The Witches Curse

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    Catalayia was full of curiosity. She was about to meet a witch that could lift the curse that she lives with day by day. Humans thought of her as a nineteen year old teenage girl, but really she was over three-hundred years old. Dealing with an ancient curse made from her ancient gypsy family. Though she was curious about this witch she also had her doubts. Something just didn't seem right about this letter. Why did she have to meet this woman in a mansion. An old one at that, an old mansion in redwood forest, California. Something about that just didn't make sense. As she reached the door to the old mansion she hesitated...

    Slowly she entered hearing the creak of the door.

    "Hello...Old witch...It's Catalayia."

    There was no answer. She thought she could hear others inside the house, but she wasn't sure. In a heartbeat that she didn't have her eyes turned red, her fangs grew out, and her claws came out. She turned to head back to the door only for it to shut in her face. With a hiss she began to charge at it, but the door was bound with some kind of magic. She was unable to break. Just then she heard a loud shrieking noise that made her cover her ears and fall to her knees.

    She began to scan the room. Looking around to see nothing, but a think smoke. Unaware of what it was she covered her nose and mouth. She was torn, if she covered her mouth and nose then she had to endure the loud noise that was causing her ears to bleed. If she covered her ears she had to endure a gas that she was sure had poison in it.

    Before long everything grew dark, her vision becoming blurry as she passed out in the middle of the floor.

    "Hello everyone, you can not see me but you can hear me. I suggest you hold onto my words. I am the old witch...I have brought every non human creature in the world to this mansion. Where you will live out the rest of your life. What happens in this mansion depends only on you creatures. The humans are afraid for their lives and the only way to keep them safe is to keep you away from them. Blood will be delivered to creatures who need it daily along with other items. Feel free to kill whoever you like or do whatever you would like. I don't care. Just know that this mansion is cursed with strong magic that none of you can break. All of you are dangerous and must be kept away from humans. I suggest you get along with one another, because you guys are all you have. I will be in touch. Each of you have your own room it won't be hard for you to find for your name will be on the door along with all your things. Have fun and live well."
    Catalayia heard the voice, but was to weak and shocked to get up. Eye sight still blurry and ears full of blood she quickly passed out yet again.
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  2. (Picture)

    Humora slowly made her way to the castle, determined to rescue her comrades. They needed her! As she arrived at the front doors, Humora scanned the area for magic-users, and found none nearby. Still on edge, she gently opened the door without making a sound and crept inside. Observing her surroundings, Humora made sure to memorize every detail of the area to help her navigate through the castle. Suddenly, Humora heard a noise, and another, and another. People, of uncertain origin, were in the castle, making their way toward the center. Were there other entrances? Humora thought. Who's in here with me? With a slow creak, the door behind Humora opened, and a reddish humanoid made her way in. "Hello... Old witch... It's Catalayia," the red one said. Humora quickly changed into her true/pure form and hid behind a corner.

    As the red one went further into the large area, others started to reach the chamber as well. A strong magic presence entered Humora's mind, but by then, it was too late. Magic-smoke and an ear-piercing ring engulfed the room. Humora was forced into her true form, and hit the ground after receiving a brunt magical shove. Shortly after, a voice entered both Humora's ears and mind. It said, "Hello everyone, you cannot see me, but you can hear me. I suggest that you hold onto my words. I am the old witch; I have brought every non-human creature in the world to this mansion, where you will live out the rest of your lives. What happens in this mansion depends only on you creatures. The humans are afraid for their lives, and the only way to keep them safe is to keep you away from them. Blood will be delivered to creatures who need it daily along with other items. Feel free to kill whoever you like or do whatever you would like. I don't care. Just know that this mansion is cursed with strong magic that none of you can break. All of you are dangerous and must be kept away from humans. I suggest you get along with one another, because you guys are all you have. I will be in touch. Each of you have your own room; it won't be hard for you to find for your name, which will be on the door along with all of your things. Have fun and live well."

    Losing consciousness, Humora struggled only once, and slipped away...
  3. A man sprinted down the street, panting profusely as he cut left into the nearest building. The area he was in was known for its homeless, and the city had its fair share of crazies that didn't enjoy some poaching on their territory. He attempted to hold his breath, not needing anymore problems from the law. As a child he grew up knowing only how to steal for what he desired. He made the mistake tonight of stealing from a bank. he could feel the bag of money still hanging from his sweaty palm.

    "Only idiots try to steal from banks, " he cursed himself, "No one gets away with that now 'adays"

    the building behind him was dark, he could hear the creeks and moans from the building interior structure failing after so many years of use as an office or whatever it might have been before the humans had rebelled from the government. He could remember looking down this street and seeing how beautiful all the buildings used to be, like they reached into the sky and begged for gods hand, Now all of that was destroyed.

    He looked behind him, smelling what smelled like burnt rubber.

    The enforcement officers footsteps could be heard stomping down the road. the thief looked out through the crack in the door. the enforcement officers blue and black uniform came into view. his blonde hair stuck to his forehead, and the thermal glasses his was wearing blocked, what the thief knew, were blue eyes. He could read the flak jacket the man wore "Enforcement Force".

    "Vlad" the thief whispered with disgust, the Officer had arrested him many times before and he knew that if stuck around he would get him again.

    "You aren't going to get me that easy fu-", the thief started to whisper, feeling a bony claw on his shoulder. the thief's eyes grew wide as it yanked him back throwing him against the wall. the thief was frozen in fear, his jaw locked open in a silent scream. He remembered his fathers words now:

    "careful what he see in the darkness, it can be the one thing that undoes you"

    All the man could do was stare at the creatures open mouth, the smell of burnt rubber surrounded him. he could hear a voice in his head, " We will make use of what is left of your pathetic life, " an old woman cackled. the thief let out a scream as the creatures jaw snapped shut on his head.


    Vlad's hands were sweating, he could hear his breath in his ears, "I'm not as young as I used to be."

    the thief he was chasing was named Oscar, and the man had never escaped him before. Vlad looked around, hoping to see some clue of which building Oscar had ran into. This street was dangerous and he knew he had to keep on his toes, or be overwhelmed by the ever growing homeless.

    "If the human race had just been quiet, none of this would have happened," he thought to himself sqating down and looking at the muddy footprints leading into the building to the right. were they Oscars?

    Vlad, was once human. But during the war he had become something he hated. A Vampire, well thats what they called him at least. He was on the Magi's side during the war, being an interrogator and murderer. Many families new him for his "talents" at getting the information he needed, when he needed it. The Magi, Feeling his talents were needed forever, cursed him and made him the creature he is now. He hated them, but needed them at the same time. He always loved the law, and thought it was needed.

    He scanned the area inside the building, sniffing at the air for any scent of Oscar. coming up with nothing, he cursed aloud and promised that it would never happen again. Running his hand through his hair, he searched the other side of the street. The sound that he heard next was something that he wished his could forget. The screamed pierced his ears, and he felt as though it ran through his entire body. He sprinted toward the sound, and his thermal glasses found heat finally, a blood trail leading from a half destroyed bag of money.

    " What the....." He started to say, but was interrupted by a woman's voice louder than anything he heard in his life:

    "Hello everyone, you can not see me but you can hear me. I suggest you hold onto my words. I am the old witch...I have brought every non human creature in the world to this mansion. Where you will live out the rest of your life. What happens in this mansion depends only on you creatures. The humans are afraid for their lives and the only way to keep them safe is to keep you away from them. Blood will be delivered to creatures who need it daily along with other items. Feel free to kill whoever you like or do whatever you would like. I don't care. Just know that this mansion is cursed with strong magic that none of you can break. All of you are dangerous and must be kept away from humans. I suggest you get along with one another, because you guys are all you have. I will be in touch. Each of you have your own room it won't be hard for you to find for your name will be on the door along with all your things. Have fun and live well."

    He reached into the small of his back, feeling that his needed pistol was not there. He felt something warm trickle down his face. Touching it with a gloved hand, he brought it to his nose, "Blood?" he questioned before collapsing in pain.

    "What the hell is this!?" He screamed his face hitting the floor, seeing before he passed out, two other woman on the floor. His mind's last though before losing conciousness was that of a black haired and blue eyed woman with her arm outstreteched toward him. A dream he had had a hundred times before.

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  4. The place was shrouded in complete darkness but for a faint blue glow emanating from a large circle etched into the center of the room. On closer inspection, the outline of the circle appeared to be made entirely of runes written in an ancient tongue. They pulsed as if in rhythm to an unknown heartbeat, the faint blue light illuminating a woman seated at the center of it. Legs crossed and slightly leaning forward with her long fingers resting on her knees, her entire posture was relaxed. Her head was bowed throwing her features into shadow. Looking at her, one would think she was meditating or simply just enjoying a warm breeze on a picnic, not, entrapped within a spelled circle.

    As if on a timer known only to the caster herself, the runes disappeared leaving no trace of their existence. The room gradually grew lighter, revealing a tastefully furnished room. The owner was quite obviously partial to floral themes; subtle hints of a feminine influence touching the décor. The occupant seated in the middle of the floor slowly stood up and stretched her graceful limbs. Her golden eyes took in her surroundings, missing nothing. A satisfied smile touched her lips as if the inspection had confirmed something.

    “Ahh. What have you managed to get yourself into this time, Lilli?” Her lightly accented voice broke the silence, its tone amused.

    A few hours ago, she’d found herself trapped within a spelled circle, ‘summoned’ to a dark room. Biting back her ire at being so rudely teleported away from her daily routine of tending to her flowers, she’d sat down to wait. After all, she had nothing but time. People from this era tended to be rude in general. It appeared that they knew nothing of appointments or pleasantries, even with their advanced communication technologies. She was willing to let it slide as the younger generation’s ignorance, this being forced to wait for hours without being informed for what purpose she was summoned, or to see whom.

    Her brief survey of the room had confirmed that this was indeed her bedroom, no question about it. As to why someone would go through trouble of it all, which was the question she wanted answered most, among others. Her keen hearing alerted her to others bumbling about in a state of confusion. It appeared she wasn’t the only guest.

    “Curiouser and curiouser.” She muttered to herself as she walked out the room.

    A metal plaque on the door informed her and anyone else who passed by that this room belonged to a Miss Lillian Daye.

    Outside her room, the place was vastly different. This wasn’t anywhere she’d been to before. Who do I know that likes to kidnap thousands of unsuspecting ‘guests’ and gather them all in a magical house? Hmm, that’s a really long list. Who would have the power and the desire to pull something like this off? That was a better question. The list had grown significantly shorter. Something like this required an insane amount of power, power that didn’t come without tricky and often dangerous consequences. Nobody she knew would waste it on something such as this.

    Her interest piqued she wandered down the hall, her high heeled boots strangely silent. Lillian paused, her head cocked to one side as she listened to the sudden voice.

    Her idle curiosity fled to be replaced by anger.

    Who the hell is this witch to decide our fates? What gives her, or better yet the humans, the right to banish us just because we weren’t born human? We have as much right to live out our lives the way we wish to, if not more. Seething, she strode down the hallway determined to find this old woman and snap her neck, ending her meddling once and for all. The neck snapping would come after they were released, naturally.

    Lillian stopped dead in her tracks as she came upon three unconscious forms. The coppery smell of blood hit her nostrils, rising from the small crimson stains near the bodies. Two females and a male lay on the floor, their scent indicating their more-than-human traits. Crouching down she inspected them, more out of curiosity than concern. They appeared to be alive.

    Straightening up she took a position near the wall, her back leaning against it and her posture relaxed. The position offered her a complete view of the three as well as a wide range of visibility. Her other sense would alert her to anyone approaching, threat or otherwise.
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  5. All for the sake of a little snack. Trapped in an enclosed space with a collection of losers, all for the sake of a snack. Asmodeus had to admit, the fact that he could be tempted so easily into captivity was laughable -- and irritating. The demon flipped his hair over his shoulder and took a moment to take stock of where he'd been jammed into. A nice enough room -- his room, as a matter of fact. That scent of honey and cinnamon was impossible for him to mistake. If it weren't for the fact that he could sense the other people somewhere around the building, he could have easily assumed he was still at home. That, and that damn witch's words.

    Elsewhere in the building, Elias stood still as a statue in the shadows and stared blankly off into the distance. It couldn't quite remember how it was convinced to, or forced to come to this place, but then, it didn't quite mind it much. The place wasn't awful or anything, and there was no way it could feel lonely; the people it could plainly see lying on the floor were evidence of that. There was that pesky smell of blood, but neither seemed like they were going to give up the ghost just yet.
  6. His eyes snapped open, where was he?

    Vlad felt the cold floor on his face, he blinked twice trying to catch his bearings. The memories hit him at once, and he immediately jumped to his feet in a crouched position, he hands out to his sides, and fangs bared waiting for an attacker. Who was the voice? why had he been bleeding... It made no sense.

    Sniffing the air, he smelt the blood of two others. Who were they? did they kill Oscar? So many questions were spinning through his head that needed answering, perhaps the other 4 in the area could help. The hallway he was in seemed to light up, he was more inside of an Entryway into a large home. The walls were covered in drapes of some sort with, what looked like to him, religious symbols. Two small tables crowded the middle of the room, covered in candle holders, and baskets of unknown items. The floor was bare, made form large stones. He couldn't help but stomp on them to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

    "This kind of architecture isn't used anymore.."

    He heard breathing, two other forms surrounded him, against the walls. Noticing his thermals didn't work anymore, he removed them and put them in his pocket, better for safe keeping. Having an eye on the two forms who were not unconscious, he stood to his full height, brushing his hands off on his pants.

    His heart was racing, He had never been to any place like this before. Why had he been chosen?

    "Keep it together man," He said to himself and reached again to the small of his back, He felt the ice cold pistol grip from his weapon. Vlad let out a sigh of relief, the first thing that really made sense to him was that his weapon was were it should be. The comfort of having something to protect himself with made his heart slow a little bit.

    contemplating about tasting their blood, he shook his head. No, without permission or probable cause, he didn't have permission and just because he was in a new place didn't mean he could go around doing what he wanted.

    He turned to the woman, she was absolutley beautiful. Her eyes were alert, and her posture gave away nothing. He took a deep inhale and noticed again the smell of non-human. walking slowly, and trying to be non-agressive he got her attention.

    "So, How did you end up here?"
  7. Aware of another presence, this one conscious, she waited for whatever it was to make the first move. She had no desire for petty squabbles at the moment though she kept her guard up.

    Her attention partly shifted to the unconscious man as he stirred, gradually awakening.

    Lillian watched as the man awoke first, a confused and somewhat alarmed expression on his handsome face. She couldn’t help the amusement that flitted across her features or the soft chuckle that escaped her lips as he stomped on the floor, no doubt checking whether they were real or not.

    “They’re real. Well, as real as you and me.” She called out softly as he approached cautiously.

    A smirk touched her lips as she noticed his intake of breath, trying to ascertain what she was. That’s right, I’m not human either. Golden eyes shifted to feline, their pupils thinning to dark slits and lit from within almost like a cat’s. She raised an elegant brow as if to say ‘Go on then, take a good long look.’ as she noticed the almost appreciative once over he gave her.

    “I was teleported here. Along with my bedroom and everything in it.” She replied in answer to his question, her voice soft and a tad formal. “I suppose that was somewhat considerate of her, even if she did summon me here against my will.” She muttered the last bit mostly to herself as she straightened away from the wall.

    “I’m assuming you weren’t summoned as I was, judging from your earlier confusion and ah.. little nap.” Lillian shot him a quick smile, her words almost teasing. “I’m Lillian.”

    “Its extremely rude to eavesdrop, you know. Come on out.” She called out to the presence lingering in the shadows.
  8. Seika woke up in the library of the mansion.She was the first one to get there,but since nobody was around,she decided to explore the mansion and look for the witch.After that,everything passed by in a flash.

    She sat up and started a small fireball on her right hand to help her in the dark that seemed to press against her."Every non-human..." she muttered,dusting off her skirt as she stood up."...that means I am not the only person here..." with that,she walked out of the library and found herself at the end of a pitch dark hallway.She remembered.Straight ahead is the main lobby where the door was.She also recalled that there were torches hanging on the walls.

    With that in thought,she raised both her hands and spun both her hands,making flames circle her hands.Quickly holding it out,the flames flew and lit every torch in that hallway in particular."Better" she simply said and walked towards the main lobby,deciding to light all the torches to get her mind off the fact that she,along with other people,will be trapped in the mansion forever.
  9. Humora woke up with a jolt, jumping to her feet and observing her surroundings. She saw several others, a few of which matched the mental signatures she had sensed earlier. Of course, she thought. I'm surrounded by non-human creatures, who are probably idiots, for the rest of my life... Why do we live for so long? Meh. I don't see any Necromancers, so that's a plus, meaning someone isn't dead yet. She mentally smiled, as she has no mouth, at her last remark. Humora made sure to study everyone around her closely, in case she felt like using her resemblance form on them. However, nothing too interesting was found from this. I wonder if I should project my thoughts to them... No! This mansion is already driving me mad. None of these fools is to be trusted. Even if the Saph could speak, I wouldn't communicate with them. With a final looking over, Humora went into her true/pure form (fog form) and floated down a corridor in search of her room. Lazy old witch left me on the floor, eh? Hm.
  10. Elias' expression tightened slightly. It was to come out of the shadows with this collection of strangers about? What a laughable thought. To come out into the open would mean exposing itself to danger in the face of non-humans, and that would be a mistake. No; until it knew for a fact that it could trust these people on some level, Elias would stand there in total silence like a simple decoration.
  11. Seika peeked from behind a statue that stood in front of the entrance of the now bright hallway.She observed everyone.Nobody seemed much interesting to her.She walked up the stairs,lighting every torch she passed with a finger she swung around."Then again..." she murmured,looking back behind her."...not all of them might like light".Seika closed her hand,and at the same time the flames she just lit on the stairs died.

    She continued on to the hallway that seemed like it led to different rooms,and on her way she lit up the torches hanging on the walls,jut like how she lit the ones in the library hallway.Finding a fine-looking room with two tall torches standing in front of the door,she lit the torches and pushed down the door handle."Hmm...not bad...I'll stay here" she said to herself,lighting the chandelier that was made of candles and closing the door behind her.
  12. “They're real. Well, as real as you and me.” He heard coming from the shadows. The golden eyes there shifted from their normal look to a cats pupils. In his head it startled him a bit, but he made sure not to show it through his actions.

    The woman said something else, but as she straightened her body, her words were lost. Her long black hair, and beautiful features came into view more with the light.

    "Is this.. is this the girl I've dreamt about?" his mind was racing again.

    "I'm Vlad, Nice to meet you," he replied again showing no emotion, and hoping that his face wasn't as red as he felt it to be.
    "No, I was chasing a criminal-," a soft smile came to his lips, " Well that doesn't matter now, Im sure that I am nowhere near where I live."

    He looked at the other side of the wall, the creature that stood in the darkness stayed perfectly still and said nothing.

    "I am glad everyone is so friendly," he put his gloved hands on his hips shifting his weight, " And we have company, two others walking about. I smelt them... and Fire." the last part of the sentence was more of a question than a statement. He looked around the room once more trying to soak in the predicament he was in. Just as he thought he couldn't be anymore surprised he saw a creature, close to a ghost, appear and start floating down the hallway.

    " So let me get this straight, I was transported here because supposedly i'm dangerous to humans? I was the one protecting them on my planet." he snorted a laugh, "Well I guess thats what I get for being a traitor." He turned his back to the two of them his hands on his head. This was ridiculous, he had let no one in his life control what he did. The Enforcement Force had told him where to eat, shit and breathe, but he always knew that he could leave. Now some old hag witch was trying to control who he killed or made friends with. Their needs to be rules dammit, and he was going to have people, or non-humans as they were called, killing each other for no reason. Everyone would be peaceful, and if they were he was going to make sure that they got the proper justice they deserved.

    "Look, Lillian, we need to work together." He spoke loud enough for the other creature to hear, "I know I may seem dangerous but I promise you, I wont hurt anyone or anything." he pointed at the creature in the darkness, " Thats including you."

    He looked again at the girl standing there, he couldn't help but stare at those golden eyes. " Do you want to get out of here? Because I know that Im not going to let some old Hag boss me around." He did his best to smile, putting is hand out to her.

    "Lillian, you can trust me I promise."
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  13. How in the längar am I supposed to live in here, thought Humora as she examined her room. It's horrible. Well, at least I'm not dead, or would I prefer that? Nah. Because she didn't have any belongings, Humora turned away from the room and decided to do a little bit more exploring. Shifting into normal form, Humora walked back down the corridor and arrived in the main room of the castle, where she and several others had been made unconscious with gas, which split off into several corridors which housed the doors to each creature's room. At the front of the room were a set of large steps, which were sealed off-limits by magic, though the boundary seemed to be temporary. Hm. Well, this is absolutely boring. Maybe I should see if anyone has died yet. That would be hilarious. Taking interest in the two discussing escape, Humora drifted over to them and stared with her large, piercing white eyes. The low light of the area caused her eyes to glow more brightly than usual, which she liked. She continued to stare, contemplating reaching her mind out to them. Perhaps if I like them, the great Saphe Nam forbid, I will communicate with them. Let's see how they are, shall we?
  14. The creature lurking within the shadows made no move to come out into the open. Does it really think the darkness will give it a better chance? The thought was laughable, being that none of those gathered were humans with weak eyes. Most of them were bound to have night-vision, herself included. Perhaps it was weak to the light or preferred the idea of safety the darkness offered, whatever it was Lillian decided it wasn’t any of her business. Yet.

    She felt herself smile at his faint blush. How cute. It was a refreshing change from the jaded immortals she was used to.

    “Chasing a criminal?” She echoed. “Law enforcement or vigilante?”

    Her eyes flicked to one of the lit entrances, resting on a young girl as she peered inside. Strangely enough the girl smelled of fire as her light footsteps echoed away from the hallway.

    The mansion was getting livelier by the minute as more and more of the unwilling guests stirred and awoke. It was a certainty that everyone knew of their common predicament by now. Lillian was curious to see how they would react. That many supernaturals confined within the same place was a definite recipe for trouble.

    A being made entirely of dark fog floated past them. Lillian recognized it by smell as one of the three who were unconscious in the entryway. That left one more. She glanced at the unconscious woman once more before turning back to Vlad.

    A traitor? She hadn’t a clue as to what he was talking about. The matter was clearly important to him, if his agitation and bitter laugh were anything to judge by. His statement that he was protecting humans surprised her. In all her years she’d never met anyone who would’ve done that, herself included. She wasn’t overly fond of them. Like many, she found them as an annoyance or a source of amusement depending on her state of mind.

    “It’s nice to know that chivalry isn’t dead in this day and age.” She accepted his hand, sliding her fingers into his. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. In fact, the very idea that she’d need a protector was amusing. But she had never been one to look down her nose at such a gallant offer. Banding together in this prison would be to her advantage after all. Vlad had seemed sincere, if a bit too innocent and naïve. His promises of trust and protection spoke volumes about his youth and naivety.

    She wasn’t in a particular hurry to escape yet even if it infuriated her, being imprisoned and having the rest of her life dictated by some meddling old fool. The situation, however unfortunate it might be was bound to provide a bit of entertainment if nothing else.

    “I think it would be best if we found your room to begin plotting escape instead of lingering here in the open.” She took a few steps forward and halted as the fog-like creature drifted up to them. Cocking her head to one side, she racked her brain.

    “High Saph. That is what you are, correct?” She grinned as she correctly remembered the species. “Nice trick. I’ll let you be our official flashlight if you ask nicely.” Lillian quipped, indicating to the Saph’s large glowing eyes.
  15. A flashlight, thought Humora. Really? Well, it's nothing to be irritated about; sarcastic rarkas like herself aren't common enough. Besides the point, how does she know my base species, and even harder to understand, my rank? I thought we killed the last ones who knew about our ranks... No matter. It's not my place to kill her. That would require an Elder Saph's approval. Although I'm reluctant, I may have to speak with this one. Exercising a part of herself she hadn't for decades, Humora reluctantly cast her mind toward the rarka (Humora has taken it upon herself to grant the black-hair this title), touching her consciousness only lightly, so the rarka wouldn't put up any mental barriers.

    Although I do not wish to communicate with you, rarka, Said Humora, your knowledge of my race has caught my attention. Well done. May I ask you a few questions about this? Although, I wouldn't want to separate you from your hormone-crazed monkey of a -- what is he? An undead? Whatever he is-- you have here. I'd hate to break such bonds. Humora partially longed for a mouth to smile after her little statement, no matter how childish it was. Anyway, as I said, may I ask you a few questions? Humora hated playing polite, but she doubted any other route would allow her the information she needed. Humora had to find out who this rarka was, and how she knew so much (yes, that little knowledge is considered a lot) about her race.
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  16. Elias suddenly began to walk along the shadows at the sides of the walls once it took notice of the creature generating light, seeking to place itself in a safer position. It was time to speak with the others in the area, however, and Elias kept that in mind as it sought out a new position. Eventually, it picked a decently dark spot still close enough to a majority of the group to be heard from, and began to speak. "Are we to explore this place, then?" that androgynous voice asked, half-lidded eyes scanning over everyone there.

    Asmodeus sat around in his room, going through the bags of sweets he'd been fortunate enough to have dragged there with him. He tugged out a few pastries and began to enjoy them in peace and quiet, his mood fairly level. He could have spazzed out about being trapped in the house, but really, it wasn't something he could do anything about. If it became a problem, well, he would cross that bridge when he got there. For now, he decided to make the most of things and... maybe get a look at the people he was to live around. Eventually.
  17. Lillian stiffened slightly as she felt the intrusion into her mind; it was a soft brush, barely a whisper but an intrusion nonetheless. It was the Saph’s way of communication, this she knew. It, or rather she, as this one identified itself as a female, began speaking. Her reluctance to communicate with an outsider was obvious. The Saph had become a reclusive race, isolating themselves from everyone else; she wouldn’t have made contact with Lillian if not for her apparent knowledge of them. A rarka, eh? You flatter me.

    A startled laugh escaped her lips as the Saph called Vlad a hormone crazed monkey, her tone sarcastic and laced with amusement. Lillian shot Vlad an apologetic glance, the poor guy was left out of the conversation. I am awash with gratitude for your consideration towards my companion. The thought brought a smirk to her lips. To answer your question, I’ve been around for quite a long time and I knew your people before the tragedy. When you’ve lived countless eras, watched civilizations rise and fall you come to understand that knowledge is the true power in this world. Lillian had taken it upon herself to gather as much information as she could. When one lived a life such as hers, ignorance could easily get you killed. She supposed the same could be said of the opposite as well, there those out there who would kill for the right bit of knowledge.

    A voice snapped her out of her musings. The one in the shadows had finally decided to make itself know. Ah. So it can speak. She grinned, displaying her sharp incisors as her eyes ran over the androgynous form. “We might as well since we’re stuck here for the time being.”
  18. Seika sat quietly in the room she just fixed-or at least she have light to.With the candles and chandelier lit up,the room she chose seems like a princess's own bedroom.Then she spotted her empty table."Oh my...mmh...I know what would go there".

    She walked out her room,closing the doors behind and casting a wall of flames in front of it to make sure nobody makes a mistake and take the room she just 'fixed'.Then she walked down to the kitchen,one of the few places she figured where they were."I know I saw a tea set here..." she said to herself,lighting the candles with her flames.Then she made a little flame with her finger and scanned through the cupboards looking for the tea set."I mean,it's not like anyone else would want them."

    In her previous life before she ended up in the mansion,she would always drink tea in their balcony,admiring the beauty of the outside world she couldn't touch nor go to.She didn't mind at all though for she thought that the outside world was too dangerous for her.But after an incident,she realized that it was the other way around-she was the harmful one.

    "Ah,here it is" Seika eagerly said,gently pulling an unopened box of a complete tea set.Checking if they're in good shape-and they were-she headed out and walked down the halls,lighting some of the torches for her and other people's benefits-or at least that's what she thinks of it.
  19. Vlad thought quietly to himself

    "Chivalry can also get you killed" he kept his face completely emotionless feeling the girls hand in his finally allowed him to calm down. " Shouldn't I not be?" again his feeling confused him.

    Lillians hand squeezed tightly around his for a split second, she stole a look at him and smirked a bit looking back toward the far wall. He followed his gaze to a Shadow like creature. the creatures eyes glowing as if communicating with Lillian. What the hell and who the hell was this thing. He decided he would find out eventually even if he had to use her blood. Being without information for so long irritated him.

    a voice emitted from the darkness and Vlad could tell that the creature who was standing there motionless had moved forward. He hadn't seen it, being distracted by the girl, and promised himself that he wouldn't let that happen again. At this point he was her protector, and he didn't want any harm to come to her.

    "Well-" he started to say but she interrupted him, We might as well since we’re stuck here for the time being.”

    He couldn't help but laugh in his head. The girl was too trusting, but he could understand.

    "Well, you heard the lady, lets go find our rooms, and explore a bit around." He started walking towards the long corridor, bending down to whisper into her ear. " And perhaps we could continue our conversation about getting out of here, once we dont have so many friends." He smiled at her.

    In his mind he knew what would happen if they escaped, he would go back to his world, and she would go back to hers. Did he really want that to happen?
  20. Hm, said Humora to the rarka. Well, fair enough. I can't kill you without permission, so I guess we're good here. Humora paused as the stone-like-one finally spoke. Its voice was androgynous, which interested her. Wanting to limit the amount of people she communicated with, Humora again spoke to the rarka. I already surveyed the surroundings; on the stairs there is a magical barrier, but it seems to be temporary. Whether this is a test of teamwork to bring it down, something on a timer, or something for further use, I cannot tell. However, I'm up for exploration. Eh, why is the undead monkey coming into contact with you?
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