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  1. Once upon a time, there was a magical tree that lived in the center of the land. It was a tall and fair willow tree, white as the purest snow, but strong as the largest ox. This tree, standing taller than all the rest around it, was quite the unique tree. While other trees created air for the world to breathe, this tree granted wishes. Whatever the people needed, the tree gave them. Soon, the people learned how to ask for things other than the necessities such as riches and power. They never asked for too much though. At least, that is how it was at first...

    The people soon grew greedy. They fought to get their wishes granted before the other. The tree was soon bathed in bloodshed, causing the willow to weep. The wishing tree grew weary of the bloodshed and created a decree. "I shall no longer grant the wishes of the ill-hearted. Only by the love of the pure heart will I grant a wish." With that, the tree sent the people into the world, never to come back to abuse its power again...

    The legend was passed down from generation to generation. Many tried, but the Wishing Tree couldn't be found. Many didn't try after so many disappeared, but it was still sought after information. It wasn't until the year of the crowned prince's coronation that information of the whereabouts of the Wishing Tree were found...

    Plot (open)
    Alright, you are a citizen of the land of Aliana. For some reason or another, you want to get to the Wishing Tree, whether it be for immortality, power, healing of a loved one, or etcetera. This roleplay will be about your journey to find this tree and have your wish granted.

    Aliana (open)
    Aliana is the country where the Wishing Tree was said to reside in. It is a melting pot of different species from dwarves to elves to werekin to fairies. It is a large monarchy with the crowned prince, Prince Alexei IV taking the throne this year. Its greatest exports are silver and dairy products.

    A few rules to go over before we start our journey...
    • Follow the site's rules please. :)
    • No Godmods, Mary Sues, Gary Stues, Perfect princess and the like.
    • All species need to be approved by me. So if you want to be a vampire, you'll have to have it approved.
    • Two character limit per person
    • Have fun!
    Active Characters (open)

    Inactive Characters (open)

    These characters have either been pulled out by their creator, have not posted for more than 2 weeks, or didn't post at all.

    Tawali A'sun
    Violet Faharh

    Asterii Lynae Raeym
    Vito Al-Terezia
    Julius Van Helsing

    Alright, got that out of the way, here's the character sheet!

    Wish: (Optional)
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  2. Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Prince Alexei Ivan Marcoh IV (The one on the left)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Strengths: Brave, Loyal, Good at Swordfighting, Persuasive, Kind, Stubborn
    Weaknesses: Hot-Headed, Afraid of Public Speaking, Stubborn, Forgets things easily, Exagerates a lot, Allergic to nuts
    Weapon: A sword and his family shield.
    Wish: To become the best ruler for his people.
    Other: He often enjoys playing the harp.

    Name: Yuki (The one on the right)
    Age: Appears to be 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: ???
    Strengths: Agile, Swift, Good with Short Swords, Calm, Stubborn, Quiet
    Weaknesses: Doesn't put others' concerns into account, Weak strength, Doesn't know when to stand down, Cold, Has a bad right ankle, Allergic to nuts
    Weapon: A Short Sword and various other smaller weapons she keeps on her person (E.G. Kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs, small knives...)
    Wish: N/A
    Other: She's fairly good at singing, and has information on where the Wishing Tree is.
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  3. I'm interested give me time.
  4. [​IMG]
    Tawali A'sun
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    In order to sustain his tribe, Tawali ventured with the hunting parties of his tribe, where he honed his archery skills as a predator.
    Without the aid of practical medicine in his tribe, Tawali was taught how to use basic plants to make medicine.
    Along with learning and mastering the use of the bow, Tawali also learned how to track animals accurately.


    Language Barrier
    Born outside the influence of Aliana, he was taught the languages of his tribe, and thus has trouble speaking with outsiders. He will often attempt to communicate using body language.
    Trust Issues
    Tawali has a lot of trouble trusting people who are not a part of his tribe. If he senses any dangers from Aliana natives, he will become very aggressive.

    War Bow
    A large bow that is about 5 feet long, and capable of firing arrows accurately at about 150 meters.
    Hunting Dagger
    A small but razor-sharp knife used to skin animals. Tawali can throw the knife as well.

    Tawali's wish is for the healing of his tribe. Recently, a deadly, incurable disease has infected the majority of the people in his tribe.
  5. [[I'm not sure if you meant this:("All species need to be approved") as in messaging you about it or waiting for your approval here so... >~<;]]

    Name: Silica
    Age: Looks, and assumed to be 17 in Human years
    Gender: Female
    Race: Forest Sprite

    • This is already sort of a dead giveaway,but she somewhat has a small advantage against other normal beings with her powers
    • She has the ability to heal with her powers,though sometimes it takes time depending on what kind of wound/illness/curse it is
    • Since she's a forest sprite,her powers are most powerful in the forest,and also pretty much anywhere where there's a form of nature (i.e; river,meadow,spring)
    • She is scared of the dark
    • She believes people too easily probably because she hasn't really interacted with anyone else besides other spiritual creatures like her
    • Her power to "give and take life" (her power that involves nature and healing)
    • She has and can summon her rapier, though she doesn't really use it often unless she feels like it's really necessary

    Wish: Currently,she doesn't really have a wish and only wants to see the tree everyone had been talking about
    Other: She is a bit naive when it comes to humans,and pretty much everything else,since she doesn't really interact with them and only watches them from a distance
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  6. Appearance: well she has two sides to her.
    This is her side that you always see. She is often confused for a wolf since she is almost the same size.

    This side you only see once or twice a year when the right conditions are met.

    Name: Ledinia (Loves to be called a Lady.)
    Age: 23 (Has been stuck in it for twenty years.)
    Gender: female
    Race: cursed human, fox
    Strengths: master at telepathy, agile, quick, animal senses, knows the forests and hierarchy in it, loves games.
    Weaknesses: Curiousity, bad habit to annoy people, vanity, also something about crows and the Raven.
    Weapon: Her claws, teeth, enough sense to survive and her telepathy.
    Wish: To be released from the curse.
    Other/history: She doesn't remember when or who but one day she woke up cursed in a fox form. Somethings she does remember; her vanity was the source of the problem, the curse can't be lifted by mortals and some words were left to her. "You have one gift, survive." After that she realized she couldn't talk in her fox form but can only use telepathy to talk. A long time passed and she discovered that she could temporary shift into a human again with the right conditions. She has met many people and animals in the years but they all left her. One of them is very dear to her in different ways. When near her you should never mention crows or The Raven.
  7. Oh! I'm interested in this :D
  8. @Haruka Accepted, though I think you mean Forest Sprite because Nymphs tend to... Ahem, make love with the trees. I don't think that's what you're going for. As for waiting for approval, you did the exact right thing.

    @loviebeest Accepted

    @OverCast The character seems cool... but I'm a bit nervous about the whole language barrier thing. I mean, how is he going to properly communicate without accidently doing something that in Aliana might mean that he's flipping the guards off when in his country, it means help me. Plus, being aggressive will get him kicked out before he can even say "Hi." I'm just a bit worried on how this will affect you interacting with other roleplayers. Also, have you ever tried communicating with body language? It's hard enough understanding people with words alone, but body language just screams that a whole crap ton of things can go wrong. If this were a regular story with only you and me writing it, I would be fine, but right now there are other people who want to interact.

    @Aka~Kitsune Great! Make a character sheet and I'll look it over.

    Also, just a little thing, try to even out strengths and weaknesses like if you have 3 strengths, you should have 3 weaknesses.
  9. @The Writing Owl
    He knows some of the language, it just wouldn't be fluent. Like if he wanted to tell you he is from outside Aliana, it might come out as
    "Tawali not from here"

    He isn't normally aggressive, but if someone from Aliana got up in his face, he'd probably knock them out.
  10. Okay, I guess I can understand that. From what you wrote I sort of assumed he knew none of the language. Then @OverCast you're accepted.
  11. @The Writing Owl "make love with the trees" ...oh my o-o how does one even- um, y-yeaa that's what I meant! o///o)/ *changes it*
  12. This looks interesting, CS should be up soon-ish.

    Name: Getzanu Mizak
    Age: 26 (Appearance-wise, anyway)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Strengths: Immortal
    Weaknesses: Still feels pain, loss, suffering, human emotion, etc. Limited stamina.
    Weapon: Battleworn Long-sword forged by an ancient blacksmith Getzanu considered his friend. Will not use other weapons.
    Wish: To no longer be immortal.
    Other: Was once a part of the military. Quit due to having so many people around him die, as well as being sent in as a one man army. Just because you're immortal doesn't mean you want to kill people.

    Kinda a joke character, kinda an idea i had while going to play a game called Lost Odyssey. If accepted, will play. Otherwise, I still have another character in the making.
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  13. @tathgon
    I know I'm not really in a position to be asking questions, but I was wondering what you meant by "immortal"?

    Is he immortal in the fact that he can't die by age?
    Is he immortal in the fact that he isn't harmed by disease?
    Is he immortal in the fact that he isn't harmed by physical attacks?

    I mean, I like the concept of immortality, but its still a broad term. If you are immortal to everything, then what do you have to lose? Don't make him a joke character, make him a character!

    I'm not trying to come off as mean, I'm just trying to help you develop the character.
  14. What I mean by 'Immortal' is that he cannot die, period. The aging process has stopped from when he gained his immortality. However, this doesn't mean that he is unaffected by illness, strife, physical harm, etc. If he were to 'die' from a disease or in battle, he passes out for a few hours, days, or a time-frame relevant to how much damage was taken.

    In regards to losing limbs, if he were to lose an arm or leg, he would be living with that. Including his head. So if we want a body that carries it's head around, please feel free to slice off his head. :P

    As for what do you have to lose when you're immortal? Friendships, Family, Loved ones, the things that most people take for granted until they're gone.

    It's not that I haven't thought out this character, it's just starting a character with Immortality seems a bit much because weaknesses are hard to come by. If the OP likes the character idea and concept with the things I have in place, I'll play him. Trust. Otherwise, I'll still be a part of this, I'll just need a character that has different strengths and weaknesses.

    Also, questions are a good thing. I don't mind them and it was legitimate. Not like I put all that much up there. Only the concept in my head. Should always articulate more. I don't always, but I should. :D
  15. @tathgon
    I was only asking because I wanted to make sure you weren't going to play an immortal character with no limitations what-so-ever.
  16. @OverCast

    That would be invulnerable (can't be hurt), immortal (can't die), and immune (can't get sick). Then we toss in omnipresent with some superpowers of some-sort, probably the power to create and destroy anything, and we're approaching limitless.

    I understand and appreciate the concern for having someone create a character without limitations. They become, imo, both boring and tiring to RP with.
  17. @tathgon At first glance, the immortality sort of put me on edge, but I like him. I think you've got a good character going there. So Accepted.
  18. This looks cool! I've got just the guy.

    Name: Sudarshan
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Race: Naga

    Strengths: Serious, determined, and just. Very strong and skilled in melee combat of the "tank with a big sword" variety. Can comfortably go a good two weeks without eating. His sense of smell is very good for a humanoid, thanks to a highly developed vomeronasal organ that allows him to "taste the air" like a snake. The scales on his back are tougher than bare skin and offer his lower body rudimentary protection.
    Weaknesses: Stubborn and occasionally cranky. Seems to have no sense of humor. In combat, his weak point is his belly; he's as good as dead if he gets flipped over on his back. Since he lacks legs, he cannot cover ground as quickly as most people, and if he has eaten a meal within the past few days, typically by consuming a whole beast by himself, he's almost completely immobile.
    Weapon: A broadsword, though his fists and constricting coils aren't to be underestimated either.

    Wish: To see his lover one last time.
    Other (backstory): Sudarshan and his girlfriend Delia were once members of a small five-man mercenary band that sold their fighting skills to the highest bidder. Their bond was forged in flame, so to speak, and even though Delia was the only female in the group and she and Sudarshan were reproductively incompatible, they loved each other deeply and swore to fight for each other until death. But death is a constant risk for sellswords, and when Delia was hit with a poisoned arrow during a difficult fight, she wailed in pain before falling silent forever. She passed away less than eight hours later. Sudarshan has left the remaining three members of the band and set off on his own, desperate to have his partner back...if not to resurrect her, than at least to have a moment to say goodbye.
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  19. Geez, you guys are all coming up with sympathetic wishes! @FiliaFlammae Accepted! I can't wait to see your picture.

    Well, it seems we have a fairly sizeable group... We can either wait for more or get started tomorrow. Also, if we do start, people can join in during the action. I'd like your opinions though.
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  20. I'm game to start now
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