The Witching Hour

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  1. Welcome to my thread, fellow role-players. This game I am about to propose to you has many names and often different rules of which I'm sure you've all seen at some point or another (either here on this site, or somewhere else, and very likely under another name!) and now I'm bringing it to you again. For those of you unfamiliar, fret not! I will explain it all.

    The Game

    The Witching Hour is a forum game of intrigue and danger, where a certain number of players are assigned special powers while the rest play as villagers. Once roles have been assigned, every "night" (or round) everyone will go to sleep. Those with special roles may awaken and do one of five things:

    Witch - Must choose any player that he or she wishes to eliminate. The results will be posted at the end of the round. If the witch survives the inquisition until they eliminate every villager, they will win the game.

    Inquisitor - May choose any player that he or she wishes to investigate. The results will not be posted until the witch is chosen. If they correctly choose the witch, the game is over, and the villagers win.

    Priest - May choose any player that he or she wishes to bless, preventing them from being killed by the witch, or the witch from killing. They can also accidentally protect the witch from the inquisitor! They are not exempt from death. The results are posted at the end of each round, but it won't say who had been protected.

    Villagers - Must decide who they want to lynch each round. If they choose the witch, the villagers win. If they choose the inquisitor, the game will become much harder for them. The results are posted at the end of each round.

    Town Guard - May choose a player to imprison for the night, preventing them from performing their special action for that round, be it killing, blessing, or investigating. The results will be posted at the end of each round.

    The Rules
    These are very simple and straightforward.

      • You cannot reveal your special role to anyone.
      • PMs between players are strictly forbidden unless directed to the GM (me)
      • Once you are killed, you are OUT OF THE GAME. You still cannot reveal your role, or influence anybody in any way. In short, don't ruin the fun for others.
      • To the witch(es): If your kill(s) failed, you cannot target the same player immediately. Pick another victim!
      • Most importantly, have fun.
    If you want to play, post in this thread to let me know, and I'll add you to the roster and PM you if you are picked for a special role. If you didn't get a PM, you can assume that you are a villager.

    The Roster

    @Anubis - GM
    @Lady Sabine

    @Serenity Williams
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  2. Can I request to be anything BUT the witch?
  3. The point of the game is that roles are randomized I thought
  4. I would totally be down for this~
  5. oh
  6. So mafia with different names? I'm in.
  7. Essentially, @Lady Sabine

    @oddsox Minibit is correct. No special treatment, sorry!

    We'll start the game when we have more players. x_x
  8. ok that's fine. Ill still play
  9. Hum. We still need more people, otherwise this will be an incredibly short-lived game! Don't forget to strong-arm your friends into playing as well.
  10. I'm playing :3
  11. If we could get at least 4-6 more players, that would be enough for a short game.
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  12. Mafia! Yay! I'll play if I'm allowed!
  13. FINE. I'll play. >:[
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  14. I'll play:)
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  15. Oh! Count me in! This sounds like so much fun!
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  16. Yay that's 4 more people!
  17. PMs have been sent out. The game has begun! Once everything has been tallied, I will post the results for the first round. For ease of notification, it is advised that you follow the thread now.
  18. In light of recent discussion regarding my previous ruleset, thanks to Lady Sabine's pointers, I've revised to erase the anonymity of voting and allowing everyone, regardless of special roles, to cast a vote for lynching. Take into consideration that this vote won't occur this round, but during the next, when the witch(es) have claimed their victim(s). Use a dotted border, with bolded size four text to cast your vote! Bonus points if you do a little role-playing. An example of what I expect is below. You may also, if you wish, change your vote to another player once, if you feel like trying to save someone's hide!

    All special roles are still required to anonymously use their powers on other players via PM.

    Your victim's name here!