The Witches Curse

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  1. So this roleplay is open to everyone, but before I start the roleplay I wanted to get the characters and other questions out of the way in the request/sign up area.
    This roleplay is taken place inside an old mansion in the redwood forest of California. It is basically modern time and to many people are finding out about vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, etc. A powerful witch thought of a plan to keep the human race safe. She used her magic to find out where all the dangerous creatures were located. She then used all her power to summon them to this mansion and trap them in with a powerful spell. The spell killed the witch and now there is no way for anyone to get in or out of the house. Now these creatures of the night/day only have each other.
    Will the creatures inside the mansion be able to get along. Or will they slowly start to kill each other.
    Character Sheet :
    Description (Picture is fine)
    Creature Type (feel free to be creative)
    History (optional)
    Weapons (optional)

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  2. Description: [​IMG]
    Creature Type:
    Casterva (Cat/Vampire Mixed Breed)
    Name: Rosanne Black, Aka Rose or RB
    Age: 15
    Personality: She's very friendly and affectionate, she finds a good side in everyone, until they betray her. If you betray her, she will become cold towards you. She will practically hate you, and she will seek out your weaknesses for revenge.
    Powers: She is nimble and lithe. She can sometimes move ice/freeze water if she's concentrated enough and calm enough.
    Weakness: Heat, those she considers her 'family'.
    Strengths: Cold temperatures/icy surroundings, speed, agility.
    Weapons: Her teeth and claws, daggers she keeps on a belt.
    Other: She is very secretive about her past and she is very sensitive towards others.
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  3. Hi. This looks pretty interesting. Before I make a CS though, I do have a question. Are types of fae acceptable?
  4. HI! I'm new here and your topic or storyline is good:D
    Please correct me if there are any corrections:( Thank you:)))

    Character Sheet :
    Description: [​IMG]
    Creature Type:Half Vampire Half Demon
    Personality:She's pretty shy most of the time but she's really furious when mad.. "Gentle as a dove, but Wild as a tiger"
    Powers:Her Accuracy and Precision is very as well as her strength with her claws/sharp nails..And Flight(but she can't use it too long)
    Weakness: She gets weak when she smells some stench
    Strengths:She's strong and aggressive at night..
    History (optional)
    Weapons:Claws or Long Nails
  5. Aleth- Yes all types are acceptable, feel free to be as creative as you want ^^

    DarkJae & Ezra- Your characters look and sound great

    I will have mine posted shortly. Sorry the holidays have me very busy at the moment.
  6. It's okay! ^-^
    Thanks! This sounds fuuun!
  7. I'm sooo excited!! wee xD
  8. Yay!! ^^ It's cool to see people interested. I'm going to post my character now and then we can get started soon after.
  9. 1246.jpg

    Name: Catalayia

    Creature Type:
    Dirty Creole Vampire


    Catalayia is a girl who doesn't think twice about what she says. She has learned to care about nobody's feelings, but her own. She is a fighter with a bad attitude, but she is very smart. Though she may not enjoy the company of other humans and creatures she does enjoy the simply things in life. She loves the ripples in a pond, the cool breeze of the wind, the birds chirping high in the tree. She has grown to love the little things that earth has to provide. She gives off a hard exterior and loves a challenge, but if you push the right buttons and probe deep enough there is a kind side to her. At least people say there is.

    Catalayia has many powers, she has the power to cause anything to form and appear in real life by simply thinking it in her head. Her eyes change color based upon her mood. Her nails grow out long when she is in the middle of battle along with her fangs, and she's an excellent combat fighter. With the skills from her gypsy family.

    High pitched noises, Extreme bright lights, Holy water

    Her gypsy magic, fighting skills

    History (optional):
    Catalayia is from a family of gypsies. She was born from dark magic. Her mother was to have a child, but was ill and was about to lose her. So she used forbidden dark magic to bring her child to life. The magic she used held a powerful dark curse over the gypsies. Causing her daughter to be born as the devil's servant. She was cursed as a dirty blood gypsy, causing her to have devil like powers. Causing her to have to drink blood and live as a vampire to survive. Her mother was killed the moment the gypsies found out about what she had done. Although as a baby Catalayia was protected by a force unknown. When she got older the force disappeared and she was forced to take care of herself. Not wanting to hurt family that didn't want her she fled to New York. Only to be summon by a witch who claimed she could take the curse away. When she arrived she was locked away with the rest of the creatures no human wanted to be around with.

    Weapons (optional):
    The only weapon Catalayia carries is a dagger. Either in her boots or on her side hidden from sight.
  10. Nice CS. She seems like an interesting character. I do have a question though. What do you mean by "Dirty Creole Vampire"?
  11. Well it's basically something I just made up.

    Dirty(is because she was born by dark tainted magic)

    Creole(is just another made up way to say gypsy)

    and then vampire.
  12. I was mostly just wondering about the 'dirty' part :P I wondered if it was a racial slur or something.

    I was initially planning on creating a vampire type character but I've scrapped the idea seeing how we have mostly just vamps. I'm thinking I might go with a shifter. Aargh so many choices.
  13. Oh lol ok, yeah she was just born from dark magic.

    We do have all vampire characters. At least their all a little different.
  14. I cannot help but notice that we have no male characters.. At least not yet anyway. There goes any hope for romance, forbidden or otherwise.

    Another question. (sorry, I'm just full of questions arent I?) Do we have a set outline or guide for vampires? Things may get out of hand..
  15. Huh...we don't...hmm..

    As far as the vampires go, no there is no set outline or guide. Other than the fact that they can only drink blood from a blood bag, because of the fact that they are locked away in this mansion.

    It's ok the more questions you have the better.
  16. Well, actually I meant the traditional weaknesses. Like sunlight (plausible), holy water, garlic and crosses (ridiculous). Is feeding compulsory, do they require blood? How does it affect them if they go without feeding? They wouldn't die, obviously. But do they get weaker/hibernate if it goes on for too long? As for the blood bags, couldnt they feed on the others stuck inside the mansion? There's bound to be a LOT of people in there right? If its all the monsters in the world..

    As for my shifter, I'll go with the Lycan weaknesses. Silver, wolfs-bane, battle frenzy that sort of thing. Though, I do wonder how one would acquire wolfs-bane from within the mansion. Hmm... I'm such a fussy person. I like to have a clear outline of strengths and weakness, anti-god mod barriers if you will.

    Do I have to create a teenager? Most of the races are extremely long lived, if not immortal, right? Am I allowed to create a character who's been around for awhile?
  17. I was going to leave that up to the people with the characters. Considering the fact that not all of them are full blood vampires, and they are all mixed with something else. As for the blood, yes they can feed on the people that live on the mansion but depending on who their feeding on it could cause side effects to them. For example: if my character drunk blood from someone who drank holy water and she didn't know it could cause her great illness. Just an example.

    Depending on the vampire breed they might not need blood as often, but the witch has everything set up to where blood bags are brought weekly so they don't run out of a supply.

    You do not have to create a teenager, my character is nineteen in human years but not in vampire years. I should have put that in my CS.

    As for wolfs-bane and everything like that...i'm sure people can find a way to get a hold of it.
  18. Character Sheet :


    Description: Standing at 5’9”, Lillian is tall for a girl, at least the ones from her time period. Her long, silky black hair moves as if lifted by a phantom breeze whenever she’s agitated or excited. She has golden eyes (yes I know the girl in the picture is blue eyed, ignore that.) which sometimes shift into feline ones with slit pupils. Even in her human form, her incisors are sharper and pointier than a human’s, her nails stronger as well.

    Creature Type: Shifter

    Name: Lillian

    Age: 670 years old. Looks like a 19 year old girl. (which is when her body stopped aging.)

    Personality: Lillian isn’t the most stable person you’ll come across. Her sanity wavers at unpredictable moments, making her seem bi-polar. She’s not evil, not truly. Chaotic would be a better word. Her idea of fun doesn’t really coincide with regular people’s. She’s as likely to have tea and cakes with you as to dangle you off a cliff and watch you flail about.

    Don’t let her outward demeanor fool you though. She hasn’t survived this long by being an idiot. Lillian is extremely observant and highly intelligent.

    Powers: As a shifter, she can change any part of her body to that of an animal or mythical creature, taking on their attributes. For example enhanced speed and strength, poison, that sort of thing.

    Even in her normal form, she has preternatural speed and reflexes, far greater than most races. She is also gifted with extremely fast healing which makes her difficult to kill.

    Weakness: Her shifter blood is extremely weak against silver. Silver and wolfs-bane disrupts her enhanced healing, shutting it down completely in the affected area. They also act as a poison, which causes extreme pain if they get into the blood stream.

    Her healing factor also has a downside, as the nerve endings heal almost instantly, it prevents numbness, never dulling the pain. If subjected to continual assault for a lengthy period of time, it would cause loss of consciousness and gradual insanity even as her body heals itself.

    Strengths: Preternatural agility, speed and strength, enhanced vision and healing.

    History (optional): I intend to cover this in the IC.

    Weapons: Near infinite arsenal of claws, fangs, acid spit, poison, spikes.

    Other: Lillian has a tendency to slip back into an older way of speaking, sometimes. She enjoys music, literature and fine tea. Sweet smelling flowers are her weakness, she absolutely adores them.

    She dislikes guns. "Whatever happened to filleting, carving up or gutting? Where's the artistry, the passion in just shooting someone? This is whats wrong with today's society. No creativity at all. Tsk tsk. If you want to riddle a person with holes, stick a couple of knives in them. Or needles. That works wonders."

    Surprisingly enough, Lillian sings quite well. Her choice is songs though, leaves a lot to be desired.
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  19. Wheeeeeee! Posted my CS. I hope you approve.
  20. weeeeee so many awesome people XD
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