The Winner's Club vs The Loser's Club

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  1. The Winner's Club
    The club for the people who believe they they are better than the common people. A club for the rich, perfect, and a club -- for those who bully others.
    The current rules for the Winner's Club:
    1) We're better than everyone else. Act like it, you bastard.
    2) We strike back at those of a lower position -- no matter who they are.

    The Loser's Club
    The club for the people who know that they are outcasts, but they're all fine with that fact. There are currently 2 rules for the Loser's club:
    1) We stick together, no matter what situation it is.
    2) We don't commit suicide, or seek drugs for help -- we fight back.

    These 2 school clubs are located in Tokyo, Japan, at Yukimura High School.

    Character sheet (you can also incorporate this information into your writing, if you would like)
    You don't have to include all the details, because maybe your character is a mysterious person who doesn't talk at all!

    What school club they belong in:
    Photo: (please use anime/manga!)
    Current personality: please include character development in this roleplay
    Extremely short bio (one paragraph or less, please): your character's past will be explored in this roleplay

    Some random roleplay details
    -romance is recommended!
    -drama is recommended
    -reply at least once a year!

    Have fun!

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  2. This seems interesting, I like it. I'll post my character sheet later tonight.
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  3. Name: Kuroki Yuki
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    School Club: The Winner's Club
    Current personality: someone who watches the universe, has a physical form, but hardly is ever "there."
    Short bio: --------private character info ;D
    Photo: twfqDQFBDn.png
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  4. Name: Yoshitsune Seiji

    Age: 17

    Gender: male

    What school club they belong in: Loser's Club


    Current personality: Seiji is rash and aggressive. he has a short temper and is quick to throw a punch first rather than think it through. this adds to his protective instincts over his friends and his belongings as he's always defending his club mates when they're being bullied. his only loyalties however lie to people who have earned it.

    Extremely short bio: Seiji lives with his mother who's health is declining. his father was slain after not paying his gambling debt to the yakuza which fell to seiji when his father died. The rumor is that to pay off his family's debt that seiji works as a debt collector for the local gangs around town. this rumor is only further corroborated as he shows up to school with a lot of bruises on his hands and face.
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  5. Name: Tomotsu Rizuki
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Club: loser
    Current personality: completely preoccupied with his own thoughts most the time. Usually straight faced and dull, when he does show emotion it's rather forced.
    Short bio: Tomotsu s mother committed suicide after his birth and his father is in prison on various charges. Because of this he lives with a foster family with many other kids so he's never really noticed and he prefers in that way.
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  6. So sorry! I had a surgery and have been recovering. I'll have my character sheet up soon!
  7. Name: Himura, Rie
    Gender: Female
    What school club they belong in: The Loser's Club
    Photo: (please use anime/manga!) [​IMG]
    Current personality: please include character development in this roleplay---Rie is a little shy at first when she gets to know people. Once they get to know her, she is a kind, caring, and loyal girl. When Rie gets angry, she will not listen to anyone unless she is comfortable around them.

    Extremely short bio (one paragraph or less, please): your character's past will be explored in this roleplay--

    Rie is a girl who comes from Osaka, Japan. Living in a neighborhood, she grew up to be apart of the community. Where everyone knew each other. She moved once with her family, not being able to keep many friends. Rie has a hard time relating to people as she often reads books or draws.
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  8. Everyone is in the losers club..
  9. Haha, thanks, Captain Obvious!
    I'll be in the winner's club.
  10. I wanted to be in the winner's club, but lately I've been playing as a lot of males with tough backgrounds so I decided to switch.
  11. Name: Kai
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    What school club they belong in: Winners (Forced into it, would rather be in Losers club)
    Photo: [​IMG]
    Current personality: Likes to keep to himself, doesn't open up to many people, can be quite aggressive at times, depending on the situation and what mood he's in.
    Extremely short bio (one paragraph or less, please): Kai lives in an apartment on his own, he used to live there with his older brother, after being kicked out of his parents house, until he was killed, just before Kai's 16th birthday. He was forced into the winners club by his brother, though he would rather be in the Losers club.
  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Caroline Brown
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    What school club they belong in: Winner's Club
    Current personality:
    • Charismatic -- Caroline is a huge flirt and isn't afraid to use her looks to get what she wants
    • Dramatic -- She enjoys being the center of attention and has a habit of taking things to the extreme
    • Childish -- Despite being in high school, she's not very mature for her age
    • Two-Faced -- When she's by herself, Caroline is a very sweet girl. However, when she's around the rest of her friends she can be a bit mean.
    Extremely short bio: Caroline is originally from England, but in middle school she moved to Japan with her parents because her mother picked up a job there. Because of her rich status, quick language learning skills, and charming attitude, she soon became immensely popular among the "winners".
  13. Name: Eliza Locusworth
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    What school club they belong in: Winner's club
    Eliza's known well for preforming at clubs with her beautiful voice, but she abuses her talent to gain bucket loads of ego and even more from starting a career and even owning a nightclub at the age of 17. Although she does not financially own the establishment she does name it and it recognized as the owner, and she dubbed it; 'Bastet's Den' for her Egyptian ancestors and for the fact that she thinks she rocks Egyptian clothing. Winning at almost everything she's ever done in her entire life bypassing all difficult tasks with her cunning tactics and golden voice, she joined the winners club hoping to accomplish more, and make people respect her as a goddess. Not a singer.
  14. Name:Isune Kuriosuka
    What school club they belong in:Loser's club
    Photo: 45a12c09883781aad115307eae50aafc.jpg
    Current personality: He is very upbeat, aside from being in the Loser's club, He loves to help out, but is sometimes very easily angered to the point of getting into a fight.
    Extremely short bio (one paragraph or less, please): Isune was born into a humble family, but that must not be good enough for the winners. He had many great memories with his family. His mother and father soon got divorced, however Isune still managed to keep a smile on his face and remain the person he was.
  15. Name: Leofric Ueda
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    What school club they belong in: Winner's club
    Photo: [​IMG]
    Current personality: Intelligent, is slow to anger, but tends to explode when certain buttons are pushed. He tends to focus on gathering information and blackmail on his teachers and classmates. He fights with words and knowledge rather then physically, but quite enjoys seeing people's reactions to things. He ignores anything he finds uninteresting, and lashes out against those that make him uncomfortable. He's quite charming when he wants something, but is fairly mean to those he thinks of as pawns or sheep. He's also a harsh critic of others and his own looks, grades, etc.
    Extremely short bio (one paragraph or less, please): Doesn't talk about it.
  16. Name: Trevor
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    What school club they belong in: Winners Club
    Current personality: conceited, pleasure-seeker, charismatic, bubbly, happy (mostly), he wears a mask of a smile while he internally and externally will insult you, he's brutally honest about his opinions and thoughts, he won't do something unless it's interesting or benefits him, these are the parts of him everyone at school sees.
    Extremely short bio (one paragraph or less, please): he has a part-time job, doesn't tell anyone what it is or why he needs it
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  17. Name: Sora Willhaim
    Gender: Female
    What club they belong in: Loser's Club
    Current personality: Usually quiet and tries to be polite to most people but when angered can become a little rash, respectful, would rather ignore and avoid someone she doesn't like than to get in a confrontation, likes to observe people and things, awkward when it comes to feelings and things of the romantical nature but is in no way naive, hates bullies, does not like others to see her sad or upset so she always seems happy.

    Short bio: The second eldest of five children Sora is not used to the spotlight being on her. She lives in an ordinary house with her family in a pretty uneventful life. Her after school activities which involved the care of her younger siblings left no room for extra social activities, until now. She would rather not talk about her home life at school.
  18. - - - - - - - - - - ♚ James Alex Martel ♚ - - - - - - - - - -

    Name: James Alex Martel, otherwise known as "Jay"
    Age: 16 (second-year)
    Gender: Male (actually agender and male-presenting but nobody really knows?)
    What school club they belong in: Winner's club
    Photo: [!! ^ photo is up there so ill talk about his appearance a little.. he bears a resemblance to ken kaneki. we dont talk about the eyepatch. tbh if you do he'll just ignore you or if youre a loser he'll be an ass about it lel]
    Current personality: He generally keeps to himself unless he's around people he knows. And when he is.. Oh man, he can be a HUGE DOUCHEBAG. He has some gender identity issues but tends to keep quiet about it.
    Extremely short bio (one paragraph or less, please): He was born in France and moved to Japan when he was 10. He can speak both French and Japanese fluently, and semi-fluent English. James's father was pretty shitty and abusive, but hey- when he died James and his mom got all of his hidden money, expensive antiques, life insurance, etc. so Jay sort of forgives him. His dad has only been dead for about a year, but the wealth got to James's head FAST and he loves shitting on people of lower-class.
    Other: Talks in "dark azure", thinks in light blue and italics.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    this seems really fun! im excited for it. this character actually is sort of like an alternate version of my oc james, who has a sort of different story and appearance and personality. rich kid au james is going to be amazing
  19. {Do we have enough people to start? What do you all think?}
  20. Name: Tyler Whittkan (occasionally goes by Ty only by his friends)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    What school club they belong in: Losers

    Photo: [​IMG]

    Current personality: Cheerful and Witty but a bit cocky he is emotional and likes being around others but when angry or sad he likes to be alone

    Extremely short bio: Born Italy as an only child he lived there for only 11 years then transferred to Japan because of his parents divorce and lives with his father he's nerdy and geeky because he likes Anime and Gaming his two necessities he dyed his hair blue to express himself and loves to sing and listen to music he won't be afraid to hurt you he needs to but it can get out of hand he wears his glasses that are dark pink a blue hoodie with black sleeves light blue converse and black pants (sorry if its to long!)
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