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  1. So, you want to play with magic?

    In the castle city of Greistburg, the balance between
    good and evil
    is in ruins. Thieves and murderes roam free,
    and the royal guards have all turned into selfish, greedy men with
    an unquenchable lust for young women.

    The king has not acted in years,
    leaving his kingdom to fall apart in the seams.

    For the residents of Greisturg,
    life has become an excruciating chore.
    But when all seems lost, and desperation has reached its peak,
    there is one, final hope: A rumour.

    A rumour that in the forest of north,
    beyond the great mountains,
    there lives a witch.

    The witch supposedly has the ability to make any wish come true.
    However, her power of miracles does not come for free.

    Know that everything comes for a price

    Many have ventured there in the hopes
    of having their wish granted by her,
    but noone has made it back alive.

    So tell me, are you desperate enough to play with magic?

    ~Rules (Must Read!)~
    Show Spoiler

    - All Iwaku rules apply
    - No GM'ing, MS'ing or anything of the sort
    - You may at any point in this RP die. If you do, you're free to post a new CS unless I say differently.
    - You must be able to write interestingly and understandably.
    There is no mininum limit for your posts, as long as they meet
    the aforementioned requirements.
    - If you've read the rules, add 'You stole that idea from Princess Teacup' to the end of your CS
    - I reserve the right to change the rules and the CS whenever I feel like it.
    If I do, and you no longer meet the requirements, you must add or change
    whatever it is or you will be kicked out.

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  2. CS

    Name: (First and last)
    Appearance: (Drawn. It can be anime style or other, but no real photographs)
    Weapon: (Note that there will be NO special powers. They are reserved for the witch and the witch alone. There will also be no guns, as Greistburd hasn't reached that stage in their technological development. However, you should probably make your character at least somewhat skilled in combat, since there will be fighting elements.)
    Bio: (I do not require anything lengthy, but feel free to splurge if you have a good idea. The most important point here is the reason why you're seeking the aid of the witch. Is someone in your family terminally ill? Do you want to bring someone back to life? Do you want to overthrow the king and bring a new era to the land, or do you simply wish to become filthy rich? It's up to you, but please, make it interesting.)
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  3. The castle city of Greistburg:


    The Witch:

  4. Name: Meira Goldendawn
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (Not got good enough internet to find one. Tomorrow I will do so I'll get one then)
    Personality: Meira, despite her name, is cold and merciless. She cares not for the lives of others, which could perhaps be the cause of her psychological instability. She rarely speaks, and when she does, it is quite often sarcastic or harsh, however it does carry truth. She sees no point in lies and deception and has a very strong sense of justice, despite her fiery disposition.
    Weapon: Even though she is young, Meira is a natural sword fighter, and seems to always know exactly how to destroy a foe. In addition to her swordmastery, she can wield a bow with relative effectiveness, though she finds it painfully slow and refuses to use it except when the situation is dire. She trusts nobody, and has 3 knives of different variety hidden in her garments at all times, just in case.
    Bio: Meira was born to a single mother who died several days after of a terminal illness. She was then taken to an orphanage, where she had to learn the hard way that life was unfair. She didn't like this, and set out to fix it. Starting with her fellow orphans. Eventually, she became the oldest there, at the age of 14, once the older kids were kicked out, either by her or the care workers, and she quickly established herself at the top of the hierarchy. Disappointed with her underlings, she left shortly after and became a member of the criminal underworld. She gained reputation as a strong and valuable mercenary, and after 3 weeks there, obtained her first weapon - a medium length, rather old sword called Pain. Over the course of 3 years, she found herself becoming quite attached to Pain, and viewed it as her only real friend, and certainly the only thing she could trust. One task, which would have fetched her quite a price, was a relatively simple one. An "anonymous" priest had approacher her directly, rather than through the inn as usual clients did, and asked her to retrieve an item from a fellow Brother. When she found this man though, she realised that the item was the sister sword of Pain - a sword of identical design, but with a white stained leather grip and a pale, moonstone-like gem embedded in the pommel rather than a stained black grip with an opal pommel - named Gain. She decided that instead of taking the item back to the priest, she would visit a blacksmith who was the friend of one of her acquaintances. For a price of most of her gold, the smith removed the gemstones from the pommels, and scrapped the leather, then smelted the swords down and forged a new one from the molten remains. This one was a longsword of a fine quality metal, due to the alloying of the two blades. It was razor sharp, and on the blade just above the crossguard was written "Smite" on one side, and "Cleanse" on the other. It's grip was a rich maroon leather, the opal had been placed as part of the blade, and the moonstone formed the pommel. She named it Justice. Her time in the underbelly of society had had an effect on her, and she realised that in order for the world to become an ideal place, she must remove all evil from it. Starting with the King. Now she's off to see the Witch (the wonderful witch of Greistburg) to see if she can't do something about the king's underlings.
    Also, I believe there was something to do with the theft of ideas from one "princess of teacups."
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  5. Looks perfectly fine. There is one thing you seem to have forgotten, though. Read through the original post again.
  6. Whoops. Fixed.
  7. Accepted! Well, technically you still need to fill out the appearance part, but I'm sure that will happen before we get enough people on this, anyway.
  8. I submitted a banner but it still hasn't been accepted... *le sigh* Any idea how long those things tend to take?
  9. I'm interested! :D Lemme type up a character here in a bit. Okay? :)
  10. No problem! I will wait for it patiently, lol.
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  11. I am interested, and will be working on a character sheet shortly!
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  12. Name: Unknown, but she refers to herself as Alyssa (If it's not okay I will do a proper name with last name and everything)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Alyssa acts cold, mysterious and untrusting. She keeps to herself, and never stays in the same place for long.
    Weapon: Her trusted katana, 'Sakura', and her brother's shortwsword 'Benevolence'.
    Bio: Alyssa used to be part of a big, happy family, and she had a twin brother. One day, the army came and looted their house. Their parents tried to resist, and so the army accused them of treason, the punishment being the execution of the whole family. Alyssa and her brother were the only ones who managed to escape the slaughter, everyone else was killed. They were young, scared, and didn't know what to do, but at least they had eachother. They lived off of stealing goods and food from merchants on the road, and occasionaly begging from kind looking old people. Then, one day, Alyssa tried to take a loaf of bread from a seemingly unoccupied table. But just as she was about to run away with it, the soldier that was sitting at the table came out from having used a restroom, and rushed after her. She tried to defend herself, but he was too strong for her alone. Her brother, who was in an ally not far away, noticed the fight and came to her rescue. However, the soldier stabbed him through the chest. Alyssa managed to slit the throat of the soldier, but it was too late for her brother. She held him in her arms as he said his last words. He asked her to go to the witch's house up north, and wish that peace would once again be brought to Greistburg. In case she would need a spiritual offering, he follows her around as a ghost in the form of an amorphous white fog. However, Alyssa secretly plans to wish for the resurrection of her brother, and not peace to the land.

    You stole this idea from Princess Teacup! >:(
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  13. @Merry Berry Accepted! And no, I don't mind the name. It's okay to have a little bit of mystery ;)
  14. Oops forgot to get a picture.. To google!
  15. [​IMG]
    Eidr Auðunarson
    Do not swear a false oath, because hard vengeance follows.
    Show Spoiler
    Of average height and a very slender, graceful build. Eidr has a long neck and a round face with a pointed chin. His eyes are large and widely set, and are a pale, cold blue. His features have been described as delicate, and feminine, but the presence of an Adam's apple, and a deep, albeit quiet voice, prove his true gender. Eidr's expression is usually carefully neutral, though he tempers it with brief, small smiles. His skin is also pale, and and in dim light has a grayish pallor to it. When he was born, his hair was flaxen, but the older he gets the whiter it becomes. He wears it long, and usually ties it back via multiple messy braids. Although his hair is naturally straight, the frequent braiding has resulted in many waves in his hair. He has callouses on his hand from where he holds his bow.
    Eidr dresses in the armor he was intended to wear on his wedding, a suit of white and golden mail and tempered leather with feathery motifs and patterns. The shoulder guards in particular depict a wing-like construction. It is clearly well crafted, and worth an exceptional amount of gold; providing both decent protection and a beautiful exterior. However, he often covers both his armor and his face with a heavy blue wool cloak, with a tattered and muddy hem. He dislikes helmets, and prefers to wear a cowl. His bow is always strapped to his back, and is accompanied by a quiver of bronze-tipped arrows.

    Show Spoiler
    Eidr has a quiet, inwardly focused personality. He says very little, and is usually very preoccupied with what's going on in his own head. He values personal honour, and sees oathbreaking and kinkilling as reprehensible actions that deserve vengeance. He is careful not to trust too readily, and he does not make oaths without thinking, or make promises that he cannot keep. Although he values physical strength, he finds greater value in honesty and generosity - as in the past, it has saved his life.
    Eidr, as his parents and foster parents were, is an adherent of the Old Faith which has numerous stipulations. Although a very close adherent, like his mother was, he does not believe that fate can be forced but instead proscribes to a Wheel of Fortune mentality, which stipulates that 'what goes around comes around'. However, in the cases of aforementioned oathbreaking and kinkilling he believes that mortals must take action, in order to enact the justice of the gods. Again, unlike his mother, he does not hold the same loyalty to his birth family and name, and prefers to find allies through mutual trust and friendship. However, it is very difficult to get close to Eidr due to his fears of forming attachments, only to see them severed before his eyes.
    Edir is focused, driven, and thoughtful. He is also obsessive, cold, and distant. His traits are inherited, and like his mother, he is not above rash actions to get what he wants.

    Show Spoiler
    Eidr's weapon of choice is a pure white long-bow. It is made of springy yew, though it was harvested from a rare, pure white tree sacred to the Old Faith; a powerful symbol of transformation through heritage, and redemption through death. There are runes inlaid along the curve of the bow, which in the language of the Old Faith read; "Evil grows from evil" - a saying from one of the many myths of the Old Faith. The bow's name is Móðirmiskunn ; Mother's Mercy. The arrows that accompany the bow are white shafted, with brass tips and distinct white goose feathers.

    Show Spoiler
    The Auðunar family has a long history. Although not members of the Royal family, they were counted amongst the noble houses within Greistburg, and their children and grandchildren had married well in order to secure their stations. The family patriarch, Lord Regin Auðunarson was a close ally of the contemptuous old King; and it was said throughout Greistburg that he was the Kingmaker - the one who controlled who was fed and who wasn't, and strategized the funds and movements of the Royal treasury, supplementing the wealth of his own families with the tax profits. Regin's wife, Lady Ádís Grettisdóttir, was a powerful woman herself, she had had entrenched herself with the noble ladies of the court and was considered to be a close confidant of the important women that had married even more important men. For a time; the Talfyrn family enjoyed status, and a good reputation.
    However, Ádís was an adherent to old beliefs, and a faith older than any else in the world; a pagan system of beliefs that relied upon gods, monsters, giants, and dragons. Of course, all of this was a fantasy; none of it had any bearing on reality, as there remained no proof that any of these creatures existed in the world. Nonetheless, she believed, and she believed strongly. The Grettis family, her ancestors, were believed to be descended from a single giant, named Grettis the Pale ; in actuality, not a giant at all, merely an immense man. It was said that Grettis had split the rocks of the mountain, and built the family hall in the crevice. He was so mighty that he was permitted to marry the daughter of the God of Strength - the first Ádís in the Grettis line. Because of their shared name, Lady Ádís Grettisdóttir saw herself as the family founder come again, looking for her Grettis to wed. But she, as was tradition, had been married off to the already powerful, and already wealthy Regin Auðunarson, despite her knowledge that he was not who she was meant to wed.
    She believed, in keeping with her Old Faith, that she ought to marry her brother - Skýla. Skýla had proven himself to be a capable warrior, responsible for driving out bandits and barbarians from their mountainous homelands ; and she loved him dearly. When she was wed to Regin, she begged her new husband to find employment for Skýla so that she could keep him close. Regin, wanting to make his wife happy, caved to her demand. He was made a House Carl of House Auðunar. Because of this, Ádís had no proper children with Regin. Every time she was made to lay with her husband, the next morning she choked down a tea brewed from the black roots of the Carrionflower to trigger a miscarriage. She would conceal this from her husband.
    Nonetheless, Ádís had eleven children, all with her brother, Skýla. She believed that one of these children would be as strong as Grettis was, and represent a return to the Old Faith. However, she found fault with all of the children. The first one was asthmatic, the second one was colic, the third soft in the head - the fourth mute, the fifth deaf, the sixth blind. The following five all suffered from some sort of epilepsy, and each had disfigured faces. Ádís did not give up, however, because the more children she had - the paler their skin became, and she saw this as a sign that she was close to bearing a child as pale and equal to Grettis the Pale.
    When each of her children turned thirteen, she determined whether or not they were strong enough, like her ancestor. Each of them failed her scrutiny. She asked Skýla to take them back to the Grettis hold and kill them. He did, and in keeping with Old Faith tradition; ate their hearts to absorb whatever strength they might have had. Ádís told her husband that the children were sent away to various distant nobles in order to be fostered in their houses, so that they might have connections with distant lands. This appeased Regin's Kingmaking instincts and desire to see his family entrenched with connections.
    During her thirteenth pregnancy, something went wrong. Ádís lay with her brother, as was her fancy, but Regin returned unexpectedly early from one of his voyages, and wanted to lay with her as well. This presented Ádís with a problem; she couldn't bear to abort her brother's child but couldn't bear to bring Regin's child into the world. She went to a midwife, Grimhilde, who told her that when there were two, nearly simultaneous pregnancies, the seed that was strongest would be the one that was born. As Ádís' pregnancy progressed, she unknowingly carried the product of heteropaternal superfecundation; fraternal twins with two differing fathers. When the twins were born, one was blood faced and large - howling and screaming. The other was small, skeletal, and pale. However, both were born and Ádís was forced to raise them both ; even though she knew that the pale child was her brother's.
    The pale child she named "Eidr", which meant 'fulfilled oath' in the language of the Old Faith - she knew that he was the one, Grettis-Come-Again. The red-faced child she called "Grómr" - 'Worthless, dirt'. However, as the children grew; Grómr was a strong, bloody faced fighter - ugly, but powerful, even as a boy. Eidr, on the other hand, was waif-like and delicate - beautiful, but fragile. Ádís despaired - and loathed both children. Grómr she hated for being the son of a man she did not love, but was powerful and strong anyway, and Eidr she hated for the disappointment that he was. When the boys were seven years old, she could no longer bear them. Rather than putting in the careful forethought, she simply ordered Skýla to take them into the woods outside of Greistburg and abandon them there. The lie she concocted to Regin was that she had gone to the woods to pray, as was the Old Faith's custom, and she had taken the children with her, only for them to be abducted by bandits and her body ravished. She went to Regin in tattered clothes, weeping, and for all the world seemed a mother who had lost her children.
    Skýla took the children to the woods but did not abandon them as he was told. He had developed a taste for blood. He lay them on the runed rocks that were the custom site of Old Faith prayer. Out of contempt for Grómr, he strapped him to the rock first, and sliced him from throat to gullet, and reached inside to pull out his heart. The inside of the boy was thick with congealed blood. As Skýla greedily devoured his sister's son's heart, Eidr ran. He did not know why his uncle, a man he had trusted, had done this to his brother, but it was not something that he could reconcile. Skýla pursued Eidr, his son, with the speed of a wolf. He was hunting him. However, all of a sudden, out from the trees came a dozen brass tipped arrows. It took all twelve to bring Skýla down, and he let out a howl as he died. Eidr seized with fear - as out from the trees came a man and a woman. The woman and man were bandits - driven from their usual hunting lands due to the systematic purges led by Skýla - so they rejoiced at the chance to kill him. The woman was called Signy, and the man Halmyr. They took in the sobbing, terrified Eidr, and taught him their ways. They too, were adherents of the Old Faith but kept to it in a different way than Eidr's mother - they believed that fate could not be forced, but was simply something that came when the time was right.
    The bandit couple loved him as if he was their own son, and Eidr flourished under their care ; though he was traumatized by terrible nightmares of his bloody brother and the monster of his uncle, mixed with unclear memories of a mother that he barely recalled. He developed skills as an archer, and became a capable hunter. When he was thirteen, his foster family explained the circumstances that had led him to their care ; as they understood it. They explained that he was being pursued by Skýla Grettisson - and Eidr knew him as an uncle. Against his foster parent's wishes, Eidr rode out to Greistburg to meet his mother and father - to explain that his uncle had tried to kill him.
    He rode to the Auðunar hall, and announced his name, parentage, and the circumstances that brought him before his father and mother again. The Auðunar had suffered since the death of Skýla. Ádís had wasted away into a pale shadow of the woman she once was - a rare sight at social occasions, and the frequent abortive herbs she had taken rendered her skin blotted with black marks and emaciated her form. Regin was frequently overcome with anger and despair - as none of his so-called children had answered his letters and the fosters' that they had supposedly been sent to said that the children had never come to them. So, when a son arrived in his hall, a son that he recalled and remembered ; Regin was overjoyed and a flush of colour returned to Ádís. She felt a surge of hope for the first time in six years. If Eidr had survived, and her brother had not, he must be strong indeed. When his prowess as an archer became obvious, she further rejoiced. Regin immediately accepted him as his son, and called for him to be wed to the Lord Gísli Bjørnsson's eldest daughter; a fair maiden of thirteen years named Valdís. They were to be wed when they both turned seventeen.
    However, the toll of herbal 'remedies' and years without children or love had poisoned Ádís' already poisoned mind. Since she was Ádís-Come-Again and Edir was Grettis-Come-Again it was only natural that she lay with her son. From their loins would come a new glorious age for the Grettis family. She created a draught of Alarune; a plant that was said to only grow from where a hanged man's blood had dropped. She mixed it with her son's mead on the night of his seventeenth birthday, a day before the first day of his month-long wedding ceremony. Alarune's leaves were powerful hallucinogens, and Edir imagined himself with the beautiful Valdís, of whom he had become quite fond, instead of with his mother.
    The next morning, Ádís instructed him to go to the burial holds outside of Greistburg and break one of the mounds to retrieve something that she believed would truly cement the legacy she wanted ; the sword of Grettis the Pale. It was tradition, in an Old Faith wedding, for the groom to retrieve a sword and therefore confront his past and future ; this would provide an opportunity for the groom to be confronted by a man costumed as a ghost of his ancestor, who might elaborate on the young man's instruction by reminding him of his family history and lineage, the importance of tradition, and the need to continue the ancestral bloodline. There was no man costumed in Edir's wedding barrow-delving.
    When he found himself amongst the graves of his ancestors, he was still in the grips of Alarune's powerful hallucinogenic effects. A vision of flushed face man - similar in age, but ugly and swollen - appeared to him infront of the crypt of Grettis the Pale. The vision explained to him that he was his dead brother, Grómr, and that their uncle was Eidr's father ; and more horrifying still, their mother had tried to murder them just as she had murdered all of their ill-born siblings. The vision of Grómr grasped Edir, and warned him that their mother was mad, and that she had stolen his purity from him ; she had drugged him and laid with him the night before. Horrified, Eidr fled from the crypts of his ancestors - without the sword. Valdís was waiting for him outside, with her father standing by, but under the effects of Alarune, they did not look like themselves - Eidr saw instead his mother and uncle - his true father. He ran into the woods once more - ten years older than the last time he had run into the woods.
    What he found in the woods this time were not the friendly bandit couple that had taken him in before but instead a band of poachers and outlaws - a wandering caravan of cast-off people. He had collapsed on the edge of their camp, succumbing to convulsions and delirium brought on by Alarune. He stirred only when the group's healer, an old crone named Tsura, brought him out from the brink. He laid in her tent unconscious for three days, wracked by terrible nightmares and visions as the caravan moved on. He explained all that he had seen to the crone, and Tsura advised him to seek redemption for the sins of his family, as kin-killing was something that all gods, Old or New, reviled. His mother had broken her oaths of marriage by lovelessness, her oaths of kinship by incest, her son's oaths of betrothal by violation, and had ruined all she touched because of petty ambition. Tsura explained to Eidr that there was a witch, a dangerous but powerful sorceress, who could use magic to wipe away his mother's sin and restore his family's name.
    After he was nursed back to health, Eidr left the caravan armed with a new bow and a new sense of purpose ; to find the witch and end his family's strife.


    'You stole that idea from Princess Teacup'
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  16. Excellent, you're accepted! It was a bit of a strain on my eyes to read all that small text, but I managed to pull through, since it's a really interesting story you've got going on there.
  17. Name: Rave Gaol
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: He is outgoing and stubborn. He's the type of person that won't go out without a fight and gives everything his all. Rave is someone that tries to make everything okay in tough situations. He hides behind his ego though. Deep down, Rave is someone who has bad anger problems. When angered, he tends to get violent. Too violent. He has learned to cope with his anger by not taking things seriously.
    Weapon: He likes more hand to hand combat and close range.
    Bio: Rave was born to farmers that struggled to keep food on the table. When he was 16, he was able to get a job in the city to support his family. Unfortunately, that was when his anger showed up for the first time. On his way home, he was mugged and everything was taken from him. He got angry...and well, things happened that he tries so hard to suppress. The older he got the more he was to able to control it. But has become a disease for him. It shows up without him wanting it to, and he's afraid of what will happen. It has distributed his entire life and has lead him to seek a higher power. He wishes for this anger to stop.

    You stole that from Princess Teacup​
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  18. You've missed something. Look through the first post to see what it is.
  19. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Name: Ailidh Grayson
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Attire -
    He wears a long black cloak over a long blue tunic. His pants are also black and he wears his eldest brother's old army boots. He has a monocle but only wears it when he needs to inspect a plant. His hair is as seen in both pictures.

    Personality: He is a kind young man with much patience. However he isn't one for jokes, so going to him for jovial company isn't the best idea. Because he was always taking care of his brothers and father, he tends to dote on others when it looks like they need comfort.

    Weapon: He uses a poison dart blower. His method of combat is to take cover and shoot from a distance.
    Because he is physically weak, Ailidh turns to poisons to defeat his foes. He has an extensive knowledge of different types of poisons, and herbs, and how to lace objects or foods with them. He also knows how to heal people with ointments.

    Bio: Ailidh was born in a military family. Every male member was some type of soldier. His father was a general when the land and king were strong and just, and Ailidh's three older brothers were soldiers of established high ranks. The only of them who wasn't involved in the army was, Ailidh himself, who because of health issues that affected his strength, could not enlist. However when the kingdom fell into ruin and despair, he no longer had to worry of that. He now had to try and keep his family from falling apart. His father who was once so strong and brilliant, was lost. His brothers were filled with anger of not being able to do anything. It became even worse when Ailidh's mother was taken from them from soldiers who had abandoned their just reputations and traded them in for lust and hatred. They took her in the night and Ailidh and his father and brother's never saw her again.
    After that Ailidh decided to travel to find the witch. He wanted to bring his mother back, but he knew that the right thing would be to ask for the kingdom to be restored to it's former sinless glory.

    :O *confused* You stole this from me?
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  20. Muahaha, this time we meet in my domain, Princess of the Teacup! >:3

    And no, I didn't steal the idea for the RP from you, but I did steal the idea for putting the thing at the end of the CS s that you can make sure people read the rules.

    You're accepted, but I'm wondering... Do you have a way of poisoning your enemies during battle? For example, do you use poison smoke bombs or anything of the sort? If not, then you probably don't have a very high chance of surviving.
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