The Wish Debt

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  1. Okay, so here's a sketchy outline of the idea.

    Five to ten people, in different places and possibly at different times, encounter a magic lamp. The genie inside does not thank them for freeing him, for he is already free; however, he offers them a wish in exchange for a particular service. He is a scrupulous, good genie, and will fulfill the person's wish as much as possible to the spirit and letter. However, in exchange for granting this wish he wants them to help out the person who wished him free. This person wished for a kingdom a very long time ago, and now the kingdom is in trouble; the genie tells each of the people encountering him that in exchange for having their wish granted so generously, he would like them to "save the kingdom." The genie does not say what is threatening the kingdom, does not mention the other people involved, and after the agreement sends them on their way. Their wishes are granted before they pay the debt, but if they fail to pay the debt in any of various ways the wish gets un-granted.

    The wishers who die would be returned to the place and time they found the genie, with the magic lamp gone and their wish undone--unless their death was directly in the effort of saving the kingdom, and not in vain, in which case the wish stays in effect. The RP itself would only cover the efforts to save the kingdom, and presumably characters who drop out of the effort would be replaced with new people.

    What's missing from my idea is what specifically actually is threatening the kingdom, and how the main characters are supposed to be able to fix it.

    So...interested? Ideas? Questions?
  2. Invaders from another kingdom? Mutiny? A random rebellion? (just some suggestions ^^)

    Anyway, reserve a spot for me please ^0^
  3. Hmm, okay, come to think of it there is one other important piece of information I'm uncertain of...what kind of world should this even take place in? High magic or low magic; modern or medievalish; should the people be potentially from completely different time periods? Should the kingdom be in a different time period, or even a different setting entirely, from the wishers? Hmm...
  4. Perhaps.... Alternate dimensions? People from past, present, and future all gather in the dimension of the kingdom which is in.... A medieval time period?

    Sorry, that's going a little more into sci-fi ^^;

    But those are the only ideas I have. Anyway, take your time brainstorming ^^