The Witcher - The White Flower

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A white rose in a garden of red roses
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Fantasy, Romance, Apocalyptic, Intruigues, Empire building, Magical, but still open for anything, so long as I happen to have the mood for it currently.
(The original description can be found at the bottom; 'Details')

The White Rose
All stolen away
As I’m reborn again, alone

Spreading my wings I soar with death
Love shall spring from the darkest of white
When or how distantly may it be heard
How sweetly they whisper, the wings of the past

The white flower
Is the voice
With just its shattered eye

The white flower
With just its made-up dance
I shall dance in nightmares that day

With nothing I break away from death
Emerging from a field of death
Pregnant with the whitest of white
This pitiful memory is ripped away

The white flower
Is the voice
With just its prayer of blood

The white flower
Is the power
With just a day of repentance
All shall disappear

This disaster
Shall wait and fall
For the time it shatters, to dream

The Story so far
"Anybody that has seen the woman with a flower as her right eye is to immediately report this to the local guard. She is found guilty of the massacre of Brenna, the murder of countless families and is responsible for the massacre in our local tavern!", the Towncrier shouts in the streets of Ard Carraigh.
"She has been seen to venture south, crossing the Pontar. Whoever is to return her head, is promised a reward of 10.000 Crowns. Returning her alive is not an option." The Towncrier speaking 'not' very clearly.
"She is very dangerous, Kaedwen will not take the risk to let her live."

Two Witcher were seen heading west towards Tretogor. Those two witcher are said to have been involved in the massacre of Ard Carraigh's Tavern... Their destination yet unknown.

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