The Witches Curse

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    Matthew Santos
    atthew woke with a jolt. The smell of blood filled the room and coated Matthews arms causing him to freak. What happened last night? Pulling himself up and on to his feet from the floor, Matthew stared down at his bed. Kristen, a girl that use to work at the club and seemed to enjoy one night stands with Matthew, lay dead on the bed. "Crap." How was he going to fix this? There was no fixing this. He had fed too much on her and want fully savage. Her blood was splattered along the wall, the floor, and the furniture. He went too far.

    With a flash Matthew went into the bathroom. Gripping the sides of the bathroom counter, Matthew breathed heavily. This was not like him. What happened last night? Kristen looked petrified; parts of her were torn apart. It was like he let his humanity go last night. Clean it up. The darkness inside of Matthew seemed to order him. And he did just so, grabbing a bucket he began to fill it full of hot water. While that happened he stripped his bed of the covers and folded Kristen in his sheets. Flashing her down to the basement, Matthew took one last look at his bartender before going running upstairs and cleaning his room. He was still in deep shit.

    This nightmare of a life started seven years ago, Matthew had just turned sixteen and he began craving the blood of his fellow classmates, the lady at the super market, his best friend... Ashera. He craved her blood most of all. Something about it seemed to be so alluring, special. He would do anything to get his fangs sunk into her skin, but he never crossed that line thanks to his humanity. God knew he wanted to though, there were plenty of times that he had a chance, but backed down from it. He was scared of himself. Now he knew why.

    He was a monster.

    After cleaning both himself and the room up, Matthew dressed himself in dark clothing as if he was in mourning. Truth is, he was in mourning, Matthew had known Kristen for many years now and knew much about her. Like the fact Ashera and Kristen hated each other and yet Matthew was clueless on that matter. He figured it was because he spent significant time with both girls. Grabbing his keys, he walked out to the rain of another April day. Matthew didn't mind the rain, in fact in rejoiced in it. The rain meant he wouldn't feel like he was suffocating the entire day he spent outside. Sure he had a day light ring, but it never removed the feeling of being strangled from him. Sometimes Matthew thinks its just because the witch who gifted him with the ring really resented him.

    Reaching his car, Matthew got in and placed the key in the ignition. The engine roared to life and Matthew pulled away from the curb. It was about nine in the morning, a basic morning for a night club owner, Matthew needed to go to Myth to work on some accounting matters with his accountant. No the best morning, but Ashera was supposed to meet him there and he really needed something to get his mind off of murdering someone. No. Not someone, Kristen. He really wasn't prepared for the title wave of missing person alerts or investigation. Hopefully if Matthew was lucky enough Kristen would be passed off as a animal attack. Little would the cops know he was that animal.

    It didn't take long before Matthew pulled into the Myth parking lot. He snagged a spot by the door and cut the engine before getting out and locking his car behind him. Entering the club, Matthew flashed that award winning smile of his at one of the many waitresses. Many of the females in the club seemed to swoon over Matthew and he enjoyed it. The babe pool was much larger. Each one of the girls felt as if they were special, but really Matthew only cared about the performance they had in the club. Business always came first when it came to his club. Walking up a stairway, Matthew entered his office and smiled at Oscar, his accountant. "Hello, Oscar. I see you were an early bird today..."


    The meeting seemed to last forever and take up much of Matthew's valuable time. It was boring to sit and listen to Oscar announce that he needed to bring in more clients. Which was true, but Matthew cared little for that. Once Oscar left, Matthew relaxed and stared out the window out at Black Ridge.
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    Ashera Wells
    Ash had been in a foul mood pretty much all of the previous night and this morning it carried over. The dawn had awoken her and it was heavily storming outside and she knew that she was the cause of it. That previous night she had been at Matt's club Myth, she had seen one of the bartenders, Kristen,heavily flirting with Matt. She really hated Kristen and well the girl in turn hated her. Ash never really told Matt that she was in love with him fearing he would just laugh at her and walk away. She walked to her dresser and pulled out her clothes for the day. (In picture above) She had just pulled on her gloves as she was walking down her stairs to the front door grabbing the umbrella that was next to door. She was going to head out for a walk hopefully she could calm down enough to make the storm disappear. The rain poured down as she walked down the sidewalks of the town. She had lunch at the cafe before heading over to Myth. She walked in pretty easily all the woman seemed to just glare at her as she headed up the stairs to Matt's office. She waved to Oscar as she passed him on the stairs. She knocked then opened the door, "Hey Matty." She said her voice filling the silence. She could smell blood in the air and it faintly smelled like Kristen. A wave of anger flashed over her but she schooled her features before walking over to him giving him a hug from behind. "What's a matter Matt?"
  3. Matthew Santos
    It seemed like Matthew was so lost in his thoughts that he almost didn't hear Ashera when she entered the room. Turning in his chair, he faced the entrance. "Hey, love." He greeted her. Matthew always called Ashera his love seeing that she was the only girl that was his friend for more than eight years, and could actually handle Matthew's whoring around. At least he thought she could. "Nothings wrong. Just thinking about something." He admitted. He was thinking about something, but he wasn't going to admit it was Kristen. Standing up from his chair he walked by her and shut the door. He didn't feel like the girls coming up to ease drop on them because they saw Ashera as a threat. Glancing back at her, he noticed that Ashera looked more defensive than usual. "What's going on?" He asked her completely concerned. He didn't like when Ashera was in a bad mood because it always was taken out on him in some way. "You seem a bit, you know, upset."
  4. Ashera gave him one of her flirty smiles when he called her love. That one statement mostly calmed the rest of her but the lingering possessiveness was still there. "I'm fine babe. Just family deciding to be well my family. I mean you've met them." She offered up the lie with ease. Ash knew she couldn't very well just tell him she was in love withe him, it would ruin the already close relationship they had. She hated with such a passion that he slept with a different girl every night it seemed. Yes normally she would take it out on him because he was to blind and oblivious of her feeling for him. The storm out side seemed to calm down some because of her and she gave him a peck on the cheek. "So tonight I'm available to help you with the club. Chloe pretty much has the shop covered tonight." She was usually pretty happy helping him with myth and most guys seemed to love her.
  5. Matthew Santos
    Matthew nodded. He could tell that she was lying, he could hear her heart beat speed up. Ashera, since Matthew turned, never could lie to him, but he choose not to press the matter. If she didn't want to tell him the truth than she wouldn't have to. "Okay." He said half hearten. Walking over to the mini fridge, he pulled out a bottle of water and drank it. Sure blood was his main source, but water still tasted somewhat decent. Alcohol on the other hand was much better, but if Ash saw him drinking before noon she would have for sure given him one of her concerned talks. Matthew, even since high school, was known for drinking a lot. His family wasn't really a family and being drunk seemed to sooth him more than talking about the dysfunctional people he lived with. Hearing that Ashera wanted to help with the club, he nodded. "Sure. That be great." He said a little enthusiastic, but really he was more worried about the other girls. When the night fell it was like the girls seemed to attack Matthew with constant flirting and very alluring dresses. "You can always help Jack with the bar. I got a meeting tonight so I might not really be accessible," he informed her, "Kristen isn't going to be in tonight, by the way, she wasn't feeling too good last night," he added. It was a complete lie on both parts. He had no meeting and Kristen was for sure feeling well last night but now she doesn't feel shit. He sighed and took another drink of his water. God, how he wished the water was whiskey.

    Inhaling through his nose, Matthew could still smell small traces on blood on him. Damn. The scent almost sent him into a panic, but then he figured that it was because he had heightened senses that he could still smell Kristen's blood on him. Remembering back to the previous night, Matthew remembered how sweet Kristen's blood tasted. She had to have had a rare blood type, maybe AB +, but he didn't care too much blood was blood. As he thought more into it he began to think about what he must have done to her. She was ripped to what seemed like shreds. It just wasn't right. Matthew shivered and acted as if it was a cold chill. He was scaring himself. Why did he even take it that far? He couldn't figure that out. There had to have been something to set him off. Could she have done something to him that angered him? It was a possibility, but it was highly unlikely. There was just something about last night he couldn't piece together well.

    Looking at Ashera he smiled. "Did you wanna go grab some lunch?" He asked her. He was hungry for the most part, but really he just liked spending time away from the club or anything that reminded him of Kristen and Ashera was the complete opposite of her.
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  6. Ash grab his water bottle and took a drink of it. That made things easier for her. Since her transformation at sixteen she needed way more water than normal people. She appreciated that Matt always kept water around. "Sure I'm sure working at the bar would be nice, I know all the mixes and can make my famous Siren's Call." It was a drink she invented a year back but it was the most popular at Myth especially when she worked there. She really put on the allure to drawn people in guys and girls alike.

    She spun around and a thought crosses her mind. Kristen wasn't coming in and Matt smelled oddly like her. She was a constantly changing and never had just one style; her eyes flew upto his eyes confusion flashed through her own. "Why does he smell like her?" She mumbled to herself but somehow knew he could hear here. She had intense senses her smelling was among the best. She hated that he smelled exactly like her. She gave a smile, "Lunch sounds fantastic actually." She hated that she also had to eat a lot more often seafood became among her favorites since she turned. She drank more of the water and sat on his desk.
  7. Matthew was just about to take another drink of his water when it was snatched from his hands. Ashera, being the pain that she was on occasions, had stolen the bottle of water for her own needs. Matthew rolled his eyes and went to the mini fridge to retrieve another. He didn't mind her taking things from him, in fact he expected it. The duo had been friends far to long for it to be a plain relationship between them. "Okay, well you make your drink." Matthew chuckled as he opened another bottle of water. Since he had opened the club a few years back Ashera enjoyed playing bartender and he didn't mind her doing so just as long as she was selling what she made.

    Matthew was just about to grab his coat and keys when he noticed Ashera looking confused at him, then he heard the words that no normal person would have, "why does he smell like her?" Dammit! Matthew would have sworn to god that he smelt like his Old Spice collection to others, but not to Ashera. It was strange, he could smell like a soap factory and the girl would still smell who he slept with...well this time killed. Despite him hearing what she said, Matthew choose to stay quite and act as if he couldn't hear her. "Well we should be going then." He told her as he walked to the door. He was in the mood for rare steak, sure it wasn't the best thing in the world, but it was better than making a pit stop at a blood bank.

    Passing his employees, Matthew walked out the front door. The diner wasn't too far from the night club and Matthew would rather walk than drive down there. Sure the rain poured down, but it wasn't the first time Matthew had walked through the rain with Ashera. Looking over to her he asked, "What's with the gloves?" Matthew had noticed the gloves and well it was a little bazaar with the rest of her outfit. Sure Ashera was one to have her own style which Matthew liked, but the leather gloves were unique to say in the least.
  8. Ash froze up briefly because he noticed her gloves. She grabbed her umbrella, sure she had control of her transformation but when her emotions were rampant the change when in contact with water was a wee bit harder for her. "I just thought they would go pretty well. You also know I hate getting wet." She said with a smile it wasn't a lie but it was the truth for the most part. She opened up the umbrella so she wouldn't get water on her. The last thing Ash needed was a transformation infront of her best friend. She didn't know how he would handle those to secrets that she had. She pulled her gloves up a bit higher on her arms.
  9. In a small state of disbelief, Matthew nodded his head. The reason Ashera gave was slightly poor, but held tiny bits of truth. Matthew just thought she might have hurt hers and didn't want to show him. "Okay." He said abruptly. Walking along the side walk, the diner came into view. The cold air chilled Matthew's skin causing small hairs to stand on end and goose bumps to appear. He liked the cold. Looking over to Ashera and her umbrella he laughed. "It's barely raining hard." He joked as he looked around. Sure it was enough to dampen his shirt, but he was fine with that.

    Getting to the diner he opened the door for her. "My lady," he chuckled and walked in behind her. As soon as the pair walked into the joint a man by the name of, Eddie, came from the back. "Aye guys. Nice to see you two. Matt you see the game the other day, shit was insane." Eddie said. Matthew nodded and walked up to the bar. Eddie was Matthew's cousin in a way. His aunt married Eddie's dad and well Eddie knew a bit about Matthew seeing that Matthew knew a bit about him. "Yeah. Stop rubbing it in, I'll get the five I owe you in a bit, okay. It's not like I am made of money." Matthew said to him. It was true Matthew wasn't made of money, but he did earn a lot. Matthew sighed, maybe he shouldn't have bet five grand on a stupid baseball game. Though Eddie needed the money to renovate this place which was why Matthew bet so high and performed a little magic to stop his team from winning.

    Matthew took a seat in one of the corner booths and relaxed into the seat. It was hard and slightly uncomfortable, but he was getting food and that was all that mattered. Once Ashera took her seat next to him he acted like a child and laid on her. "You know you could be a great pillow if the shop doesn't work out." He joked before sitting up and pulling his phone out. Inhaling through his nose, he noticed the smell was worse when he was wet. He sighed
  10. At my lady she gave a curtsy and winked at, "my my what a gentleman." She said teasingly. She smiled at Eddie and gave him a wave as she collapsed her umbrella. She held it away from her as she shook it slightly. She sat it next to their booth and slid in next to him. When he put his head on her shoulder she smiled and put her arm around him. "So what I would be your personal pillow?" She didn't mind the idea of course but it still made her smile pretty big. She ordered her favorite shrimp alfredo. Shrimp was her favorite food she could every find. She stiffened some as the smell of blood grew stronger in her nose. She smiled at him when he pulled away getting out his phone. She leaned back pulling her arm back into her lap. "Do you think I should wear pants, skirt or a dress tonight?" She asked getting her own phone out.
  11. Matthew was looking through his phones pictures to see if he had anything from the previous night when Ashera asked him about outfit options. "Wear one of your dresses. You look good in them." He told her without looking up from his phone. It was true Ashera looked her best in a dress, but she did look hot in almost anything. Matthew would be lying if he said that the only reason he wanted her to wear a dress was so customers would spend more money, he just really wanted to see her in a dress even if it would only be for a minute. Seeing that all photos were either not taken or deleted, Matthew's face turned sorrowful. There had to be something at play that basically made last night a blank.

    Putting his phone away, he looked over to Ashera. However, just before he made eye contact with her a girl a few booths down as looking at him. She had blode hair, blue eyes, killer snake bites, and a really nice body; although she looked very familiar. It took Matthew a moment, but the name came to him, "Ashley Garrison." He said a little shocked that the girl came back into town after saying she would do just about anything to leave and stay gone. Ashley, besides a hot girl, was one of Matthew's many girlfriends in high school. Again one that Ashera wasn't too keen on. She was hot and easy, and that was all that Matthew cared about at that age, now it's more hot, easy, and can at least now when to leave his house after a one night stand.

    The girl seemed to hear Matthew say something and waved before getting up and coming down to say hello. Matthew smiled at her and greeted her back. "I thought you were planning on being a DJ in L.A, why did you come back?" He questioned her. It seemed like their entire relationship was spent listening to Ashley talk about her dream. She shrugged, "Just wanted to come know, we should hang out something, catch up." She offered. Matthew chuckled a bit before nodded, "yeah that would be fun." He said. It seemed like just then Ashley realized that Ashera was sitting there. "I didn't know you two would end up a thing..." befor she could say anything else Matthew interrupted. "No, no. We're not dating, were are just friends. Still best friends." For one Matthew didn't want to be silently and Ashera figure out that he was into her a little, and he didn't want Ashley to think he was taken. Yes, Matthew had an addiction to taking girls home alnost every night and well at this second he was thinking about Ashley being that girl tonight. "You should stop by the club tonight." He said to her, neglecting that he wouldn't be there for long. Ashley laughed and nodded, "I'll do that," the blonde said before walking back to her booth.

    Matthew turned his head back to Ashera for a moment who seemed a bit agitated, "what," he asked her.
  12. She seemed to growl when Ashley approached them. Anger was burning in her eyes. She watched their interaction with jealousy. He was flirting and she knew it, she hated the feeling in her stomach. She watched Ashley leave and looked over at Matt who just questioned her. Outside the storm seemed to get heavier as her anger grew more. "It'll be fun to have her at the club matt. That was a fantastic idea." She got up and headed outside into the rain paling her gloves off and taking off towards the water as she partially controlled her rage.
  13. Matthew tried to grab Ashera's hand before she bolted off, but without his super speed it was no use. "Ash!" He yelled after her before getting up himself and going out the door. The rain was pouring heavily and flooding the streets. "Ash come back!" He yelled again, but the rain poured down thicker maling it almost impossible to see where she went to. "Crap." Matthew mumbled to himself. What did he do? Matthew really didn't see the harm in inviting Ashley to the club and he didn't understand what set Ashera off.

    Looking up to the sky, he noticed that the storm was growing and figured that Ashera shouldn't be out right now. "Ugh, woman!" he exclaimed before chasing after her. His clothes became soaked in a matter of minutes as he chased in the direction Ashera ran off to.
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  14. (Actually kinda wanted him to catch up with her at the lake so he can see her transform)
  15. Ash made it to the lake and started pealing off her corset. She dropped it onto a tree that had a low hanging branch. She pulled off her boots and set them near the trunk. Thunder gave a loud boom over head. She pulled off her sock pants and fishnet shirt pretty easily. Ash wrapped everything together in her quarter shirt locking it together putting the key around her neck. The lack churned from the storm's anger and from her own; she had just started to unhook her bra when she could hear Matt's voice behind her. He was not near but he was close enough for even her sensitive hearing to pick up on.
  16. Matthew made his way through the woods as he called out Ashera's name many times. Dipping through low hanging branches from the forest, Matthew didn't use his super speed to catch up to Ashera--- figuring that she was normal and didn't speed run places when trying to get away. "Ash!" He called out again as he approached the water line. It was for a faint second, but Matthew noticed that she was lacking much clothing and slowed down. Was she thinking about swimming? In this weather? "Ash, you're crazy to go swimming in this down pour." He said before another crack of thunder sounded through the town.
  17. She turned facing him her hair already taking on the blue tint in the rain. "I have to. You wouldn't understand" She said shouting over the thunder. Her bra straps fell from her shoulders she took steps back into the water to where she was knee deep. She pulled her bra off with one hand. She trembled droping it feeling her scales covering her breasts. She fell to her knees a seeing pain in her legs. She normally wouldn't feel pain but her anger made things bad. She screamed in the pain. Her legs fusing into one her tail forming her eyes changed over to violet when her transformation was complete. "Fuck... I didn't want you to see this. "
  18. Taking a step back, Matthew fell over a root that stuck out of the ground. Had his best friend really juat changed into a fish? "Holy shit." He said under his breath. Normally, most people in the movies would come out and reveal they to were a supernatural freak, but Matthew just wasn't one of those people. "You''re a...crap man." He spoke in utter shock. Sitting still and quite for a minute or to, Matthew finally breathed. "H-how long?" he asked her, not sure if this was her since the day they met.
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  19. She pulled herself partially out of the water her hair fully blue with white streaks in it. She moved the water around her so she could be dry. "It was my 16th birthday when it happened ok. I had to keep alot of it under wraps because... if I sing I could possibly hurt you... don't you remember when I use to sing all the time and then as soon as I hit 16 it stopped and I said it was childish for mE to sing." She sighed. "I hated keeping this from you. I also hate my heightened senses, because I hate smelling every girl you've ever had a one night stand with on you. I fucking hate my jealousy. Just so you know I'm a siren not a fish..."
  20. Matthew looked at her for a second before glarring at her for a little. "So your telling me that you fucking gave me a hard ass time cause I slept with a different girl every night?" He asked her a bit. Was she kidding? She didn't own him, and Matthew didn't go around getting mad when she was shacking up with someone. He sighed figuring that an argument wouldn't change anything right now. His best friend was a siren and he wasn't quite sure if he should come clean. "Is that why you and Kristen didn't get along?" He questioned her, as he wondered.
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