as he caught a whiff of a familiar scent he stopped. He looked up at the door, he had forgotten that he allowed certain people up to his office, including Ash. Without realization, Matthew's eyes turned a deep red and the veins around it become dark. He fangs were on full display. However, it was the small stomach ache that Matthew realized he was in fact hungry. Flashing to the mini-fridge, he got out a drink mixed with blood and pomegranate. He knew that Ash hated the smell of Pomegranate and thought it smelt like least that was how he introduced her to it back in high school. He had to think of something so she wouldn't go around taking a drink of his beverage and find out it was blood.
    Returning to his seat, before the door was open, he took a few drinks and his thirst subsided for now. Looking up to Ash, he smiled one of his seductive grins. Lately he had been flirting a bit more with Ash than normal and he slightly thought that he was developing feelings for the girl; however, he hoped he wasn't because he was a pretty big danger to a lot of people. Setting back in his seat he watched her enter the room. Matthew could see a few muscles in her face tense for just a second. Was she upset about something? He pondered that question for a mere minute before thinking it was just his imagination. Smiling, Matthew nodded. "Lunch sounds great, love, but..." He said, standing up and walking around the desk and came up behind her. "We can always wait and go to the founding families party together." He whispered in her ear, before walking to the window that over looked the entire club.
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    Staring out into the dense forestation, dampened by the rain fall, Ian inhaled the fresh air deeply. He could smell almost every aspect of the forest from his front porch. The woodland creatures hiding within the trees and caves. The fish in the near by river. Everything had strong scents when it rained. The cool breeze, which soon picked up into a hard wind, brought all the smells to him; however, his enjoyment was disrupted by his cousin, Amy, demanding, which was her version of asking, for his truck. "When are you going to get your own ride?" He asked her before standing up and walking into the house. He grabbed his keys. Walking back out he looked at her and smiled. "I gotta make some runs into town, to get supplies for the bathroom and to fix the remaining windows. So I actually need the truck today." He told her before walking off the front porch and towards his truck. "You're just going to have to settle for a ride from me." He called back to her.
    Getting to his truck, he got into the driver's seat and started the engine.
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  8. Ash Wells
    Ash could smell the blood laced pomegranate juice that sat on his desk. She could still smell the feminine smell that lingered around him. She gave a smile when he said he would go to lunch with her but frowned when he said but. His whisper hit her ear and it sent a shiver down her spine and her eyes flashed over to purple before she could control herself. Her heart rate skyrocketed at the same time. She closed her eyes and calmed herself before standing up and joining him at the window that over looked the town. "You want to go to the party with me?" She asked in almost disbelief that the words had came from him. Her silvery whips of tattoos started to hum against her skin more than usual. She knew that it was Matt doing this to her; knowbody else she knew could get the from her.
    She leaned against the window to where she was facing him her eyes slightly aglow from her recent excitement that she felt. The floral smell hit her harder now and before she could stop herself she growled out, "Who slept in your bed this time Matthew?" She clamped a hand over her mouth before blushing profusely. "I'm sorry I just asked you that... it's none of my business and I am sorry it was so snappy at you..." She dropped her head her hair falling over her shoulders. Damn her emotions, damn herself for getting so worked up over what should haven't effected her.

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    Calli Eccelston

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    Tim Groves
    Tim rolled his neck popping the bones in it and sighed in relief when the pressure ebbed away. He watched Harper as she began to wipe the tables and put the chairs on the ground. He nodded; he was overjoyed that she would do things without him having to mention for her to do them. She was a go getter and that was one of the reasons why he hired her in the first place. Besides the fact that Harper, Al and himself all worked together pretty swimmingly. He sat his notepad onto the table and shook his head slowly, "So we are practically out of three things and I know my supplier won't get them here until next month... damn bastard..." He trailed off as he watched her turn around to face him.
    He smiled brightly and leaned against the back counter. "I am looking forward to it actually. I have to talk to my cousins about some things, which I am semi-looking forwards to doing. All of my cousins and I are planning it actually so its one of those if we don't talk shit doesn't get planned. They fight way to much for my liking." He nodded his head to Al when he entered the bar knowing he was going to the back to pull some things out of the back rooms to fill up on what they had in house.
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    Alaric Fullton
    As Al spooned himself another mouthful his phone buzzed from beside him on the counter. He shoved the spoon in his mouth and picked up his phone tapping on the message icon. His every scanned over the text and he shook his head with a laugh, choking on his spoon and cereal. "Note to self never laugh while I have a spoon in my mouth." He said after he pulled the spoon out and swallowed his cereal.
    -No need to worry doll, i love that you woke me up this morning. Get my lazy ass outta bed.-
    He sent the text and began to scoop the cereal into his mouth finishing as quickly as he could before he went in to help out Tim at the bar. Alaric put the dishes into the dishwasher and set it to run while they were at work. The blond ran to his room grabbing some decent work clothes, which consisted of a white tee, black vest and black jean paired with his red converse. Alaric dressed and was out the door in no time walking into town heading to Witch's brew. He opened the door and gave a nod to Tim behind the counter. Alaric headed to the back room passing by Harper, "Hello Harper." He said waving as he disappeared behind the swinging doors.

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  9. [​IMG]

    |Location: Tattoo$ My$tery $hop|Mood: Happy & Relaxed|Outfit: Look|

    Beau was busy looking over everything in the shop, making sure everything was in the place it should be. He knew that his employees always left everything in the right place, but he had OCD when it came to things in their places. He was soo busy fixing things up, that his super hearing didn't pick up someone coming into the shop. He only turned around when he heard a familiar voice. It was Elouise, one of his best customers. He smirked at her and walked closer to the front counter. "Nope, she hasn't shown up yet. Is there anything I can do for you until she does show up?" He took out his phone, seeing a text from Harper. He smirked and sat his phone back into his pocket. He looked up at Elouise again. "Did you text her, she should be here soon. Autumn knows what time we open, hopefully it's nothing serious holding her up." Beau went to the back of the shop, he went to the fridge. He took out two orange sodas. "Here, take a seat. If you need anything... you know where I will be." He ushered a newcomer towards his station. Beau winked at Elouise, before getting his equipment ready. "This will hurt a bit, just take a deep breath, and relax." The buzzing started, and nothing else mattered right now to Beau.
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    |Location: Blackridge Mall(Victoria's Secret)|Mood: Happy & Excited|Outfit: Look|

    Summer-Raye had arrived at her favorite place in the small town, Blackridge Mall. The mall was where she got her latest outfits, she had even been in some of the modeling campaigns the different stores had. Summer-Raye took a selfie next to one of her life-size cutouts in front of one of the clothing stores, she was like a local celebrity and she loved it. Summer-Raye waved at the little girls who screamed and hollered in joy when they saw her. In Blackridge she was a Goddess, but she wanted to be a Goddess all around the world... but it wasn't a bad start. She felt her phone buzz, it was a text from Isiah. She smiled at his text, he would be at the mall soon. She knew that he didn't like shopping a lot, but most guys didn't. He usually ended up holding all of her bags, that's why he works out... well, that's why she thinks he works out. While she waited for him to show up, she looked around at the different stores. Even though she lived on her own and had a nice modeling career, Summer-Raye still used the Black Credit Card her father had given to her. Why would she use her own money, when she could use someone elses? That would just be dumb to do.

    Her eyes started to sparkle when she made it to her favorite store, Victoria's Secret. This store was her Nirvana, her personal Heaven on Earth. "This is truly Heaven!" She knew that if she went into the store now, Isiah would probably never find her inside... boys. Instead of going straight into the place of Paradise, she waited at the entrance for her babe. "I wonder how my One Million Followers will feel about my outfit." She went onto her Instagram and took a quick selfie in her all red outfit. A few seconds later, she had over 100 likes, which just made her smile, her ego getting bigger than ever. She looked up to finally see her boyfriend coming right towards her. She giggled has he called her gorgeous and kissed her cheek. "Hey handsome." She held his side, and took another picture, but this time with Isiah. "Come on, I have to find something nice to wear under my outfit that I need to buy for tonight. Founder's Party and all, and YOU need to get something new for tonight too." She smirked, before she pulled Isiah into Paradise with her.
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  10. cooltext141717354353458.png

    Matthew chuckled a bit as Ash seemed shocked that he asked her to the founders party that night. "Well who else was I going to take than my best friend." He said as he watched the workers out on the floor. He still wondered which one of them was stealing liquor from him and why they would do it. The job came with all benefits which was completely rare in the club scene. Maybe he was being too nice to them? Matthew was so focused in his thoughts that it startled him when Ash verbally slapped him with a question about who he had slept with the night previous. How could she have known that?
    Looking at her, Matthew's gaze turned dark. He had never looked at Ash that way in his life. His muscles in his arm tightened as he stared at her. What was she doing even asking him that question? He had every right to sleep with who ever when ever he wanted. Matthew finally broke the gaze on her by walking to his desk to grab his keys and coat. "If you didn't want to go with me all you had to do was say so." He said before walking towards the door. "You know the way out." He told her as he walked out of his office, slamming the door so hard that it didn't even have a chance to close, it just swung back open. The top hinge had broken slightly. Matthew had no clue why he reacted that way, it was almost as if he was possessed by something. All he knew was that he needed to get out of that room and away from her before he regretted something.

    Matthew walked to his car and unlocked the door as the rain poured down on him, soaking his shirt. The storm had become more wild than before he entered the club. This time, he turned on the heater and backed out of his parking spot. He just felt like going home to blow off steam than going somewhere else. He didn't know what else to do at this moment. Matthew stilled wondered how Ash knew that he had slept with someone.
    It took Matthew a good five to ten minutes to pull up to his house. He parked his car by the front door as usual, and climbed out. He locked the car and activated the alarm before going to his front door. He then unlocked the door and told his maid that she could have the remainder of the day off, he then handed her a fifty and told her to go have a nice afternoon with her daughter. Matthew really just wanted no one around. The storm had made the house dim, and it just made Matthew look even more evil. He made a fire in his living room fireplace. He then went into his kitchen and got into his liquor cabinet. Matthew poured himself a glass of whiskey before returning to the living room. He took off his AC/DC shirt and threw it into the fire. Watching it burn, he took a drink of his whiskey. It burned slightly as it went down his throat. He stared at the fire for a few more minutes before leaning forward in his seat. He looked down at the whiskey as he swirled it inside the glass. He took one more drink before launching the glass straight into the flames, causing the fire to burst and crackle as the flames devoured the alcohol and melted the glass.
    He grabbed his phone of his pocket and debated on whether or not to text her. He wanted to just say "screw you," but he knew that he would never be able to do that to Ash. He had so many emotions bouncing around inside his head that he couldn't just leave things in such a bad manor. Did he over react to her question? Possibly, but it wasn't fair for her to put him on the spot like that and act like they were a couple when they weren't. They were just friends, but Matthew wanted to be more than just friends. He wanted to claim her for himself, but each time he thought about it something pulled him back and made him rethink the whole ordeal.
    Matthew unlocked his phone and decided to text her, but what was he going to say to her? "Why the hell did you blow up on me?" No that was too straight forward, too harsh. He needed to tip-toe through the situation and make her know that he wasn't trying to hurt her in any way. But he couldn't decided what to send her.

    -Come over, now.-

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  11. [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Elouise frowned slightly upon hearing that Autumn hadn't arrived yet, a hand going down to grab her phone. "I'm alright thanks, we've just been working on some designs, and were gonna get them done today." She explained, taking out her phone and loading up her texts. As Beau suggested it, she was already halfway through typing out a text to Autumn.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] -Hey, how ya doing? I'm down at the shop, let's get these designs down in ink.- [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]She sent before sliding her phone back to her pocket. "I'm sure she's fine, probably just running a bit late is all." She responded, taking the orange soda she was offered. "Thanks, I'll let you know if there's anything." She said with a smile, popping the drink open as she took a seat, looking over at Beau. A slight smirk crept onto her face as the newcomer was ushered in. Something about seeing people all nervous and anxious for their first tattoos made her laugh; probably because she was remembering herself in that position such a long time ago now. As Beau got to work on his new customer, she propped her feet up, slipping her headphones in as she sipped her soda, waiting for Autumn to show her lovely face here already.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mentioned: Autumn @Shayla [/BCOLOR]
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    [BCOLOR=transparent]"When I can be bothered." Amy replied in her normal, annoyed, serious tone. At times, she couldn't stand Ian. Even his short, normal questions got under her skin on days like this. She sighed, seeing him head into the house. That only meant 1 of 2 things: either he was getting her the keys, and not messing with her, or he needed the truck himself, and was grabbing his key for that purpose. To her dismay, her second reasoning was the correct, as Ian looked at her with that smile, deeply laced with enjoyment, at least in her eyes. "Whatever." She groaned, walking through the heavy rain to get into the passenger's seat of the truck, rolling the window down slightly regardless of the rain.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After getting in the car, Amy took out her phone, popping headphones into her ears before she even spoke a word to Ian. Then, she opened her texts. She might as well text Seth, who had been her on-off boyfriend for a long time now. Whilst she would never admit it to anyone, not even Seth himself; she did find some enjoyment in their relationship now and again, although herself was unsure as to why that was.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]-Meet up in 20.-[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mentioned: Seth @Little_Ghost98[/BCOLOR]
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  12. RubyRuby woke up blinded by the flashes of light she woke up her brown hair filled was filled with dried leaves and the back of her shirt stuck to her like it was suctioned on. She got up brushing herself off. "Great just great I sleptshift again" she got up dusting off her pants but decides that the leaves aren't bothering anyone or herself so she'll just keep them in she shifts into the first form she shifted into when she was 6. Running through the forest whizzing by her she slowed down when she was getting close to Ians house shifting back quickly now walking to her house she lived somewhat close to Ian and preferred to not stay in her shifts for too long.

    RuneRune was waiting for Ruby to get back assuming she sleptshift again he was perching on the cliff tempted to cliff dive into the water but was going to wait just in case she appeared randomly like she normally did "I hope she remembers that she has work today she'll be late at this point" whelp no use waiting for her his mind made up he took of his shirt and dove into the water feeling the rush and the rain on his body before he dived into the water feeling the cool rush of it on his skin. "ahh much better"

    RavenRaven was heading towards school she had early classes today but she could sleep on Rubies couch later on, all she wanted to do was hang out with Ruby and Rune but she needed to get to her studies ugh being a demon was a pain because she feeds on emotions and nobody has a more tasty emotion than Ruby oh my gosh it's just so yum. "mmmm" she relished in the thought of feeding on Ruby today ugh couldn't she just skip classes. The bell wrang signaling her to hurry.
  13. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Lolette Gallows[/BCOLOR]​

    Lolette rose with tired eyes and a pile of textbooks on her bedroom floor. She slightly pushed them around with her foot, sadly thinking over the amount of homework that still remained. She raised her long arms that raised toward her ceiling and arched her back with a series of pops. She went through her morning routine of taking a shower, getting dressed, and doing her hair. She didn't have school till the next day, and although she should try to get some of her work out of the way in the morning, she wanted to go for a walk. She grabbed a bottle of chocolate milk and nodded to her cook, making an omelette for her mother, who was probably still laying in her bed watching recorded reality T.V. shows. Her dad was playing golf with some co-workers, no doubt, and her brother, who knew where her brother was. Right before she grabbed ahold of the door knob, she heard with patter of rain on the window, and went back to grab her umbrella.

    She adored the rain, it always seemed to make the world more alive and wonderful. She could smell the grass and the dripping leaves and even the pavement. It was like it awoke all of her senses. She racked through the locations of the small town, deciding where her destination would be. The antique shop was always nice to visit on rainy days, sometimes it felt like she was in a mystery movie, and something bad was about to happen. Which made everything more exciting, of course. On her walk, the rain started to pick up, and she heard the song of early morning thunder and saw the flashes of it's partner lightning. The wind picked up her white blonde hair and the skirt of her dress, as she started to pick up her pace. Despite her umbrella, she still got wet, and entered the store dripping. She nodded to the girl behind the counter, whom she had seen before, as the town was not that big to not usually know people, but she had never spoken to her. That being said, Lolette had never really spoken to many people. But she gave a face that hopefully made up for a spoken apology for getting the store floor wet.
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