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  1. Once upon a time, the Four Seasons all ruled the land in peace and equality. The King of Winter and the King of Summer were just and wise, and their respective brides, the Queen of Autumn and the Queen of Spring, were fair and kind. Though all the kingdoms of the world had their own rulers, all bowed to the seasons, who ruled the world for three months apiece and handed off the throne to the next. And so the seasons changed, with no one getting more power than the other.
    So things went for centuries, and everyone was content.
    Then one day the Queen of Autumn announced that she was with child, and everyone was muchly pleased by this news- at least, until the child was birthed.
    Though Autumn was a dark brunette and Winter's was black as coal, the child's hair was fair and fine as the warm king's and he had Summer's eyes as well. She admitted, not long after, that the child was not her husband's at all, and all the world held its breath, for the seasons had never seriously conflicted before. Of course, there were times when one of them wanted to reign for longer or one of them did not want to take power at all, but that was always settled and perhaps the seasons were a week or three off but no one minded overmuch.
    There was to be a duel, it was decided at long last, for what else could be done? Summer was valiant in defense of his lover, but Winter had the rage of a man rejected and he slew Summer there on the field, and when Autumn dared to wail over his death, he turned his sword on his unfaithful bride as well, and murdered her and her child in a fit of rage. How could she scorn him so? How could she abandon her own husband for another man? How had she come to love him not? How had his love turned so quickly to hate?What had he done?
    Spring was a wise woman, and hid from him until his rage subsided and he too sank to his knees and wailed at the cruelties of fate. Then did Spring step out form her hiding place and tried to comfort him but he was deaf to her pleas. He had already lost confidence in the souls of those on his world, and returned to his castle to build an army of ice demons, a legion of storms, and other weapons of war to punish the harsh and loveless people. As far as he was concerned, without love, there was no reason for life, and if love was such a cruel lie, so too should be life.
    The Queen of Spring came to him again, a few weeks later, and begged him not to unleash his wrath upon the innocent people. She promised him that there was still love in the world, and faithfulness, and truth, and good. He laughed at her and named her a fool but he did want to believe, though he thought himself beyond such foolery.
    So they made a wager.
    Every country of the world must prove that love still lives within its borders. Every country must send its eldest heir to the throne (or, if not a monarchy, the equivalent). Every country's representative would be paired with one other, and would be given one year to find love.
    If love could not be found, Winter would rain his wrath upon their country and raze it to the ground so that those who did find love could inhabit it freely. If they could find love, however, Spring would spare them, and bring them success and bounty. It was a simple bargain. It was also much resented.
    Still, every country of the world complied. What else could they do? Nonparticipation was not an option.
    And so it is that the young people from around the world have been arriving at the Winter King's icy palace for a few weeks now, and on the morrow, the official start of the one year is to begin- the couples are to be announced. So far, everyone is calling the entire event The Wager, and everyone seems to think something slightly different about it.

    • All the normal rules of roleplaying everyone ought to know apply here, no exceptions.
    • I will be posting at least one paragraph per character per reply, and it would be awesome if you'd do the same. <3 Obviously not a requirement but I tend to feel awkward when there's a huge discrepancy in post length. Quality over quantity, though.
    • Common courtesy; I will kick you out if you are rude.
    • Common sense; a sixteen-year-old prince/ss is not an expert at anything. Period.
    • This is a fantasy setting that is vaguely medieval, though some countries might be more in the way of steampunk. While the limit on technology is flexible I ask that you avoid blatant anachronisms. I also ask that the fantasy be kept reasonable.
    • You must play as two prince/ss characters so that the couples will be equal. I'm also going to say that everyone must play one male and one female, simply because that should prevent conflict over roles. Other, non-royalty characters are permitted on a free-for-all basis.
    • Princesses might be paired with princesses and princes might be paired with princes. Please understand that your royal character/s is/are not required to find love with their assigned partner- or anyone, if that's the way the cookie crumbles. Romance is a theme of this roleplay but it is not, strictly speaking, mandatory.
    • No characters below fourteen or over thirty.
    • No artwork. Characters must be described 100% with your own words, please.
    • No romantic relations between your own characters. That's a real douchebaggy thing to do.
    • No obnoxious, annoying, or blinding fonts/signatures/images. Please, think of the eyes.
    • As this is not a mature board, sex is obviously not allowed here. If it gets to that point, we don't want to see it on the board. If you want to take it somewhere else that's your business, not mine.
    And, most importantly:
    ROYALTY ACCEPTANCE WILL BE CLOSED AUTOMATICALLY ONCE WE GET TEN CHARACTERS. This is so that I can assign couples and we can start the roleplay quickly. First-come first-served. After that, only non-royals are allowed.
    Characters will be assigned to pairings based on this form, completed, for the sake of fairness. It will be used to assign couples. Three will be made by Winter to try and create conflict; two will be made by Spring who wants them to love each other. You may make the form prettier but you may not add or subtract categories. The form is not needed for non-royalty characters.

    WHAT YOU WANT TO BE CALLED: (not username, unless you want us to call you by it strictly; this is good in case of OOC questions to be addressed so non-royalty players are encouraged to add this somewhere in their first post)
    CHARACTER NAME, INCLUDING TITLE: (titles may be as pretentious/meaningless as you'd like)
    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: (creativity is encouraged)
    RACE/SPECIES: (all sapient races are permitted)
    SEX: (and/or gender)
    ORIENTATION: (whatever you want here)
    AGE: (fourteen to thirty, please)
    BASIC PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: (paragraph of relevant info here)
    HISTORY: (another paragraph here)
    PERSONALITY: (yet another paragraph)
    OPINION OF THE WAGER: (a few sentences of their opinion go here)
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    Lady Sabine
    • Ceryx Luma
    • Yamilex ahn Faatima
    • male
    • female
    • male
    • female

    • male
    • female

    • male
    • female

    CHARACTER NAME, INCLUDING TITLE: Prince Ceryx Luma, heir to the throne of Lluvian, Duke of Lumardin, patron of Niev, and Magi of the Mages' Guild
    RACE/SPECIES: Human, though with a trace of fey blood
    SEX: male
    ORIENTATION: bisexual
    AGE: 21
    BASIC PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Ceryx gets his looks from his mother and looks very much like his uncle, which has caused some trouble in the past. He's slender and not terribly tall, only five foot eight, with skin pale as snow and hair black as coal. He looks very delicate, almost fey, but all of his mother's family is shorter and slighter so he counts himself lucky. He has thin facial features, sharp and somewhat severe, that give him an almost avian appearance at first glance with his pointed nose and small, pert lips. His eyes are steely grey with flecks of silver, and always seem to be watching with a cynical, almost mocking cast. His hair is long enough to braid and he often does; it falls a little below his armpits when loose and makes a neat braid that is just long enough to flip over one shoulder. He also typically wears the robes of a Magi, his favorite color being midnight blue.
    HISTORY: Ceryx's life is always caught between his two parents. His mother is the Archmage of the mages' guild, while his father is the king. Each one of them wants him, mostly to use against the other. They can hardly stand to be in the same room and have been that way since before he was born; they were lovers during the revolution in which he won his throne but afterwards he married a nobleman and alienated his one-time lover. In spite of many protests he proclaimed Ceryx his firstborn son and heir, much to the dismay of his mother and stepmother alike. Ever since then the boy has spent half of the year at the Mages' Guild headquarters, learning how to control his great magical aptitude, and the other half at the palace, learning to be a king. He does well at both of them, though neither side trusts him thanks to his association with the other.
    PERSONALITY: Ceryx is a bit of a cynical young man, having been raised on a steady diet of misinformation and distrust. His parents' relationship have made him very skeptical of the entire idea of true love, seeing how their love turned sour. His father and stepmother are little better and has made him more than a little nervous about this entire arranged pairing business as he fears getting trapped in a relationship like theirs. If he had his way he would spend most of his time drawing and painting and singing; he has a real passion for the arts that surpasses his taste for politics and magic combined, in spite of the fact that he's very good at both. What he's not very good at is friendships- as the son of the king and the Archmage, there was little chance of him ever getting any close peers, and he never really did. As time dragged on and he remained a loner, he came to say that it was his choice not to have company, that friendships made people weak. In all truth he's still looking for someone to confide in, but he dares not trust anyone back home.
    OPINION OF THE WAGER: In a word, grateful. While it's irritating and frightening to have his emotions and fate toyed with because "some short-sighted broad cheated on her husband with the man who bears perhaps the least physical resemblance to him", as he put it, he's highly relieved to be leaving home. Without his parents' stifling influence this might be his chance to do something for himself, to make his own fate and friends. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime- or the end of one.

    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: The Tyranny of Lion Rising
    SEX: Female
    ORIENTATION: bisexual
    AGE: 17
    BASIC PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Yamilex is one of those endlessly elegant women, almost six feet tall and a little too thin. She has long limbs, long hair, long nails, and a refined, high-browed face. She's the most beautiful of the Tyrant's daughters as well as the eldest, with men willing to pay not-so-small fortunes for her graceful hand. Her skin is dusky, not quite dark but certainly not pale, a very creamy tone best described as hazelnut. Her eyes, however, are so dark that they almost appear black at first glance, which she doesn't help by rimming them heavily with kohl. In a similar way her ripe lips are usually coated with red pigment and her lids dusted with blue powder. Usually dripping gold and jewels and the softest linens, she reeks of the riches her father's kingdom has in spades. One glance at her and you can tell that she knows exactly how lovely she is, and how best to use it.
    HISTORY: Yamilex has spent her entire life in Lion Rising, never having crossed the landbridge to the Northern continent before. The entire world is a new experience for her, a typically cold and unpleasant one compared to her previous posh lifestyle. She spent her childhood years in the wives' palace, running around with the other children completely regardless of care or concern. As is tradition, though, on her twelfth nameday she was brought out of the palace for the first time and brought into a temple to be fostered for six months and taught the ways of gods and men. She chose the temple of the Great Serpent, and learned everything she was supposed to and a bit more. She has a surprising knowledge of poisons and potions, and great skill with snake dancing, usually keeping one or two of her pet vipers with her wherever she travels. After she left the temple she was fostered by many other families, ostensibly to visit with eligible young men, but in fact she was using the system as a way to attend all the finest parties and has no intention of getting married any time soon.
    PERSONALITY: On the surface, Yamilex is a party animal. She loves smoking and drinking and swimming and dancing, but there's more to her than that. In truth she realizes that women are, for the most part, powerless and subject to their husbands' whims. She wants a life of freedom and adventure and fun, which she can't have once she becomes a wife and mother. Her idea of an ideal husband is a pushover who won't stop her from doing everything she used to, but she hasn't found that man in Lion Rising and doubts she ever will.
    OPINION OF THE WAGER: There's a part of her which is sly and cunning and dark, and that part of her loves petty politics and courts and galas. That part of her is more than a little thrilled over the entire affair, as it might be the perfect opportunity for her to have a last year of fun before she must become a responsible woman. There's another part of her, though, that loves her freedom and hates the very idea of being paired with another person, seeing them as a tether on her wild side. While she's not too sure how it will end out, she's certain it will be one of the most interesting points in her life.
  4. Um, you DO know this is a jump-in, so you don't need to fill out a character sheet...
  5. ooc| In order to ensure the prince/ss character spaces are properly filled, the first post of jumping in should contain enough information that the pairings can be made. Otherwise it would be very difficult for character relationships to be made. It's still "jump in" in that there are no sign-ups and the form has no relevance on your acceptance or lack thereof; it's so that the pairings mentioned in the plot can be filled in a timely manner.
  6. but this is a Jump in wich means you can just Jump in and out when ever you want but i would like to join so yeah -.-

    anyways will have a Chara sheet up soon
  7. This section is for Jump in roleplaying. Meaning that there are no requirements but to understand the plot. Character sheets should not be a requirement in this section. It seems to me that this thread would fair very well in the Fantasy section of the site, therefor, i'm going to move it there. You can have a OOC and IC thread to discuss plottings.

    If you do not agree with this, please pm me and we will talk about ways to keep it in the jump in section.

    Thank you,
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  8. Hello, is this RP still active? Please let me know, thank you :)
  9. Afraid not. I've had some stuff going on and completely forgot about this and by now my muse has abandoned ship. :c Sorry!
  10. Aww...too bad. I loved the premise.
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