The Wishing Shack

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  1. Throughout the universe, there are many worlds. In each world, the past, present, and future take place. Although the worlds are different, one thing is the same. Each one has a forest named Kieon. In the forest of Kieon lives a goddess named Naomi. Naomi has the ability to grant wishes, for a price.

    Naomi lives in a small shack, which is surrounded by magic. The magic allows her house to be on each world, and in each time. The shack, itself, has it's own time. Anyone who passes through the magic will be transported to Naomi's shack. It doesn't matter what time, or what planet you are from. In Naomi's shack, they are all in the same time and on the same planet

    One fateful night, a group of six people came to Naomi's shack. All were from different world's and different times. Each one had the same wish, to travel to different worlds. They all had their own reason to why they wanted to travel. Some wanted to see the universe, others were being hunter, and others had different reasons.

    Naomi granted their wish, for a price. "Each world you do to will have it's own problems." she explained, "you must help the world overcome them. You will travel as a group and rely on each other's strength. Solving some problems may be easy, but solving other problems will be difficult."

    What I need:
    • Five roleplayers, other than myself
    • Roleplayers who can be active
    • Roleplayers who are respectful of others
    If you wish to join tell me, and I will send you a sign up sheet.